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  • Hello Everyone,

    My name is Mikey and I will do my best to assist you on any matter related to Casino Extreme.

    We are part of RTG group since 2000.

    We offer 24/7 live support  ,instant payments and for the best bonuses please contact us through LCB as they will always get exclusives from us.

    Kind regards
    Casino Extreme

    Updated 2nd May 2017: Casino Brango added to the LCB list

    Updated 5th April 2019: Casino Adrenaline added to the LCB list

    Updated 19th February 2020: Yabby Casino added to the LCB list


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  • Welcome Mikey!

  • Welcome Mikey.  Glad to have you here for us all.

  • Howdy,

    I signed up at your casino, yet I was surprised that every option listed as a US friendly option.  Really isn't?  When are you guys looking at taking credit card or like a cash transfer direct?

    EcoPayz is non US

    Click2Pay is Non US

    The wire option I'm pretty sure is expensive

    So once again, just trying to find a way to deposit, if it's possible.  Plus live chat hasn't been working either?

  • Hi Cheetahwind ,

    Yes we do offer Visa card for your country but before you can use it ,verification is required .

    Please do understand that this is a security measure .

    If you need any help or assistance please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Kind regards

  • Thanks for this information.  I always found support to be great here.  So it is good to know I can still play here again. 

  • Good evening,

    I was wondering I have made my first deposit via bit coin.  Now since I have deposited via bit coin, I was informed in another thread that I could withdrawal via bit coin as well.

    It this true, and where would I find this withdrawal option.  Just was wondering.

    I found the deposit process to be easy, and am hoping the withdrawal process if I can get there will be just as easy.

    Plus with bit coin are verification documents required, or not since it's a crypto currency?

  • Good evening

    Glad to hear you have used and found  Bitcoin deposit method easy.
    For withdrawal via BITCOIN you need to send a request to the casino support  via either mail or live chat. 
    In your request you need to provide the BITCOIN address where you want your withdrawal to be processed.

    The withdrawal is then  process in  less than 24 hours from  the moment you contact support.
    We are in process of integrating it so that the withdrawal is INSTANT just like deposit but at this time the best we can do is 24 hour from request.

    P.S no forms needed for BITCOIN as you said it is crypto currency  a.k.a  virtual currency

  • I prefer neteller.. smiley

  • Hi Mikey, Im new to the casino, ive signed up 2 weeks ago and have not deposited yet as i was trying to send my Verification documents to you's but it keeps bouncing back, i replied back to an email that was sent from you guys but that still didnt work either, is there another email address i can use to try and get my Documents to you's?

  • Dear Keza ,

    Hope you are well ,

    You may use our alternative email address which is .

    We apologize on any inconvenience caused.


  • Dear Keza ,

    Hope you are well ,

    You may use our alternative email address which is .

    We apologize on any inconvenience caused.


    Thank you Mikey smiley
  • You are welcome Keza smiley


  • I have to give props to Casino Extreme for a withdrawl I made yesterday via bitcoin. Simon in support walked me through the entire process. I play at some bitcoin casinos where bitcoin withdrawl is instant so I wasn't expecting it to be fast given they say it can take up to 24 hours but I was amazed just how fast Casino Extreme payout was. I had the money within 30 minutes of making the withdrawl. This is the only RTG casino I will play at. Thanks to the team for making a great user experience on my first withdrawl.


    4/ 5

  • Howdy Mikey, I hope all is well.

    Yet I'm hoping you can shed you some light on what's going on with your bit coin processor.  It would appears as if for at least the last 3 weeks if not longer.  That your experiencing issues with your deposits happening automatically.

    So then after a few confirmations I have to go chasing down live chat to get my deposit credited.  Which yes everytime I am getting credit for my deposit.  Yet I feel I shouldn't have to send an e-mail or go into live chat to get credit.

    So has something broken permanently where this is going to be a common occurrence from this point out, or are you in the process of working on a fix?  I love extreme, but I feel waiting longer than 20 minutes to 2 hours for a deposit.  Especially when there are plenty of other bit coin accepting sites out there that offer way faster available for deposits.

