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  • I have been trying to get verified at limitless casino for a week and a half so I can make a withdrawal, but I have yet to receive a response from them except for automated confirmations that they have received my email. Then I found there is absolutely no way to contact this casino other than the email I've been trying to use to contact anyone. 

  • Hello ShannonBonner102,

    Please PM me your casino account username and we will ask for updates on your behalf. 

  • We received your account details ShannonBonner102 and asked for updates regarding your verification issue.

    As soon as we hear back, we will let you know. 

  • ShannonBonner102, reminder sent. So far no updates. 

  • Hello ShannonBonner102,

    We received an update from the Casino Representative, your account is now fully verified and you can initiate a withdrawal.

    May I please ask you to confirm all is in order now?

    Thank you. 

  • Hi Everyone!

    This is Limitless Casino Support Team. Limitless Casino is a new brand launched on July 2022 focused in the US market; striving to provide the best online gaming experience out there. Please feel free to address here any questions or concerns you may have regarding our brand. We will be glad to assist you anytime.

    The Limitless Casino Team

  • Limitless Casino representative has arrived! What an honor! Welcome! smiley

  • Welcome to LCB ! There are no limits for you ! wink

  • Hi Limitless Casino, Welcome to our forumi_love_lcb

  • Welcome to the forumsmiley

  • Hi, welcome to our forum, nice to have you herecheesy

  • Welcome to the forum. cheesy Nice to have you here!

  • Great to have you here assisting our members! thumbs_upkiss

  • Welcome to LCB thumbs_up

  • Welcome to the forum Limitless Casino. 

  • Thanks so much for such warm welcome to LCB forum. Looking forward to be of assistance to you all. :)


  • I made a $43 deposit with this casino. I asked for a free bonus after a failed deposit and was turned down flat. Told that's there is no guarantee for a free bonus after a deposit. I am not eligible for a free bonus in the words of chat. I am disappointed and disgusted with this casino.

  • Hi snb6448,

    Can you please send us your Casino username via private message so that we can notify Casino Representative about your concern.

  • Hi snb6448,

    We are still waiting for your credentials. PM me, to be able to help you. 

  • I don't understand how to deposit.  I do not like using customer service so they did not get my money.

  • I've deposited there a couple of times and received free spins abunch of times but one thing I have never received are Comp Points for any of the play. Just curious because all RTG casinos shell out points to depositing players.

    Player Name - quball

  • Hi quball,

    Thanks for sharing with us your credentials. We will get in touch with Casino Representative and will back to you once we get some update. Keep you posted.

  • Hi snb6448,

    We will consider this case as CLOSED due to inactivity of submitter.

  • Now this is a casino that does things right. 

    I've watched a friend sign up deposit and win and then cash out literally in the span of an HOUR. 

    That's some srs fkn bsns right there. 

    Every other RTG casino on here and the Internet in general could learn a lot from you guys. 

    Keep up the good work. 


  • I received a $20 loyalty bonus inmate play through try to withdraw and keep getting the runaround and told the max is $50 even though the terms for a free chip clearly state it's minimum of $50 or five times the bonus which would make my withdrawal $100, but they will not honor it.

  • Dear Tamye Edwards:

    In order for you to deposit simply login into your casino account; go to the cashier, choose your deposit method and follow the simple instructions. CS should assist you in case you have questions about it but no sensitive information will be asked by any CS representative. 

    Please let us know if you were able to deposit or if you are still having further inquiries or concerns.

    The Limitless Team


  • Hi mws813p,

    Can you please provide us with your Casino username via private message, so we can notify Casino Representative.

  • Ok, I'm pretty familiar with signup bonuses, account verifications, verification deposits and so on.   I signed up to limitless because I heard it was a sister site to casinoextreme and brango, with whom I deposit and have had successful withdrawals.   I signed up and been using the daily SPLENDID50 bonus code daily which from the terms and conditions seemed ok.  I finally got enough to withdrawal.  I hadn't did my Acount verification yet or verification deposit, because there are some sites that don't require it.  I went to withdrawal, it got kicked back, I spoke to customer service and they informed me i had to send my documentation in hey, which was fine.  NO mention of the initial deposit.  I sent in they said 5 days.  around the 3rd day I spoke to customer support just to see if by chance they completed verification they said no, had to wait the 5vdays. I proceeded to ask, if I can just make the bitcoin deposit and be done , they said no I had to wait for banking to finish.  I received and email today saying my account was fully verified and I can go ahead with the withdrawal, which I proceeded to do.  Only to get another Email asking me now to make an verification delosit.  I feels like a runaround, cause had they told me when I first went to withdrawal just to make a deposit, I would have, cause then I wouldn't even have had to send any personal documentation.  Be careful with this site.  

