Cocoa Casino, Paradise 8 Casino, ThisIsVegas Casino and DaVinci's Gold Casino Support and Complaints Thread

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  • Dear members,

    This is a new direct support thread for AffDynasty group of casinos:

    Cocoa Casino

    Paradise 8 Casino

    ThisIsVegas Casino

    DaVinci's Gold Casino

    These casinos are now under new management. The new management team is working hard to rebuild the reputation of these brands and we hope they'll become one of the best and trusted for players.
    A new Casino Representative will introduce himself in this thread shortly.

    If you would like to check their old direct support thread, please go to the following LINK.


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  • Hi Everyone,

    My name is Oliver King and I’m the host of Paradise 8, This is Vegas, DaVinci’s Gold and Cocoa Casino.
    Nice to meet you all!

    It is my pleasure to be here at LCB to provide you the best customer service and the entertainment value for playing at any of my casinos.

    I’ve been working in this industry for over 15 years as a casino host. Some players call me "The King of Tokens" because I like to reward all our players with tokens, cashback offers, free spins, etc to keep them coming back all the time.  My commitment is to your playing satisfaction and making sure that you receive the quality attention and service for selecting us as your preferred online casino.


  • Welcome to LCB forum Oliver King! Thank you for being available to assist our members! heart

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  • Thank you both! It will be a pleasure to help out in any way I can. Looking forward to it.


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  • Thank you for the warm welcome guys! I am glad to be here to support our members. Excited already wink

  • After signing up through your link i deposited £100 on this casino. After trying to withdraw £180 it would only give me the option to withdraw via bitcoin.. I deposited via visa debit card so i assumed that would be my withdrawal option like most casinos.. I waa told by a very rude member of live chat that it my country's fault this isn't allowed and its the ' queen's fault' which i find very unprofessional and insulting to my country. I have evidence of this. My username at the casino is Dazza171.. 

  • I don't touch dama/direx/n1 group no more.. for lots of bad reasons... But from my long experience with then i can tell you that this group the company at the top sell and "host" casinos from individuals or group that wants to buy one. They are probably told it's gonna be magical.. easy. .they get rich quick.. dama/n1 scheme is to sell as many casinos as possible and atm they are opening one every minute lol. So there are lots of casinos, few customers, technical issues, but the top issue is these people running the casinos think they will get millionaire quick.. they dont want to work.. put any effort and expect you to pay hundreds even thousands everytime you spin the pixels.. if gamblers have the gambler phallacy.. i call their delusion the casinos phallacy lol. So things are not as easy as they expected, not many customers, they are not getting rich and they get mad... They are narcissistic sick people (have to be to want to have/operate such a casino really, good hearts have much better ideas in life lol) .. they never see where THEY failed.. they only think it's the customer's fault.. their country, their rules, their payment options.. nothing is their fault never.. their casino never glitch, never malfunction, its alwaysssss US.

    So ya they are pissed off angry people that try to scam as all they can to compensate their broken dreams. They are mad they hate us and want to wipe us clean, they don't want us to have fun... that i really am serious about it.. the way they operate and have their things set.. they really don't want us to have fun and playtime.. just redeposit redeposit forever every 5 mins. They lost touch with reality.. they are like a restaurant serving empty plates asking hundreds for air on a dirty dish delivered by someones spitting at you. Then they wonder why.. customers flee.. thy so few customers.... They like most of the industry really... are the reason for their own failures, their own worst ennemies.. they fuck up at every level.. make people leave.. or literally just quit gambling.. then they get mad at us and push the stupidity even more till they shut down.

    So ya don't expect much.. management and owners are.. lol no comment.. and their few underpaid staff deal with pissed offer bosses and pissed off customers everyday non stop so they prob already on perma burn out.. try avoiding them if you can ..

  • Thinking quick i dont remember last time it was easy to cash out somewhere new... other then mirage group casinos. But they are easy because (they should all do that) made clear from the start in the terms and conditions what they expect/want. 500$/day max cash out.. 30x deposit max cashout  on bonus wagers. Which is really restrictive.. but at least they are upfront about it and if you agree to these terms.. then the rest is easy.. documents have all been approved quickly wihtout additional requests.. cashouts are paid everyday in the morning even week-ends.. support is nice, helpful.. not always there but when they are .. they are always looking happy and respectful. So if you can live with their terms.. the rest is really just a ride at the park.. the best group imo atm to play with.

