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  • Just wanted to say thanks to the LCB Team for organizing freeroll slot tournaments. Great way to boost the casino bankroll



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  • Good day,

    As promised, I have escalated the case to our casino management team and they came back to me with the below, which I have pasted, split in 2 sections, to answer the two topics you have brought up in this post

     Casino Tournaments Leaderboards

     1.       Same players winning the tournaments, are also the players with the highest rebuys and what happens is that we do not have the functionality to limit a players rebuys into these tournaments. So what these players do is they keep on rebuying when they lose their credits and play until they get a good run. In often cases than not, these same players rebuys are higher than the actual prizes they win. All tournament winners, wins and high placings are checked and verified by relevant teams.


    Tri-Card Poker

     2.       Tri-Card poker is a RNG game with a certified RNG engine thus we have no control over what the dealer or the player is dealt. It’s totally random and the frequency of the cards/hand dealt is 100% unpredictable for obvious reasons. This was just the way the cards were dealt for those hands, the cards could just as easily been dealt to the player. This is also one of our popular games and we never had any issues or complaints about it.



  • I do not have any idea as to how super slots casino gets any positive rating.  I've deposited many times there never won s*** but, that's not why my disgruntled experiences.  Many technical problems with bonus match issues that where stuffed off and rude live chat that do not try for there players, atleast me anyway.  Phony tournament promos free?  Scam, because I tried and deposited and still couldn't actually play any free slot tournament.  Sorry the neg. Feedback but that's just a small portion of what I consider theft of services in exchange for cash deposits I've made to Super Slots Casino.  Yellow tape should be wrapped around the office building location of this illegitimate casino.  Beware

  • Hello Tim Wilcoxon,

    If you have a complaint regarding Super Slots Casino, please let us know what exactly happened and send me your casino username to private message inbox. We'll ask the Casino Representative to check what happened.


    3.8/ 5

  • Dear Tim 

    Thanks for your message. 

    If the player above had a positive experience with Super Slots, he has every right to share it, in the same way you have every right to complain. I kindly invite you to send us your username in  a private message and a detailed account of your experience at Super Slots so we can try to look at your case and look into finding a solution.


    Yvette @ CommissionKings

  • I have another question. When you get a tournament bonus, why are you only allowed to play certain slots and/or table games? 

  • Dear Greg,

    The reason why bonuses are only granted on certain games is because operationally we are are only able to grant bonuses on games from 2 game providers, namely Nucleus Gaming for Wild Casino and Super Slots and Betsoft for BetOnline and SportsBetting. It's good to know that each game provider gives the operators using its games, a back office system with specific functionalities that may or may now allow crediting bonuses.


    Yvette @ CommissionKings

  • Well... if anyone would likes getting just barely beat with amazing hands being dealt to them, I highly recomend playing the game Triple Edge Poker on any of the .AG casinos. For the person who loves losing with an A-K-J to a pair of 2's 8 hands in row and then finally getting a flush and getting beat by a straight on hand 9 and then finally getting a pair of better on hand 10 and the dealer not qualifying... this is the game for you! This is what happens every 10 hands in my experience over the last 5 days straight on this game. So if you've got a big bank roll and dont like big bank rolls, play Triple Edge Poker. The algorithmn for this game needs to be adjusted for sure. Its a bad look for the casinos. 

    PS.. If you want to lose faster, keep increasing your bets. The game beats you even worse by dealing you hands like J-2-3 and getting triple 10's dealt to the dealer LOL. The play in that game would NEVER happen with a human dealing a real deck of cards. The software for most of these games has definitely been adjusted for the casinos benefit in a major way. I write code for video games and I can see how the software has been manipulated. If you get dealt a 5-7-8 for example.. the dealer will not qualify most of the time. The people that accuse some of thee casinos are very right about the cheating or manipulation going on with these online casinos. I see all kinds of ways its definitely been manipulated. On Single Deck Blackjack, how can the there be the same card coming up in my hand after 6 or 7 hands? I considered that the computer may have shuffled the cards, so I played 10 more hands and I saw the same card come up two times in two different hands again. The ONLY explanation for that is that these games have changable settings and theyre adjusted in favor of the house. Im writing me thesis on  online casions and their software. This should make for an intresting read. Ill be sure to post all of my research on here and the inner workings of these programs when I get done playing around with some of the table and slot programs a buddy sent me that designed. 

