How to find the correct thread to post your complaint or query

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  • Looking for a casino rep and the correct thread to post your complaint or ask a question? No worries, we have got you covered. We have created a casino rep page for you to search for all the casinos and reps that are willing to provide support to LCB members.

    Step 1: Go to the CASINO REP PAGE

    Step 2: use the search bar to find a particular casino

    Step 3: If a support thread exists it will show a 'Forum' button, click here to go directly to the thread. This is where you should post your query or complaint. If you would prefer your query or complaint to remain private please use the 'Message' feature, this will send a private message directly to the rep.

    OR use the search tool bar in this forum section to find the casino you are looking for.


    If your search is not successful and there is no rep for the casino you are searching for then please go post in the complaints section here.

  • I love the idea of the casino rep page. It kind of forces these casinos to either face their customers and make right any wrongs that may have happened, or avoid them and any issues and face potentially online casino suicide in the process. Plus, it may possibly flush out any rogue casinos lurking in the shadows. Perfect fit for an awesome website, love LCB

  • Big thanks for sharing this faq, this forum looks very modern and it's difficult to navigate here.

  • hotdogexothermic wrote:

    Big thanks for sharing this faq, this forum looks very modern and it's difficult to navigate here.

    Welcome to LCB forum hotdogexothermic smiley .   Maybe it looks overwhelming at first, given the sheer volume of information we offer, but trust me Youll get acquainted with the board quickly enough.

    And of course you can always reach one of the forum Moderators for assistance or our live chat ( during the office hours ) or post at the forum and Im sure our membership will be able to assist too.


  • Tahnk you very much, I love the idea of this forum it looks very cool and very easy to find important info here. FAQ very important thing. Are you agree, guys? whistle

  • Where is the Slotastic rep located?  I have a problem


    4/ 5

  • quball wrote:

    Where is the Slotastic rep located?  I have a problem

    Hi quball,

    Please open a new topic in the complaint section by putting the casino name and the subject of the issue as the title. 
    Here is a link to the section:
    Once the complaint is posted, we will do our best to further assist. 

  • Thanks Tania - I just heard back from them after a few days so the problem may be settled after support gets back to me _ Again!!

  • I am giving you the big thanks to you for the guidance to find the casino game thread.  

  • Big thanks for sharing this information with us.This makes things much easier.Thanks Melcb.

  • Hi,

    How long does it take (ball-park it) for a rep to get back to a person regarding a problem or complaint?

  • pokergranni wrote:


    How long does it take (ball-park it) for a rep to get back to a person regarding a problem or complaint?

    It really depends on a Rep. Some are quick and reply the same day, some are um well not so quick. Our complaints team is there to send follow ups and chasers, but also subscribed Reps are getting auto notifications for their respective topics. It also comes down to casinos' reputation, willingness to deal with public complaints ( mind no casino is under any obligation to participate at our forum, so we appreciate any effort they make in addressing our members ).

  • Zuga,

    Thank-you very much for your quick response!  The reason I asked the question is, I didn't want to let too much time pass in getting my problem resolved.  

    If time does slip by, is there any other avenue for me to take regarding my problem? I would sincerely appreciate any guidence you may give me.

    Again, Thank-you for the speedy correspondence!  I wish all customer issues could be addressed this quickly!   Dummy me, of course they aren't LCB!!  embarrassed



  • First option is always to get in touch with casino support directly via email or live chat. If that doesnt solve ur problem then I would suggest u to look for a Rep at our forum and post at their respective topic located at Direct support board.

    If they dont have  topic there then open a complaint at Players Complaints section and one of our Mods will tend to it.

    And last resort would be complaining directly to their licensor, if our team is not able to mediate.

  • I saw this thread before I made my post about possible fraudulent or pirated software.

    Being that fake software is a rather sensitive issue affecting a lot of people I didn't want to mention the name of the casino at the moment. 

    If you don't have a specific pirated software subforum, that might be something to consider in the future.

    By the way, excellent platform you guys have developed here with well-tabulated information. It must have been a tremendous amount of work as I too own a forum in an entirely different niche. Cheers and well done!

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