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  • Good afternoon, I have read the details about your issue ( player number and email not been provided for security reasons). Just to confirm, as per last comment you made: you received a check and now you are waiting for a transfer?

    Please confirm, anyway Im passing this information over, to Casino team.

     Wild Casino Representative

  • Good afternoon Vohensor:

    I have received confirmation from Casino that  there is no issue with the wire. They sent over the swift confirmation and also an email to you but they havent received a response. Also they contacted you by phone, to the number on records.

    Please let us know if questions/comments.


  • Hello Vohensor,

    Could you please update us if you received your winnings? Do you need any further assistance from our side?

  • Josh Whittaker




    ACCOUNT HISTORY- 1657024


    i have been playing wild casino for awhile now. Recently I won a considerable amount. But as I was winning I noticed that my balance wasn't going up. It was very simple math. So I started taking videos and pictures of my account history. My total showed i had a balance of $54000.  When I totaled my history. It showed over a $130000. I would win $20000 and it would give me $10000. I haven't went through and totaled the complete amounts yet. But it cheated me over a hundred grand total.  And I have proof. They would not answer any of my emails to customer service. I have tried numerous times. Probably five emails with all my info. This is not right. I have been cheated. I would like someone to please tell me what recourse I have and who to contact to get ahold of someone with 




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  • Hello countryluvin,

    Thank you for sending your account details, we'll contact the casino representative and inquire about your case. Please keep an eye on this thread for any updates.

  • No I havent.  I would be happy to show you my history in which i should have had $130,00 and i only had like 54000.  Can u please review my history.  Or atleast look at the emails i sent customer service.  I was shorted an extensive amount.  I dont know if u watched the videos but it shows part of what i was shorted.  I have more videos but i also have pictures of my history.  

  • Thank you very much!

  • Hello countryluvin,

    We've contacted the casino and inquired about your case, let's wait for their response and if any proof from your side is needed we'll let you know. 

  • i really appreciate that

  • I didnt wire any money and i never received a check.  It wouldnt let me cash out since i used a credit card for 7 business days.  My problem is in the tabulation of the numbers while i was playing.  Over $65,000 dollars it shorted me while i was playing.  I'm not sure if the messages above my complaint are for me or not.  I just wanted to make that clear.

  • I'm sure there is a detailed record of every hand played and slot played.  I would love to see that record.  I took pictures of the 24 hr account activity, but that was just for blackjack.  I was hitting big slots as well.  It would leave a thousand off here and then another there......  Sometimes as much as 5 grand.  When adding the winnings up on their program it made no since.  It was easy math.  If i could see my entire history I would be extremely greatful.  That would solve everything very quickly.  I can give u the pictures i have of the 24 hr history.  And show the time stamps comparable to amount shown on my screen for my total.  I might not have every single one.  but i do for the first couple days and can show i was not being pai in the entirety.  I havent added it all up yet but just that first day was $65,558.00.  If i could see the balance shhet on my history playing.  We could solve this really quick.  

  • Hopefully it was a mistake and they will let me see the balance sheet so i can see for the last week.  Id really like to see my yearly history to see how much this goes on.  But i really want the last week.  Hopefully i can get paidd and it was just a simple mistake to fix.

  • That $65558 doesnt include any of the big slots i hit either! Thats just my money i was shorted.   My total winnings were $118000 in blackjack and around $130,000 with slots included.  They only showed me having a little over $53,000.00

  • $118,558.00 to be exact in blackjack.

  • Well added up my totals and we are looking at over $800,000.00.  It even says it right there on the daily 24 hr total wining  one day.  I have a screenshot of it.  And it all adds up to $862,000.  And thats without the slots winnings.

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