  • Hi Cheetahwind ,

    My apologies on a late response ,

    That’s true ,apparently this problem is much bigger than we thought so .Our developers are working hard to fix this ,however  some of them are going through most of them are not .As always I would suggest you to contact us every time you make a deposit so that we can verify and process it immediately .That is the best we can do ,I was told that this problem should be fixed by the end of this week .

    Once again I apologize on any inconvenience caused.

    Will keep you updated .


  • First of all, I have to say I feel guilty for not praising the way Casino Extreme adopted Bitcoins for both deposits and withdraws.  I made my first deposit when they had just introduced bitcoin and since then have had a few nice runs winning $2,000+ and having the withdraw approved and in my wallet within minutes.  Never waited more than a minute for support to respond via live chat.

    Here's some evidence for those who are (rightfully) skeptical:
    (note the time stamps)

    I highly recommend playing there.

    That being said, I ran into an issue last week that made me shake my head.  Not enough to make me stop giving them action, but worth bringing up I think.

    I deposited on 6/6 monday and lost it

    Friday I won $20 in a free slot tournament , which I blew pretty quick.

    Then over the weekend they had the 60 free spins promotion, and I managed to clear the playthrough for a little under the $50 max cashout.  I went to ask them to convert it as if I withdrew and re-deposited it  to remove the cap so i could keep playing (I've done this before no problem) and found out because I won the slot tournament (which was free) I was ineligible for the free spins.

    I knew that you couldn't redeem multiple free chips back to back without a deposit, but didn't realize the tournament win would count. 

    If I would have withdrawn the $20 then redeposited it before losing it, I would have been able to keep the winnings from the weekend promo. 

    A policy that offers players a pain in the ass workaround should not be in place, in my opinion. 

    I completely understand the "no back to back free chip redemption", I'd even understand if you tacked on a playthrough requirement for any free slot tournament winnings.  But I don't think there should ever be a situation where a player should benefit from withdrawing and redepositing.  It should be automatic.  If the funds are free to withdraw, they shouldn't  have a cap on how much they can win and they should be treated the same as if they were just deposited.

    But seriously, everything else you're doing is great.


    5/ 5

  • Hi  finallyfinally,

    Hope you are well.

    Firstly, I would like to thank you for your kind words, and your recommendation of Casino Extreme. I would also like to expand our gratitude for your feedback. We will carefully consider your suggestions, and as always we will strive to better yours and everyone else’s experience with us. Please contact us directly in Casino Extreme and we will  solve your issue. The player`s enjoyment always comes first at Casino Extreme!

    My personal email is or just PM here every time you need an assistance .

    What we can do is to reverse your balance back so that you can play with no restriction as you requested previously .In that case you will have to wager this amount one time prior to withdrawal.

    Hope this helps.

    Looking forward to hear back from you .

    Casino Extreme


    5/ 5

  • Mikey:

    Sometimes I play the Tournaments at Casino Extreme. I used to deposit and play there quite regularly. They only had some rather strange deposit methods such as Bitcoin and something else weird, so I didn't deposit for awhile. Meanwhile I play the Tournaments and notice one night they were again accepting cards. So I make a deposit and play it through.

    I went on about my business and saw somewhere there were free spins available at Casino Extreme. So I put in the code and was denied. Went to Live Chat and asked why I couldn't claim the free spins since I had made a very recent deposit.

    Their rep told me it was because I had been playing the Tournaments. Now mind you, I had played some of the Tournaments PRIOR TO making the deposit. That struck me as being extremely strange. You can play some of the Tournaments for free, but even after making a deposit you can't claim free spins.  I found this rather strange as no other casinos have such a wierd rule.

    My Casino Extreme player id is:  corabets

  • Hi MzCoraE,

    We're going to contact the casino rep for an explanation when it comes to free spins offer. We'll forward your username too. 

  • Dear MzCoraE ,

    Thanks for contacing me and apologizes for delay .

    I just checked your account and I see no issue related to the tournaments and the play on them .It could be that someone from support has made a mistake in explaining the reason why you coundt redeem the code in question .This code is an exlusive promotion which requires a deposit prior to use if some other free promotion was  used previously  .That is exactly what happened as the last event on your account is our free weekend promotion.

