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  • My name is Carol and I represent: Candyland - Exclusive Online Casino

    We are here to help and respond to any questions/comments/complaints and offer an extra communication line between LCB users and our staff. 

    Candyland offers the best Casino Bonuses to our players - whether it's Daily, Weekly or Monthly.  And it's all customized to your needs. At any given time you could be in for a reward! That sets us apart big-time!

    We have a 24/7 Live Chat support available on a gaming suite that's full of color with a carefully curated list of the best games from providers such as  Rival Games, Saucify, Tom Horn Games, Dragon-Gaming, Betsoft and more. 


    We think you'll find our attention to detail is astonishing here at Candyland . 

  • Hello Carol from Candyland Casino! Happy to have you aboard our forums on LCB! Welcome! wink


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  • Hello. I am still trying to withdraw balance from no deposit LCB offer for registration. I already had complaint about Candyland, and on last complain King Nemo said that after 13 August there were changes and verification deposit is not longer needed to withdraw from no deposit offer. 
    First of all, support said, that I need to do deposit no matter of that info (Second of all, which is iven more important, I can't load cashier, I can't load it from the moment I wagered the bonus - so basically from 23d July, when I send to fax@candyland my documents with such text(can't screenshot full with date to not show me documents)So support of Candyland casino were informed about the issue already 1 month and 2 weeks ago. They still can't fix it. I tried all what they asked, clear cash/coockies, use incognito mode, use incognito mode of Mozila, Microsoft Edge. I tried two mobiles, I were giving 2-5 minutes for cashier to load, I changed different internets(home internet/mobile internet). And nothing worked. 

    May I just ask representative of Candyland casino manually withdraw balance on bitcoin? Please. Begging you, I am very tired of this cashier issue. My account is verified, I sent all documents more than month ago.

  • I've actually checked neighboring complaint and representative's answers

    As I've understood if I don't do verification deposit ,max withdrawal is capped by 25$. So it is fine, I am okay to do matching 100$ deposit to withdraw full amount I am currently have on my account, but please, then fix the cashier issue so I won't have to wait 1 more month or one more year

    MY username: dragon21

    Thank you!

  • And I guess they also added me to black list in chat, because noone does check it half an hour and I guess they won't check it all. I were not saying any bad words to support, I just want them to do something for one and a half month. I were typing them maybe one time every day. I wouldn't say I were spamming

  • Hi Dragon21, we brought your post to the representatives' attention. Keep you posted. 

  • Dragon21, may I please ask you to confirm your Candyland casino username, representatives couldn't find an account under the 'Dragon21' username.

    Thank you

  • MarijaS, as you can see on the screenshot, my username same as I wrote before : "Dragon21"

  • Thanks for confirming. 

  • Update
    There was misunderstanding between me and email support, I were asking why are they requiring me to do matching deposit though after 13 August changes it is not needed. I just asked question. And today got answer,Support without asking my agreement reduced my balance to 25$. I didn't ask for that. And they were not asking If I agree for them to do that. I am ready to do matching deposit and withdraw full balance I had (90$), I ask to recover 90$ I had on account.
    Cashier issue still not resolved, as you can see from email support answer, their cashier provider doesn't answer about my issue

  • Thanks for the update Dragon21. 

  • @Dragon21 did you mange to clear the misunderstanding with the casino support team? 

  • @Dragon21 do you have updates, please? 

  • Hello Dragon21,

    please let us know if this issue persists and if further assistance is needed. 

    Thank you. 

  • Due to members' inactivity, we consider this case closed. 

  • Hello, sorry for the delay, support said that I can ask BTC address in casino chat and make matching 90$ deposit, wager it x1, then I can withdraw deposit and 90$ accumulated from welcome bonus.

  • Hi Dragon21,

    Thanks for providing us with the update. As you've got the answer we will mark this case as resolved.

  • Candy land casino are scammers, they don't pay out winnings only take. I had won 561.00 with the promo, played thru all requirements, even made a small deposit. When I went to cash out the instantly reduced my account to 100 because that's the cap of the promo. But then put it on hold and said I had to deposit 100 and play thru 100 before I could cash out. Even tho they had already subtracted more than $400 from my account and  I had played thru 35x already. They never paid me out just left me with the original deposit and when I tried to withdrawal that they said 25 minimum even tho it clearly lets you do 10 minimum. They are crooked theifs..

  • Hello Miguel Gomez,

    Can you send us please your Casino username via private message so we can get in touch with Casino Representative to check your account and provide us with the proper information. 

  • Hi Miguel Gomez,

    We are still waiting for your username. Please PM me to be able to help you. 

