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  • Hi everyone,

    I'm Tom and I'm the marketing rep for TradaCasino, a Viaden Gaming powered casino providing a great blend of web-based and mobile casino games.

    The product is outstanding on iOS devices in particular, so if you're that way inclined, give us a go.

    We have an exclusive 10GBP/USD/EUR or 100ZAR No Deposit Bonus available with LatestCasinoBonuses so there's no excuse not to, provided you're located at one of our permissable countries.

    All customers are also entitled to our fantastic range of multiple deposit bonusesm which include:

    1) A 100% First Deposit Bonus up to GBP/USD/EUR 400
    2) A 100% Second Deposit Bonus up to GBP/USD/EUR 400
    3) A 75% Top Up Deposit Bonus (on all subsequent deposits) up to GBP/USD/EUR 200
    4) A 50% VIP Deposit Bonus up to GBP/USD/EUR 500

    We accept customers from the following countries, all of which are eligible for the bonus:

    Falkland Islands (Malvinas)
    Isle of Man
    New Zealand
    South Africa
    United Kingdom

    Please drop me a message here, or preferably email for a faster response if you have any issues.


    TradaCasino Marketing

    Updated 25th Nov 2020: ApuestaMos added to LCB lists

  • Welcome aboard, Tom!  Thanks for the goodies for the members.

  • Welcome Tom!

  • Welcome Tom !
    Never played this software so didn't know how trusted it is nice to see rep here thumbs_up

  • Welcome Tom!

  • Hello Trada Casino,

    first of all, thanks for adding NetEnt slots, which is always a smart move. I have noticed that the NetEnt slots have a certain issue: I am used to stop the spins by myself. But at Trada I cannot do this but watching until the spin stops as it is over. It would be a 1000 times more customer friendly when we could choose when to stop a spin.

    You know what I am saying ? I hope so,

    thanks in advance and greets

  • Hi all, 

    Just bumping to introduce myself here and provide you with a bit of an update on TradaCasino.

    My name is Ed and I'm the new rep here for I'm really excited to be able to start introducing people to our updated casino and to help out with any questions, as well as with a few exclusive bonuses of course.

    There's been a lot going on at Trada in the time since the original post here, notably we have:

    - Had a full site redesign

    - Introduced mobile casino

    - Added, PariPlay, iSoftBet, Ainsworth, Playson and Evolution Gaming

    I'll be posting some new bonuses soon and plan to be active on the forums around here so stay tuned!

    Good Luck!


  • Welcome Ed! :) smiley

  • Welcome Ed and hope you'll have a great time here with us!thumbs_up

  • Thanks for the welcome guys! Will have a new shop offer going live very soon as well as an exclusive depoit bonus.

    Hope we can continue to add value for everyone at LCB.


  • De ce nu îmi dă voie sa mă joc îmi Zice introduceți codul dar l-am introdus de mi sa luat mie și deceaba zice cod invalid

  • Larisa Neagu wrote:

    De ce nu îmi dă voie sa mă joc îmi Zice introduceți codul dar l-am introdus de mi sa luat mie și deceaba zice cod invalid

    Hi Larisa,

    We would kindly advise you to write your comments in English laguage as that is the official language on the forum. Thank you for understanding. 

  • Hello support,

    Few days ago ive deposited a few times with skrill and suddently i got my account closed. Live support said something about management decision? I dont understand what i did wrong.. What happens? Can anyone help me..

  • Hi JackieNL,

    can you please private message me your casino username and we will ask The Casino Rep for assistance. 

  • JackieNL wrote:

    Hello support,

    Few days ago ive deposited a few times with skrill and suddently i got my account closed. Live support said something about management decision? I dont understand what i did wrong.. What happens? Can anyone help me..

    Seems to be going around these days not just with you my friend. I know of others the same thing happens in different casinos.

    I played with videoslots for 4 years, deposit around $1000 a month there and suddenly they just closed my account with no explanation. I played around sunday night in some battles and 2 hours later my account was deactivated

     Refer to their terms : They have the right to close any account without explanation

    Hello there,

    thank you for your email.

    With regrets I am the person at to inform you that a business decision has been made to permanently block your .com account.

    Under no circumstances are we able to help you with a reactivation of your account in the future. Since all accounts are personal, you will not be able to register any new accounts either.

