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  • This is a complaint I'm making about Ladyhammer Casino. After reaching out to the casino a number of times this has not been resolved, maybe it has for them, but not for me.

    I came across this casino online and liked the sound of it, and saw some good reviews, so I decided to make a $30 deposit. With this i was told I could receive a first depositors bonus which was 100% up to $100 of my deposit plus 50 free spins. (See screenshot)

    So after depositing it wasn't too long and I luckily caught a nice win playing Stampede, of over $400 betting just .80 c. In my excitement I raised the bet, I kept winning. 

    Playing different games as I went, ecstatic I was having such great luck from making a $30 deposit, I continued to play watching the playthrough amount I needed to complete before making a withdrawal. I now had winnings over $1000. I completed my playthrough amount PLUS the playthrough amount required for the free spins I received at the same time. I kept playing until I had a neat $1000 in my account and decided it best to withdraw this as I considered it a fantastic outcome from spending an initial $30. After getting on live chat and asking what they required of me document wise to ensure there was no hold up on paying my winnings out,I was advised to just request my withdrawal and management would process it asap. At this stage, never did I think I'd broken any rules, nor was I informed I had broken any either when on live chat.  It was taking quite a while to get processed so I kept checking in with live chat to check the progress, still never being informed  I'd broken any rules. It wasn't until the last chat I had that I was informed that my payout hadn't been been processed yet as it was being investigated further as they believed I had bet over max bet when playing with a bonus. I said at that point that I was not informed at the time BEFORE winning as much as I had that with a DEPOSIT BONUS I wasn't allowed to bet over a certain amount. I was just told that it's stated in the ts and cs and it was now up to management whether or not I received my winnings. I then told the agent on live chat, that I never bet over max with the intent if breaking any rules, and that I only did raise my bets once I had my initial win playing Stampede and explained that through all my excitement is the only reason I raised my bets. If I wasn't ALLOWED to bet over this max, then I could have at least kindly been informed when I first raised my bet over max, that if I continued to do this then I could risk my winnings( you think if this happened, I would have continued betting over max?) Or in the casinos case,if they don't allow to bet over a certain amount, then the game should not allow it to happen as other casinos do practise. 

    So it took over 24 hours for a decision on my winnings which was they completely confiscated my $1000!   When I logged in and saw that my $1000 withdrawal had been discarded I was furious, I went onto live chat to get some sort of explanation that at least justified them taking my whole winni vs and all they could say was that I broke the rules and I should have read them when registering, which I do do, but after winning over $400 from an 80 cent bet, betting over the max with a bonus didn't even enter my mind. I explained this to them because prior to depositing $30 I was feeling quite low because I had recently just lost my job due to covid 19 and that this $1000 was a very welcoming way to be able to adjust to my job loss, Ladyhammer did not carbine bit even after asking for them to just show a bit of compassion as it's hard times for everyone, and if they would just let me withdraw my winnings they could rest assured that I would never bet over max again and I definitely was no bonus abuser, as they're so worried about. I assured them that it was a mistake on my part and I would 100% make certain I did nothing of the sort again, only to get the reply back saying their decision is final and broke the rules so I pay the price(keep in mind the price I paid was$1000) I was devastated, I went from great relief at the fact id won, to devastation 24 hours  later. I recently got on their live chat again to plead with them to re investigate my winnings and have a heart and I accept I did break their rule but did it with no intention of breaking their rules or by being a bonus abuser, and should I really have to pay $1000 for my mistake. Once again they said decision is final and basically gave me a link to their ts and cs and suggested I read them. I even tried compromising with them by asking that they look back to when I was playing Stampede and see that I was only betting 80 cents and only raised the bet after a big win and continued from there. So I asked for them to just payout what I had won from my 80 cent bet playing Stampede which was just over $400, which meant if they did they still got to keep over half of what I withdrew, but still wouldn't even get my request looked into. Then just get cut off the live chat and nothing. Please, if someone can point me in the right direction of somebody that could help or if someone can intervene and get this looked into further for me that would be most appreciated. As I have found out since this happened to me, I'm not the only one ladyhammer has done this to, yet they still seem to enjoy a great rating and review from a lot of websites. 