  • Can someone look into this please? I can't believe how insulting and rude therr customer support is.. I deposited £100 and won £200 yet im unable to withdraw back to visa.. Only option is bitcoin which i don't use. How can they allow deposits via visa but not allow payment back to visa 

  • Dazza171 wrote:

    Can someone look into this please? I can't believe how insulting and rude therr customer support is.. I deposited £100 and won £200 yet im unable to withdraw back to visa.. Only option is bitcoin which i don't use. How can they allow deposits via visa but not allow payment back to visa 

    Hello Dazza171,

    Please private message me your casino username and we're going to contact the Casino Representative.

  • Have done

  • Thank you for providing us with your casino username Dazza171. We've sent an email to the Casino Representative regarding your withdrawal issue. Please keep an eye on this thread for updates.

  • Many thanks. 

  • Dazza171 wrote:

    Many thanks. 

    Dazza171 wrote:

    Many thanks. 

    Hi Dazza171,

    Congratulations on your winnings on your first day playing at Paradise8!

    We will be happy to process your winnings, but as stated in our website under Withdrawal Methods: Please note that players in the US and UK can currently withdraw winnings through Bitcoin only.

    We kindly ask you to request your winnings through Bitcoin.

    Thank you for your time and cooperation.

    Best regards,

    Oliver King
    Casino Host


  • This isn't acceptable too me.. I deposited via visa and should expect to withdraw back to visa. Most casinos only allow players to withdraw back to the original method of deposit. No where on signing up did it mention this rule and nothing was mentioned when i deposited. Also it didn't state this on your terms amd conditions upon me joining. I don't use bitcoin and have no idea how this works. 

  • HI Dazza171,

    Bitcoin is not all that hard. You simply have to sign up at a Bitcoin exchange site, where you will receive a Bitcoin wallet with a unique Bitcoin address you will enter at our cashier at the time of withdrawal. We will send you your winnings via Bitcoin, which you can then convert to your local currency and transfer back to your bank, from that same Bitcoin exchange site.

    We thank you for your cooperation with this matter. Our Support staff will be glad to help you setting up a Bitcoin wallet.

    Best regards,

    Oliver King

  • Im not interested in this... This was never stated to me.. I don't want an issue here. But i fail to see why a deposit can't be paid back to the original sauce of deposit? How can a casino accept visa deposits but not withdrawal! Something doesn't add up here? Unless i am able to withdraw my winnings back to my card i will take this further. And your support team insulted my country... They also said a 85 year old woman can work out how to use bitcoin.. Very professional.. 

  • Hi Dazza171,

    We employ a third-party processing company for your country that does not have the option to send payments through cards. This is a service we cannot provide based on the conditions given by the processing company.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    Oliver King

  • You keep saying the same old thing... I fail to see how you can be acting legally by allowing deposits by visa but not withdrawals.. Also you didn't answer me as to why i was charged £52 for my deposit plus fees... Even tho i deposited £50.

    I kindly ask Lcb to look at this. Do you find it strange i cant withdraw to my original deposit method? This wasnt noted anywhere upon my sign up and deposit. 

  • Hello Dazza171,

    The following message is clearly visible under Banking on the casino site:

    "Please note that players in the US and UK can currently withdraw winnings through Bitcoin only."

    If the casino doesn't have any other payment option for the US and UK players, then there's nothing that can be done about this. They've displayed this message on their site, so it's important that you check the casino's T&C's as well as the banking options prior to playing at the casino. It's something that we always advise our members to do to avoid these issues.

  • Dear Lcb as stated these terms were not on there upon me signing up and depositing.. If it was then i wouldn't of deposited. It seems very strange as to why this isn't possible. 

  • And the chat operators need to have some training. Thry are very rude and unprofessional. Telling me it is the queens fault... And telling me a 85 year old woman can use bitcoin. Despite all this i have withdrawn £260 to bitcoin but nothing has happened as of yet? 