    "1.3 A person registering at accepts and acknowledges:

    all definitions and stipulations in these Terms and Conditions"

    "1.4 reserves the right, at its own discretion, to:

    decline a person to open a account and/or to close an existing account decline to accept no deposits without any explanation, provided that any wagers and winnings already made will be honoured by the Company as long as these were not acquired by fraud or other illegal or illicit means;
    suspend and/or cancel the person from promotional activities, competitions or other services, whenever"

    We wish you all the best.


  • Hi JackieNL,

    Thanks for sending your casino username. We have notified them of your case. Keep you posted. 

  • @JackieNL -  We haven't got any response so far.  We will send them another reminder. Keep you posted. 

  • @ JackieNL - Another reminder has been sent to them. Keep you posted. 

  • Tania wrote:

    @ JackieNL - Another reminder has been sent to them. Keep you posted. 

    Yeahh, thanks alot. 'll be patience, i hope for a good answer so i can learn from this..

  • Hello JackieNL, 

    We finally got a response from The Casino Rep. They confirmed that your account was closed due to excessive bonus redemptions. However, they decided to reinstate your account, but there will be a bonus restriction implemented. Therefore, you can continue to play with cash deposits, but deposit bonus codes and no deposit offers will no longer be facilitated on your account. Also, they might change this decision in the future if more 'no bonus' play is registered, but said they cannot guarantee. At the moment, your info has been removed from their newsletter list, and in case you opt-in again, it will not qualify you to claim the offers. 

  • Alright, thanks alot. Now i know what happens, 'll learn from this and not using any more bonuses and play with my own balance.

  • I have problems with verification I have fresh documents from March 2019 and April 23, 2019. but there is still a date of last payment on the housing bill and there is 2017 there, they tell me that this is a bill for 2017 but it is for March 2019. I highlighted the necessary data on documents in red. and sent them by mail. help to verify

  • and this date is there because in 2017 I was mistaken with one 0 in one of the payments and overpaid them by many months in advance. and let it pay attention March 2019 is listed there 3 times

  • Hello иван иванов,

    Could you please send me your casino username in PM inbox and we'll contact the casino regarding your complaint.

  • Hello иван иванов,

    Thank you for sending over your casino username. We've sent an email to the casino and asked them to reply in this thread.

  • i reg from here deposited more than 100,never knew the cashback lcb give to the people reg from lcb to trada,how can i get my casback?thanks admin

  • Hi indiana,

    Please be advised that there is no current active Exclusive Trada Casino Cashback promotion. 
    Here you can find all the available exclusive cashback promotions. 

  • Hello иван иванов,

    The Casino Representative has advised us that they resolved the issue you had and accepted the bank statement. Please let us know if everything is ok now.

  • awfull support of tradacasino,uneducated manager treat me like shit for asking about cashback of the money i loose

    Hi there xxxx! Please start by confirming your date of birth and postcode.

    and how manage the cashbacks

    Cole 08:54
    One moment, I'm just taking a look at your account :)
    With every deposit, you can add 'pending cashback' to your balance.
    On your first deposit it is 100% by using the code CB100 (so £50) and on all subsequent deposits, it is 25% using the code CB25.

    You unlock this pending cashback as you play.
    Every time you wager £70, we drop £2 in cash into your balance,
    If you didn't get to earn all the cashback this time, it carries over to your next deposit.
    So when you're on a good run, you keep getting cash drops.
    xxxxx 08:56
    i did it
    first time ive lost the whole
    1 first deposit
    cb cododes
    xxxx 08:58
    and never return me
    the 100 deposit

    Cole 08:58
    I can see you received cashback once
    oscar 08:58

    Cole 08:58
    You need to enter the code everytime you deposit
    xxxx 08:59
    there no place for codes
    and ithough
    i was getting casback
    for my looses

    xxxx 09:01
    There is before you deposit
    On the deposit page
    oscar 09:01
    tell me
    and first deposit yes i do it
    i deposited a lot

    xxxx 09:02
    Yes but you need to enter the code with every deposit
    So it will count up
    oscar 09:02
    i want cashback

    xxxx 09:03
    I have added all I can
    oscar 09:03
    you know is more

    xxx 09:03
    No there is not unfortunately
    xxxx 09:03
    my casbacks
    from 300
    looses how much is
    how do you paid cashback porcentage

    Cole 09:06
    Your have not lost 300
    xxxxx 09:06

    Cole 09:06
    You are down $101
    xxxx 09:06
    all deposits count
    that i made

    Cole 09:07
    Total deposits - $392, total win - $290
    xxxx 09:08
    no win

    Cole 09:08
    You are down $101.63
    Not 300
    oscar 09:08
    again here

    Cole 09:08
    xxxx I cannot help any further
    xxxx 09:08
    call casino rep
    im confuse
    u dont tell me

