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  • Hello LCB members!

    My name is Alex and I will be LuckyStar's rep here on LCB.  cool
    We are delighted to be newest member and we hope that we will have nice and pleasant time with you guys here.  party
    All comments, questions, suggestions and anything I may help with are more than welcome. I will try my best to help and answer you in the shortest period possible.

    Now if you don't mind, let me write couple introductory sentences about LuckyStar...

    LuckyStar was established in 2015 and it is licensed by the government of Curacao.
    We currently offer more than 300 games by GameArt, XPlosive, BetSoft and NetEnt, as well as Live Casino by Ezugi, Global Gaming Labs and NetEnt.

    What else? Well we offer amazing Bonuses money fast payouts  thumbs_up and a friendly & professional round the clock customer support  call_me

    That's about it, in short.


    Updated 20th Dec 2016: Space Lilly added to the LCB list

  • Welcome to the forum  cheesy
    Your casino looks intresting might be giving it  spin soon  thumbs_up

  • Thanks! smiley
    It will get even more interesting soon as we have a brand new design coming really soon!


  • Hi Alex.

    Welcome to our forum. We are very happy to have you here with us.  thumbs_up  cheesy

  • Welcome to our fabulous forum!

  • Welcome Alex.

  • Thank you all for nice and warm welcome!


  • here i come :)

  • Hello LCB members and admin,

    I withdrawed from luckystar casino many times before and it took usually 6 hours. Today, I played there after about 5 months of absence. I requested a withdrawal and I demand to live support how period can take my withdrawal. He said that it can take from 24 to 48 hours. Very strange !!

    Can someone here who received a payout by Neteller from luckystar these days tell us how time is took ??

  • I received my winnings after 3 hours since my request. Thank you luckystar casino.

  • sun17 - are you sure, that you not have multiple accounts ? 

  • Hi robby8111,

    Sorry to hear that. The casino rep has been informed. He's going to explain what happened with the game. Keep you updated. 

  • Hello robby8111,

    I am the representative of several Mirage Corporation NV brands, including Space LILLY.

    Thank you for your report of games having technical issues.
    Our IT team is constantly working on improvements in our backend, servers and security features, but, nevertheless, technical issues, disconection issues and similar are still bound to occur every once in a while. Although we are trying our best to keep it at a minimum possible frequency, it is still perfectly normal and can happen due to variety of reasons - e.g. slow or interupted internet connection, lagg between servers (ours and game providers), full memory of your browser, some suspicious cookie, etc...

    That being said, we do apologize for the inconvinience this migh have caused and, as always, we are working round the clock to keep this issues at a minimum possible scale.

  • Hello robby8111,

    First of all, the truth is that custome support staff can't know what is the issue. More often than not it is due to some issues on client side, so that's what they try to suggest first.

    Second of all, your: 'LoL. I have lost 70% of my deposit Yesterday because of that. The game crash before i got the Feature.' makes absolutely no sence and has nothing do with the truth - how online casino games operate...

    You getting the feature or not has absolutely no matter with the fact does game crash or no.. At the same time you are spinning that game, so are hundreds, if not thousands, of other players.... You can get 3 features in 10 spins if you are lucky, but you can also play hundreds and hundreds of spins with no features... RNG (Random Number Generator) of the games makes sure of it - that every spin is indeed random and separated from all other spins, so it's all the same if you play 10 000 spins in a single session, or you play 10 spins - reload the game - play 10 spins - reload the game and repeat 1000 times... It will not influence the result of any of those spins in any way..

    Basically, you getting disconnected from the game is nothing more than an inconvinience (the one I already did and now appologize again), but has nothing to do with the fact that you won or lost due to it... + It's quite common and happens in all casinos (more or less rare, depending on a number of factors)...


  • I don't see any point in continuing this 'conversation' when you obviousely don't or don't want to read and understand that:

    '' ...and you need everytime gambling spins till u get the feature but when you start spinning and the game crahs every10 spins then the 10 spins u have played for nothing..  ''

    is wrong and that's not how the games work...
    But again, it's your choice what you believe or not, so good luck with that.


    Good luck to you in future, playing in 'so many better casinos'.


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