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  • Drake Casino is ecstatic to be a member of the Latest Casino Bonuses forum. Drake is proud to be a US Facing instant-play online Casino that offers games you can play on your computer, iPad or iPhone, and Android device. Please feel free to contact us here if you have any Drake Casino related comments, issues, or questions.

  • Welcome Jay to the forum!

  • welcome Jay!  I love your casino, as my husband does too!

  • Hello Jay,
    I am a careful reader of the Terms and Conditions at every casino I play at.  I have made two deposits at your casino but I find some things troubling.

    The bonus T&C's state the account must be zeroed out for the previous terms to end.  There is also this term, "Management will not be obligated to provide a reason for refusing any withdrawal request or be liable for its decision."  The keyword there being "any".  I discussed this with Chad.

    I sent this e-mail to support,

    There is a problem at your casino where it seems impossible to zero out your own account balance.

    As you know, per the bonus T&C's, the old bonus playthrough requirements don't end until the account is zeroed out.  Before I started playing on my current deposit I tried to zero out my balance because I was not sure if my previous deposit was with a bonus.  Problem is when you have a tiny balance it keeps giving you errors and not accepting the small wager.

    I finally contacted support and asked them to remove what I had left.

    I just tried to zero out again.  I bet $.02 on Aztec Treasure (one line, one credit per line, $.02 coin size) I got an error and when I checked my balance after that I had $.01 remaining.  It is not possible to wager away $.01 on any of the slots.  To me this looks like a trap, I could see my next deposit, without any bonus, still being bound by the previous playthrough terms.  This resembles rouge behavior.  That, combined with the term I discussed with Chad, from your support, will preclude me from any further deposits at your casino.

    While these amounts and concerns of mine may seem trivial and may not jeopardize a small withdrawal, I have read too many stories of people winning a large amount and being denied a payout because of a tiny breach of the T&C's.

    While I am not trying to dis you in public I feel transparency and trust are paramount anytime money is involved so I would like to hear a response to this in an open forum.

  • Hi Bigjohn and thanks for your email. I was actually speaking with Chad about this on Friday but could not reply until now.

    With regards to this term, I can understand how it can be interpreted as a fallback for the casino not to honor your withdrawal. I can assure you it’s never been used at Drake but it has been part of our Terms and Conditions since day one.  We pride ourselves on honoring withdrawals and do so quickly, possibly among the quickest in the industry, US friendly at least.

    The purpose of the term is to ensure that players understand that the Casino has the final authority to pay out or not. It may not suit all customers and we understand this. I took this opportunity to review other competitor’s terms and conditions and I can tell you that it currently does exist at other sites and it definitely did exist at all Vegas Technology casinos before their closure in 2011. That group paid out millions in withdrawals to customers when they announced their closure – I know, I was the payout manager at the time.

    With regards to your comments on completing rollover, we will never block a customer from withdrawing because of a rollover so small as the one in your example. Our team processes thousands of withdrawals a week and we have yet to encounter an issue based on your example but it was interesting and useful to see. Our Cash Grab games (23 in all, linked to a progressive jackpot that pays out quickly) do have a $0.01 coin and 1 line bet available and you can always try to wind your balance down to $0.00 playing those games if you wanted to be certain. 

    I’m sorry you won’t be making another deposit with us because I think you’ll find we’re one of the most honorable sites online. I can say in the spirit of full transparency, the term will remain on our site.

    I've put 50 free spins in your account today on our latest 3D 5 Reel After Night Falls in hopes you'll give us the chance to prove our team and site maintain honoring player payments as a top priority.

    Drake Casino

  • Thank you for your reply and generous offer.  I hope you understand that, concerning rollover requirements, if you tell me one thing (a tiny amount doesn't matter) but the written T&C's say it does I have to believe the written version will be used if there is ever any problems.

    I don't like being suspicious but I have never been scammed by an online casino partly because I am very careful and I do not suspect you or your casino but from my point of view the opportunity is there.

    I've never won a large amount but I know when any casino has to pay out a large sum they rightfully review every aspect of the players actions.

    As for the other term, I can see many reasons why a casino would deny a withdrawal but I can not think of any where a basic reason would not be given.  I can see why you might not want to provide specific details, but no reason whatsoever does not make sense to me.  I don't remember seeing that term anywhere else that I play and now I am going to re-review all my casinos and see if they have it worded like that.

