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  • Hey, I'm John!

    It's super cool to finally e-meet you  - the great LCB gaming community!

    I'm officially representing Casino Token here and will be happy to assist you in any sense.

    Casino Token is new and we are different. How!?:

    1. Sign-up procedure: Super quick - under 10 seconds and just with 3 fields to fill and you can play your free spins immediately!
    2. No conversion fees: We support multi currencies 'natively' that our players wouldn't need to pay conversion fees - we cover them fully!
    3. No transaction fees: We believe that our players should enjoy what they deposit in full and not just part of it!
    4. Incognito Mode: Choose any crypto currency and we will not ask who are you upon withdrawal!
    5. Bonus surprises: We are not offering you 1 bonus...we are giving you 6! And not only a match bonus or only free spins - You are getting both! It's almost 300% of your deposit amount + to get the welcome bonus pack you do not need bonus codes as our system is putting the bonuses in your account automatically - it's great to save the time! Isn't it?

    Anyhow, I'm here to help! Please, feel free to ask me any questions and share the feedback of playing in Casino Token!

    Speak soon,

    - John


    5/ 5

  • Welcome to LCB forum John! Thank you for being available to assist our members! heart

  • Welcome to our forum, John. Hope you'll have a great time with us and our members! wink

  • Welcome on board! Thank you for joining our forum. heart

  • Heh! Thanks a lot guys! Hope to be usefull here as much as I can! :)

  • Glad to have you here offering assistance to our members! Hope you'll have a great and productive time with us John!

  • Sylvanas - thanks for the welcome! I hope so too :)

  • Hi John,

    Welcome to the LCB forum.

  • Hey Anchi,

    Thanks a lot!

  • Welcome John cool

  • Thanks Abuzmaster!

  • cheesy

    Welcome to the forum John!!

    I've been receiving your emails reagarding all the AWESOME bonus offers. 

    LOVE the $5 minimum deposit too!!


  • Heh! Trinzies - appreciate the appreciation! We fought for this really hard and we won! :) Enjoy the offers and let me know if I can be in any help! - John


  • Hi, i deposited on casino token for the monday free spins offer. I received 40 free spins on the angler which is 0.2 mbtc bet per spin. So i do them and win 20 mbtc yay! Then i read terms (yeah usually i do that BEFORE the deposit but heh). I see that maximum bet is 0.1 mbtc, that means if any player do the free spins then continue playing on the same slot, their bonus and winnings are voided. Isn't it crazy. Then i look, i cannot cash out more than 50 euros? Wow. Then i look at the wager, 1 BTC. So that means with the max bet i need to do 10,000 spins to beat wager and max cash out of 50 euros. Wow. Then i read further.. i have 24 hours to do the 10,000 spins then everything is voided.

    So overal, i deposited to get spins that are in a bet higher than max bet on wager so if you continue on the same slot you are voided. You must do 10,000 spins on max bet to wager and you must do within 24 hours for a potential max cash out of 50 euros. Guys just stay away.


    1.5/ 5

  • 10.000 spins within 24 hours? That's a lot of coffee you need to consume. This is the first Direx NV casino who gives a very narrow wagering time frame. 4 days to a full week is a standard time frame to wager the bonus, Casino Token keeps amazes me with their awful bonus terms. It is not worth the max cashout money.


    2.6/ 5

  • Hey guys, there must be some confusion - we do not have max bet limit so, you freely can do your wager in a matter of 20 min, so no need to do 10.000 spins and no need to have any timeframe of 24h.

    Regarding the bonuses - the freebies are always come with a terms of conditions and if some do not like the limitations you just dont take the freebie.

    On the contrary - our players are super happy about our bonuses as they are comming with a great variety, regular frequency and are very generous. We have got a great feedback regarding time spent in casino and overal casino experience has been very positive and we tend to keep things this way plus more - we constatnly develop our product and terms following that tendency as well.

    Anyhow, your feedback is appreciated and hopefully your experience will be better with a time.

