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Last post made 2 months ago by Brittney Wolfe

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  • If you can't upload the video, please send it to us via email:

    We just sent one more update request to the casino representatives. 

  • Good afternoon, countryluvin. Last week our Casino team let us know about your case and this is the information we've got: "We have reached out player and broke down his play with him. He seems satisfied with our findings and was really happy that we reached out to him. He said he has some other hands he wants us to look at, we kindly asked him to send them over. He now knows to contact the VIP team directly if he needs anything." We would like to understand what seems not to be resolved on this matter. thank you Casino Representative

  • countryluvin please let us know if further assistance is needed. 

  • Since we haven't heard back from the submitter of the complaint, we consider this case resolved. 

  • Good afternoon countryluvin, as far as I understand , someone from Casino has been in contact with you, since they reached out before, provided a phone number and email  that you can reach, what is needed at this point ? were you able to send all documentation?


    Thank you

    Casino Representative

  • I could really use some help with an issue I am having with betonline. I have numerous screen shots showing where there no terms regarding their deosit bonus that mentions a max cash out!  They even state that it's not in their terms but just Bc it's not written in thei terms doesn't mean that it's unlimited. That's the entire point of having terms and conditions right?  So players know the rules. Yet I met the $3990 wagering requirement on my deposit bonus Friday night and they took $2800 from my balanace. I have talked to numerous people at this site and they won't even try to help me just keep saying the decision is final. if you can please help me I would greatly apparexiate it. I am not a newbie by any means. And they are making stuff up as they go!! It's not in the terms then can they really just do whatever they want to do?  That seems highly unfair and a disadvantage to us the players!!! 

  • Just curious if you ever got the money back you were owed?  The took $2800 from me Friday and refuse to even try to help me in any way! 

  • Hi Brittney Wolfe,

    Can you please send me your Casino username via private message, so that we can contact Casino representative.

  • Sent. Thank you. And fingers crossed you get more help that I did! 

  • Just curious as I play at betonline , the issue with countryluvin, was his issue handle to his satisfaction? He was throwing out some staggering figures and posted many times and then poof, problem solved? I can only assume his math was wrong but there was no explanation as to what happened and how it was resolved. I'll still continue to play at betonline but his post and the one after it about bonuses and max cash outs hast me cautious. I've never had any issues with betonline, except losing. :)

  • Hi Brittney Wolfe,

    Thanks for sharing your account username with us. We will try to get in touch with the Casino Representative regarding your issue. Keep you posted. 

  • Hello pd77,

    Suppose that  the problem countryluvin has had is resolved, as we don't see any post by the player and the Representative regarding that case. 
    If you have not encountered similar problems, there is no reason not to continue playing where you are satisfied.

  • Okay thanks, it's a strange phenomenon of online casino forums that players appear from nowhere, make very strong accusations and then disappear without any resolution being posted. I would think that the casino would at least like to set the record straight whether it's player error or casino error. I'm leaning player error on this one for a few reasons. 

  • Good afternoon Brittney Wolfe, we are going to escalate the issue to the BOL team and we are going to come back with the resolution.


    Thank you!

    Betonline Representative

  • Great. Thank you. I tried to resolve the issue numerous times through chat and email. And they wouldn't even help me. I was blown away that they were not even trying to make things right even a little bit. I don't run into issues often but when I do the site has always tried to at least meet me halfway. But not here! Hopefully you all can help!  I appreciate you trying. 

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