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  • Hi Everyone!

    My name is Lloyd Apter and I'm one of the co-founders of Casino Cruise and because i care so much about our customers I demanded to be our casino rep on the forums so i can ensure our players are given the best service cheesy

    We are very excited about being Casino of the Month for May 2015 on LCB and for being one of the casinos with an LCB seal of approval!

    So here i am, if you have an questions about promotions or issues with our site or support please post or PM me  thumbs_up

    Looking forward to making new friends here!

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    ADMIN NOTE: All the casinos from Genesis affiliates are closed. They do not operate anymore.

    News Article: click here


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    5/ 5

  • Welcome! Glad to see that you are excited to be part of the community and assist our members!

  • Hi Lloyd my username is masif77 and I made a withdrawal a couple of days ago and sent verification documents which have been approved by the support team. Just wondering how long would it take for the whole process. I like the wide choice of games and the graphics quality. Beginning to be one of my favourite casinos

  • i Think PM would get the message to Lloyd faster  smiley

  • Hi Lloyd my username is masif77 and I made a withdrawal a couple of days ago and sent verification documents which have been approved by the support team. Just wondering how long would it take for the whole process. I like the wide choice of games and the graphics quality. Beginning to be one of my favourite casinos

    Hi check into it now. It's Jewish New Year long weekend so things have been slowly than usual.
    I will update the asap. Best wishes, Lloyd
  • I've sent a pm also before I posted on the forum to Lloyd

  • Hi Lloyd my username is masif77 and I made a withdrawal a couple of days ago and sent verification documents which have been approved by the support team. Just wondering how long would it take for the whole process. I like the wide choice of games and the graphics quality. Beginning to be one of my favourite casinos

    Hi there,  just spoke with our support.  You should receive a reply later today.  I understand your request was made on the 13th and that our support team will contact you shortly so please be available by phone and email.  Best wishes, Lloyd
  • Hi there I've just got an email that I have had my winnings confiscated. Never in the history of me playing online casinos has this ever occurred. I deposit 150 with a bonus of 150, get to the wagering requirement of 6k only to be told that my winnings of £1500 have been confiscated due to breach of terms of the bonus. U set a time limit to meet the wagering requirements and you expect to meet that on 5p stakes. And there was me thinking this is a good casino. I've sent numerous email to confirm verification documents which were eventually approved. I can understand if you don't want to pay, but would appreciate a bit of honesty that's all.

  • Hi giro247, sorry to learn that you lost your winnings.  i understand that you had a breach of bonus terms and therefore your bonus winnings are void.  If there had been no breach we would have of course paid out your winnings as we do with many, many players.  Again sorry this happened to you.

  • I'm sorry too and I would like a copy of my game play because I think this is a joke casino who need to sort their issues out. I've made my initial deposit withdrawal or do u plan and confiscating this as well as its been 2 days now since I made this withdrawal. You seem to take the money out quick enough so why the pending still on my status. You have just lost a valuable customer who spends a lot but will not be spending it here. Could I have my deposit put back on my debit or do you need to think of a reason not to give that back too

  • Hi giro247,

    it is player's responsibility to read bonus and promotional T&Cs. Once you take the bonus then you agree to its related T&Cs.

    I do understand your frustration, but I guess next time do not take the bonus if the terms do not suit you. And most importantly always read terms and conditions.

  • hi. im disturbed at the Casino Cruise. It has taken me 3 days to verify my identity and now they say a withdrawal takes 48 hours. It states "within 24 hours" in the review here at LCB. Why say that when it takes the double?

  • LCB 55 free spins is not good for Croatia. Made account following LCB link after following what i have read from. Fix the offer to countries that are eliagable, its not fair to have someone make account and then be refused by support.

  • LCB 55 free spins is not good for Croatia. Made account following LCB link after following what i have read from. Fix the offer to countries that are eliagable, its not fair to have someone make account and then be refused by support.

