Liberty Slots, Lincoln Casino, PlayCroco Support and Complaints Thread

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  • Berks wrote

    Hi llaruta, 

    Could you please provide us with the documents that you sent to them regarding the verification?

    Thanks in advance.



    I sent what you asked



  • Hi llaruta

    We have sent you an advice through private message, and when you do all the required steps please let us know about the result.

    Please keep us informed.

    Thank you.

  • hi berks

    i did what you said however they claim they don't accept copies of documents only originals...

    The problem is that the photos I am sending are of the original document and are not copies..

  • Hi llaruta

    We will check this issue with Casino Rep. Once we hear back we will let you know.

    Please keep an eye on this thread.

    Thank you.

  • I see that Liberty slots follows a strict policy for players and that they must provide the correct documents in order to cashout. 

    We as players must also follow a strict requirement that the casinos we play at provide the correct documentation and show current up to date licenses and certifications. Certified Fair Gambling has provided the history archive of Liberty Slots certificates which clearly indicates they have stopped in March 2019. We ask if Liberty Slots could please provide proof of a current audit for fairness and current gaming license.

    Thank you.

  • Hello SinMore,

    We will reach out to Casino Rep in hopes that he we will get back to you with a proper explanation.

    Keep you posted.

    Thank you.

  • hi Berks

    I will be 24 years old in July and I'm a student of economic sciences here in buenos aires.. I learned to gamble with my father who is a veteran gambler both online and in physical casinos because here in argentina we have some physical casinos, I'm not addicted to games, I just play slots for fun and I don't spend a lot of money on it, sometimes I deposit $20 or $30 dollars and place my bets in pennies to play longer, sometimes I'm lucky and most of the time I don't earn anything

    my father told me that there are many online casinos with good reputations and casinos that take advantage of rules or excuses like ''rigorous verification process'' simply to not pay players regardless of the amount...

    I have verified accounts on some famous betting sites in the world such as bet365, betsson among others with an unshakable name and reputation and that has extremely modern and fast document verification tools, and I have never had my ID rejected in bookmakers and casinos

    to be more specific I can say for sure they know that my data is correct, that all the documents sent are clear and legible, but in order not to pay they work hard to make the verification not happen...

    I understand that there is a lot of fraud and money laundering and verifications are important and everything needs to be checked, however I think that any human being no matter how smart he is will realize the difference between a healthy verification and a malicious betting site , I'm not accusing them of anything, I just think it's all very strange and the way they approach me is extremely strange, I also realized that the relationship between LCB and this group of casinos is a little different from the other casinos listed here, maybe I'm wrong, I don't know.. it's just my perception...  however it doesn't matter at the moment and my father said he knows what will happen at the end of this story, simply they will claim account verification failure, my account will be closed and winnings will be confiscated...

    if you look at my complaint you will notice that at no time did the casino representative have the good will to respond and I know that he was logged in twice in the period of this complaint and I also did not see any position of the LCB on the fact that the representative did not uttered nothing

  • Hello llaruta,

    We are really sorry that you are facing such an issue.

    We have informed Casino Rep about this matter and once we hear back we will let you know instantly.

    Please keep you posted.

    Thank you for understanding.

  • I have to agree with this post.  And if this complaint is regarding Liberty Slots verification process. This individual is absolutely right about this process being more of a malicious attempt on this casinos part to NOT make the requested withdrawal by the customer.  This casino has the chat support staff say congratulations to the customer on their winnings, (this makes the customer feel like the casino supports their win and will for fill the withdrawal request ASAP)  And all along unbeknownst to the customer the Verification, Security and Financial departments think of ways to delay, or deny any legitimate withdrawal request of the customer.  Right now, this casino currently is no longer offering crypto withdrawals.  Evidently, they are experiencing a processor technical malfunction for crypto withdrawals and have no time period of when this will be fixed. 

    It raises a lot of concern for me when a casino I have been depositing money to and playing in is experiencing this kind of issue.  Does it affect the odds on the games?  have I been throwing my money away because the games on this site are experiencing technical issues too?   And this casino has not let depositing customers know about the technical problem they are experiencing with crypto withdrawals.  And it is issues like that that cause customers like myself to be suspicious of the legitimacy and honesty of the Casino.  

