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  • Hello Frogurt9120,

    Could you please private message me your casino username and we'll get in touch with the Casino Representative.

  • Private message sent

  • Hello Frogurt9120,

    Thanks for providing us with your casino username. We've sent an email to the Casino Representative. Keep you updated.

  • Hello undergroundeal and  Frogurt9120,

    The Casino Representative says you should be paid soon. We've asked him to post a reply regarding your payments in this thread.

  • Thanks Sydney, still nothing but I'll remain patient.  I really appreciate all the help you and the other moderators provide which is the main reason why I come here to just get some concrete answers and or persuasion.  I did get a chat message upon logging in to the casino after your update that said "congrats on your win" and offered me the same promotion as I won on so at least at this point they are aware that I am waiting.  

  • Please keep us posted Frogurt9120. Hope the money will be in your account soon. 

  • Hello, I would like to inform you that your withdrawal has been paid. We are very soon for the delay. 

    Thank you so much for your cooperation. 



  • Goldenlady wrote

    Hello, I would like to inform you that your withdrawal has been paid. We are very soon for the delay. 

    Thank you so much for your cooperation. 



    Perhaps you are referencing the other poster undergrounddeal?  All 6 of my payments including the 2-3 that over a month old still haven't been paid.  I have been checking everyday and just went and looked now after I saw your response.  I can send you my username Juan if you'd like that I have on Golden lady but unfortunately Juan/Sydney/All none of the withdrawals I posted about have been paid yet.  

  • Hello Frogurt9120,

    The Casino Representative has been notified. Please keep an eye on this thread for updates.

  • Thanks again Sydney, still nothing for me.  Reached out to support again last night, same generic response apologizing and saying it was marked as a priority.  In case anyone is wondering this is what my current withdrawals look like.  

  • Hello Frogurt9120,

    We still haven't received a reply from the Casino Representative. We've sent him a reminder email. Hope he'll get back to us soon. 

  • Thanks Sydney, just logged in to my account again hoping that there would be some progress as it's Monday and  there would be no progress on the weekend but unfortunately still nothing.  I'm guessing I'll probably have to wait the 2 months like Undergrounddeal did (assuming that Juan was referencing his payout) which is next week anyway for 3 of them oh well what can you do?  I don't even really mind delays as long as payment goes through but now I'm starting to get nervous..  They had paid me $1000 in the past off of a withdrawal I made and that only took about 7 days so it's not like I'm not verified or there is any issues regarding that.  Who knows, guess it's par for the course with good bonuses, as long as they start paying and eventually pay it all out I won't be too upset.  Thanks again for all the help.  

  • Hello Frogurt9120,

    If the Casino Representative doesn't get back to us today, we'll send him another reminder email tomorrow. Keep you updated.

  • Still nothing, it's officially been 2 months for 3 of them.  Maybe that's the magic number lol.  

  • Hello Frogurt9120,

    We still haven't received any response either. Another reminder email has been sent to the Casino Representative this morning.

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