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  • Hi msmari429,

    Sorry to hear about your problem. The casino rep will be notified. 

  • Still nothing back from them? I also checked the game to see if the error was still going with the free spins. It also has not been fixed on any of their sites. But it does not do it at other casino sites. This morning again I got ten free spins at $.10 a spin- won $.95 but my balance was $.05 less than when the free spins started. 

  • Hi msmari429,

    We still haven't heard from the casino rep. We sent another reminder. Hope they'll get back to us soon. 

  • I'm thinking they aren't going to bother responding. 

  • Hello msmari429,

    Could you please send me your casino user ID to private message inbox. The Casino Representative needs your user ID to be able to look into this.

  • Hello msmari429,

    The Casino Representative advised us that they are looking into this issue and will reply to us once they have an answer.

  • Hello msmari429,

    "We've received a reply from the Casino Representative:

    This player reached out to us around July 12th with the same complaint stating that the game deducts real funds instead of free spins. The free spins she’s referring to, are those that are triggered by certain winning combinations within the game itself. Because this player has played 961 unique spins for that game, that day, we wanted more information from her to identify if there actually was a problem with any of those unique spins.

    We asked for information to assist her, she became unresponsive and left the conversation. We reviewed her gameplay regardless, and noted that all triggered spins were not charged as she claims they were. Upon further review , of the 961 Spins, 130 of them were from free round triggers. Those were not debited, and the winnings were paid at the time as expected.

    Total Wagered $714.90

    Total Won $788.60

    Net Winnings $73.70

    We give players the benefit of the doubt in these situations – not only were there no clear issues with her play or software– she ended on a profit (and used the funds elsewhere). If it is possible for her to provide the video evidence she claims to have (but refuses to send us,) we’ll be happy to look into this again. But at this current time there is nothing further we can do for her."

  • I never refused to send them anything. I have the messages and email and I wrote several times. After so long of waiting the chat window with their support disconnects. I will gladly send the video if she can let me know where I can send it to. If I try to upload it on here it only allowed me to do pictures. The spins weren't deducted from my winnings that is correct. They were deducted from my balance. 

  • So I received the total winning amount from the spins however the bid amount that the free spins were won on would be deducted as the spins were taking place from my balance. For example. One of the times I won free spins on a ten cent bid. I clicked the box and it was for ten free spins. But it popped up that my balance was too low and I had to make a deposit to continue. Because it was still deducting the bid amount from my balance for the spin. I wish I could upload the video on here so everyone could actually see it... i feel like they're arguing with me about it and being rude when they are wrong. 

  • Hello msmari429,

    We'll check with the Casino Representative to what email address you can send them that video to. Keep you posted.

  • Okay thank you. I appreciate your help and efforts. Otherwise I had another idea where I can look at the time stamps on the video but that could possibly be confusing from different time zones. I really wish I could upload it on here so that you could also see for yourself. I just don't know of another way to clarify what the issue is so that it's easier to understand. 

  • Hi Yvette, I have a question for the free roulette, black jack and Slot tourneys you have on all of the US sites. I play all on all four everyday and Ive noticed something. It seems that the same "usernames" seem to win these tournements everyday. dav1d, Gill, Machiavelli seem to be the ones that are always at the top of the tourneys. And when I say at the top, I mean they are winning by 10-15,000 or so each day. Theres NO WAY that 3 regular players could win at the same game every single day. Can you please let me know if Im missing something? If the game isnt cheating for the casino to keep people from winning the big payout, these players are. Theres just no way. Like I said, I play them everyday and the games have made it to where Ive not won a hand or on the slots, I lost every single spin. Which is not unheard of, bur for the same person to win first place everyday in their respective tournaments, the odds have to be in the trillions. In fact, as Im typing this, dav1d and Machiavelli are in first and second in one tourney and they are both in first in a few different ones. And theres "gill".. hes first in the same tourney "he's" always in. Could you please look into this? And also.. The tri-card poker needs some TLC as well. Theres no way someone or something could get dealt two 3 of a kinds and a straight flush within 4 hands. And no, unfortunatly it was the dealer,not me lol. Also.. it seems that you will lose every hand if you raise your bets on any table game. Ive played everyday on ".ag" sites and its the same on all of them. Below is a few screen shots showing you. 

    Thanks in advance

  • Greg Poulin,

    The Casino Representative has been notified. Could you also send me your casino username to private message inbox?

  • Hello Greg Poulin,

    Thank you for providing us with your casino username. We've sent it to the Casino Representative. Keep you posted.

  • Dear Greg Poulin,

    Thanks for your message. 

    I will be investigating this case with our Casino Team.



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