    When it comes to the tournaments,I know that they are some rules we need to change or improve ,having said that we are tying to prevent an abuse which happens almost daily ,however we are doing the best we can at this point in time.

    Hope this helps and please contact me directly if you have any questions .

    Kind regards


  • Hi,

    Ive lurked on this forum for a couple years, finally time to make account!

    I have had a great experience with casinoextreme since registering recently but due to a misunderstanding I am kinda bummed at the moment.

    Last week I made a deposit with a bonus and cleared it.  I decided i wanted to keep playing without the max cashout so I talked to support and they withdrew and re-deposited $410 in my account.  They confirmed that this bonus free deposit would be eligible for cashback if I lost it.

    I was under the impression that cashback could be claimed anytime in the same month, and I didn't feel like playing more at the time so I decided to save it for another time.

    Today I decided to claim it and was expecting 20% cashback without restrictions other than a 4x max cashout but I was informed that it was only valid for 7 days - so I missed the deadline by like 12 hours!  I asked them to consider an exception for me but the manager declined my request :(  

    They did give me a small freechip with 30x that i lost, but im hoping maybe the forum rep here can help me out with the cashback from the $410 deposit since they seem so reasonable and generous in previous posts.  I could of sworn that the cashier had a notice saying something like "Remember cashback can be claimed on all bonus free deposits all month!" but when I checked, it doesn't say "all month".  Does anyone else remember it saying that?  Maybe I'm crazy.  It's possible. :)

  • Oh, that's a shame! Cashbacks usually have some period of time they can be redeemed. You should always have to be aware of that. We're going to contact casino rep to reply here. 

  • I know, I feel so silly.  I don't know how it got in my head but somehow I was convinced I had untill the end of the month!  Thank you for your help MelissaN!

  • Hello Themoglitch ,


    I just sent you a PM ,it should be fine now .

    Please make sure in the future  to claim this promotion within 7 days ,the chat operators wont be able to make this kind of exceptions ,however I am glad you contacted me here .





  • Just wanted to give a HUGE thanks to Mikey for going out of his way to help me get ~$80 in cashback even though It was only my own stupid fault for waiting more than 7 days to request it.

    This happy ending gets even happier though!

    Of course I couldn't just cash it out.

    I decided to play a little first and see what happened :)

    Well it only took about 3 or 4 minutes to hit this nice bonus round with a 100x added on to the end.

    Got my cashout for over $300 in bitcoin within 2 minutes of asking! Woohoo! TY CasinoExtreme you guys rock!

  • Dear Casinoextreme (Mikey) i also have a slight problem with the casino,

    The casino is sending me emails regarding instant withdrawals which contains the following info;

    We at Casino Extreme have always been proud of our Live Cashier Feature. The fact is that when we say Instant Withdrawal, we really mean INSTANT Withdrawal

    Put us to the test and deposit €25 today and receive €75 top-up. Once you meet the play through on the deposit, request your first instant withdrawal of up to €1000, sit back and watch the magic of Casino Extreme where Instant means Instant !

    If your withdrawal is not processed instantly upon you request via live chat or telephone, we will send your deposit, winnings and add extra 100 back to your original account no questions asked.

    • All Casino Extreme promotions are subject to General Terms and Conditions
    of the casino as well as terms and conditions of the specific promotion.

    Any withdrawal that is processed within 10 min after the request via Live Chat or Telephone is known as an Instant withdrawal.

    Thats ofcourse a great thing if they are so sure to keep the 10 minutes timeline! and yes they do 2 withdrawals i got in less than 9 minutes, but my 3th withdrawal about 2,5 week ago, took 29 minutes, after i requested it i was online in chat after 1 minute, so it makes 28 minutes, the agent who was in chat told me he couldn't find documents, i told him i am fully verified on when i joined he told me that's not possible and kept telling me that, i asked him once again please check carefully and all of a sudden he found the documents, this can happen ofcourse, but it delayed my withdrawal 28 minutes and if im stricht and follow the rules its much more then the 10 minutes that are promised and promoted for the moneyback offer, so i would like to ask mikey can u help me out with this, i guess im right and i can claim this reward?

    if u need more from me let me know, a pm from me should also be in you're inbox,




    4.8/ 5

  • Hi guys,

    I have spoken with mikey, and this case is solved, and i have been compensated!

