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  • Hello Cbutters,

    Casino Rep got back to us and told that they will check if your documents are fine so they can verify your account and pay you. Keep you posted.

  • Hello Cbutters,

    Do you have any updates? Has this case been resolved?

  • Hello Cbutters,

    We will be closing this complaint due to inactivity of submitter and mark it as Resolved.

  • Ok I was holding off on making a complaint regarding FairGO Casino.  However, this delay in Verification approval has gone beyond ridiculous and looks like an obvious chronic attempt to not honor or payout legitimate winnings from their casino.  I have sent to this casino every possible doc this casino could ask for several times. These images have been take over and over several different ways.  I have taken selfies with my cell phone my PC and my tablet. I have taken several of the same picture and sent them to this casino so they would have several of the same pictures to choose from.  None of them are good enough.  This casino is finding a problem with every single pic I send.  I am not a professional photographer and I am not going out and hiring one to take these pictures this casino is asking for.  I shouldn't have to.   Every time they ask for new pictures they start the whole process over.  By the time I get new pictures to them I am going to have to send a new utility bill then that will start the whole process over again.  So you see how they can make this go on forever!!!  

    So if there is anyone who has a contact with anyone of the powers that be in this casino would you be able to contact them and ask if they would maybe this once honor a customers winnings and approve my account for withdrawal so I can withdraw the 2400 AUD I won almost 2 weeks ago.  




    Aileen M. Dodge 

    PS  Don't ever ask me to recommend a casino. I'm only good at picking the ones in which it is like pulling the teeth of a tiger when claiming your winnings!! (LMAO)  

  • Hello Aileen Dodge,

    Could you please provide us with the documents via private message that you sent to them regarding the verification?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Fair go casino made me wait 10 days before letting me withdraw for no reason. They also took 10days to approve my id. Everything was difficult and time consuming. I don't give them my money any more.

  • Hello tuffin,

    Thank you for sharing with us your experience about this brand.

    Are you still having some issues with Fair Go Casino?

    Thank you.

  • Yes and I can send all the docs I have sent but will the site allow me to send so many attachments?    I have sent them over 10 selfies with me holding my license Plus copies of the credit card I used at one time and also copies of my utility bill.  I really don't want to take this personally, but I get the feeling the staff in this verification department are on some kind of power trip and really take some kind of malicious joy in rejecting documents sent. Stating the docs are not good enough and then go on to tell the customer how to take the picture and that the whole verification process will start all over once they receive the new docs.  The equipment I have used to take the pictures have been my HP all in one PC, My Samsung Galaxy, and my cell phone which is the most current Pixel made by Google. None of these devices are over two years old!!! And they are all kept up to date.  The pics I have sent this casino have been accepted and approved by at least 15 other online casinos I have withdrawan from.  The only other casino that had a problem was Liberty casino and they recenty accepted one of the photos out of the the last patch of phones I had sent them.  

    FAIRGO is most certainly NOT living up to their name!!! It's not like they are paying me $2,400. in USD because they convert the winnings from AUD to USD. That will equal around $1,450.   SO obviously I am not breaking the bank with my withdrawal request.  Or am I???   Every time they send an email asking for some other photo, they always make a point of telling me that the Verification process starts all over again.  And honestly I do believe the staff working in that department takes some sick sheer pleasure in sending out verification rejection emails to customers who have legitimately won money playing at FAIRGO!!!  

    You know I have also explained to this casino that I am 63 years old an early retiree due to having leukemia, I am not some major or even small-time scam artist.  I am just trying to live the Autumn years of my life in peace with a little bit of happiness and fun.  However, I am sure that no one at that casino (GARA) cares about my personal life ( or anyone elses)  because when an individual is self-centered they NEVER think of the hate and discontent or harm their thoughtless actions cause others.   

    And maybe I'm sharing to much in this response, But for Gods sake it honestly bothers the hell out of me when people lose their humanity while doing their job!!  There is never an EXCUSE for that!!! 




    Aileen M. Dodge

  • Hello Aileen Dodge,

    Please send us the documents that you sent  them regarding the verification and we will check it and get back to you with the clarification.

    Thanks in advance.


  • Ok there are several pic of myself holding license.  Hope they don't break you computer or turn you to stone when you see them!!!  LMFAO hysterical



  • Hello Aileen Dodge,

    Thank you for providing us with all the documents that you have sent to Casino's side. We have replied you via private message, Hope that our advices will be helpful.