    Cole 09:09
    You can email
    xxxx 09:09
    how much of cashback u paid
    answer my questions please
    whats the exact number of my casback

    Cole 09:11
    You must let me check Oscar.
    xxxx 09:11
    for my deposit

    Cole 09:11
    I have to look before I can answer, please be patient
    xxxx 09:11
    ok go and check
    i hold on here

    Cole 09:12
    xxxxx I am checking.
    xxxxx 09:12

    Cole 09:14
    You tried to use the cashback code one time, but you did not receive it because the transaction was rejected by your bank

    Cole 09:14
    You are not due any cashback Oscar, you did not enter the necessary codes and you ahve recevied all the bonuses you are due
    xxxxx 09:xx14
    coz i deposited

    Cole 09:14
    I cannot help you any further, I will not repeat myself all day
    xxxxx 09:15
    i ask u
    what the sum
    of all casback
    with all my deposits

    Cole 09:16
    You have not received cashback, only bonuses
    xxxxx 09:17
    what bonuses
    i dont take bonus
    when i deposited
    i want a phone call from casino rep
    xxxxx 09:19

    Cole 09:20
    We cannot call you unfortunately, we only call under certain circumstances. I am going to transfer you to my supervisor now
    You have been transferred to: Nikki
    xxxxx 09:20
    hello nikki

    Nikki 09:21
    You are not entitled to any cashback
    xxxxx 09:21
    i why not

    Nikki 09:21
    Because we don't give cashback on losses
    xxxxx 09:22
    thats what cashback does
    when an user looses

    Nikki 09:22
    We don't offer it here. you are not entitled to any bonuses right now
    yes you offered

    Nikki 09:22
    No, we've given you bonuses before, and we dont give them everytime a player loses
    xxxx 09:23
    is in my account
    says pending cashbacks

    Nikki 09:23
    How much does it say is pending?
    oscar 09:23

    Nikki 09:23
    Yes exactly
    There is no pending cashback in your account, it is 0
    xxxx 09:24
    how can be that

    Nikki 09:24
    I am going to end this conversation
    You are not owed any cashback
    xxxx 09:24
    if i deposit and loose

    Nikki 09:24
    We have told you this over and over again
    xxxx 09:25
    u r

    Nikki 09:25
    You got a bonus already since your last deposit
    There are no more
    xxxx 09:25
    talking in bad manners
    i dont ask

    Nikki 09:25
    You are not listening to what I'm telling you
    xxxx 09:25

    Nikki 09:25
    There is no cashback, you're not owed any cashback on your account, you are not owed any % back on losses
    xxxxr 09:25
    ok explain me why?7

    Nikki 09:26
    I do not need to explain why
    xxxxx 09:26

    Nikki 09:26
    We dont offer % cashback on losses and that is my final comment on the matter
    xxxxx 09:26
    how unrespctfull
    im gonna call neteller

    Nikki 09:27
    xxxxx 09:27
    so you
    explain them
    how trada casino
    you dont
    talk to them like
    u talk to me

    Nikki 09:29
    Neteller have nothing to do with us, they are a payment provider, they do not care how our promotions work

    Nikki 09:29
    Unfortunately there is no cashback owed on your account. If there is nothing else I can help with I will close the chat now xxxx ok?
    xxxxx 09:29
    well im gonna ask them

    Nikki 09:29
    Ok ask Neteller if that is what you would like to do
    xxxxx 09:30
    yes sure

    Nikki 09:30
    I'm going to go now xxxx
    Have a nice day
    oscar 09:30
    have a nice day
    Nikki closed the chat.

    all i want was my cashback for loses,then they said i dont use a code for the cashback(good trick to dont paid player cashback)and for last manager nikki talk to me very abusive.hope casino rep here can clear this issue and hire good client support,not like nikki....

  • I was verified thanks

  • иван иванов wrote:

    I was verified thanks

    Thanks for the confirmation, glad we could help!

  • Hi indiana,

    Please send me your casino username in PM inbox so that we can ask The Casino Representative to look into your account. 

  • hi blueday is taking this issue,but im gonna sent you my user by message, 2 hands are better than one,thank you tania

  • Hi indiana,

    Your account info has been sent to the casino. Let's wait for their reply. 

  • Hi Indiana,

    I have conducted a review of your account and I see that our cashback system was explained to you in a live chat on the 30th April 2019.

    Since then, there have been a number of interactions with the agents where you are repeatedly asking for cashback despite not entering the bonus codes that we explained were required to opt in.

