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    Please be advised that website JacksPay Casino has been CLOSED.


    Hey there,  my name is Taylor L and I am a representative with JacksPay Casino. I can assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. If you need assistance please check out our available options at JacksPay Casino.

    I am one of the head live chat representatives and I am available 7 days a week.

    Best Regards


    JacksPay Casino

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  • Welcome to the LCB forum Tay!

    I have a lot of experience dealing with Taylor at Jacks Pay.

    He really is available 7 days a week. Some things are out of his control but he still works hard to find answers to tough questions. He's very kind, patient, straightforward, and always looks out for me. Even when I have the 6:30 AM  morning grumps lol  He add's a personal touch to customer service. Something I haven't seen at any other casinos.

    Tay's the only reason I play Jacks Pay!

  • Hello, I have had a withdraw pending now since 11/10 and I have only been able to reach any forum of customer service 1 time. It is absolutely scandalous of this casino to always accept my money but want to completely ignore my withdraw request..

  • Sorry this happened to you Smurf. From my experience at JacksPay, the first payout is fast as long as its under $1,500. Anything withdrawls after that or above $1,500 will be reviewed and stalled. Hope you don't have to wait much longer.

  • xSiCxSmurf wrote:

    Hello, I have had a withdraw pending now since 11/10 and I have only been able to reach any forum of customer service 1 time. It is absolutely scandalous of this casino to always accept my money but want to completely ignore my withdraw request..

    Hello xSiCxSmurf,

    Could you please send me your casino username to private message inbox and we'll get in touch with the Casino Representative.

  • I'm glad that was the case for you..my original withdraw was for 250 but with all this stalling, I ended up reversing the withdraw and playing 50 bucks back. So I'm only trying to withdraw 200..lol

  • Oh no, sorry to hear that. I feel your pain though. That's how they get you. They stall and give you the runaround because they know you want to play. I have over 25k in reversals at Jack's Pay. I have pending withdrawals too that are being stalled as well. Hopefully, you get paid soon.

  • Yeah..it is definitely extremely tempting to reverse those draws..I'm glad I found this site because I couldn't speak to them any other way.

  • Hello xSiCxSmurf,

    Thank you for providing us with your casino username. The Casino Representative has been notified. Please keep an eye on this thread for updates.

  • Hey there,  xSiCxSmurf,  the reason why your withdrawal hasen't been paid is due to Jackspay requiring documents.   Please send 2 pieces of ID,  1 picture ID and 1 proof of address.  Please send to support@jackspay.com

    Also, we noticed a bit of live chat tag where you have reached out to us after hours and we respond via live chat and there is no response.  In the future please go to www.jackspay.com/help and see when we are available to assist you via live chat.

    Once you send your documents, we will get you paid asap.

    Best Regards


  • Hey, just an update.   xSiCxSmurf has successfully sent in his documents and was able to contact us with no issues.   Player will be paid as soon as possible.

    Best Regards


  • Hey there,  as indicated, once we receive documents we will pay the player as its required here at Jackspay Casino.

    xSiCxSmurf has been paid

    Transaction 205358724817994
    Transaction Information
    Request Date:
    2021-11-15 20:45:59
    Paid Date:
    2021-11-25 11:52:02

    Best Regards


  • JacksPay Complaint:

    JacksPay stalled $3,500 in withdrawals.  JacksPay suspended my account and voided $3,500 in pending withdrawals.

    I understand that it is fair for an online casino to restrict service to whoever it wants to as long as the player is paid before this happens. I was never paid. I am being refused refunds for my deposits.

    My Demands:

    I am requesting one of the two options from Jacks Pay Casino.

    1. My pending withdrawals are paid
    2. My deposits are refunded.

    Jacks Pay Username: jkhamada

  • Hello maverickjkh,

    The Casino Representative has been notified. Please keep an eye on this thread for updates.

  • Hey there,

    My name is Dustin and I am one of the senior managers responsible for the security here at Jackspay.  I am responsible for checking every single withdrawal before our processing team can proceed with withdrawals.

    We have a 5 step process to ensure that there isn't bonus abusing happening as well as a security tab that allows us to see duplicate accounts and bonus abusers having more than 1 account per household.

    It took me a week to review the entire account because you have been a player at Jackspay for 6 months and there was 100s of sections to review. So sorry for the delay.

    I read every single transcript between you and our live chat agents.

    Yes, you are a depositing player.

