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  • Hello People,

    It's great to join the LCB community!

    My name is Constantine and I will always be here to address any queries members of this forum may have.

    Looking forward to some constructive discussions.

    Wish you the best of luck on your games.

    BETAT Casino and Slotty Vegas

    New addition Feb 2019 - VulkanBet

    GoSlotty casino - added to LCB lists -  January 2020

    Kind Regards

  • Hi Constatine!

    Welcome to our awesome forum! Thanks for being here to support our members.

  • Hi All,

    Hope everything is going well for you!

    I am pleased to inform you that we have redesigned our website and which is now live!!

    I am also very happy to inform you that we have re-branded and we are now BETAT!

    Things to look out for:

    -New bonus packages, depending on what kind of games the player enjoys.

    -Exclusive Achievements program (Only to be found at BETAT Casino)

    -Hot or Cold games feature

    -In-game bonus & promotions meter

    -In-game cashier

    -Winagram screenshot promotion

    And many more cool features smiley

    Check our review page on LCB for further information or please PM me for any queries you may have.

    Kind Regards

  • Good to have you here Constantine and hope that you see very little complaints smiley

  • Hi Lootva,

    Glad to be here smiley

    Fingers crossed  thumbs_up

    Kind Regards

    ps. i like these smiley's so much!  laugh_out_loud

  • A big hello to all of the LCB community!

    My name is Jorge and from now I will be here to answer all questions and queries that arise on this forum regarding BETAT Casino.

    If you have any questions or queries regarding our casino, please do not hesitate to give me a shout right here and I will get back to you as soon as possible. All constructive feedback - both good and bad - is very much welcome and will certainly be taken into consideration for all current & future developments.

    I’d also like to take a second to remind you all that we will be launching our new game portfolio soon, which includes the highly anticipated addition of NetEnt games on top our the current Microgaming selection!

    If you’ve got anything you’d like to ask, I’m right here  wink


  • Welcome to the forum Jorge.

  • A big hello to all of the LCB community!

    My name is Jorge and from now I will be here to answer all questions and queries that arise on this forum regarding BETAT Casino.

    Always good to see a casino that is willing to actively engage with players through alternative avenues like this forum.
  • Thanks. If ever any questions arise, please, don't hesitate to ask. I'm always just a PM away. smiley

  • i deposited £20 on this site. i won £400 from them. they ased me to send documents in to verify my account. i did. they then sent a email back saying the documents were not clear. please send again showing all 4 corners of each document. so i did. during the time i was waiting i spent the £400 i won. i lost it. they sent a email back saying my address document wasnt clear. i need to send it again (it was clear enough). anyway due to the fact i spent the £400 and lost it i decided not to send it. the next day i got a email saying i had 50 free spins. from these 50 free spins i went on to win £400. i met all wagers. so i sent my address document again. a few hours later i got a email saying it was accepted and i could withdraw my winnings. i went onto live chat and asked them could i withdraw. they said yes. so i did. a few days later (today) i get a email saying my account has been closed due to another account being opened on 19/03/2016. i have tried to contact live chat to find out what account this is.they refuse to tell me and now refuse to talk completly and have blocked my ip from talking to them on live chat (i used my phones data and i was able to talk to them) but cant talk using my home broadband due to ip ban. they refuse to tell me what account i opened. i am unaware of any account i opened. even if i did open another account i have never deposited with them, other than this account. and have never taken any free spins from them other than this account. they took my £20 and let me play. and even asked for documents. yet as soon as i went to withdraw they closed the account saying i already have an account. they would of kept my £20 if i didnt win and wouldnt of told me i had another account. they have now said they are refunding my original £20 deposit..i want my winnings.they wont speak to me, they wont tell me anything about this other account i opened. not even what email address was used. nothing, and they have blocked me from live chat. it seems like that because i lost my £400 then won it back from there 50 free spins there pissed off.. not my fault they offered me 50 free spins and i went on to win. surely they shouldnt of took my money in the first place if i did actually have this other account? because they would of took my £20 and kept it if i didnt win. can sombody please look into this for me and get me my winnings? thank you

  • Hello Matt Laine,

    We are sorry to hear that . The casino rep has been notified. Hope he will respond soon.

    Best regards.

  • Hi Matt ,

    I truly regret that you are having any kind of issues in our casino.

    I have followed your situation to the relevant department to get a better picture of your situation.

    I will get back to you soon.

    Best regards,

  • To all concerned,

    I have spoken to the relevant department regarding this issue. We do not accept multi-accounting at our casino. This is clearly stipulated in term 5.9, which states:

    5.9 In all cases, only one account per customer, per household, per address, per shared computer and per shared IP address will be allowed to sign up and make use of BETAT Casino. BETAT Casino may and will determine whether multiple accounts are linked to the same person.

    The fraud team have noted that this player registered multiple accounts, bypassing our security system by altering his email as well as his date of birth by one day. Due to this reason, it took longer for the fraud team to catch onto his multiple accounts, rather than the system preventing him from opening other accounts on registration - which would have alleviated all this from the offset.

    We have refunded the deposited funds associated with this case and closed the relevant accounts of this user, as is our commercial right.

    Should the LCB moderators wish to receive the evidence that prove our case and corroborate our stance, we will be more than happy to supply it. For the record, we needed to take the stance of blocking this players chat access due to continuous spamming of our live chat system, insisting to be passed on the information which we will only share with 3rd party moderators. Should the moderators also wish to receive a transcript of such chats, we would be happy to forward it to them.

    Thank you and kind regards,

    Casino Manager

  • In January 2019 i opened an account at BETAT Casino, i deposited £50 and received £50 welcome bonus, i managed to win a significant amount of money to me and i completed the wagering requirements. My £960 cash was in my account, i wasnt able to withdraw until I verified my account, so i emailed all the relevant ID and waited, my account is now closed without me being able to withdraw my cash as apparently i had another account which is against the t&c’s, i rightfully won that money and it should be sent to me, fair enough my account being closed but i took the hours to wager the bonus, I want this resolved please. 

  • Hi MissH,

    Could you please private message me your casino username and we will ask the casino rep to look into your account? 

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