    I have read too many stories of problems that arise only once a large sum is in play and one day if I hit it, it will be at a place I am completely comfortable with.

    Thanks again and best of luck to you too.

  • Jay,

    I have been trying relentlessly to get answers from Drake Casino's customer support team but to no avail.  My account name is Eldroch, and I have probably made at least $800 in deposits at Drake.  I was impressed with how responsive the staff was to any question or concern, especially Sean, who handled my first issues very professionally and efficiently. 

    Back in march I decided to cash out on some winnings for the first time, and so I paid the $60 wire transfer fee and setup a withdrawal of $600.  A few days later I received an email that my withdrawal was approved and processed, and that I would receive it within 8-12 days.  Ill spare the long story, but we are going into the fifth week since then.  I have received no deposit, and my emails are going largely unanswered. 

    Drake Casino really appealed to me because it caters to US players and has several mobile games.  And seriously, if my withdrawal had been processed, I would have probably re-deposited the $600 by now anyway.  Now, my trust in your casino is gone and I can't see myself ever playing there again. 

    By responding so quickly to questions about "how to make a deposit" or "please zero my account out so I can deposit again", but then ignoring questions about an unreceived wire, it sends the message that you're a casino that is only interested in taking people's money, and could care less about them when they might want to make a withdrawal.  I hope that you may possibly be able to push this through...and I hope that you might review your current business model and focus on one that retains paying customers. 


    0.5/ 5

  • I recently logged into my Drake account, elated to find that I had been credit 100 free spins for some reason!  I emailed and asked what the reason was, and they informed me that the had shut down my account because I am from Missouri.  Why would they even  make the state of Missouri an option in the drop-down menu if I am not allowed to play there?! 

    More importantly, why would they let me DEPOSIT if I am not allowed to play there?  I have not received an email back from your suppor team regarding this, and I would really appreciate an answer! 

    Can you help me out please?


  • I couldn't tell you honestly.  It really doesn't make sense.  Between the fact that you would have to select "Missouri" and type in a Missouri zip code, one would think they would put the basic code in place to not allow the account to be created.

    What's even more surprising is the fact that such a flawed casino is offering prime BetSoft games, which are, without a doubt, the best paying online slots I have ever played, and that has remained consistent.  I actually picked Drake specifically because they had Betsoft's games.  I guess I have to find a new place to go.

  • I recently logged into my Drake account, elated to find that I had been credit 100 free spins for some reason!  I emailed and asked what the reason was, and they informed me that the had shut down my account because I am from Missouri.  Why would they even  make the state of Missouri an option in the drop-down menu if I am not allowed to play there?! 

    More importantly, why would they let me DEPOSIT if I am not allowed to play there?  I have not received an email back from your suppor team regarding this, and I would really appreciate an answer! 

    Can you help me out please?


    Hi jodiisgreat,

    Unfortunately our site's terms and conditions do state that we do not accept customers from Missouri.

    While Eldroch’s point about code notifying customers during the signup process is logical, it doesn’t prevent customers who sign up from regions where we don't accept business from singing up with us.

    In our experience, omitting states we do not accept business from in the address dropdown prompts some customers from those regions to choose another state. Unfortunately, customers with good intent such as yourself find it confusing (rightfully so) and still get credited with free spins. We’re working to improve this with new site improvements later this summer.

    Our current system however should definitely not let you deposit and if you were somehow able to deposit using an account registered from MO, we will refund your deposit(s) ASAP. 

    Is it possible you can provide me with your account ID so that I can ensure this is the case?

    Thanks and I'm sorry that it wasn’t clear from the outset that we don’t accept customers from your State.

  • Just as negative feedback is necessary to let users beware of rip offs, positive feedback is equally necessary to show users where to go and receive a fair and enjoyable experience.

    We didnt figure out the holdup, but in the end, my faith in Drake Casino is restored.  Jay saw to it that I be paid immediately, and even added a very impressive bonus to my account for the inconvenience.  I can't make it abundantly clear enough that I hated to post anything negative about Drake at all, as they had always been great before.  Things happen, that's life, but these guys went above and beyond to make it up to me.