    You did'nt have a duplicate account

    Our IP tracker didn't show multiple accounts.

    Your documents were good. Picture and proof of address which is legally required before we as a online casino can pay your withdrawals.

    We have paid you over 7000.00 in withdrawals and you received everyone with no issues ( proof of blockchain ) 

    Some withdrawals were paid the same day and a couple were a bit longer which can happen for many factors.

    We share information with many casinos and we had no blacklisting for you. So that was all good. You are not blacklisted.

    You were always friendly with our agents. You and Taylor L had a pretty good bond, he always told us about you and shared a couple times where you emailed us and said you love being here.

    We have seen a couple reviews online where you were positive.

    One of the steps we do is we check quality control.

    We check transaction history

    We run a check on your device to see if your using any computer programs to illegally bonus.

    We check every single promotion.

    Upon checking your account, there was 7 withdrawal occasions where you barely met terms. Two of those you asked our agents, " hey i want to withdrawal, whats the best solution"?

    Both times the agent responded,which we have the transcripts,"that you barely meeting wagering and withdrawaling is against our terms and conditions which you can view at


    It states.

    " Jack loves giving out bonuses to keep the action going.

    Jack will take it from here

    Terms and Condition for a bonus

    Bonuses for the most part come with wagering requirements, meaning after you claim a bonus you will have to wager a predefined amount of bets.
    Claiming bonuses with the sole intention of withdrawing will not be tolerated and will void winnings.

    This includes;
    Redeeming bonus and 'just' covering the wagering requirements to withdraw.

    Building up visible jackpots with bonus money & returning later without bonus to exploit the built up bonus money free spins
    Jack knows all tricks and he's not going to let it happen.

    Remember; bonuses are for entertainment - abuse is not going to be tolerated
    If you're looking to bonus hunt, Jack suggests to go elsewhere "

    You agreed to these terms. Jackspay has the right to void your winnings and suspend your account at any time.

    We didn't suspend your account because you have two pending withdrawals or because we are trying to cover up anything.

    You signed up and registered which automatically agrees to our terms.

    The last few weeks you showed that your intentions are to withdrawal as you meet wagering requirements,  hence a conversation you had with our agent where you kept coming into chat.

    You kept saying " how close am i , how close am i , how close am i "

    Then, you finally met terms right on the dot.  Your intention was to withdrawal.

    If it wasn't, you would have kept betting and you wouldn't have asked to withdrawal based on  you saying " i believe i just met my terms to withdrawal " 

    There was also a couple times where you would reverse a withdrawal and use a $100 chip,  which also shows your using chip bonuses to run up your balance. You once hit a balance of 19k then slow played down until you barely met. Then asked about withdrawal limits = again showing intentions of withdrawaling after barely meeting requirements.

    From my professional perspective,  your intentions were to get freebies/ bonuses to run your balance, barely meet wagering and then withdrawal.

    You even had a conversation with Taylor L where he said " sorry we cannot give you bonuses as we bonus based on wagering "and you said well if your not going to bonus me the way i want, i will just leave.

    Which you did.

    Months passed and Taylor L reached out to you to ask how you were doing and shared that we had some improvements because he cares about players and the people here. You guys had a bond.

    You came back again. You were given bonuses, you won, you were paid, then all of a sudden.

    Barely meet wagering requirements again.

    So, as a casino, we had to determine whether having you as an active player was the right thing to do based on you having intentions to use our bonuses to barely meet wagering requirements and to withdrawal which is against our terms and conditions.

    Should we just allow this sort of behaviour?  or do we as a casino look into this as a case where bonus abuse is apparent.

    You agreed to our terms, you broke them several times and ran up your balance.

    We cannot tolerate that sort of behaviour.

    We as a casino have decided to suspend your account and void your winnings which we do based on reviewing your account from a professional perspective.

    We are sorry that you had to wait for us to conclude a review.

    I have been doing this for 20 + years.

    You didn't get suspended for 0 reason.

    Your actions caused our actions of suspension.

    We are sorry for the inconvenience.

    Our intentions are not to block people.

    But as a business we must follow all rules and regulations.  We expect the same from our players.

    Best Regards

    Jacks people

  • Hey there,  to conclude...  We will not be refunding the player who made deposits and used our bonuses.  We are a casino,  you deposited and played and wagered.   

    We will not be paying out the withdrawals that are pending as they were withdrawals that were made where you barely met wagering requirements and you withdrawaled with the sole intention of withdrawaling which is against our T & Cs

    We are sorry for the inconvenience.   

