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  • Hello, LCB!

    We are happy to introduce our crypto casino here. Please, feel free to ask any questions here.


    1. Highest possible RTP at all slots. Yes, it is truth. We asked all providers who give an option to change RTP (Return To Player) to set the possible maximum. So in this casino you will win much more and more often.
    2. Anonymity. You need only email to register. NO VERIFICATION REQUIRED.
    3. Instant cashouts. You may withdraw your winnings instantly with no any security checks, verifications etc.
    4. No any wagering. You may withdraw your winnings any moment without any wagering or another requirements.


    5/ 5

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  • Hi LTC casino, had a pretty good experience so far at the casino but you guys really need a loyalty program. I play a lot and enjoy playing more at casinos that thank you for your play with loyalty bonuses, etc. 


    i also have spent and played thousands of dollars here and even though your terms and conditions say You have a VIP program I am still at the same level as a new player and can only withdraw 15ltc a day but your terms say VIPs can do more. Please honor these terms and make players that are newly loyal and play VIP and you would get a lot more business. 

    thank you 


    / 5

  • Hello Mws813p45,

    Could you please send me your casino username to private message inbox and we'll ask the Casino Representative to check what's going on with your VIP level?

  • Hi LTC casino, i have won a big lump of money almost two weeks ago and my account was locked to verify my winnings and  chat operator said once the winning were verified i would have get an email from the casino which i never did even tough they email last week and i have a proof as wazan support team has been very helpful with the matter.


    The chat operator said u never receive the game provider instruction which is not true as i can provide th email that states is not true as they did.

    The chat operator refuse to pass me a manager contact and keeps telling me everyday to be patient and to wait which i did but now i would like some updates as the silence from the casino is unnerving.


    I have follow all the rule of

    your t&c i would like to believe you are an honest casino so i am kindly ask you to give me some updates regarding my winnings as i have 1496 LTC in your casino but im locked with not updates.


    Happy to share my screenshot winnings and the email of the game provider.


    If you could help i would really appreciate as the chat operator every time i contact them they keep say wait and be patience and i make any question they cut the conversation.

     i truly hope your casino is acting in good faith as i have spent a crazy amount of money before i actually won and this is the first time in my life i actually won something so big.


    thanks in advance for help.


    ps i have send u a private message with my registered email.

  • Hello pisty,

    Could you please send me your casino username to private message inbox and we'll ask the Casino Representative to check what's going?

  • Thank you for providing us with your email address pisty. We've sent an email to the Casino Representative and asked him to look into this. Keep you posted.

  • Hello, Dear Pisty, hello LCB Team


    LTC Casino constantly strives to provide the most user-friendly experience in the world of crypto gambling. Therefore, we ensure instant payouts according to the limits stated in our Terms and Conditions. As you have noted, you enjoyed the same treatment with your previous winnings at LTC Casino. We also do not require verification, as we consider it a crucial aspect of a crypto casino.


    Unfortunately, it makes LTC Casino attracting not only to genuine players but also to fraudsters who seek to exploit vulnerabilities, such as game bugs, that may arise through no fault of ours. In exceptional circumstances, we reserve the right to conduct an investigation for up to three months, as stated in our rules. However, this does not mean that the investigation will necessarily take that long, as we have no intention to unduly withhold players' winnings.


    LTC Casino has paid out much larger amounts in the past and continues to do so. Still, we believe that in the current state of affairs it would be appropriate to conduct a more thorough investigation since the confluence of factors has led us to doubt. We will be glad to start paying out winnings as soon as we make sure that there is no fraudulent activity on the customer's part.


    We employ an anti-fraud system following global online gambling standards. As you may know, no software is devoid of bugs, including online casino games. It's in our best intentions to equally protect ourselves and our players.


    Our system has associated four accounts that we believe belong to the same person. This information was considered in the further analysis. It came to our attention that in a short period of time, the player has won three maximum jackpots in the Power of Gods: Hades slot from the Wazdan studio. Given the low probability of such an event, we asked Wazdan to verify the results. The provider's statement suggests that only a few rounds have been analyzed. However, we do not rule out that a possible slot error may arise at longer distances, which were not examined in this case.