    Croatia is allowed. The terms state:
    Players from the following countries are not permitted to receive the free spins unless otherwise stated: Turkey, Romania, Lithuania, Belarus, Latvia, Czech Republic, Hungary, China, Bulgaria, Poland and Ukraine.

    please private message me your casino username

  • Hi Lloyd, I had an issue at casinocruise last year 2016

    My account was verified. My brother and I played with different accounts

    Your security section alleged I had a duplicate account

    They confiscated my winnings 5000 euros

    Your customer support did not assist me any more

    I filed a complaint at GBGC and MGA

    Malta is still pending

    I believe your ip detection system failed and charged my from breaking one of your rules.

    As you post here I can write and ask

    Any help is welcome

  • Hi santiar,

    As you know you can't have two accounts from the same IP address, that's the reason the casino thought you broke their rules. I'm afraid there's nothing much we can do for you. However, you can PM me your casino username, we can notify the casino rep. 

  • Hi MelissaN, thank you for the reply.

    My brother registered at too with his personal details

    We live in the same city. We played from different locations

    I chated with many vip operators at and once they asked me if I was in rumania. I have never been there

    UKGC does not defend foreigners and MGA complaint has last too long.

    I guess casinocruise would not close my account if I lost. 

    I will send my username by pm



  • Hi MelissaN, I cannot see how to send a pm to you

  • I see! We're going to contact the casino no worries. Keep you posted. 

  • Hi Santiar!

    Thank you for getting in touch with us.

    I have looked over your case and can see that this decision was made by our security team as you were operating 2 account from the same IP which is a breach of our terms and conditions. Please see T&Cs 4.7. Your Account must be registered in your own, correct, name. You may only open one account i.e. Your account is limited to one account per IP address / home address. Any other accounts which you open with us in relation to the Service and the Website shall be "Duplicate Accounts". If you open more than one account, any winnings on either account will be forfeited and all accounts will be closed.

    I am sorry if this is not the outcome which you were hoping for and if you have any more questions about this please send me a PM! 

    Have a lovely day :)

  • Hello, I could not find how to pm you.

    The core of the problem is that your ip engine detection missed 

    I apprecciate your latest answer

  • Hi Santiar,

    Thank you for getting back to me.

    If you wish to discuss this further via PM you can click on my name in yellow and there is a 'message' option. Or if you prefer I can send you a message?

    Many thanks and all the best.

  • Pm are not working for me yet. Can you a om to me?

  • Hi Santiar,

    Have you got a message from the casino rep? 

  • Hi Melissa,

    I have sent him a PM today, so just waiting on a response.

    Thanks for your help!

  • Yes, I was sent the PM

    I understand has got the right to confiscate when 2 accounts use the same ip

    It was my mistake, some day I probably visited my brother and logged in at his place

    I just wanted to ask if casinocruise made exceptions. All and all, I only gambled. I did not fraud them


  • Hi Santiar,

    Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

    I am afraid I have been to discuss this with the security team and their decision is final. I apologise for the inconvenience and in future I would advise to read the T&Cs at any casino you play at to avoid any similar problems!

    I really am sorry this isn't the outcome you were hoping for and please do not hesitate to ask if you have any further questions about this.

    Have a lovely day!

  • I know casinocruise had the right to do what he did.

    It is almost imposible to be aware of each rule a casino place at their T&C because we are gamblers

    Besides, each rule can be understood as security section decides

    You may see my issue with  they confiscated because I bet more than 10% of my original deposit

    There is a rule about in magicalspin I did not imagine. I guess almost no online casine has this rule

  • Hi Santiar, 

    I completely understand your disappoinment and I really apologise for that. I am also sorry to hear about your situation with magicalspin. All I can suggest is to be very sure of the terms and conditions of each casino in future!

    If you need any future assistance please let me know.

    Take care!

  • I would say that casinocruise did not use his T&C until I started to win 

    I deposited  twice

    My brother lost

    It was what actually anoyed me because I know they can say I had duplicate account due to a mistake or not. But I played many days before they confiscated

    Sorry to show my desdain

  • Hi Santiar,

    Thanks for your feedback.

    I can see that this breach was picked up on when the fraud team were processing your withdrawal. I do apologise for the inconvenience. 

    If you do wish to escalate your complaint you are well within your rights to contact the MGA. I am sorry that I cannot do anything further for you.

    Many thanks and take care!

  • Hi Lloyd,

    Welcome to LCB Forum.

    Ive got a problem with your Casino and it seems the support staff are giving me the run around.