    Best Regards



  • If you’re reading this you’re having issues with stalled payments from Jacks Pay. Like you, I  also turn to forums like  Wizard of Odds or its sister site LCB.  It's a great place to hold casinos accountable for bad behavior. While my issue may never be resolved, I hope you find this information useful.

    It’s certainly a risk playing at new and small casinos like Jacks Pay. Customer service can be hard to reach especially if you're in a different time zone.  They only have one customer service agent that gets worked to death. He needs a paid vacation! 

    This is the biggest risk playing at Jackspay. It’s the only casino that I’ve played at that has these vague bonus terms:

    “Claiming bonuses with the sole intention of withdrawing will not be tolerated and will void winnings.”

    “Redeeming bonus and 'just' covering the wagering requirements to withdraw”

    These are pretty far-reaching terms that enable Jacks Pay to decide if there is bonus abuse. They can use these terms to void pretty much any winnings.  Right, when you start winning your money back they can void it and close your account. After closing your account they won't refund your deposits either. 

    Players at Jackspay are under heavy scrutiny. Here’s a couple of things to keep in mind when playing at Jacks Pay:

    • If a player wagers too little after completing a bonus their winnings can be voided. 
    • If a player wager too much then their account will become ineligible.  The match bonus promotions are based on a player's wagering. The more you wager, the closer your account will be, “bonus ineligible”. Once your bonus is ineligible you’ll lose all match bonus promos, tier benefits like custom chip offers, cashback, and club points. At this point, you might as well play at a land casino.  You’ll have to deposit thousands of dollars in cash without a bonus or walk away. 
    • Even if you just play slots. You can be accused of bet structuring.
    • Any questions you ask customer service about bonuses, free chips, wagering, or withdrawals can later be used against you as a bonus term violation. 
    • If you get free chips from a custom offer based on your tier. Asking about the chips and using them can be considered bonus abuse.

    Not a good look for a casino that’s just getting off the ground.

  • I have been playing slots at JacksPay for 6 months. I’ve made 120 deposits totaling $14,727.  Over $6,000 were straight cash deposits(no bonus claimed). I have made $7,000 in withdrawals.

    I have 2 withdrawals pending. One for $1,500 was submitted on Nov 11th. It was approved and added to the payout queue.  My second withdrawal request was for $2000 and was told it was under review. JacksPay stalled for 2 weeks. On Wed Nov 26th I was told that both withdrawals were being held back and my entire account was being reviewed by Jacks Pay Management. 

    On Friday, Nov 26th, Jacks Pay suspended my account without any notice. My deposits were not refunded and withdrawals were voided.  I was shocked. Jacks Pay intentionally stalled my $1,500 withdrawal so they could have more time to review and suspended my account. The stalling tactic allowed JacksPay to avoid both withdrawals.

    According to Taylor, the  $1,500 withdrawal was wagered more than minimum requirements. The withdrawal was originally approved for payout and added to the queue. I had wagered a whopping 40% above the requirement. 

    According to Taylor. The second withdrawal request was for $2,000 and was wagered 4% or ($4,000)  above the wagering requirement. My total winnings from that bonus was $9,500. I only request a withdrawal of $2,000. The rest ($7,500) I continued to play as the stalling from Jacks Pay continued. I had a large cash balance throughout the investigation of that withdrawal. My intent wasn’t to withdraw or I wouldn't have played the $7,500 over several days.

    What started as a review of the $2,000 withdrawal request turned into a desperate investigation into my whole account.  Most of the examples from Dustin's report are from old withdrawals that were reversed. 

    I only asked Taylor about withdrawal because I paid with a card for the first time and was wondering if I had to send documentation. He’s the one who brought up the whole minimum wagering topic. Of course, I didn't want to break the rules, that's why I kept asking.  He said he was trying to look out for me. It turns out Dustin used that against me as a bonus term violation.

    Management is using my relationship and conversions with a chat agent to void my winnings. If the “ barely meeting wagering requirements” was an issue he wouldn't have to spend days reading chat conversations on old withdrawals.

    I did not breach bonus terms on my pending withdrawals. LCB, please leave this complaint unresolved.


  • Hello. We want to be as professional as possible and we do respect our players. Even our previous players. Casinos have terms and conditions and they should be read by players.

    We have many happy players who wager to play not wager to withdrawal.