    Presently, we keep expecting a more detailed response from the studio. We have disabled all Wazdan games at LTC Casino pending the investigative findings. Although the provider insists that there was no malfunction during the specified rounds, we consider this measure reasonable based on our previous experience.


    Recently, LTC Casino fell victim to a group of scammers who exploited a bug in Felix Gaming slots. Back then, the provider also initially refused to acknowledge any problems with its software. It only became apparent to them several months later after the bug was identified in more casinos. We understand that providers may be reluctant to recognize fallacies, given that it entails reimbursements, damage to reputation, and other risks. As of today, LTC Casino does not support Felix Gaming and Wazdan titles.


    We cannot exclude the possibility that the provider may not be aware of the malfunction until it is pushed to conduct a more detailed analysis. It is our understanding that the provider's own investigation is currently underway, as we requested detailed information about the player's bets two weeks ago and still waiting for the answer.


    During our own investigation, we couldn't help but notice suspicious patterns in the player's activity. Firstly, the player has opened at least 4 accounts at LTC Casino. From the losing accounts, they contacted support and demanded a return of their deposits, threatening with reputational damages, as shown on the screenshot below.

    Subsequently, the player used one of the accounts from which they had previously blackmailed LTC Casino to obtain information about the payout in the question. This serves to reconfirm that the accounts belong to the same person.


    More importantly, from all the accounts, the player participated in the same game, namely Power of Gods: Hades, without any exceptions. To be clear, only from the last account they placed about 50 thousand bets, while the length of individual game sessions exceeds 16 hours.


    Wazdan games have an autospin feature with a max limit of 1,000 spins. Thus, the player's presence is required to continue the game throughout the whole session, even using the feature. Given the length of the sessions and non-stop betting in one game, we suspect that the player could use specialized software to exploit a bug if there is any. What's more, players have to reactivate autospins manually, so we expect to see some delay between the autospin sessions. However, we do not see such a delay in the betting history. In other words, the game went on continuously for thousands of spins without any interruptions. It only confirms our hypothesis about some kind of software being used.


    We continue to analyze the betting history and await a detailed response from Wazdan. Nevertheless, from what we can perceive now, the behavior of this player drastically differs from the usual gaming activity of other players at an online casino.


    Furthermore, the same player has created several dozen complaints against other casinos on gambling forums, trying to reclaim their deposits under various pretexts, including blackmail, like in our case. Most of these complaints were rejected as unfounded by the administration of the respective websites.


    The customer claims to be a UK player. Although we have no way to verify this claim, since we do not request documents as part of our standard procedure, we also question it. Our casino is inaccessible for UK IP addresses, while the player's login history shows completely different countries. The player's writing style on online forums and in live chat further confirms our assumption. Although we are not in a position to discriminate against any player and treat all customers equally, this makes the matter even more suspicious.


    While pressuring our support, the player also indicated that their Coinbase account was banned after playing at LTC Casino. Please note that Coinbase terms prohibit any transactions for gambling purposes. You can find numerous complaints from Coinbase users who had their accounts blocked for the same reason. Thus, the player violated the exchange rules and naturally got their account suspended. This had to happen eventually while playing at LTC Casino cannot be considered as a standalone reason.

    As always, we are glad to pay out any legitimate winnings and regularly do so, setting high standards for the crypto gambling industry. However, we have every reason to believe that we are dealing with an individual or group of individuals trying to profit from exploits and other dubious practices at online casinos. We are continuing our investigation and will make an appropriate decision based on the results.



    5/ 5

  • Dea LTC casino, firstly, 


    the game provider has proved there was not illegallity on the winning, u are doubting  the game provider  snd myself. 


    i have  played over 15k in your casino and constantly  to a point that myself  tought the casino was rigged and askef for a refund as i thought  myself u must have been another  not license casino where people never win and also do not allowed playets to close definitely yoir account.


    i did open indeed 4 accounts, never at e same time as  once i needed a break i put the account on time out,blacklisted? I wish  u did blacklisted or closef my avccount but u never  did.

    Your casino actually  allows to open multiple accku ts and use vpn, I can provide a screenshot ot your t&c, so i did not breach any rules,especially  because i never used more tjan an account  together as i took a break and when I was ready open another account.