    All of this is very disappointing to me. I have been playing at this casino, doing tournaments and depositing funds to play the simple slot games it has.  Never with the expectation of winning a decent amount just having fun with the hope that I might get lucky one time and actually score enough to make a withdrawal request.   (See for me 100. is not an amount I am going to withdraw because I would just end up depositing it back into the casino.)   I have greatly enjoyed playing on this site.  I'm not going to get into all that has happened in the past month but as it stands once I get my withdrawal from this casino.  It is very likely I will not make any more deposits or play on this site.  The loss of trust is exactly what causes me to avoid an online casino and cross them off my list of casinos I would personally recommend to friends or family! 

    Aileen M. Dodge


  • Not only are they having difficulty with crypto deposits, it withdrawals as well. I have played with this group since their opening. Never had problems until now. They cancelled my last week withdrawals due to their their technical difficulties of crypto withdrawal methods, and i opted for a bank wire. I haven't heard anything about it and they're adding all this additional wait time, as if you the players are responsible for their issues. Lincoln has made me verify a credit card I've been using forever, and keep telling me i haven't sent in the verification, after I've sent it numerous times. I don't know what's up with this group lately, but I'm strongly reconsidering membership at these casinos 

  • Hello buggars,

    We have to inform you that we have heard from several sources that there is a problem with bitcoin payments, and that in many casinos the wait for payment is longer than usual. We will try to get in touch with Casino Rep to get as clear an explanation as possible when it will be resolved.

    Keep an eye on this thread for any updates.

    Thank you

  • Hello llaruta,

    We are still waiting for an update from Casino Rep. Once we hear back we will let you know.

    Keep an eye on this thread.

    Thank you.

  • Hey all,

    I have been trying to get my account verified on Liberty Slots for months. Every single proof of address document I sent them they reject. I cannot get anyone at support to tell me what exactly they want me to send. Im thinking they are going to keep delaying until I just forget the $100 in my account I've been trying to withdrawal. Any help would be appreciated!

  • Hello Djshakka,

    In order for your withdrawal to be processed, you must first verify your account details.

    You must send the documentation listed below via email: 

    1. A colored copy of a government issued photo ID (Passport or National ID front and back or Driver License front and back)

    2. A colored copy of a proof of address, not older than 90 days (Utility Bill or Bank statement) All documents must be legible and valid (not expired), all four corners must be visible. 

    3. In case you used a crypto currency to fund your account, you must additionally send a picture of you holding a government issued photo ID next to the face. 

    The picture quality should be good enough to verify the details. The entire ID and your face must be visible.

    Liberty Slots Casino reserves the right to ask for further documentation.

    For example, the following (but not limited to) documentation:

    In case you used a credit/debit card to fund the account, a copy of this card (front and back).

    In case you used an eWallet (e.g.: Skrill, Neteller, etc.), a screenshot of your eWallet account showing the registered information.

    Could you please advise which documents you have already provided and when exactly did you send the last one? Have you provided all the required documents in the correct format?

  • Anchi,

    I have sent my ID and a selfie holding it. That all is fine. It's the proof of address document I have sent at least 4 different ones and they each time they just respond, we received your documents, we cannot accept your document. Please let a utility bill etc. Over and over. 

  • Hello Djshakka,

    Could you please provide us with the documents via private message that you sent to them regarding the verification?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Good Day SinMore,

    I do hope all is well with you.

    Unfortunately I cannot provide you with any different information than I provided in the past.

    I can say for sure that the information you are providing is absolutely not up to date. As it is a fact that Certified Fain Gaming would not allow any online casino to display their seal unless they were indeed certified.

    Our certification is indeed on Certified Fair Gaming site and it is update to date. LCB can also contact Certified Fair Gaming to verify this. We are in contact with Certified Fair Gaming every single month. Which is another why this so far fetched. 

    I am not sure what issues you have with Liberty Slots, but we have a great reputation and have strongly maintained this throughout the years as we seriously make an extra effort to put our players first.

    You totally refuse to provide us with your account information (if you do have an account). And this is very strange. Only players who have had their accounts closed due to fraudulent activity have done things such as these in the past.