    We have attached screenshots in a private email to the LCB showing the barely meeting requirements and proof that the player was super happy until he broke our T & Cs and he didnt get his own way because he wants to be bonused 100% for every dollar he spends.

    Sorry for the inconvenience but we must follow our rules and regulations even if it means suspending an account for good cause.

    We are professional and respectful and we do not want unhappy players.

    We will not be proceeding with refunding this player. He logged in and made the steps to deposit and wagered that deposit.

    Its not like he made the depost and we closed the account, otherwise we would have suspended the account and pushed a refund.

    If a player makes a deposit and doesnt get to wager that deposit, they shall have their money refunded. Thats just common sense.

    But this is a case where you deposited and then asked for bonuses. We have transaction history on the plays and hours you spent on those deposits. We didn't just steal your money and lock the account.

    Therefore as per any casino. We are not responsible for refunding a player for thousands that he wagered.

    Also, the withdrawals you have as pending and cancelled become void as per any player that barely meets wagering with intentions to withdrawal, we suspend the account and void all winnings.

    We ask this case be closed.

    Best Regards


  • Hello maverickjkh,

    Since you've breached the casino's T&C's, there's nothing further we can do to help you. If you are not satisfied with this decision, you can file a complaint with their licensor, which is Curacao.

  • That's fine. Jacks Pay will lose in the end as you are too short-sided to see the long-term ramifications of this decision. For an online casino, reputation is everything.  This information is public for all current and future players to read.  JacksPay reputation is tarnished, its predatory bonus terms exposed. 

  • hello, I have a delay in JacksPay casino, the withdrawal has not been processed for almost a week
    (support operator said it would take a day or two , this is weird)

  • I used to love this place. A few months back I started having an issue depositing thou. It didn't give any info under debit/credit cards. I normally deposit via bitcoin anyways so that part didn't matter. I go to deposit one day via my cashapp wallet and my deposit got hung up and returned to my cashapp. It did this another 3 or 4 times thru a period of a couple months and I mentioned it to support back in the beginning of December but they didn't say why or even acknowledged there was an issue there but now I see there have been other pol say the same thing. Taylor just signs have anything to say about it at all and finally after contacting cashapp to see why this was happening, they informed me the vendor was agians their terms and conditions so I couldn't withdraw to that bitcoin address. So after finally figuring out a way to be able to deposit there bc I liked playong there I made a $34 deposit and taking a 300% match bonus with a 30x wager requirement. I played for a few hours and finally successfully reached my pkaythru and had a balance of several hundred dollars but since my max cashout was 25x the deposit I wanted tobsee if I couldn't get my balance higher. I played but it was a stopped getting many winning spins and my balance fell to 500. According to them I wagered 205 after meeting requirements. I had other things to do thatbday so I decided to initiate a withdrawal. I knew I still had to be verified with jackspay bc I had never withdrawn from their completely before. Once before I had initiated one only to reverse it and loose all of it. The next morning I get up and try to log back in bc again, I was going to reverse the withdrawal and keep 400 to withdrawal and see what I could do with 100 of it but my account was locked. I emailed support bc I couldn't get live chat to come up from the log on page and finally received back an email from the managers there telling me that my account had been locked by I 'barely made wager requirement before withdrawing"and they banned my account I had never heard anything like it and honestly thought briefly they were joking or something.. I called and spoke to a Manger who told me he would have a talk with the m and tell them that he could tell by my reaction that I didn't know I was doing anything against the rules and maybe it was an honest mistake and truth be told I did not realize that was in the terms and agreements to start with even thou I did read them when creating my account. Even so, in the terms and conditions it reads that barely making wager requirements then withdrawing was not allowed but it does not give you a number or a percentage of what barely means. $200 to me isn't barely. Esp not when you are only requesting 2 and a half times that amount. I almost played thru half of what I was trying to cash out. They also said that using a bonus with the sole intention was to cashout was against tye rules as well. Who are ther to say what anyone's sole intentions are? When I deposited , yes of course I wanted to cashout but I play bc I enjoy it and it relieves my stress and even my pain levels. After I had initiated the withdrawal for 500 I was telling everyone how great the place was and I was really excited to be able to buy my son who turns 20 the end of this month an Armani watch he liked and that was awesome bc I hadn't been able to buy my 2 boys a whole lot of anything since I divorced their dad about 6 years ago bc my sole income is social security disability and while it is better than nothing it isn't a whole lot every month. My son is a good young man who is taking nursing school that he is paying for himself even so that cutback on what he even treats himself to so this win came just when it would have been much appreciated. After several emails back and forth with the last one from them, they have stuck to they were not paying me or unlocking my account. I don't care if they unlock my account at this point bc I think very highly of their practices but I won that money fairly and this is unjust. Even Taylot said he didn't feel that was the right choice they had made regarding my account but he is customer service and not one of the decision makers there. It would be so nice if lcb.org could help me to recieve what I won so I could get my son the present hw deserves but also to make sure anyone that reads this doesn't go thru the same thing I have had to due to something like this.