    The game provider proved there was not manipulation, bugs of whatever words u have used, u do not teust the game provider,i can't  help as they could only prove that and if i was such a great  haker why would have spend over 15k of my own money? 


    When i have lost the first  30000mtlc and lost it all playing not investigation was made beacuse the money went back to the casino, the last two jackpot I was surprised too as i was at that point connvixed the casino was rigged as u very well know i have played an exagerated amount of time and money and eventually the slots gave thise winning.


    I have never won anything and this is my first  time and i can't  believe  after spending  so muchoney the even doubting the game provider just to don't  pay the winnings and if you wont that should be a warning to any player  reading that.

    Your casino is anonymous yet u worry where I play from when u highly suggest  players to use Vpn ? It is in your t&c , and I can prove i play from the Uk as i have nothing  to  hide, absolutely  nothing, the only reason i use the vpn was to access some games as u suggested in your site.

    My coinbase account  eas always used for gambling and didnt use it for one year so i was not aware it was not allowed and to be honest i honesty  thought  it was closed because of your casino since it operates without a license.


    I did not use my coinbase account  for over one year and that's  why i thought the resson that they closed it was your casino, as I nevet had an issue with them before especially  because  I was so long without using it.


    It sad that a casino that claims anonymity, saying that payhout will be paid straightway, advice  players to use vpn and claims players van open as many accounts as they won't and mostly do not care about vulnerable  players suddenly  all the things that make players signing  in are the esxcuses the casino use not to pay the winnings.

    You well know the crazy amount of money i have played and the time spent , and Mosttly i have not put bugsin your site!! Thanks for the credit but im.not that clever as if i was i wouldn't  have spent over 15k trying to get my lost money back.

    Desperation made me.keep playing anf tehre must have been a god out there to make me win this moneyy.

    You are amking all.this assumptions  denying the expertise  of the game provider who comfirmed there was not tricks. 


    If your casino is an honest  u will pay my winnings and show to the gambling community  that u are not yet another new casino cheating  clients with false promises.


    i can prove with screenshots i have won the jackpot, i can prove that I play from the uk,I can prove this money comes from my account and I can prove my identity, you have made millions of assumptions  which one can u prove? 

    I'm  adamant  i have not use bugs or tricks a software, can u prove I did? That would be a miracle bigger than my winnings as u would prove the impossible as we both know is not true.

    Im happy  to see your accusations come to life as I know u wouldn't  be able to prove it as I simply won because I played lots of money for lots of time ,this is true, and unless u have changed the t&c there was not a rule of time playing. 


    I have total faith in your casino and if u are true to your words u my money; 1496 LTC , the game provider stated there was not , 

    If your casino  can't  trust the game provider is very left for players who have not hopes to win big if the casino will find any excuse  in earth to do not play big winnings.


    Now is your time as a new casino that players should trust you in case they win big, I did win big but after  spending over 15k in your casino not getting my winnings should warn all the players  about the integrity of your casino.


    I did not have any problems till I have lost so much money, the issue started when I won ! 


    I'll  give u the benefit of the doubt but I would suggest new players to wait for the outcome.of this case as you could be next. 


    I hope the casino is acting im good faith as I am.. 


    I can.prove screenshot of the jackpot and the fame provider emails, and also some chat exchange  with the  chat operators who kept saying that I would have been paid once the game provided  would have verified  the winnings, obviously now is not enough as it the casino  will find a million  of excuses  not to pay.


    Best part the casino states the casino is anonymous and then is owtrief where i play from?


    I can put my name.on the paper can the casino do the same? 

    Let's dont giive crypto casino a bad name LTC casino, u seem to be a great casino ,I know my winning is big ,at least for me, but not paying  a big win is dishonest especially  when u took so much money from me.


    Hopefully  u will do what is right .

    Best regards. 


  • Administratorw  i can provide all the t&c screenshots where the casino promotes multiple accounts up to 100 and the use of vpn.

    They brag to be an anonymous casino yet it makes a difference to them whre the player plays?

    I play from the uk and it shouldn't  be a problem, did I use a vpn? yes ,as I followed their advices in their site.

    They refuse to follow the game provider  trying to picture me as am haker or some sort as if I was one I would have wasted 15k of my own money.


    The casino operates without license and yet tries to picture a client like a criminal? Simply because they don't want to pay an honest winning. 