    Kind regards,


  • Hi!

    I made 3 x 50 € direct deposit to casino Token. I asked at first casibno to remove my bonus

    I won about 250 € and tried to withdraw it. No Succes.

    Reason is this:

    Bonus terms The deposit that has been made without bonus must be wagered x12 on the games stated above and only then player can switch his game play for different games or ask for cashout. If player asked for cashout but during period of wager he has switched his gameplay for different games then player concurs that his cashout will be voided. Wager is starting when player starts to play any game that contributes towards wagering.

    Is it really so that every time you deposit you have to wager 12x. Who wants to play here?

    Next they told me to wager with next rule: Deposit funds must be wagered on the following Netent games - Starburst, Gonzo Quest, Coins of Egypt for the regions where Netent games are not restricted

    Only 3 games you can play. What the....?

    I made wager and got 430 €. I made cashout request for 300 € and left 130 € for gambling.

    Next they forced me to recall cashback and play my balance to 130 €, which I could cashout.

    Reason was that I played after wagering other Netnt and Microgaming games.

    I made finally 130 € cashout and I feel that casino took 300€ from me.

    Can somebody explain this for me? My oponion never deposit to this casino because you have to alway wager 12 x with only 3 Netent games.

    I am interesting to hear your opinions!

  • Hello Jovain,

    Could you please send me your casino username in PM inbox and we'll contact the Casino Representative regarding your issue.

  • hello

    i have big problem with casino token - FRAUD casino.

    i made deposit and i won and decide to withdraw. then i use free spins wchich i got after deposit. i lost winning from free spins. but now, casino ask me th make 50 TIMES!!!! rollover my deposit before withdraw. i see there is free money, aviaible to withdraw but they refuse my withdrawing. On support when i questioned their refusal to pay they threatened to close the account.

    please help me becouse there is fraud casino there is not write on terms that deposit must be 50 times wager before withdraw. it is simply fraud 

  • Hello dominwro,

    They have the following rule in their Bonus Terms:

    " Active bonus profiles, VIP's and non VIP's are having wagering prerequisite 50x for all bonuses and deposits with bonuses taken or not. "

    However, please send me your casino username in PM inbox and we'll contact the Casino Representative regarding your issue.

  • Sigh... How are we here. I don't know. I've had so much success with sites I've dealt with lately that, perhaps, I've become a little to comfortable. Here is the chain of events.

    Deposit $100 at and get a $50 bonus. Fail to clear the wagering and cancel the bonus.

    Deposit $133 at and get no bonus. Lose it.

    Deposit $250 at Casinotoken - wager at least 5x maybe 10x and request a cashout for $800.

    Well, this is where the fun begins. First off, they tell me I have to clear the wagering of the initial bonus, which was $2500. I had already done this.

    Next, they tell me that I have to clear that wagering at only 3 specific games:

    'Please, upload all necessary documents in to your account documents page and complete your wager on the following games only: Crazy Starter, Lucky Lady's Clover, Domnitors or Desert Treasure.'

    Next, and this is the best, they tell me I need to wager my $250 deposit, which was completely raw, no bonus, a total of 50X. That's $12,500 wagering just to withdraw! Insanity, I think I may be done with online gambling altogether if this is not resolved.

    Michael | CasinoToken™
    A moment, please

    Your last deposit was $250 hence, %250 x 50 that needs to be wagered = 12.500$

    Please help :(

  • Hello jfrdl,

    Could you please send me your casino username in PM inbox and we'll contact the Casino Representative.

  • Hello jfrdl,

    Thanks for providing us with your casino username. We've sent it to the Casino Representative and asked him to check why you haven't been paid. Keep an eye on this thread for the updates.

  • Hey guys,

    Thanks for the contribution to all!

    Regarding the bonuses and wager - I have elaborated that already in upper thread - the freebies do come with terms of conditions and usually, if players do not like the limitations they are not taking any freebies.