    Thank you for understanding.


  • I replied back to you because they did reject those pics Again for the reason, I messaged you. It's very obvious that is my real ID considering they have at least 10 other pictures of that very same ID.  The only thing that is different is that I taped it to a white piece of paper to hopefully give more focus to it.  There is one of those photos where the ID is not backed by white paper, and it was taken at the same time as the front view and in that picture and the front view one taken right after that picture you can tell it is obviously NOT a photocopy of a license.  Who does that anyway???   I'm sorry but I am taking all of this personally because they have made it that way!  This continual rejection and delay to verify my ID and account I honestly feel is a way for the individuals in that Department to feel like they are the POWERS that are running that casino and if you want your winnings in this lifetime, you better learn to JUMP when they tell you to!!!  It is a Power trip for them.  And the reality of that situation is there is NOTHING the casino consumer can do but keep their fingers crossed and hope they eventually approve your verification, and you can request a withdrawal eventually get your winnings and run like hell and NEVER gamble with that casino or any casinos associated with it.   

    Anyway I will keep hoping that I will get an approval email from this casino and once I have my withdrawal I most certainly will let you know!!! 


    Thanks for all your help and anyone else with LCB that has helped. I know I've said this before, but it is the truth.  The help you give honestly is VERY appreciated and there are a lot of members on here that have benefited from that help.  I have every time I have asked for it!!!  You all come through 100% with significant help and solutions.  




    Aileen M. Dodge

  • Hello Aileen Dodge,

    We have replied to your concerns via private message with some advices that could be useful for a verification.

    Please let us know when it's finished.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Well, I received an email from FairGo casino, and my account has finally been verified and approved to request a withdrawal.  SO I requested the withdrawal and the message after having done so was it will be sent to financial and transmitted as soon as possible!!  I am an Optimist, so I am thinking within forty-eight business hours.  

    Thank you, a million times, plus Berks and anyone else from LCB that helped in this matter and provided the best advice in handling this issue.  

    Know that your help and advice is appreciated. 

    Aileen M. Dodge

  • Hello Aileen Dodge,

    We are so glad that your account has been verified. Hope that you will be paid in shortest possible time.

    Please let us know when it happens.

    Thank you for your understanding.

  • Berks I have received my withdrawal.  Again, thank you for helping with this issue.   I will mark this experience as one of the many lessons learned as I continue to increase my knowledge regarding online gambling!!! .  



    Aileen M. Dodge


  • Hello Aileen,

    We are very happy to hear such a great news. thumbs_up

    Wish you luck in further entertainment! Take care and stay safe.

    We will mark this case as Resolved.

  • Hello hello,

    I hate to bother you because it looks like we are keeping you busy, but I've run out of options, patience, and any interest in being 'slow played' (should be 'slow payed'  with some of these casinos) any more than I already have.  

    Trying to make a long story short, I first submitted my KYC/address docs to Uptown Aces on April 16th, 2023, and since then I have resubmitted them 3 more times (with as high of resolution as is possible) so that my account can be verified and I can make my withdrawal.  The problem is that I have not received One single solitary email from them in response, I dont receive very many emails at that address and I have checked my spam etc, so I know I'm not missing them, they just aren't there. So I then go to the chat and all the reps keep telling me is that I need to resumbit my documents at a higher resolution, which I've done several times.  That request is BS anyway as I have used these exact same pics/docs at several other casinos, including some of Uptown Aces sister casinos, with zero issues.  They even said my cable bill was unclear and needed to be resubmitted, however it came straight from Cox as a pdf so it is as pristine as possible, so clearly this is some lame attempt to stall, perhaps hoping I'll reverse my withdrawal request or just give up.   But I Refuse to give up and let them win like this. 

    That being said, I don't know what else to do.  Support won't respond, the chat reps try their best but they are basically useless, and like I said this has been going on for well over 6 weeks at the time of this post, so I am in desperate need of some help here please.  Thank you in advance and I look forward to hearing from you.

    My username is:  S********


  • Hello Std_deviant,

    We are really sorry to hear that you are facing this kind of issue with this Casino. 

    Thank you for sharing your account details with us. We will ping Casino Rep in order to help you with this matter.

    Keep an eye on this thread for any updates.