    If the casino was honest they would email me straightway when they decided to close my account and explain why they did with what was following  next.


    I really want to believe  that they are acting in good faith but I'll  not accept their assumptions that I gave bugs or circumvent the system.


    I never won anything and at the beginning I thought the casino had rigged games as I couldn't win anything,  I was wrong, it is possible to win, the question to LTc Casino is is it also possible to get paid by the casino?


    Or is a new casino trying to get money out and disappear? I m waiting for them to prove their accusations as im 100% they can't as I have not special skill to produce bugs, their assumptions are base with nor proof yet the game provider cleaned my name, so they should simply pay.


    2 weeks is enough, and they shouldn't  stain their name for not paying out as other players should stay away till  they prove the gambling  community they are trust worthy.. 

  • This is where the casino promotes multiples  account, till u win !

  • pls check their multiple accounts campaign!
  • Pisty wrote pls check their multiple accounts campaign!

    Hello Pisty,

    Where on the casino site did you see that the casino promotes multiple accounts? We can't see that info anywhere.



    It was alao in their site when when i first  joined as rhere was also jackpot  payments instalment, they must have removed  it once jackpots were  won.


    i have a screenshot  back in my laptop in Uk, I'm  not in the country right now as my mum had a stroke  and had to travel. 


    However this infos was in their  website  too.

    In their  t&c states rhat they can chamge t&c as they  wish, so I guess they  remove stuff  or change t&c as it suit them to don't  pay people. 

  • not sure if the upload is working. 
  • I would  like to asd that the casino refuses  to close the account when u ask rhe chat operator.

    I have never use an account  simultaneously i  did put time out wjen i needed a break as the chat operator said that tje casino  won't  close any account and to just don't  play.


    2 months ago they  had an option  for time out and they have removed this option  now ,probabiy best to exploit vulnerable  players?


    infact  my first 3 accounts were in time out because  each  time i needed a break ,i never  used more than an account together. 

    If  I'm  lyimg they  can prove otherwise, i know they can't  as much as they  can't  provide  i cheated the slots.


    Funnily  enough when i kept losing  not investigation  was runned to see if the slots were  rigged..

    Its  very sad that when a casino has to pay they fabricate so many lies they are even  denying the game provider  verification. 

    The bug assumptions  or special  software from my side it is laughable as they  know how much money i have  spent  and for how long.  I did play the same  slot over and over and it is very common for a player to have a favorite slot especially  because  I did win a small jackpot initially, they  are making it sound as its  weird but it is a common thing for players or at least me to play the same slots.


    The casino did not put limit on how long a player could play in the casino, they baseless assumptions are to  discredit  the player to don't  pay the winnings.


    Players  shouldn't be warn not to play till the casino clears its name and pays as any decent  casino would do.

  • Hello Pisty,

    Ok, thank you for providing us with the link where you found the info about multiple accounts. We've sent an email to the Casino Representative and asked him to explain this.

    However, please note that the casino still hasn't made a final decision about your case. They are continuing their investigation and once they make a decision, they will let us know.

  • You are welcome..The part of the multiple accounts was also in their site and i have a screenshots in my laptop in the Uk ,unfortunately im not there atm, but i can provide that too once i go back but it seems  to be gone now. 

    Thankfully  i have a screenshots of that too

    I fully  respect the investigation and hopefully once they realise that the game provider was right they will pay., i known they are as from my side im  100% sure is not the case and if it wasn't for the amount of money I have won it would make smile to even think I made a bug! 

    I'm  not that clever unfortunately and not a criminal  mind either.

    All this assumptions are made up as they can't  call haker just because  as won , I did play a lot constantly and unless they believed  the slots  were never gonna pay  luck sometimes strikes.



    Hopefully they are on good faith as I am.  

  • Hi there,


    all  i am asking is trasparency.


    multiple accounts are allowed, vpn are allowed.

    The game provider has sent you 4 days ago the second checks u askked fot.


    casino guru checked the game history and did not find anything illegal.

    Your casino never even sent a formal email or any sort of email explaining me that u were freezing my account and making an investigation!

    Which honest casino does that??


    A month has passed by and i am wondering how long is gointg to take??

    especially because u are refusing the professional check of wazdan team.