  • Hello Dazza171,

    We've discussed this with the Casino Representative and they don't have any other withdrawal option for the US and UK players currently. So if you want to withdraw your money, Bitcoin is their only option. 

    We're sorry that we can't help you with this, but there's nothing that can be done about it.

  • Dazza171 wrote:

    And the chat operators need to have some training. Thry are very rude and unprofessional. Telling me it is the queens fault... And telling me a 85 year old woman can use bitcoin. Despite all this i have withdrawn £260 to bitcoin but nothing has happened as of yet? 

    The Casino Representative has seen your post here and he'll address this issue regarding the Chat Operator with their team. 

    We're going to check with the Casino Representative when you will receive your Bitcoin payment.

  • Ok many thanks. 

  • Hi Dazza171,

    Thank you for withdrawing your winnings via Bitcoin. We appreciate your cooperation.

    As for the support you received, we will have our Customer Support Supervisor review the chat and act accordingly.

    Finally, I have set your withdrawal in priority queue. Please make sure you have fully verified your casino account by submitting all required security documents. Once the documents are approved, we process withdrawal between 1 and 7 business days; however, for Bitcoin we aim at processing between 1 and 3 business days.

    Congratulations once again on your winnings!

    Best regards,

    Oliver King
    Casino Host

  • Yes i have just been verbally insulted again by chat operator Ian green.. I can send all the documents no problem but i don't have a printer to print out the verification form. I raised thia to him and yet again he insulted my country.

    We are in a pandemic and i have no access to a printer near me. 

    I can write a letter confirming i was the one who made these deposits and date and sign it?

    I fail to see why this is even necessary as im unable to withdraw back to card anyway. 

    As stated i can send all documents but i can't print out the verification form. 

  • Hi Dazza171,

    I will have a talk with our Support agents.

    The hand-written document will be accepted under the current circumstances.

    Best regards,

    Oliver King

  • Ok many thanks. In this case i have sent all the necessary documents earlier today. 

  • Not quite sure what happens now as I've never used bitcoin before.. Guess we will wait and see.. 

  • Oliver i Trust this will be processed immediately after all the hassle ive had? Many thanks. 

  • Dazza171 wrote:

    Oliver i Trust this will be processed immediately after all the hassle ive had? Many thanks. 

    Hello Dazza171,

    We've sent an email to the Casino Representative and asked him to check when you will receive your payment. Please keep an eye on this thread for updates.

  • Hi Dazza171,

    Your withdrawal is in the final stages of processing and I expect it to be approved within the next 24 hours, hopefully by the end of today.

    Thank you for your patience with this matter.

    Oliver King

  • Ok, it still says processing... Ive withdraw £260 to bitcoin... Does that mean i have to convert these back to £s afterwards? 

  • Hi Dazza171,

    Your withdrawal should be processed today when our Finance Department opens again. They are based in EST US time.

    Yes, once your receive the bitcoins in your BTC wallet, you can then convert that back to GBP and then send to your card/bank or other options, based on the transfer options of your selected Bitcoin exchange site.

    Thank you for your patience with this matter.

    Best regards,

    Oliver King

  • Im not holding out too much hope this will be received. Let's hope I'm proved wrong! 

  • Hi Dazza171,

    Please check your BTC wallet, the bitcoins have been sent.

    Have a great weekend!

    Oliver King
    Casino Host

  • Yes indeed but it won't allow me to withdraw my bitcoin back to my bank card so there usless to me now.... None of this makes any sense! 

  • Hi,

    You can contact your Bitcoin wallet provider to find out how you can withdraw to your card, bank or other means. They should be able to guide you to the best way to do this.

    Oliver King

  • It still won't allow me to do this... So i had to withdraw to my paypal... Its so much faffing about... Casino to coinbase coinbase to PayPal then PayPal to bank... I really want to play at this casino but unless visa or PayPal is added in your withdrawal options i may have to play elsewhere 

  • I have made another withdrawal. Can you please process thjs? 

  • Hello Dazza171,

    We've notified the Casino Representative.

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