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  • Sounds good. Thank u

  • I just don't get this. It's pretty simple math. What is taking so long?  It's a lot of money. But it should be my money and u would think it would be of somewhat important to get me my money. I couldn't imagine any casino wants it to be known their software is either faulty or fraudulent. Should I start uploading videos, my numbers, and my history.  All of which show I'm telling the truth here!  Just look at the 24 hr total winnings on my account history page.  Over $800000.00.  And my total while playing never even broke $100000.00. And 190 wins! #paytheguy!

  • Hello countryluvin,

    The administration of the casino is still investigating your case internally. When this is finished, they will provide us with an update. Please be a little more patient as we await their decision.

  • I apologize if I seem inpatient.  It's not easy knowing u won this amount of money and may have nothing to show for it....  very hard. I guess it doesn't seem as it should take so long.  But I'm sure they want to hang on to those money as long as possible.  I just pray they do the right thing at whatever point they decide they are ready to do so. I've been sick and extremely broke. So it's been a hard pill to swallow.  Work just isn't keeping up with bills.  Like I say this will be life changing for me.  But I will try my best to wait as patiently as possible. 

  • Hello countryluvin,

    We'll ping the casino representative again to check the status of your case. We'll update you on this thread with any news. 

  • Can I ask u what your thoughts are on all this?  Do u think I will see any of this money? I'm trying to be patient. But my hopes of them doing the right thing are starting to fade.  With all the evidence I have , a person would think they would do what's right.  But decency seems to be lacking in the world today. Seems greed has replaced it. But sometimes this world surprises me. There's still a lot of good if we look.  This really just feels like an emotional roller coaster.  And not feeling well hasn't helped either.  I just need a break so bad and really thought this was it.  Maybe it still is.  But I was just curious what your feelings were towards this?  

  • Hello countryluvin,

    We at LCB are trying to mediate between players and the casino without being biased. I cannot tell you if you will be paid out but I can say that casino's internal problem-solving process can take some time. We sent a reminder email yesterday inquiring about the status of your case and we'll update you with any news on this thread as soon as Casino Representative gets back to us.

  • I can respect that.  And thank you.  That makes me feel a lil better. 

  • Nothing...............?

  • I don't understand how it takes two weeks to do simple math. They need to pay what they owe. I'm not sure what the time frame is on the legal side as far as the window. But it feels to me as if they are just riding out the time.  I did the math in 24 hrs and I'm sure there are smarter people then me working on this. I can't believe they haven't paid me yet.  They have had no problem taking thousands and thousands from me.  If they aren't gonna pay they just need to say it. I'm trying to be be patient.   But this is a lot of money being stolen from me.  Maybe I'm wrong but this is how it feels to me.  This is a criminal scam they have going. This is messing with my life. I don't know how I can go on if they don't pay me.  This is the break I've been needing and they are stealing it from me.  This isn't right. 

  • @countryluvin, as per the last email we received from the representative, the person who is in charge of your issue will be back on Thursday. 

  • I was contacted by the casino today. Thank u. 

  • Thanks for letting us know countryluvin.

    Please keep us posted on the progress. 

  • countryluvin do you have any updates, please? Is your case resolved or further assistance is needed? 

  • It has not been resolved. I am trying to figure out how to download videos on here. It says the files are too large.  

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