    Very great fast and professional from mikey!

    Sorry if i post my complaint to fast! all solved!

  • Glad to hear that! Mikey is very efficient and professional. 


  • Just to be clear, U S players can use visa after verification. Is the withdrawal time fast like my UPAYCARD.

  • Hello TGLENND,

    US players can use only Master Card after verification, unfortunately Visa is currently not available. Withdrawal time is always the same, after requesting in cashier section and through email or our friendly live chat support, we need few minutes to process your requested withdrawal. Instant withdrawal methods for US players are UPAY and Bit coin.

    If you have any questions or issues we can help with, please do not hesitate to contact us directly, as our friendly Support team is available 24/7.

    Have  great day.



  • Hi Mikey,

     I had a good experience with a win and a super unbelievable fast cash out. But....then the software would not function and when I tried to uninstall and reinstall the software I got a warning message from my chrome browser that the download had spyware or malware and I should not proceed. After I was invited by casino extreme support to open a new account. 

    I did not do this as that is sort of the number one taboo in the online casino business.

    So I feel kinda stuck I do not want to open a new account and maybe try to play again on the browser based casino and I cannot download the software to see if my old username might work....I might have forgotten my old username even though this only occurred a month or two ago...

    It is a shame because I really like your casino and would definitely deposit and play there again if these problems could be resolved. 

    I believe username was oopseedo

    I can pm my email address if you would like to try and help if the username is wrong


    Best regards 



    4.7/ 5

  • Hello Vanenhox  ,

    Thanks for your email and apologies on any incoveniennce caused.

    I have sent the details from your account  via PM .

    When it comes to the software ,rest assured everything works fine and it is something RTG needs to change within the settng in order to remove this message. We are not the only ones who have this issue at the moment and unfortunately there is nothing we can do but to wait .

    Once again please accept my sincere apology and let me know if you managed to log in .



    Casino Extreme 


    5/ 5

  • Mikey,

    Thanks for the prompt support and solution to my problem.

    I will be playing with you again soon to be sure.

    best regards


  • Hi again Mikey,

    Just a final word...I downloaded the software again without the message about spy or malware appearing at all. 

    So thanks again for the help. Everything seems good to go...

    all the best


  • Vanenhox wrote:

    Hi again Mikey,

    Just a final word...I downloaded the software again without the message about spy or malware appearing at all. 

    So thanks again for the help. Everything seems good to go...

    all the best


    Glad to hear that it's been sorted out. Thanks for letting us know. 

    Good luck. wink

  • I haven't played a few months in Casino Extreme, because I had so bad luck in slots.

    Ah, I never had nice winnings. My balances just went down slowlystruggle

    No win with real money, no win again with LCB 20 Chips.

    I am a small roller, so my losses were not big, but, lost many times in a rowlaugh_out_loud

    I think that I will play again soon or later, and I hope that I could get some better luck.

    But, I love your instant withdrawal.

    You are the only casino among RTG with the instant withdrawal, as I knowthumbs_up


    4/ 5

  • Hi there I've recently just signed up to Brango Casino using the link! But unfortunately I was unable too claim the LCB35 no deposit bonus! I contacted live chat - online only to be informed I can't use the code due to not being affiliated with LCB???thumbs_down So I sent her screenshots of my account details, latest activities etc and now the management department are currently investigating my information!!! Annnnyhow...worn_out can u pls make sure my casino registration is linked to my LCB so I can claim future rewards, promotion codes, exclusive bonuses etc 

    Thanking u kindly angel

  • Honour Marie Kingi wrote:

    Hi there I've recently just signed up to Brango Casino using the link! But unfortunately I was unable too claim the LCB35 no deposit bonus! I contacted live chat - online only to be informed I can't use the code due to not being affiliated with LCB???thumbs_down So I sent her screenshots of my account details, latest activities etc and now the management department are currently investigating my information!!! Annnnyhow...worn_out can u pls make sure my casino registration is linked to my LCB so I can claim future rewards, promotion codes, exclusive bonuses etc 

    Thanking u kindly angel

    It is very strange. I think they made a mistake. If you did go to the link with LСB, then everything will be fine and you will be activated this bonus. Good luck!