    Thanks again Jay. 


    0.5/ 5

  • I figured I had better post something about recent happenings.  After I received my withdrawal several weeks ago, I decided to go ahead and give it another shot.  I had been playing there regularly, and not really cashing out.  Finally, this last week, I started getting some decent luck, and because I am going on vacation in the first week of June, I thought maybe I should cash out my winnings.

    Playing each day of the week, I won $400, $1400, $700, $600, and today, $1150.  However, each and every time I had gone to withdraw the money, their site says that I have not met the rollover requirements to cashout.  Having wagered around $20,000 in just one day alone, I believe my requirement was long since met.  I noticed that it had not been tracking my playing for a few of the games.  Anyway, I tried to play other games in hopes of triggering something to allow me to cash out.  Ultimately, my balance fell to nearly nothing, and even still, it says my account is not eligible for withdrawals. 

    I really just can't seem to win here.  I had only cashed out once, which cost $60 just to request a cash out, and that took over a month to receive.  I had sent emails to customer service...and they largely go unanswered or unresolved.  Apparently, they have an option for a western union transfer that's faster...but it also takes 8% of your payout....and you only have a 2 hour window, Monday through Friday, to request that.

    And besides all of these things, the glitches that go along with the games that ultimately harm the player make it really difficult to play any longer.  Take for instance the Mr. Vegas bonus...where a "Mr. Vegas" symbol next to the Dice symbol will result in free spins.  If you have a pair of dice on either side of Mr. Vegas, you should get this bonus twice.  But you don't.  If you get the scatter bonus on "Under the Bed", but happen to click the "Spin" button at just the right time, it completely bypasses the bonus altogether.  In Slotfather, should you get the 3 Slotfather symbol bonus and the Freddie + Tommygun symbol bonus, it takes you to the Slotfather bonus round and you don't get the other.

    I could seriously go on and on about these.....but I'm not wasting anymore time than I already have in pursuing any degree of resolution.  The only time playing a casino's games is worth it is when you are able to make up for your losses by cashing out on occasional winnings.  This takes the deposits...and denies the winnings.

  • Hello I have been a member at drake casino for the past few months now and so far I really enjoy the games they have to offer. However, there has been several times where I won a sufficient amount of money and requested a payout. Well after waiting and waiting for my payouts I got impatient and ended up playing more and losing the money. I just won around $900.00 playing Mr.vegas and I do not want to lose any of it. I know that some casinos such as wagerweb offer same day payouts via western union. I was wondering if something like this was possible with drake. Please do what you can to help me. Thankyou

  • Hi Duronion,
    Thanks for your positive feedback on our games line-up. We’re very proud of our great selection.
    I just wanted to mention that our Payout Supervisor did bring this issue to my attention today outside of this thread and I know we have been waiting to complete your verification procedure so we can begin sending you payouts.

    We do have two great cash options available and our payouts team works Monday to Friday 9-5PM EST to process withdrawals.

    What we require is a front and back of a valid photo ID and scans of the front and back of the cards used to fund your account. This is to comply with Anti-Money Laundering policies in our jurisdiction and also ensures we’re protecting our customer’s identity. We also do this when a deposit limit is reached.

    This evening I’ve created a withdrawal for you for the amount available for withdrawal (you can see this if you log into your account) so that the funds cannot be wagered, but they also cannot be lost.

    I know our Casino Manager has attempted to contact you by phone today and if we can’t reach you by tomorrow morning we will send you an email with some options to assist in getting you verified and getting you paid ASAP.

    We really believe in the importance of getting our players paid and are committed to getting your first payment of what we hope will be many to you.

    Please let us know if you have any more questions or issues outside of this one,

  • Thank you for your prompt response to my inquiry. yesterday I sent an email to customer support containing a copy of my ID, the credit card I used, and the authorization form. I understand there are 2 other cards that I used to make deposits but as I explained in an email to customer support, Those cards are no longer active and have already been disposed of. I have no way of accessing the accounts on those cards because we no longer use that bank. The payout I am requesting was won with money that I deposited using the card I sent a copy of. There for I don't see a reason why the other cards are involved with this transaction. I just would like to receive this payout as soon and as easily as possible. If there is any other way that I can verify the other cards or if you can make an exception please let me know. Thank you

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