Cocoa Casino, Paradise 8 Casino, ThisIsVegas Casino and DaVinci's Gold Casino Support and Complaints Thread

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  • Dear members if you have funds on your SandBox Casino accounts please withdraw them before October 1st as the casino will be closingtemporarily.


    SandBox Casino Closing

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  • Man momma always said dont sign nothing without reading it first. I have to wait 48hrs to get chip money back and then pick a casino that fit my stipulations.


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  • Dear members,

    This is a new direct support thread for AffDynasty group of casinos:

    Cocoa Casino

    Paradise 8 Casino

    ThisIsVegas Casino

    DaVinci's Gold Casino

    These casinos are now under new management. The new management team is working hard to rebuild the reputation of these brands and we hope they'll become one of the best and trusted for players.
    A new Casino Representative will introduce himself in this thread shortly.

    If you would like to check their old direct support thread, please go to the following LINK.


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  • Hi Everyone,

    My name is Oliver King and I’m the host of Paradise 8, This is Vegas, DaVinci’s Gold and Cocoa Casino.
    Nice to meet you all!

    It is my pleasure to be here at LCB to provide you the best customer service and the entertainment value for playing at any of my casinos.

    I’ve been working in this industry for over 15 years as a casino host. Some players call me "The King of Tokens" because I like to reward all our players with tokens, cashback offers, free spins, etc to keep them coming back all the time.  My commitment is to your playing satisfaction and making sure that you receive the quality attention and service for selecting us as your preferred online casino.


  • Welcome to LCB forum Oliver King! Thank you for being available to assist our members! heart

  • Welcome to the forum!

  • Thank you both! It will be a pleasure to help out in any way I can. Looking forward to it.


  • Welcome to the forum, Oliver King! Glad to have you here to assist our members! heart

  • Hi Oliver King,

    Welcome to LCB! thumbs_up

  • Hello Oliver King and welcome to LCB forum! smiley

  • hi Oliver, welcome to our forum! thumbs_up

  • Welcome to our forum Oliver! Hope you'll have a great time with us and our members.whistle

  • Hello Oliver, welcome to our forum! thumbs_up

  • Hi Oliver, welcome to the forum! smiley

  • Thank you for the warm welcome guys! I am glad to be here to support our members. Excited already wink

  • After signing up through your link i deposited £100 on this casino. After trying to withdraw £180 it would only give me the option to withdraw via bitcoin.. I deposited via visa debit card so i assumed that would be my withdrawal option like most casinos.. I waa told by a very rude member of live chat that it my country's fault this isn't allowed and its the ' queen's fault' which i find very unprofessional and insulting to my country. I have evidence of this. My username at the casino is Dazza171.. 

  • I don't touch dama/direx/n1 group no more.. for lots of bad reasons... But from my long experience with then i can tell you that this group the company at the top sell and "host" casinos from individuals or group that wants to buy one. They are probably told it's gonna be magical.. easy. .they get rich quick.. dama/n1 scheme is to sell as many casinos as possible and atm they are opening one every minute lol. So there are lots of casinos, few customers, technical issues, but the top issue is these people running the casinos think they will get millionaire quick.. they dont want to work.. put any effort and expect you to pay hundreds even thousands everytime you spin the pixels.. if gamblers have the gambler phallacy.. i call their delusion the casinos phallacy lol. So things are not as easy as they expected, not many customers, they are not getting rich and they get mad... They are narcissistic sick people (have to be to want to have/operate such a casino really, good hearts have much better ideas in life lol) .. they never see where THEY failed.. they only think it's the customer's fault.. their country, their rules, their payment options.. nothing is their fault never.. their casino never glitch, never malfunction, its alwaysssss US.

    So ya they are pissed off angry people that try to scam as all they can to compensate their broken dreams. They are mad they hate us and want to wipe us clean, they don't want us to have fun... that i really am serious about it.. the way they operate and have their things set.. they really don't want us to have fun and playtime.. just redeposit redeposit forever every 5 mins. They lost touch with reality.. they are like a restaurant serving empty plates asking hundreds for air on a dirty dish delivered by someones spitting at you. Then they wonder why.. customers flee.. thy so few customers.... They like most of the industry really... are the reason for their own failures, their own worst ennemies.. they fuck up at every level.. make people leave.. or literally just quit gambling.. then they get mad at us and push the stupidity even more till they shut down.

    So ya don't expect much.. management and owners are.. lol no comment.. and their few underpaid staff deal with pissed offer bosses and pissed off customers everyday non stop so they prob already on perma burn out.. try avoiding them if you can ..

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