    I made a deposit Friday 18th Aug,2017. Due to Friday Freebie I received 50% bonus plus 20 free spins on Copy Cat Touch. Once I finished my "free spins" I then chose Tarzan ( Microgaming) and spun some rounds at .80 per spin. I had three bonus symbols come up which gave me the Bonus round wheel. I spun that and won 10 Free Spins from which I won $36.92 Total. When the free spins ended and the bonus window closed, the winnings were not added on my balance. I spun once more in case that was the way it added them but it did not so I closed the game,logged out and back in,opened the game back up but still my winnings were not there.

    It was early afternoon here in my country so no chat, ( 01:01 was the deposit time) I sent an email to support and had to wait 4-5 hours til the casino opened Support. I spoke to Tomi who couldn't find out what was going on....then said sometime NETET games had to be opened and button pressed with winnings to be credited....I informed him Tarzan is a MICROGAMING slot not NETET.

    He kept making excuses, one of which was, the "Friday Bonus" I received didn't allow for me to play MICROGAMING slots, ergo my fault.

    When that didn't wash with me he said his Supervisor said , " it seems" I didn't have a win that big?? He then demanded I leave Chat and email my concerns. 

    So I sent an email.....which was replied by Lloyd who said, the slot Tarzan, which is a NETET game will be looked into and "if" it didn't pay me will refund.

    Not only am getting the wrong information ( Microgaming, NETET) for which your staff should know which gaming provider, I'm basically called a liar.

    I deposit between 5 Casinos every week, and thought I'd give your Casino another go, which is turning into a nightmare!

    I kept asking for support to check my play ( as I stopped as soon as there was a problem) and they would see,yet I'm being called a liar!!

    Im expected to "wait" and see if NETET providers, which is's Microgaming, find my winnings??


  • HI SnowAngel,

    Sorry to hear that. Your message has been forwarded to the casino. Could you please provide us with your casino username?

  • Hi SnowAngel,

    Thank you for getting in touch and I am sorry to hear about this!

    Please can you PM me your username so that I can look into this for you?

    Many thanks!

  • Just so people are aware this group uses one of the lower rtp settings on their slots. For example book of dead is 94.25% while on most other casinos its 96.21%

    Not cool

  • WilliamDafoe wrote:

    Just so people are aware this group uses one of the lower rtp settings on their slots. For example book of dead is 94.25% while on most other casinos its 96.21%

    Not cool

    curious to hear what the Rep has to say about this.

  • Hi, for years now every single casino in the world knows Canada can deposit on casinos with credit card but can NOT withdraw any funds back to it. ALL casinos i play, i mean ALL, have the same option. Either they do bank transfer OR if they have the option, they pay to ecopayz. SO everytime i play on a site with ecopayz i assume it will be ecopayz or at worst bank. I played a lot on genesis group casinos, sloty, spela, pelaa etc and always worked with cashout in ecopayz if paid with credit or interac. But in the past year i had a few huge balances on genesis that i always ended up blowing up. They paid small cash out request but now i have that 450$ cash out from a 20$ deposit that is making them try sneaky stuff once more (them casinos never stop). They wait the full 2  delays max delay for a withdrawal to be paid.. to then return it in the account saying i have to request cash out back to credit card. I mean enough, i have enough of the casino pretending to have no idea what is happening in the world.Trying the stall tactic and make up stories hoping i blow it all up again. Amazing when you think about it. Their only job for us gamblers... is to give wins, pay them, that's it. Guess it's too hard still. 

    A casino that allow Canadians know by then and accept that they will have to offer other payment options to the players or it is fraud committed against canadians taking their payments knowing full well they won't be paid. Punishable by law about everywhere in the world. They know that, they are just trying to entice me into losing it all again, because do they care about the consequence? nope, they want the money.

    So after waiting the whole 2 days limit for payouts in their policiy to deny my cash out for a fraudulent request at doing something they know by law is forbidden attempting to make me lose again. Now it's been a day, they are still going to take another 2 business day to reply to me another amazing proof casinos amazingness going with bank details required.. 50$ fees and insane delays while they know for fact other genesis casinos paid me with ecopayz in the same situation. I am tired of casinos protocol to scam player's. They are acting like "ho sorry i didn't know" after only to make believe it was a mistake.. but it's all they do.. everyday of the week all year long... process withdrawals. THEY KNOW. THEY KNOW EVERY SINGLE BIT OF IT. They are are just plain doing you the trick.