  • Thank you for the kind words.  Hopefully there is some movement here soon.  Perhaps unsurprisingly I need to head over to a different casino's forum to ask for additional help there as well.  I'll be sure to continuing monitoring this thread.

  • Hello Std_deviant,

    We have sent an email to Casino Rep, and now waiting for a response. Once we hear back we will let you know.

    Keep you posted.

    Thank you.

  • Hello Std_deviant,

    We still haven't received any response from their side. We will send a reminder email in hopes that we will get a feedback as soon as possible.

    Keep an eye on this thread.

    Thank you.

  • Thank you for following up.   I have not seen or heard anything either on my side.  It's not looking very promising, but I'll keep my fingers crossed.

  • I got locked out of my accounts at Slots Capital ($16000 balance) and Desert nights ($5500 balance) at the same time about 2 weeks ago. There was no notification or explanation. I tried talking to them on live chat 3x and all they could tell me was "failed security checks".  But I haven't done anything wrong. I would like to get my accounts unlocked so I can withdraw my balances.

  • Hello Caitlyn D,

    If you need our assistance, please PM me your casino username so that we can assist you.


  • We received your account details Caitlyn D and asked for more details on your case.

    Keep you posted. 

  • Hello Std_deviant,

    As we were advised you are required to submit an alternative form of identification, an alternative proof of address, and a photo holding the ID since the submitted initial documents were not accepted. We were also advised that this was communicated with you via casino live support and after that, you submitted the same set of documents with low quality. These documents did not pass the security checks, and sending them again will not resolve the issue.

    Regarding email communication, the representative suggests adding their contact to your contacts and safe list on Outlook and checking your “Junk E-mail Options” and trying to add their email addresses to the safe list there.

  • Hello Std_deviant,

    Do you have updates please? 

  • Hi Caitlyn D

    We have been informed that your account indeed did not pass the security checks, and due to the sensitive nature of the matter, the representative is unable to provide additional details at this time.

    As a result of this outcome, we regret to inform you that we are unable to provide any further assistance, and we will consider your case closed.

  • No evidence provided to LCB?  They just make a false accusation and LCB takes their word for it?  Any casino could get away with stealing money from players this way.  I want to reopen the case until the casino provides a shred of evidence to LCB.

  • Hello Caitlyn D,

    As advised, the information in question is sensitive and couldn't be shared with a third party. Very sorry but our hands are tied and we can't provide further assistance. 

  • Hello Std_deviant,

    Do you have any updates on this matter? Did you check your Outlook junk email?

    Thank you.

  • Hello Std_deviant,

    Do you have some new information about this matter?

  • Hello Std_deviant,

    We will be closing this complaint due to inactivity of submitter.

  • hello lcb

    my username in desert nights rival is b******

    I'm facing a very confusing situation in desert night casino,  I made a withdrawal request in bitcoin at the casino cashier however the live chat attendant said that it was necessary to reverse the withdrawal and make a deposit of $25 and bet the deposit 1x and after request the withdrawal again, I did everything as instructed by the attendant

    the problem is that the withdrawal with bitcoin was blocked and  the following message "withdrawal limit exceeded"" appears I have never made any withdrawals before in this casino, she said to try another method however as i made my deposit with bitcoin i can only withdraw with bitcoin..

    I contacted them again and they said I needed to wait 7 days to request a withdrawal with bitcoin and that doesn't make any sense.. I would like to know what's going on

    their processor also had a problem and they had to complete my deposit manually causing an amount less than what was deposited, the cashier's timer guarantees the amount deposited for 30 minutes and before the 30 minutes my bitcoin deposit already had 6 confirmations on the network.. unfortunately, due to their problem with the payment processor, the amount deposited was less

    waiting 7 days to make a bitcoin withdrawal request in cashier doesn't make any sense and I'm not even sure if this information is correct..

    i have never seen anything like this before.



  • Hello llaruta,

    Thank you for bringing this issue to us. Knowing that, we will reach out to Casino Rep to check what is happening with your withdrawal.

    Keep an eye on this thread for any updates.

    Thank you.

  • Hello Berks I kindly ask you to disregard the complaint, the problem was related to account verification and has been resolved. Thank you

  • Hello llaruta,

    We are so happy to hear that your problem has been resolved in shortest possible time.thumbs_up

    We will close this complaint and mark it as Resolved.

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