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    27 days ago
  • I am having issues logging into 3 dif casinos currently. Bonus Blitz, Yabby, and casino Extreme can any one else verify it is the casino or is it just me. TY anyone who replies. Good Luck everyone...


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  • Hi Everyone,

    My name is Christa and I am the Casino Manager at Omni Slots. We would like to welcome you to try our casino with Microgaming, Betsoft and Endorphina software and soon more providers in our assortment.

    If you need help you can always contact our live chat members, send me an email or write your question in this forum.

    Looking forward to see you at Omni Slots.

    Updated 17th November 2018 - Fruits4Real added to the LCB lists.

    Updated 23rd Dec 2020 - Whamoo Casino added to LCB. 

    Updated 7 Dec 2021 - Spinnalot Casino added to LCB.

    Updated 6 Jan 2022 - Westpoint Casino added to LCB

  • Hi Christa,

    Firstly welcome to the forum. Thanks for being here to assist our members!

  • Welcome Christa  smiley

  • I played in many online casinos but I never experienced a casino like OMNISLOTS!

    I registered an account last May this year. My casino account id is octolimb.
    I deposit an amount of 400 euros with Bitcoin with their 50% promotional bonus offer.
    I took my time playing. It was a streak of luck that won 8069.20 on video slots. I played some more so I can clear the bonus requirements. My final balance is 8671.80 euros.

    They do not have Bitcoin in payout method but they told me I can use Bank, Skrill or Neteller. I attempted Neteller but the payout was declined.

    I also sent verification documents to as they said in their email. My documents were verified by the casino.

    They were not able to send payments to Nerteller.
    So they asked me to try Bank. I used bank but in their site there is error : 'Unable to proceed with your payout. Iban is invalid'
    This happened many times when I attempted request payout to bank.
    I even called my bank just to double check my IBAN! But the error keeps on showing even after telling it to the casino live chat.
    They did not fix the problem even if the problem is in their system.
    So I requested bank payout of 1000 euros by an email.
    I took a while and a lot of emails but finally they sent the payment to my bank.

    Let me tell you that banks in my place is VERY BAD.
    My Bank asked me to 'data' (Sender name, country of sender, purpose of transfer) so they can release my money.
    So I login to my casino account so I can talk to chat and request it.
    But I was so shocked to see this error : ' There was a problem with the form data. Invalid username or password supplied. player account could not be authenticated.'
    I opened live chat and asked them about it but they keep on closing the chat window. have no choice but to try live chat and get them to answer me. Later on chat told me 'due the breach of our Terms and Condition You account is Closed. As There is nothing I can do for you at the
    Moment, I have to Close your Chat .'

    I am very displeased and very disappointed on how the casino treated me.
    Right now I am frustrated because I cannot get my money released from the bank as I still need the data for it.
    The casino suddenly closed my account with existing balance of 7671.80 euros.
    I am lost for words! How could they say that I breached their terms?
    As far as I know I played fair and followed casino rules. They should at least pay me.

  • Hi gtamps_04,

    The casino rep has been informed. We're waiting for them to answer on this topic. 

  • Im waiting too.

  • gtamps_04 wrote:

    Im waiting too.

    Hi gtamps_04,

    The casino let us know that they were already in touch with you and explained the info several times so far. The main issue is your bank you need to sort it out with them. The casino paid out your money. 

    Please do as they already advised you.

  • They only paid 1000 to Neteller!

    I still have a 7752.20 balance  in my account but they locked my account.

    That is so unfair.

  • Hi gtamps_04,

    Your account is not locked, please request a withdraw in order to receive the outstanding balance.

    A representative of our casino will contact you by email to explain how to withdraw your outstanding balance.



  • Hello. I have been a member at Omni slots for a long time and i have noticed that the first couple of times i purchased the spins through the LCB store, when i opened the fruit zen game the spins were only playing on 1 line out of an available 10 lines. I went back and forth between live chats asking about it and was told that there is no way that Omni slots can alter the lines on the game. After a while i got upset and stopped playing there. I have recently returned and have since noticed that when i open the game on mobile, the spins are playing all 10 lines but if i open it on PC like i did the first few times i got ripped off and only got 1 line. So advice to players, PLAY YOUR PURCHASED SPINS FROM THE STORE ON YOUR MOBILE, NOT ON YOUR PC or you will get ripped off and only get 1 out of 10 lines. In case any casino staff wish to check, my username is OZEISC.


    3.8/ 5

  • Thanks for your feedback. We're going to bring this to the casinos attention. 

    Keep you posted. 

  • Hi Garethk1979,

    Thank you for your comment on this forum. This is an issue with the game provider. I will contact them to look into this and will mail you once I have an answer from them.


  • Hi Christa,

    Thank you for your reply. Does this mean i will get compensated for the 3 lots of spins i have gad in the past that were on 1 line instaed of 10? It was the cause of me stopping playing here a while back. Thank you. My username is ozeisc if it is necessary.

  • Hi Garethk1979,

    I hope that everything is solved now and that you enjoyed the free spins we added a few days ago.


  • Hello, I have a problem because I played at your site and won. My deposit was with Neteller which I always use for online gambling. In my country, India, it is very bad to use my bank because of tax and legal reasons. When I play at bet365 they always are happy to send to my Neteller if I have a payout but Omnislots is refusing to do this. They say they can only send to my bank and I have no idea why. This is very bad for me and I would not play at a site if they did not use my online wallet. I really am disappointment that they make htis an issue when they know that gambling is sensitive in many countries. Please check if you can pay out to my Neteller. I sent a private massage to the casino rep but did not get a reply.