    What I can assure you and all our players is that Liberty Slots has been very fair and very generous to our players and will will continue to be. We are a company of strong integrity and this will not change.

    Best Regards,


  • Good Day Buggars,

    I hope all is well with you.

    I am saddened to hear of your recent experience with us.
    The temporary technical issues we experienced were resolved. We sincerely apologize for this. These were ISP and wallets related issues, not directly the casino. However we do apologize.

    It is very strange that you were asked to verify the same credit card again. Only new cards should be verified. And this verification is to protect the card holder mostly. It is also not correct that you have not heard back regarding your wire.

    Can you please inbox me your account number and the email address you used to create your account so I can look into this for you. I will get it sorted.


    Best Regards,


  • Anchi,

    That you for the response. I am going to send them my Internet bill I just got. I will also send it to you as well. Thank you for the assistance!


  • Hey Dylan69,

    If it's ok, in going to message you as well just so I can keep updated on getting my account verified. Hope that ok. Thanks!



  • Dylan, you have consistently evaded the issues I presented. I have provided the proof backing up everything I am stating is factual and true but again you fail to provide a single document and expect us to simply take your word. Evasive, false, deceptive and un ethical behavior is the kind of treatment players will receive from your casino. A valid license should be the easiest document for a respected casino to provide. It is not the responsibility of the player to do your job and find it for you. 
  • Hello Djshakka,

    Please let us know if everything is fine with provided documents.

    Thank you for keeping us informed.


  • hi Berks

    any answer about my case? I seem to have been forgotten...

  • Hello llaruta,

    Yesterday we have sent them a reminder again regarding your issue. Still waiting for a response, and once we hear back we will let you know instantly.

    Keep an eye on this thread.

    Thank you for understanding.

  • Hi Berks, does Liberty Slots have a valid gaming license and if so how can this be verified?

  • FINALLY, THIS CASINO ACCEPTED ONE OF MY SELFIES HOLDING MY LICENSE!  I finally have been able to make a withdrawal request.  That has been approved.  Now it will be something to see just how long it takes them to actually transmit the crypto to my wallet.  (and believe me with some casinos that could be up to 10 plus BUSINESS days) 

    Think I'll go have myself a Guinness or Smuttynose Imperial stout if I can find one!!!! laugh_out_loud


    Aileen M. Dodge

  • Hello Aileen Dodge,

    Wow, that's a good news. Hope that the payout will be done as soon as possible.smiley

    Let us know when it happens.

    Thank you.

  • Dylan, I did as you said and asked LCB to confirm you have a valid license and they too can not provide one. I am sorry but your words are worthless as not once have you been truthful with us. You tell us that slots are never audited but I shown proof they are, you say on your website that "all games are certified fair" but I provided the proof they are not, you tell us you have a valid license, but I shown the proof you do not.  It is a sad attempt to try and salvage  your reputation by saying I am retaliating. I am simply pointing out the false claims posted on your casino web page.  Trust me when I say that I want you to prove me wrong but the evidence against you is overwhelming. Dont let your ego stand in the way of doing the right thing here.
  • hi

    it's unfortunate to see that the representative dylan only responds when peoples they say bad things about the casino, I'm just trying to verify my account almost 2 months ago and I'm ignored... maybe I have to support the above complaints,this might be the only way perhaps to get some attention ...

    Dylan replied to me a private message many days ago saying he would help me... however it seems he forgot, maybe the above allegations make some sense..

    I am very disappointed with this group of casinos.

  • Hi llaruta,

    We will ping again Casino Rep about your issue. He got back to us and said that he will follow up this matter. Let's see if Monday will bring a good news.

    Thank you for your understanding and patience.

  • Hi llaruta,

    We are still waiting for a response from their side. We will reach out to them again to check what is happening with your verification process.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding.

  • hello Berks

    I opened this complaint on April 21st and today is completed  2 months and 5 days old... do you really believe they will answer you??? it is not possible to have patience and understanding in these cases, this representative has no word, he promised me help 10 days ago and never returned with an answers... I find it strange that you keep telling me that you sent messages to them and in 2 months they never responded... the people above who badmouthed this  casino group maybe they are right... it shows he doesn't give a shit about my problem, i advise people not to play at this casino and i will check if the accusations that they don't have a license are true,, 

    How can I trust a person who promises to help you and disappears?