    People should be aware that signing up this casino will put them in this situation , not only is atkingforever but to be aknowldged they will have ot start complainings in public rorums because they will be ignored otherwise.


    Please explain me why if u are doing this with transparency you never email me to let me know?

    The chat operator closes the chat when i ask for updates and iam suppose to be the suspicious person?

    After a month u are telling that even after the second checks of the game provider u still want to keep my money??


    You can't find something that dosent exist, i did not cheat and spent well over 15k in your site and i have been treated very poorly.


    Kindly please give an eta time as the game provider sent you already the latest checks result 4 days ago, 4!!!!!!

    IF u are an honest site you should send me an email with updates and explanations and not making me open post all over the internet to have answers.


    A month as passed and u still holding all my money, at least have the courtesy to send me an email and let me know how ,=long more is going to take,










  • Hello Pisty,

    We've asked the Casino Representative to check if there are any updates on your complaint. Keep you posted.

  • Hi Sydney ,


    its is a month now that the casino has blocked my account.

    Casino guru rep checked my game history and said there was nothing of the ordinary, the game provider made checks twice and still not a serious update about the casino.

    Till now the chat operator closes the chat when i try to contact them and the management has never reply to my email.

    How a serious casino behave like that??


    I wish they gave the transaprency they ask .



  • Hello Pisty,

    We don't know what other forums or their staff members have checked and what they've done with your complaint so far. Please note that complaints on the other forums don't have anything to do with the LCB forum.

    So far, we haven't received any update regarding your complaint from the Casino Representative.

    Last time he explained that they would continue their investigation and would make an appropriate decision based on the results. We've asked the Casino Representative to look into this asap and let us know if there are any updates. 

  • Ho Sydney,


    if the LTc casino rep would update me would be great as it is a month and the game provider has made two different checks and the casino still not happy that they haven't found any cheating.

    They do ignore my emails and the chat operator close the chat when i try to contact them.

    I just hope players will be careful before signing in as if they ever win they will have to go through such a long and painful process and gog know if i will get paid as now i am very doubtful by the way the casino has been dealing with the matter as an honest casino would at least acknowledge the player and keeping updated via email and not forcing the player to open complaint post to know what is going on.


    Let's hope they will send some updates.


    Thnak you.



    5/ 5

  • Sydney shall i open a complaint in your site?  At least players can be warned in case the casino dosen't pay as it is not normal that a month has passed and they still nothing.

  • Pisty wrote

    Sydney shall i open a complaint in your site?  At least players can be warned in case the casino dosen't pay as it is not normal that a month has passed and they still nothing.

    Hello Pisty,

    You've already opened a complaint. This thread is the direct support thread for all LTC Casino complaints, so you don't need to post it anywhere else.


    3/ 5

  • perfect.


    Thank you.

  • Hello, Pisty and forum members.

    At this time I can acknowledge receiving a response from the provider, however there was no information in the response provided other than the probability of winning the jackpot.

    We are continuing to investigate and have resubmitted to the provider a number of questions that need to be answered. These include, among others, the following:

    - Did the player change the volatility (the slot provides that option)
    - If he did, at what points, is there no correlation between jackpots and changes in volatility.
    - Whether there were pauses in the game to change volatility (we assume that the mechanical process of changing volatility involves interruptions of autospins function, accordingly, there must be pauses. If there were no pauses, it may indicate the use of specialized prohibited software.

    This is only a number of questions, we can not publish others so as not to harm the investigation.

    I think it's obvious to everyone that these questions are essential to the investigation.

    As soon as we get the answers and complete the investigation, I will report the results immediately.

    Thank you for your understanding and patience.

  • Dear Ltc casino here is what the game provider said :


    those email have two different dates so stop lying pls.


    Please not more excuses as the game provider has done all the checks and you are just buying time now.

    Anyone that is following this thread or my other tread in bitcointalk forum or casino guru are now convinced you are not being honest.

    The game provider has send you all it was needed and you also want to make everyone believe that you did not send all the possible question necessary to know if there was cheating?

    The reality is that the game provider gave u a truth that you do not want to accept for paying a player who has proved to win legally.

    Time to come out clean and pay the winnings LTC casino because everyone shouldn't touch your casino till you come out clean with the lies and stop acting like rogue casino.