    I have reviewed your bonus history and I see that you received a fair percentage of bonus value for your overall losses and that nothing else is owed on your account.

    We have a number of offers and promotions that players are welcome to take part in, however we do not automatically add free chips for every losing deposit.

    If I understand your complaint correctly, you are saying that you haven't been given enough cashback for your losses. I am very sorry if you are disappointed in our rewards system however we reserve the right to refuse bonuses/cashback if it is deemed that an account is not eligible.

    I understand that you felt the live chat team were rude to you, however this followed numerous other interactions where the same issue was discussed and unfortunately I think the agents got a little frustrated. I have made a note with the team to be more patient in explaining things in future, however there was only so many times they could say no before they had to end the chat.



  • you know? i think you have a nice clickbait with cashback terms,my fault for not reading,this is because when i deposited in a casino never seen this terms of add a bonus before you deposit to have cashbacks... and respect of how the manager talk to me,you said they should be more patience? i think you should said write my an email apoligez for how they talk to me. i was educated and yes ask a lot of times about how it works the cashback sistem because never seen terms like yours casino.and that's whya support and chat right? for help players true? i work in a toyota im manager of client retention" u know how they ask me things more than 30 times or scream me without reason? but our policy is that the client always have the right and however i want to ask them them same way.i always know im a manager and my work is to be gentle with cients even if they are right or not and explained 100000000 times that the earth shape is a ball not a square... have a nice day.and we all the money casino made from us the clients" could sent the support team to and all  of you to tell LCB admins and support team teach them how to treat people and they do it for free even if their affiliates of the casinos they post here for us to play".

    By the way thanks you very much Blueday Melcb taya melissa,and if i forget some one of lcb support sorry,but thanks because i always had a problem you arethere for me!!


  • thank you tanya !!!

  • indiana wrote:

    thank you tanya !!!

    You're most welcome! Glad we could assist. smiley

  • tradas my fave casino. how can i get 75% topup bonuses on deposits

  • Hello bexc,

    Thank you for your feedback on Trada casino! Please visit Trada casino review page to find out more about available promotions. 

  • The cashback you are referring to is the cashback the site offers directly to every player.  You need to enter a code every time you deposit to get the cashback.  Unfortunately, you didn't realise this and therefore none of your deposits qualified you for cashback as you didn't enter the code except on one occasion.

    I have spoken to the rep about this, as you know, and they say there is nothing they can do to assist you.  I gave you a full response from the casino.

    This thread belongs in the direct casino support thread and will be merged with that topic later today.

  • yes blue,i get it when we we talk via pm,thans 4 the support.

  • Trada casino is moving to Aspire Global International Limited platform the 21st of November 2019.

    Today I wanted to connect to my account:but I received this message: Access has been denied. Please check your login details and try again. (Error: 200. I have already made several deposits and was a very loyal player.

    I contacted Live Chat who answered me: currently we do not accept players from your country sorry!
    This casino takes its customers for milk cows? After several years of deposits I can not log in to my account because they simply do not accept any more players from my country.Trada's decision to move to Aspire Global International Limited has been for several months, yet he did not warn me by email.

  • Hi maiwen63, 

    please send me your casino username in PM inbox and we will ask the Casino Rep to look into this matter and advise if there have been any changes. 

  • Tania wrote:

    Hi maiwen63, 

    please send me your casino username in PM inbox and we will ask the Casino Rep to look into this matter and advise if there have been any changes. 

    It's done, thank you smiley

  • @maiwen63 - Thank you, your account info has been sent to the Casino Rep. Keep an eye on this thread for the updates.  

  • was not mentioned at all about the changes prior to them happening. trada was my number 1 favourite casino but since the move have had nothing but problems. missed out on bonuses that would usually get. even when u was told i would be recieving bonus when i contacted again to check up was told they were still migrating and dont have all info yet. my old vip manager had let me know that a new one would be appointed but in the meantime nobody had been sending out the bonuses. the new site sucks!

  • I can't login there too, access denied, nobody sent any info on email about this.

    I hate this, similar things was happening to me in Casumo casino, I deposit there often and suddenly they block my country and and access denied without any notification, and this is reputable casinos? 

  • We are still waiting for an update from the casino. We'll let you know as soon as we hear from them. 

    @perobet - please post your question regarding Casumo casino here so that the casino rep can assist you. And send me your casino username in PM inbox

  • Still no answer from Casino Rep. also no answer from the mail sent to the casino support. this is not serious.

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