  • Dear quball;

    We have checked your account and it shows your player level is bronze which means you still haven't reached the VIP level required for the comp points to begin accumulating. Hoping this clarifies your previous inquiry.

    The Limitless Team

  • Just an update.   I Just want to make it clear , my post wasn't about it being a shady casino...., but the miscommunication would make it appear as if they are giving you the runaround .  I ended up making the verification deposit which was only $10, and soon after I was able to withdraw my bonus winnings, and still have the $10 deposit to play around with.  Good luck with your experience, just read and get a full understanding of what is needed of you, to save a little frustration.

  • Hi DonovanStewart Jr101,

    We understand your concerns. Can we help you somehow with this issue?

    If you need our help, please send us your account username via private message, so we will reach out to Casino Representative.

  • Under no deposit app...The game is limitless my user name is. Roger101 password is <removed by admin>

  • Hi Roger101,

    Can you please be more precise?

    Thanks for sharing your credentials. When you elaborate us your issue, we will get in touch with Casino Representative in order to resolve this case.

  • Hello, mws813p.

    Hope you are doing well!

    Please note that there may have been a misunderstanding in interpreting the terms and conditions posted on our website. The term you are referring to states, under paragraph "7.10.b.", as quoted below:

        "Unless otherwise stated in the promotion, the Player may withdraw a minimum of $/€/AUD50 and a maximum of 5x the value of the free chip bonus. The Player understands that the Casino will clear the excess funds from the User Account after the Player is paid the maximum withdrawal amount stated in the free chip promotion."

    The terms of the bonus played were in line with what the T&Cs suggest. Of course, various bonuses exceed the nominal terms, but that goes under the "otherwise stated" reference and in such cases, players will be informed through viable channels of communication depending on the nature of the said bonus.

    Best Regards,
    The Limitless Team
  • I'm not understanding 

  • So I can't payout until I reah what price 

  • Hi Roger101,

    Can you please explain to us more precisely what is your issue, so we can react and reach out to Casino Representative?

  • hello now my withdrawl request is from loyalty free spins which i recieved after i made a depsoit with litecoin and then i got asked to verify agian isint that only reaquired for non depsoiting account where verfication is inichiated and isisnt suppose to be not required for crypto accoutts thanks you once again slotgod204 is my username 

  • Hello Slotgod204,

    Thanks for reaching out. We will get in touch with Casino Representative in order to help you. Please keep posted.

  • helllo i thought id let you knoe that they contacted me and verified me and i sucessfully recevied my winnings 🙂

  • Hello Slotgod204,

    Thank you for the update. We are so glad that you received the funds. Enjoy your winnings. money

  • Fast payouts and fun games! Only thing I wish was the promo were better. Overall great though and fast support

    That was my review before, now that I have been playing here awhile I need to update it. First of all after one good night of gaming the games seemed literally turned off and I lost thousands. Then comes the poor loyalty bonuses and recently after a night of playing over $3000 through I was given a $80 free chip. The terms and conditions state that this bonus has 20x playthru and 5x max cashout. Well instead they literally made up terms and said 40x playthru which I made but then it took all my winning except $160 which is 2X and manager Ralph said that is max cashout of bonus. Now I always check the terms and I did by clicking on the info button of the bonus in the cashier and it plainly said general terms and conditions apply with a link to those and I ready them and it said for free chip it is max 5x cashout so should have been $400 not $160. I argued with Ralph until he admitted that the bonus has no terms and conditions listed on the site and they can basically make it up as they go. Now why would anyone play large amounts of cash for a max $160 with 40x play thru I am a big player not a new one. If a casino will screw you out of $400 on purpose imagine what they would do if you win $50,000. Avoid this place at all costs! 

  • I am trying to cash out but I haven't been able to log in since I requested payout

  • Limitless - you can not deposit if you have a balance but to withdraw my $50 I have to make a verification deposit?

    Wut? My head is spinning ..

    I was told by chat that $10 would work but it is a 30$ minimum deposit ... 

    Not very professional or true to their mission statements ... 

  • Dennis KoenigMetalqueen,

    Can you please send us your Casino Username via private message so we can forward your issues to Casino Representative in order to help you.

  • please help me sign in


  • Hello WesleyTyrrell102,

    Can you specify your problem?

  • I have had to wait an extremely long time to be verified, I have sent what they asked me, and they have been dragging their feet on getting me verified for withdrawal. Username is ibrdbbb And this is for a crypto withdrawal, It doesn't allow me to even attempt a withdrawal yet without verification

  • I have been trying to get my account verification done and I havent hear anything back from anyone except the automated email.please help me!

  • Hello Ibrdb2020,

    Thanks for reaching out. We will notify Casino Representative in order to help you to resolve this issue as soon as possible. Keep us posted.

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