    I beg any player to do not sign in till the casino sort this situation because you could me the next me  fighting to get paid after playing with your hard earned money into a casino that claims to be the most fair crypto casino...not!!

    Be honest and pay LTC!!






    5/ 5

  • Dear Pisty!


    Please, do not lie yourself. As I said before - WE DID NOT GET REQUESTED INFORMATION FROM PROVIDER. Do you understand? They provided us ONLY the calculation of POSSIBILITY to win jackpot (what is really not important at all in this case). We still want to get answer if you used special software (like at FELIX gaming case) etc.


    If you played fair you have nothing to worry about, just wait. When Felix gaming case happened cheating player acted the same way - started posting at forums etc, because he know that his tricks will be investigated soon. It also took long time for Felix to close this case. Take a look at attached file but I guess you know this case very well.

    P.S. This letter is an answer to another casino but we had the same case.

  •  LCB please what the rep as written and please tell me who is lying here.


    Thanks u



  • This email was sent the 28/03/2022 

    please do not keep this ugly game as the game provider stated all is done from their ends..


  • Why  would i have to know this case every well?

    This is none of  my business and i should not be treated as this is my fault

    Could you please at least let me know how long this case took to be solved as it is over a month now since my account has been blocked and if u have the decency to communicate via email i wouldn't  need to write in forums.

    I am not sure why the game provider states that they done all the checks and u are saying they didn't. this is my biggest question.


    Anyways bringing someone else case and not bringing evidences against me doesn't help the case does it? as my provider wasn't even the same.  I hope I'll get an apology once you realize i am not a cheater and i was treated as such.





  • Dear Pisty!


    I am not responsible for communication with players - our support team does, but as I know it is impossible to communicate with you as long as you write hundreds of mails each day. To answer all your mails few full-time support team members must be employed.

    I am not responsible for your communication with provider. As I said before all we got from them is calculation of theoretical chances to win jackpot.

  •  Dear LTc casino,


    speaking of lies,Can you please share the Wazdan statement that they send you last week?

    They are waiting for your feed back and this email was received this morning, so let's put the cards on the table now because i know i haven't cheated and the game provider has nothing to lose to tell the truth.


    You did you share the Felix statement but you are not sharing wazdan statement, why??

    Please show us now the integrity of your casino as after this will hard to find excuses unless you show the statement they claim they have send you.


    Thank you.



    5/ 5

  • You are cute when you not telling the truth.

    The casino support doesn't not reply to emails and i haven't send that many as there is not point to send emails to ghost management.

    The game provider has send the casino an official statement last week , they are very clear about it and they are not accepting the false claims the casino has been making against their game provider.   please check what they say!!!


    Kindly share the official statement for wadzan and not the official statement of Felix who you keep using when u your casino is hiding the real statement that really matters for this case.


    ps i wish your support emails would acknowledge clients but they do not that why i had to open this complaints.

  • Hi Sydney could you please explain how th complaint process works?

    its has been well over a month that the casino has blocked my account and they haven't been able to prove any evidences to back the reason to keep my money and block my account.

    How does it work if a casino does this sort of stuff?

    What is the complaint procedure? The casino is refusing to share the official statement given by the game provider and they are keeping my money without evidence against me and sharing a statement of another game provider that has nothing to do with my case is not a prove.

  • Hello Pisty,

    The Casino Representative says your case is still under review. We have to give them some time to check everything and get back to us with their final decision. The casino has shared the official statement that they received from the software provider with us, however, they've requested some additional info from the software provider to be able to make a final decision. Please note that this takes some time. 

    The Casino Representative has been replying to all our emails, so please be patient. Hope they'll make a final decision regarding this case soon. 

    We'll keep you updated.


  • Thanks a lot fo the updates. sad that the casino replies to your email and they never even send me a single email to even tell  me that they were going to block my account and make an investigation.

    This s what makes me extremely suspicious about this casino because if they were in good faith why not even explain me why they block my account? As i had to open many complaints to  get in contact with them.

    At least they shared the game provider findings with you and you can tell i did not cheat , casino guru also check my game history and they said they found nothing of the ordinary either.

    I hope after so long they will pay once they won't find what they are looking for as eventually they will accept that they have to pay imply because i did not cheat.

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