    Apart from that, we have been complimented for our bonuses all around the globe and this is what we really proud of! So, come and check them out - you will find them in our bonus page.

    Kind regards,


  • John,

    On the terms and conditions it says there is 12x wager. I have already wagered that. I have been a member of many DIREX NV casinos and you are truly making a mockery of the group. You can't even tell me how much wagering I have left; you guys have no freaking idea!!

  • 4.6 When deposit is made but no registration freespins, welcome bonus freespins, match bonus or any other bonus has been taken and player is not having an active bonus profile the deposit money is liable to a 12x wagering necessity.

    It's right there!!!!!!!! LCB even lists it in their profile for that wagering is 12x on raw deposit.

    LCB - the same terms and conditions says that if you cancel a withdrawal, that you have to wager your money 50X. The terms are intentionally predatory if not illegal. This is a very corrupt site. 

  • I came back here to see if they improved since last year because i also play direx casinos everyday all year long but after get scammed by this one i never touched again. When you play a direx casino you do usually because they pay cash out fast... that's why we there don't we as other sites have better RTP so why play on sites with lower return if not because we want fast cashouts. I tried cashing out there and after 2 days waiting being told to just wait i reversed and lost it on purpose just to be done.

    They have predatory terms worth an audit and review but don't count on their cereal box license for that haha. That support replying the whole world prise their bonuses while they are complete worthless garbage is also something special. Get few spins on 9p bet in exchane you must wager your raw deposit 50x hahaha yaaaaa and you know with their sltos RTP they are literally asking you (long term) to lose your deposits in exchange of few worthless spins. It's a real joke and obviously they hired some mytho here lying all over as reading his replies it's clear that person has some issues lol. I prefer to be told to go **** *** than being lied in the face by someone smiling like im a retard. But heh good thing i came here before going to their site to try...

  • SOFTSWISS already been notified if they dont fix this I'll be closing every site on their network permanently. Will keep updating this thread

  • jfrdl well i saw multiple times casinos thinking that if they put something in their terms and conditions then it's above the law. Can't tell if they are that retarded or just plain criminals that don't care/fear the law and just do what they want. I will probably never know and at that point i don't care all that much anymore hehe. I used to high roll and swing hundres/thousands in a day while i still believed it was some kind of legit but now i know it's not but i still love playing so i just lowered my bet to minimum just to spin the slots and that's it. Finished are the days where i believed that there was a legit random slim chance i could win... now i know not. They just swing back to us our own money so betting more for a regular like me just mean a bigger expense so there is no point hehe. Hope your things get fixed and yeah if that casino (token) was not based on the moon and in a real decent country they could be shut down real quick as these terms are illegal, abusive and criminal.

  • jfrdl if you didn't yet, the place i play a lot at the moment is anonymous casino another direx. They offer a welcome bonus of 150% and you can open as many accounts as you want and just do it over and over :D. The condition though is that the wager requirement is 150x. Yeah it looks crazy but i did hundreds of them so far and i beat it many times like 1/20 deposit and my cash outs were between 8 and 55 times my deposit so far so it's a great way to have long playtime. Of course going through a dozen deposits in a row that go straight to 0 gets on the nerves ahah but once you hit a good one then you are good for an entire day of playtime :D. I love it. They never did anything wrong to me and always paid fair and square so i do suggest if you are into cryptos a little the minimum deposit ( what i do) is 1 mbtc which is 10$  so even if i rip 10 in a row that's just 100$. The max bet is 10% of the deposit so 0.1 mbtc (1$) which is about what i bet at most usually anyway. With a wager requirement of 225 mbtc that's 2250 spins= 4 hours of autoplay.