  • terrible experience with this site, can someone please get me back all these deposits, i have been informed that the site needs to have  a UKGC licence showing on their site  and the fact they have allowed me to play with them is against uk rules.




    so sad that none of these international casinos are good to their players, all they do is take take take, my username is srlands*****

  • Hi Miguel Gomez,

    We will be closing this complaint due to inactivity of submitter.

  • Hello seanlandy2021,

    Thanks for sharing your credentials. We will reach out to Casino Rep in order to help you. Keep us posted.

  • Hello seanlandy2021,

    We are still waiting for any feedback from the Casino regarding your case. We will send a reminder in hopes that we will get a clarification. Please keep us posted.

  • not heard anything yet:/


    Hi Sean,

    Before joining any casino, you're encouraged to research any type of licenses that x casino has or hasn't to see if x casino suits your needs.

    Here on LCB you can see that we do not have the specific type of license you're requesting and despite that, you went ahead played your entire balance and now are using this as an excuse to try to get a refund on your deposits, which leads me to believe this wouldn't be the case if you would be requesting a withdrawal in the event you've multiplied the amount deposited by winning.

    On top of that you've received 30% cashback for every deposit you made, only after this you started complaining with our staff to receive free spins or free chips and later on opening a complaint here at LCB.

    Our best suggestion is to close your account and keep an eye next time, carefully read all the terms and conditions and search for specific types of licenses in order to open and create an account. 





  • not particuarly happy here, are you not at least willing to provide some incentive to my account at all to make my experience a bit better by adding something to my account at least?

  • Hello, dear Candyland representative, sorry for bothering you with my story again. 
    So when you had previous welcome offer on LCB which required verification deposit and wagering it x1, I took welcome offer and wagered it in august-sept, after that I didn't have opportunity to make this deposit from BTC counting cashier problems and my irl sutiations. 
    Right now I finally went in chat to make that 90$ deposit from BTC to cash out previously wagered 90$ from welcome offer( As I didn't agree to accept 25$ without making deposit per new rules).
    And now I can't do it. Because Candyland stopped working in Belarus ;( 

    My login is: dragon21
    and I was talking with your support from that email:

  • Hello seanlandy2021,

    As Casino Rep clarified this case, we will be closing this complaint and mark it as resolved. 

  • Hello Dragon21,

    Thanks for reaching out to us. We will notify Casino Rep about your case in order to help you. Please keep an eye on this thread.

  • That's what support said me on email (see screenshot). I disagree with their decision. 90$ were fairly won, max cashout for that bonus was 100$, I made wager accurate in time when old rules were working. After that I could choose to withdraw 25 without making deposit per new rules, or make 90$ matching deposit, wager x1 it and cashout full winnings from bonus. I couldn't do it earlier to multiply technical (my cashier were not working) and my own reasons. And now I can't do it due to illegality. But it doesn't mean that casino may keep 70$ themselves and I would feel fair about it. 
    I can turn on VPN and make that deposit and wager x1, there is no problem now for me. Yes, VPN is restricted, but what else I can offer from my side?
    Hope to solve this case in my turn and get full amount of winnings... I feel it would be fair after all 

  •  Dragon21, We are waiting for the response, we can not claim anything before we get some update from the Casino on this complaint. Please keep us posted.


    Hi Berks, 


    Not sure if you really can see this but what they are doing is wrong,

    This casino has had me blocked due to a gambling problem on their other site New vegas and have been allowing me to play on their site just taking all, really unhappy and their are really crap with their no deposits.

    They shouldnt be allowed to be letting me play it is a disgrace. Please help me get my funds back from them.

  • this lot are just scammers, i  just want my money back and the comment written to capitalise more money is just rubbish and who to say they even send winnings, no i just want my money back from them

  • Hello seanlandy2021,

    We really understand you , but as the Rep clarified clearly about your case our hands are tied, because we can not do much against their policy. 
    As we can figure it out, your money unfortunately can not be returned. 

  • Hello Dragon21,

    Unfortunately still without any response from the Casino. We will send a reminder email in hopes that can be resolved as soon as possible. Please keep an eye on this thread.

  • Okay thank you, Will wait for the response

  • not even getting good freebies with reasonable size max cashouts, only £25 or £50 max cashouts for my loyalty and no getting any chips, can at least contact carol and see she can add bigger chips with bigger cashout of at like max £200 cashout? 


  • Hello Dragon21,

    Still without any response. We will send them a reminder email in hopes that we can get some information. Keep us posted.

  • Thank you, still waiting
    Same for me, no updates on email

  • can you reply to carol please to see if i can please get something added to show my loyalty with a bigger cashout with a chip as i have seen nothing from any of the no deposit bonuses that are of size for what i am depositing and the max cashouts are not what they should be for someone depositing almost £200

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