    Stay tuned!


    This casino has potential- they have a lot of good games, pay extremely fast and big but seem to neglect casino players- very little bonus and cashback. I was going to close account but they started a vip program for players and said I was now a vip I was excited to actually be treated right as a player but really the only difference between a vip and a player that makes one deposit is a vip get free spins one time a week and a 100% deposit bonus but huge playthru. They still restrict vips to only two withdraws a week same as a one time player, their vip support is not very competent and it usually takes multiple emails and calls to get anything done and they can’t give bonuses at will, also even though I have played here for a long time thousands of dollars and am a “VIP” they are holding my cashout for 7 days because I made a small echeck deposit. I have made them before without issue and have an excellent track record. If you are going to have a vip program and want to attract more high roller business then start actually treating your vip players like vips and not standard players. More withdraws per week and no ridiculous withdraw delays. You could really increase business if you take care of the players that actually play and deposit

  • Yeah and you have to deposit $1000 or more at least twice a week to get the free spins and ridiculous rollover bonus once a week LOL! If you're depositing that much twice a week, what's 50 free spins at .30 a spin gonna do for you? The only things good about this and SportsBetting .ag is the lightning fast payouts and if you manage it right, you can figure out the one day of the week that they let their customers have a chance at winning is. The other 6 days, the algorithms are on crush mode and take you out fast! 

  • Yes I finally closed my account as the vip reps are totally inept and they don't treat big depositors right at all. I gave them months to fix this and they still hold vips to the same Bs terms as regular players. They must not really want casino players at all 

  • It seems rep really doesn't care about players either the same feeling I got from their vip customer service

  • Hello Mws813p45,

    Please send me your casino username to private message inbox and we'll ask the Casino Representative to look into this.

  • Hello Mws813p45,

    Thanks for providing us with your casino username. The Casino Representative has been notified. Please keep an eye on this thread for updates.

  • They don't seem to care about responding. Unfortunately this is the same type treatment I received at casino while depositing and playing thousands. They could be awesome if they valued their players and provided better vip services

  • I am having problems with the casino betonline. On Friday march 13th i made a deposit of $101 via btc. I played until 6:55am and during that time hit a win of over $1000 i kept playing and $594 was my balance when i logged off. I didnt access the site til later that evening around 7pm when i logged in i only had $16.58 in my acct. I immediately contacted support via chat and was told to call and be  connected to the security team. When i called i was told that i needed to change my password and setup 2factor security and that there was an attack of some sort on my acct. After doing all that they credited my acct with only $172 so i contacted them again and then they put my balance up to $355. During this time nobody would tell me exactly what happened in my acct they said they couldnt see where my funds went and my transaction and betting history was unavailable for some reason. On may 11th i called back because they still didnt want to acknowledge my remaining missing funds, i asked to speak to a supervisor and was on the phone with him for over an hour and he ends up finding what happened to my acct to begin with. He asked me if i got on my acct at 3:18pm on friday and i told him no he then stated he didnt think so he then told me my acct was accessed at 3:18 and a live bet was placed on roulette for $500 and then 4 more $20 bets were placed. He said he didnt understand why the security team missed this but maybe it is because some bets show up and some dont. He thanked me for being so pursuant about my acct not being credited correctly and said he was going to get with his team and get it corrected by the morning. I checked my acct the following morning and the money wasnt credited so i called and was told that my acct was already reviewed and the claim was not gonna be reopened. I asked to speak to a supervisor and he said the same he also told me that the bets cane from my device which the first supervisor i talked to said they definitely did not come from my device. I told him i wanted to see proof of the ip address and i still wanted my betting history and he said he wasnt going to provide anything. That was the last phone call i had with them. Its been a week now and through all this time a have probably called them 25 times and left about 30 emails. I have been hung up on several times. If they are saying the bets came from my phone then why did they even credit my acct at all? They dont want to be held accountable for someone hacking their system. They still owe me around $250 and i want it.

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