    So my email/name (same)   

    ty as usual for your help.

  • Hello fredos386,

    We're sorry to hear about your withdrawal processing issues at Spela Casino. We've sent an email to the Casino Representative and asked him to check what's going on. We'll keep you updated.


    3.9/ 5

  • Sydney hi i have no idea how this landed here as i posted as new complaint in forum.. weird. but ty

  • Oh i just realized what page it is. Ok im at the right place hehe.

  • Hello fredos386,

    Don't worry, this is the right place for your complaint. I moved your complaint here since Spela Casino has a direct support thread. 


    3.9/ 5

  • Hi ty i have received email from spela saying i was right about ecopayz and my withdrawal will be put on high priority so will let you know when i have received it ty.

  • Hi fredos386,

    Thanks for the update. Please let me know when you receive your payment. 

  • @Sydney so after 24 hours upon receiving email from spela that my withdrawal would be paid on ecopayz and placed on top priority list... i ask live chat support how it's going as over 24h on top priority list is really taking their sweet time. I am told that each withdrawal takes up to 48h. So i waited the 48h to get declined, to fight back here be told it will be paid in top priority to then be told im on the bench again for 48h... Amazing when you know these days most casinos i play pay me with a mouse click. Feeling great how they seem to appreciate and value their customers so much. Good part of being in a group of hundreds of players and streamers on twitch is that we talk, we talk fast and new spread just as fast. And come back to me at the same speed with lots of stories just like mine. To the point i am told by well-known people online that "ha genesis, they always do that". Great for the business that's for sure.

  • Hello fredos386,

    This is what the Casino Representative told us:

    "Looks like an honest mistake from our side. Player was asked to withdraw back to his initial payment method which is a standard request from our RISK and Payments department. Due to it not being possible to withdraw back to a Mastercard the withdrawal was declined. It is unfortunate that he will have to wait a bit longer, however as I mentioned he has now re requested back to Ecopayz which he has now done. Nothing can be done regarding the 48hrs, it will take to process the withdrawal via this method. As I said before I will keep an eye on it for him."

  • Sydney tyvm for the update first withdrawal was requested on ecopayz and declined so not requested back to mastercard since i know well we can't in Canada. Also the 48h pending withdrawal as been passed a while ago earlier today and nothing. I will wait for it and will be very happy when it's all said and done. I plan to play more there in the future as i got tired of direx and they prob got tired of me too hehe so i was exploring new places. I got soooo many issues over time that my patience is complete blank 0 at the moment hehe. I've been playing a lot of genesis recently just stopped after this withdrawal issue to wait for it results before putting anymore money. Whined a bit about tranello and such but i gave them a solid go while waiting on spela cash out hihi :). And also in the past with genesis i either lost all deposits or won great then had the pending forever and i literally blew up multiple 500-1000$+ balances i don't think i ever cashed out one lol so this one i was not letting it go away! If Genesis see my history with them they will know i did very blew everything out while waiting the pending withdrawals so i'm not making up anything haha. So i will be waiting for it and will most likely do some deposits back to them as soon as i get it as now i am stuck in the everything is pending everywhere stage where i just need to sit and wait for something to come to me finally lol. Was used to direx quick payouts but they been giving me lots of problems recently and with all the rips and previous issues i just gave up. Still anonymous casino gave me a solid run this morning hmmm hehe life is complicated :D .


    3.7/ 5

  • What was i thinking to wake up after over 3 days of pending time of the second withdrawal attempt making it soon a week of waiting for a click of a mouse on a button (withdrawal). It's insulting to deal with people that think we don't know it takes a minute to complete a withdrawal.

  • Hello fredos386,

    We've sent another email to the Casino Representative regarding your withdrawal. We'll keep you updated.

  • tyvm

  • Hello fredos386,

    We've been advised that your withdrawal has now been paid. There was an issue with the initial withdrawal due to the payment method. Your funds have now been sent via EcoPayz.

    Please accept apologies for the delay from the casino.

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