  • You can't get this bonus if you're not linked to LCB,it's also the case with other LCB exclusive promotions, tournaments etc. Let us know what the casino says. You can also provide us with your casino username and we can ask if anything can be done. 

  • Dear Honour Marie Kingi ,

    Hope you are well and apologies on our late response . 

    We have tested the tracking link several times and it worked fine from our side .

    Indeed this coupon is active only thorugh this link but I dont mind you contacting me directly so that we can add your account to LCB affiliation .

    If you have a further questions or need help please let me know .

    All the best 

    Casino Management 

  • Hello Mikey. I'm contacting you through the forum because CS at Casino Extreme usually says you are not in. I have been having difficulty depositing with VISA this month. My deposits are not processed and I get an error message. On the bank's end, I see the deposits debited against my account and then reversed. Today, Nick said to just keep trying, but that doesn't really solve the problem because in the meantime, I cannot play your casino.Thank you for your attention. My user name is delilah9.

  • Hi Delilah,

    Mikey has been notified. He'll reply shortly and I hope everything will be sorted out soon. 

  • Dear Delilah,

    I am so sorry to hear that ,

    I am not on chat but my email or is always avaialble . Apologies for the inconveniennce caused ,that said I have made some changes which should work however it is always a chance that the card could be denied . It is impossible to work with the processor who accepts 100% of transactions and most probably why all your attempts ended up being unsucesfull .

    Can you please try again today and let me know if the change helped if not I will discuss fruther with our processor . 

    If you dont mind ,the easiest is to move forward via PM here of via email through emails.

    All the best.


    Casino Extreme 


    5/ 5

  • That worked, Mikey! Thank you again for your good customer service!

  • Hello Mikey,

    I have a Casino Brango query regarding my instant withdrawal request, deposits made w/verified documentation, etc., Please help me so I can know the accuracy of situation so I can move forward with delayed processing of my instant withdrawal request.  The situation is as follows:

    On 12/15-16/17, I attempted to redeem a current bonus code from the forum (ASGARD), and was told I was not eligible for that code by the 1st chat rep.  She told me she would give me a Welcome Bonus that I was allowed to redeem. However, I was never given the code, which she automatically credited my account with $30 before the chat ended. The wagering was $900 playthrough required with $100 max cashout.

    I have made 2 deposits previously at the Casino Brango and maybe 6/7 at Casino Extreme.  I had a balance of $118.75.  When I tried to process the instant withdrawal, I was told that my deposits could not be found and that I had to make a verification depositis. Although, I submitted the completed confirmation to the reps via Chat, Phone, and Email.  My verification documents were approved. Then the withdrawal status was declined 4 times for different reasons of, $100 max, account needed to be verified, then I needed to make a verification deposit, and I used the same bonus code twice.  Therefore, I can process the instant withdrawal after making amother deposit, which the rep automatically credited to my account. I'll make the deposit if I have to, but it was not my fault that I was credited with the same bonus when I tried to use the one offered in the forum.

    I have been communicating with them in regards to the situation since my instant withdrawal request, and would like to close query, so I can complete the request. 

    I have all confirmations and chat transcripts.

    Thank you for your assistance.



    2.5/ 5

  • You are very welcome :) 

    Let me know if you have any questions or need help .



    Casino Management 

  • Mikey13 wrote:

    You are very welcome :) 

    Let me know if you have any questions or need help .



    Casino Management 

    Hi Mikey, was this reply for my query.  If so, what are my instructions?

    Thank you


  • Hi 2Late4Me ,

    Thanks for contacting us and apologies for keeping you wait ,

    Wow ,what a timing because you posted at the same time I replied to previous querry which is why I didnt' say your post . Glad you sent me a personal message.

    It should be all good know ,I have sent you a PM too .

    Thing is that our support have no power to remove or jump over some rules which is why the most important step is to contact management directly on 

    All the best !


    Casino Extreme 


    5/ 5

  • Hello 2Late4Me ,

    Ohhhh ,I am sorry this was a reply to previours querry . 



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