    I tried once for fun see if i can play multiple slots at the same time on minimum bet 9-10 cents equivalent haha and i managed to beat that 150x wager lmao it took me "only" 13 hours of straight 4 slots running on autospin all day. It was one of the greatest gambling session i ever had as i had tons of action i ended up with profits and compared to losing days i didn't have to redeposit anything more anywhere for the entire day. IT WAS WORTH TI! :D


    3.7/ 5

  • Terms & Conditions cannot be anything you want them to be. I'm a non practicing lawyer, just because something is written in a contract does not make it legally binding. If that were the case, they could put terms in like, "must clear 5000x wager", or "cannot withdraw more than deposited". Their license was issued by 8048/jaz antillephone n.v, which is a master license holder of curacao and they actually, luckily, respond to complaints against their license holders. They assess terms and conditions based on what is reasonable, so it's no a lawless land. 12x is unreasonable. 50x is unheard of. Vague terms like "bonus profile holder" would never hold up, without specific definition. Casinotoken will not even tell me how much wagering I have left; they are just going to come back and say "our customers love our predatory/illlegal bonus terms".

  • Well when the slots offered have 92-96% RTP... probably mostly 92% since many of them don't even tell us (which means it's nothing more than 92% or even worst) means that if you wager 12x8= 96% of your money will be lost in the long run doing that. 50x ... Bonuses wager have a different structure and the total return after a long session wagering it isn't as expensive as raw. Wagering 50x raw is just plain criminal. If you reverse a withdrawal you must lose 200% of your cash? LOL. Because the reality is that if a slot ahs 92% RTP you have to wager 50x8= 400% of your money. If you reverse 100$ you must win 400$ extra to cash out the initial 100$ as the 400$ pays the house edge that means you burn all your "luck" to at best break even. I don't know if what i say makes sense to you but it's just unreal.

  • It's actually worse than you think at - most of the games contribute 50% to wagering. So if you have to clearly $12,500 in wagering, it's actually $25,000 in wagering. LCB is being a little complicit here giving them a 3.9 rating as they are clearly set up just to scam people out of their money. 

  • Well you have to consider the fact lcb is an affiliate site that work with and are paid by the casinos so of course there will always be some bias but they are MUCH better than others than are sometimes just plain accomplice in scam like i was cheated by a casino in the past and used another PAB site at the time and won my case and proved they cheat players... a bit later they accredited the casino and put on their top 3 most recommended safe site... When i saw that i ran and started looking around and found lcb :).

  • You can be honest and have integrity in this space and still make a lot of money. But I know what site you are talking about and they are more than complicit. decided to do the opposite and scam honest people of their money. They won't even let me withdraw just my deposits. 

  • Thanks for bringing this to our attention.  We are already in the process of inspecting their bonus and other T&C's. Stay tuned.

  • Hello guys,

    Thanks for your opinion! It's always good to hear it out and I have answered to your questions already - if you don't like to take bonuses that is your personal right to not take them. But if you do take them - they come with rules. It is given to the players as free money and would be not correct to assume that the free money comes without any wager or terms and conditions.

    There are many people out there -  some like the bonuses other's don't - so, please, feel free to choose.

    The same goes for wagering rules - there are casinos that has 60,70 and 80 and more of wagering and again - please, use the casino that you think you like wagering, design, bonuses, games etc. better.

    Our players do like bonuses, they are happy, winning, loosing, playing and most importantly having fun that I would wish for everyone!

    Thanks for contribution and Kind regards,


  • This is a joke. He wont comment on their unclear, predatory and illegal bonus terms. Any site you have to wager 50x a raw deposit is a scam site. Clear and simple. They dont answer any question directly because they dont want it on record.

  • They won't even co-operate and tell me what I apparently have left to wager. Why it says 12x wagering - in the bonus terms section - if it doesn't apply to raw deposits. Why do they even have a rep in direct casino support if they have no interest in actually solving issues. This is so easily blacklist worthy.

  • More shadiness: Non VIP accounts with active bonus profile are having max cashout limit of $200 or equivalent in player's account currency, VIP accounts with active bonus profile are having unlimited cashout. For non VIP accounts the sum above mentioned will be reduced by CasinoToken internal system automatically at the end of every calendar month.