  • Hi llaruta,

    We have reached out to them again in hopes that we can get a final clarification regarding this case. Once we get some resolution on this case we will let you know instantly.

    Thank you for your understanding and patience.

  • i will check if the accusations that they don't have a license are true,, 

    It is true. Here is another review site saying that they have no license. Unfortunately LCB will not allow me to show the source link but this is very easy to verify with Google search. 

    Just about all reputable online casinos disclose where they have obtained a gaming license, and under which jurisdiction they operate. Liberty Slots does not. Our enquiries to the casino about where they are licensed and indeed if they are licensed at all were turned aside with the explanation that the owners of the casino do not wish to reveal this information.

    The casino servers appear to be located in Curacao and the website hosted in the UK, but the CIG does not appear to license the casino or its owners. The casino T&Cs are clearly an incomplete template with crucial information missing or deleted, and the casino refers to itself therein as "The Company". We can only assume that they do not have a license. True, having no license at all is almost no difference to being "licensed" by a rubber-stamp jurisdiction like Costa Rica or Belize, but it is still concerning. Players should be aware that if they play at Liberty Slots they have absolutely no avenue for third party arbitration apart from volunteer mediators without any binding power over the casino, such as ourselves here, should a dispute arise with the casino.


    I must also add that I am not "badmouthing" Liberty Slots. I am disappointed that they will not correct the obvious errors stated on their site and the poor service that Dylan provides its paying customers. If stating fact is "badmouthing" then so be it. This casino has brought it upon themselves. 

  • hello

    I think my case has no solution,  I'm not dealing with serious people, the casino representative promised me twice to help me and for the second time he made me wait, I don't believe him anymore,  

    this type of situation is regrettable, I hope that other players think well before playing in this group of casinos..

  • Hi llaruta,

    Very sorry you are experiencing these issues, as soon as we have more details on your case we will update the thread. 

    Keep you posted.

  • Hello llaruta,

    Do you have maybe any news regarding your issue?

    Has your account been verified?


  • Hi Berks

    not veirified my account and didn't even answer me ... the only person who answered me was dylan by private message here on LCB for the second time, However, it's been a few days and he doesn't keep what he promises, I lost trust in him...

    the men in my country usually keep the things they promise. It's part of our culture and we're not used to this kind of behavior...

    """" Hi IIaruta,

    I did not forgot about you. I actually thought this was resolved as I spoke to risk and ask them to contact you. I apologize for this.

    Thank you for sending these copies over. I will send these over to risk and call the manager and ask him to sort this out.

    I was unexpectedly out of office again and now a lot better. I apologize for the wait. Let me try to get this sorted.''''''

  • Hello llaruta,

    We have sent them a reminder in hopes that Dylan will take this case in his hands. Once we get a response we will let you know.

    Thank you for your patience.

  • Hello llaruta,

    Casino Rep got back to us and said that the documents you provided does not match what the government standard should be. If you provide them with your driver license or passport they will review that.

    Please do what they are asking you for, and we are sure that they will take a look and verify your account if everything is valid and clear.

    Please keep us informed.

    Thank you.

  • HELP, I was ripped off by croco casino. can anyone help?  I was specifically told to dep to get the 100 free chip this friday. so I did now its friday they will not honor it. here is the conversation. 


  • Hello dnickell,

    Thank you for sharing and exporting your issue with us.

    We will notify Casino Rep in order to check your account if you are eligible for this promotion. 

    Keep an eye on this thread for any updates.


  • hello Berks

    I sent my driver's license however it is a temporary license valid for only 1 year, here in Argentina the first driver's license is temporary and only after a year do we receive the definitive license...

    I sent it however I don't believe they will accept it

  • Hi llaruta,

    Crossing fingers that this time your account is going to be verified.

    Please keep us informed.

    Thank you.

  • Hi llaruta,

    Do you have any updates regarding this case?

    Has your account been verified?

  • Hello Berks

    after almost 3 months my account was finally verified and I already made a withdrawal request..

    I would like to thank you for your willingness to help


  • Hi llaruta,

    We are so happy to hear that your account has been verified. thumbs_up

    Enjoy your further entertainment.

    We will mark this case as Resolved.

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