  • Hi¬†Ree-Ree Montgomery,

    Cpuld you please private message me your casino username so we can notify the casino rep and try to sort it out? 

  • Thankyou Melissa, pm has been sent.


  • Ree-Ree Montgomery wrote:

    Thankyou Melissa, pm has been sent.


    Thank you the casino rep will be notified. We'll keep you posted. 

  • Dear Renee,¬†

    Hope you're doing well today. First of all, thanks for sharing your experience with us.

    I’m very sorry to hear about your problem. 

    We found out that you have exceeded the maximum bet while playing with the bonus. That is the reason why the winnings were voided. On our casino website, there is information about the bonus rules which need to follow.

    "Limitation of the maximum bet while wagering: EUR 5 / USD 5. This restriction applies to the entire game round and also to bets doubling after the completion of the game round."

    We have double-checked. As we see you have some winnings with multiple bets which exceed maximum bet rules. But all these winnings come from the bonus and during playing with a deposit bonus, you breached the terms and have some winnings after finished the wagering. All this leads to voiding the winnings.

    The support agents don't analyze all player's bets. The security department of the casino checking the gameplay when the player makes a withdrawal and only after that the casino has the right to confiscate the winnings from irregular play, where the player breached T&C's.

    I am very sorry about the situation with your job due to COVID, but it has nothing to do with this case.

    We understand your frustration you've been experiencing with this. However, please understand we need to follow our rules. 

    Since we take care of each player a deposit bonus as a goodwill has been restored to your balance. We kindly ask you to observe our Bonus Terms & Conditions and be more attentive next time. 

    If you have any more question, please contact us here or our support team per live chat.

    Thank you very much for your understanding.

    Best regards, 
    Lady Hammer Casino 

  • I played at this casino about 5 times and deposited total of 500 USD. This is not a lot of money for me but now they are demanding "source of wealth!"

    No other casino on land or online ever asked me about my personal finances. Are they the tax department??

    I did give them an invoice showing a business payment that was made to me but not they want more including my bank statements.

    I think the whole thing is very strange and invasive.

    Anyone experience this with online casinos?

  • platapavo wrote:

    I played at this casino about 5 times and deposited total of 500 USD. This is not a lot of money for me but now they are demanding "source of wealth!"

    No other casino on land or online ever asked me about my personal finances. Are they the tax department??

    I did give them an invoice showing a business payment that was made to me but not they want more including my bank statements.

    I think the whole thing is very strange and invasive.

    Anyone experience this with online casinos?

    Hello platapavo,

    As per current rules and regulations, online casinos are obliged to verify the Source of Wealth and Source of Funds of their customers, therefore, they can request this info from the players. We've had similar cases before.

    If you want us to contact the N1 Casino Representative regarding this issue, please private message me your casino username. 


    3.5/ 5

  • Hello Sydney, thank you for the reply and the offer to contact the casino. I don't think it's necessary. I am just wondering if this is a regulation put on the casinos by the government in the country they are in or what is the purpose of it because it is quite strange and ive never heard of any kind of purchase asking for this including casinos i've played online and in real life. Especially for the 500 dollars i deposited with them.
    I dont like the idea of turning over banking records to some little casino in whatever country.

  • Hello platapavo,

    As I've already mentioned in my previous post, there's nothing unusual about this and since 2019. online casinos can request a Source of Wealth and a Source of Funds from their customers.

  • I uploaded my bank statement for them.¬†
    I think it is funny for them to ask source of WEALTH as if 500 euros is wealth and I have to show how I managed to achieve getting that.

  • Hello¬†platapavo,

    Thanks for letting us know. Please let us know if you managed to pass the verification. 

  • Hello not yet. Now they said I only gave them 2 months of bank statement and they want more! It really is crazy for a purchase of 500 euros. Is it stalling so they dont have to pay?

  • Hello¬†platapavo,

    If you want us to contact the Casino Representative, please private message me your casino username.

  • Thank you sidney. For now I gave them my statements from August to December so that should be enough this time I hope!

  • You're welcome platapavo. In case you need our help, please let me know.

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