    Max cashout on my $250 deposit is $200

  • FYI - this is being pursued by an ADR so I can't comment anymore. But I will follow up! If you have gone over their terms and conditions even briefly, it is clear they are simply a scam site/

  • John Jolo wrote:

    Hello guys,

    Thanks for your opinion! It's always good to hear it out and I have answered to your questions already - if you don't like to take bonuses that is your personal right to not take them. But if you do take them - they come with rules. It is given to the players as free money and would be not correct to assume that the free money comes without any wager or terms and conditions.

    There are many people out there - some like the bonuses other's don't - so, please, feel free to choose.

    The same goes for wagering rules - there are casinos that has 60,70 and 80 and more of wagering and again - please, use the casino that you think you like wagering, design, bonuses, games etc. better.

    Our players do like bonuses, they are happy, winning, loosing, playing and most importantly having fun that I would wish for everyone!

    Thanks for contribution and Kind regards,


    Are you some kinda robot? I have been reading the whole thread. Did you not see one of the messages which states that his deposit without any bonus just a plain real money deposit is being asked to be wagered 50x? For God's sake. Gamblers are not stupid as fuck not to know that the more you stay gambling the more tendency of losing. I only heard 50x wagering on a deposit without a bonus. Only on your casino. And did you know how weird you speak? I think you're a robot. Kinda! LoL. You don't speak human! Like no feelings? Got my point? Hello? Got some blood running in your veins? Hmmp!   


  • FYI - rep has been floating around here but won't comment, obviously. 

  • Hello,

    Long story short: I signed up with CasinoToken, made a deposit with a bonus - and happily played some slots. At one point, I won like x180 my bet and things get fishy. I didn't see my win in my balance, and the bonus has been canceled. I was like WTF, so i checked the game history - and the win was there.

    game history

    I then contacted a support seeking for an explaination. After a quick chat, issue has been forwarded to a tech team. After like 30-40 minutes, I contacted the live support once again - and asked about some kind of ticked ID or reference number - just for me, in order to refer to this issue in the future - and then, I've been informed about a reply.

    As I undresood, the money is already lost. Just beware if you don't want to lose your money as well.


  • Hello szulak,

    Do you want us to contact the Casino Representative regarding this issue? If you do, please send me your casino username in PM inbox.

  • Hello szulak,

    The Casino Representative says that everything has already been explained to you and he has nothing more to add.

    Could you please send me the screenshot of that x180 bet win. 

    Thank you.

  • It's right there, in my post. Screnshot from the game history - at the bottom, you can see a total win.

  • Hello szulak,

    We've looked into the screenshot you've provided us with and it is not a winning screenshot. There are no 3 symbols that have lined up. Also, the game history doesn't show such wins.  We don't see a proof of winnings other than what is written on the bottom right, however, the history doesn't show it.

  • Here you go.


    Free spin #1:

    Free spin #2:

    Free spin #3:

    Free spin #4:

    Free spin #5:

    Free spin #6:

    Free spin #7:

    Free spin #8:

    Free spin #9:

    Free spin #10:

    Free spin #11:

    Free spin #12:

    Moreover, here is a screnshot which I received from custommer support reporesentative when he was explaining me "what went wrong". In the screenshot, I edited my email address - the arrows has been added by CasinoToken staff. As you can see, my winning is counted there as well. 



  • Hello, there is a rule at T&C of

    It is and says "" The deposit that has been made without bonus must be wagered x10. Deposit that is made without bonus can be wagered on any Slot game.""

    I deposited and played liever dealer games, keno and electronic roulette at

    Bonus free,

    I deposited 100 usd and lost, then another 100 usd and could get 323 usd

    I reqiuested a cashout, they informed me that no matter I played bonus-free I had to wagge 10x100 in slots before any cashout approved. 

    My account is verified.

    I ask for help, must any player play 10 folds he deposit in slots in case he wanted to cash out?

    So, any winning or wagge at other games but slots are useless?



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