  • Hello Southernhunny,

    Please send me your casino username to private message inbox and we'll get in touch with the Casino Representative.

  • carpentergamble wrote:

    hello, I have a delay in JacksPay casino, the withdrawal has not been processed for almost a week
    (support operator said it would take a day or two , this is weird)

    Hello carpentergamble,

    Could you please send me your casino username to private message inbox and we'll get in touch with the Casino Representative?


    3.7/ 5

  • Hello carpentergamble,

    Thank you for providing us with your casino username. We've sent an email to the Casino Representative. Please keep an eye on this thread for updates.

  • Hey there,  there is no delay.  Most bitcoin withdrawals are paid within a day or two.   Our processing team due to a winter storm we had was unable to get into the office to deal with withdrawals and we do not payout on weekends.   We will have this paid as soon as possible as we are back in the office today!!!

    Sorry for the inconvenience

    Best Regards


  • Hey there,   we would love to respond to your response on another players comment who is patiently waiting on a withdrawal.   

    You mentioned that you hope that no one goes through what you did.   We banned your account for bonus abuse.   

    We don't ban accounts randomly. 

    We have terms and conditions.

    If rules are broken,  we deal with it accordingly.

    We are sorry that your account was closed due to barely meeting wagering, bonus abuse and we hope this message finds  you will.

    We recommend in the future,  going through the terms and conditions when you play so that way,  you won't feel there was " no " reason why your account was suspended.

    Best Regards


  • Hey there,   just updating that this player has been paid.   If you need anything further,  feel free to reach out to our customer service team at support@jackspay.com or by going to www.jackspay.com/help or by coming into live chat 7 days a week.   We can assist you there.

    Thanks for your patience!!

    Transaction Information
    Request Date:
    2022-01-03 14:03:19
    Paid Date:
    2022-01-10 10:53:41
    Transaction Processed - Crypto - Reup Generic (259,477521)
    Crypto - Reup Generic

    Best Regards


  • Yes i received funds today, thank you very much! 

  • carpentergamble wrote:

    Yes i received funds today, thank you very much!

    We're glad to hear that. Thanks for the update!

  • Hello Southernhunny,

    Thank you for providing us with your casino username. We've sent an email to the Casino Representative. Please keep an eye on this thread for updates.

  • I still do not see how you can claim bonus abuse bc I "barely made wager requirement" There was no percentage, no number to set a guidelines for ur barely making wager excuse. To me, almost half of what intried to withdrawal is not barely. And as I stated before, you cannot tell me what my sole intentions were. I still fell I have done nothing wrong. What is the number or percentage to the barely making requirements? Or is it some invisible number you have come up with to keep from having to pay ppl? I think yall just got in over your head and aren't making the kind of money you thought you were or paying out a measly 500 wouldn't be a problem. I should have known something when I learned my deposits weren't going thru my bitcoin wallet on Cashapp bc this casino is against their terms and conditions... tell me thou. Was that fair to your casino? Is that why you are having money problems? How long do you think you can continue to cheat ppl out of their winnings before you are forced to go bankrupt or close your doors I will continue to raise hell about this all the way to the licensing board as well bc this was just wrong. The manager I spoke to and Taylor both did not agree with the decision to ban my account and void my winnings. 

  • Hello Southernhunny,

    We've asked the Casino Representative to provide us with some evidence and to give us a detailed explanation. Keep you updated.

  • I have another withdrawal delay, a little bit over a week,
    the operator promised to process the withdrawal yesterday,
    but unfortunately it has not been processed yet

  • Hi carpentergamble,

    Please provide me with your casino username. We're going to notify the casino rep and see what happened. 

  • MelissaN wrote:

    Hi carpentergamble,

    Please provide me with your casino username. We're going to notify the casino rep and see what happened. 

    just sent a private message to you , thanks !

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