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  • Hi Community,
    nice to be here.
    My name is Sascha, Affiliate Manager and Part Owner of BlueLions Casino and Play7777 Casino.
    We offer complete Merkur / Bally solution approx. 90 Games and also Microgaming content to our players.

    Any questions, issues etc. please let me know.


    Update: 23rd Aug 2016 - Play7777 added to the LCB list 

  • Welcome Sascha  smiley

  • Hello Sascha!  smiley
    Welcome on board. We are very happy to have you here with us.
    We look forward to working with you in the future.

    Good luck!  smiley

  • Welcome to the forum  Sascha I have a question are you guys going to be offering a mobile version of the casino?    8'|

  • yes we will, games are ready 17 pcs. but we need to make the platform mobile optimized which will be within next 2 weeks.

  • yes we will, games are ready 17 pcs. but we need to make the platform mobile optimized which will be within next 2 weeks.

    Awesome that's great news , Nice casino by the way you will defenitly be seeing more of me when the mobile platform is up and running
    Thx again
  • Hello Sascha, and thank you for answering our questions. I opened an account at bluelions a few days ago  and tried to contact the chat operator before depositing. The chat service was marked as "online" on the tab displayed on the left side of the screen, but nobody answered my queries (I tried in German, English, even in French). My attempts probably show on your chat log. I felt ignored... and frustrated. But I moved on and made a valid deposit of €2 euros in order to get the promo "buy 2 get 20". However, my bank statement now shows a charge of €2.06 instead of €2. Why such a difference? Do you charge fees? I also wanted to point out another problem: when I use my credit card online, I always have to fill in a quick security form in which I have to type my date of birth or a sms code. When I made my deposit, no such security form was generated. Are our data safe when paying at your casino? Thank you very much!
    PS: try to add warm colours to your site smiley

  • Hi HER74,
    i'm really sorry about that u had a not that positive feeling. Actually i'm trying to reconstruct what happened here. Regarding chat i just mentioned in the logs that u where there and asked several times, but atm i cannot see why our support did not "pick up" ur request.
    Furthermore i'm also sorry that there are additional charges on your card as far as i can see we only received 2€ from u therefore i need to double check with our processor what happened here. Regarding security, sure we have such things which are behind the screen.. did u mentioned u put in ur date of birth at registering process :-) also credit card details aren't saved on pur side therefore everytime u need to put in the cards details whenever u are paying in (others saving ur data to get u a more quicker payin but then asked pin and/or birthdate for verification, we have date of birth, name and country via registering and use them on card process but u need to put in ur card details...because we don't wanna store card details more security risk then saving name & date of birth, so registering on our platform with wrong details and/or use different card will fault). 

  • did u mentioned u put in ur date of birth at registering process :-)

    When I purchase online with my credit/debit card, a window always pop-up during the checkout process with a quick security form to fill in. Whatever the site, whatever the amount, the system always generate such security forms. If I purchase €25 or less, I just have to enter my date of birth in the form. If I spend more than €25, I have to enter the sms code that is sent to my phone. But not when I made my deposit at your casino.This is a first! And this could mean a low level of security. That's what I wanted to know more about that.
  • That's why* and not that's what...

  • Hi Sasha, I am so happ to see more representatives here on LCB, it makes it easier to deal with problems and also to share some good words smiley I really wanted to play at your site cause I love Merkur games, but I see that Latvian players aren't accepted? Am I right? smiley

  • Hi Barebones,
    thanks for the warm words. Sure u can play at also from Latvia.
    Any questions let us know.


  • Hello Sascha,

    I've updated my review. I think the casino deserves a second chance (everybody does). However, I would really appreciate if you could explain what happened with my deposit. And on a lighter note, please add warm colours to your site! It looks so sad...

    Vielen Dank wink

  • Hi HER74,
    many thanks for ur understanding and to give us a second chance. i really appreciate this. also we will pick up ur idea on warm colors within the next time

  • Hi. Im from  Latvia and cant login now got this  -
    In einigen deutschsprachigen Ländern ist die Teilnahme an Online Glücksspiel mit Geldeinsatz untersagt.

    Bitte informieren Sie sich über die gültige Gesetzeslage an Ihrem Aufenthaltsort.

    So no Latvian players?

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