  • Hi jivahis, 

    Please private message me your casino username so that we can ask the casino rep to assist. 

  • @jivahis - Thank you for sending your account info. The Casino Rep has been notified. 

    Keep an eye on this thread for the updates. 

  • Hi any updates?

  • @jivahis - We've been informed that they are looking into your case. We'll now ask for another update. Keep you posted. 

  • Hello, have they responded?
    To add more detail, the casino sent me 2 bank transfers even though I told them this was not a good option. Both were rejected by my bank and returned to sender. I don't even know how much this cost me in fees and months of delays. They then said they would process to my Neteller next time but now I can't even log into the website!

  • Hi jivahis,

    We asked the casino rep about your case and still waiting for their feedback. We'll keep you posted.

  • Hello? Any update?

  • jivahis wrote:

    Hello? Any update?

    Yes, the casino rep advised us that you should contact their support team so they can directly help you. Please keep us posted and in case you don't get a reply please let us know. 

  • I emailed them last on January 6 but they did not reply back.

  • jivahis wrote:

    I emailed them last on January 6 but they did not reply back.

    Okay. We'll check with the rep why you still haven't got a reply. 

  • Hi jivahis,

    The casino rep advises us that you need to speak with the support team and needs to solve it via them and not via their forum. Have you tried to contact their live support? 

  • I have been emailing verifications but was not getting any replies. Their live chat always say they same thing, that is to email verifications and so I did many times.

    Later on I found out last December 4 that I cannot log in to my account. I asked live chat and emailed verifications about it. Their reply was this :

    12/08/20 2:51 pm

    Hello Quinton,
    Thank you for your email.

    In regards to this matter, you can contact our verifications department at since we are unaware and they can give you more information.

    Many Thanks,

    Customer support host

    I was not notified about my account closure and withdrawal. They did not tell me anything. Help me get my missing withdrawal from November 9 and my remaining balance.

    This is their most recent reply :

    01/18/21 10:32 am

    Hello Quinton,
    Thank you for your email.

    As I can see your account has been closed as per management decision.

    I can also see that you have been notified via email about the account closure and the withdrawal.

    Please respond directly to the email that you received, as the payments team will be able to assist you better.

    I have provided the direct email for you

    Best Regards,


    I emailed them yesterday and no reply at the moment.

  • Hello jivahis,

    We've notified the Casino Representative. Keep you posted.

  • I emailed support and verifications 3 times last week but they did not reply.

  • jivahis wrote:

    I emailed support and verifications 3 times last week but they did not reply.

    We'll ask them to get back to you. 

  • I just chatted with live chat and here's what they said:

    Paola 06:41
    Hello there, I'm sorry about any inconvenience caused!
    Let me check your account, just a moment please and I will be right back with you.
    I'm afraid your account has been closed as per management's decision. Unfortunately, it can not be reopened. For more information, you can check our Terms & Conditions, specifically section 9 or contact
    That is why your payout has not to be credited to your account because your account was closed as per management's decision. For further information about you can contact our Payments Team directly.

  • Thanks for letting us know, jivahis. Have you managed to get in touch with their Payment Department? 

  • I sent an email yesterday and no reply for now.

  • jivahis wrote:

    I sent an email yesterday and no reply for now.

    Please keep us posted. 

  • I waited but they did not reply. What about on your side?

  • jivahis wrote:

    I waited but they did not reply. What about on your side?

    The casino rep informed us that only their support can sort out your issue. 

  • Hello, I have got a pending balance to cashout at

    I deposited with skrill, played and won,  after that they verified my account and told me that skrill was not working, it happened 2 months ago.

    I made many tries to withdraw which were declined.

    i offered them alternative withdrawal systems,  bitcoin, perfect money, neteller

    I cannot accept international bank tranfers because our domestic banks do not allow to receive money from online casinos due to antilaundering rules

    my username there is omninene



  • Hello nenelcb,

    We've sent an email to the Casino Representative and asked him to look into this issue. Keep you posted.

  • Hello nenelcb,

    We've received a reply from the Casino Representative:

    "There were problems on side of Skrill regarding the player's payout. Due to these technical issues, we couldn't process the payment.

    The player needs to request a new payout via Skrill because it should work now."

    Could you please try to request a new payout now and let us know if it worked this time?

  • Yesterday i made a deposit of 30 € and i have won 2000 €

    Without a Bonus.

    I would like to know if i will get my winnings, because you closed my account.

    The Support telled me that he can't give me any Information about that.

    I have sent my documents allready to the financial Departement mail.

  • bonusabuser wrote:

    Yesterday i made a deposit of 30 € and i have won 2000 €

    Without a Bonus.

    I would like to know if i will get my winnings, because you closed my account.

    The Support telled me that he can't give me any Information about that.

    I have sent my documents allready to the financial Departement mail.

    You are referring to Spinnalot casino we saw your post on the review page. Please private message me your casino username. 


    4/ 5

  • I was very scary Not recieve my winning.

    But now i got a payout, thanks you very much. 

    Next time i will be really carefully in which casino i Play. 

    Good casino but sad Management close account.

    Thank for the casino and for lcb.

  • Thanks for the heads up, bonusabuser. Glad it has been sorted. wink

  • Hello, I have been trying to make a withdraw with Spinnalot for the past few weeks and they keep asking me for more verification documents. They now require that I go into the bank and get an official stamped statement, which is unheard of in my opinion for a win less than 10k. ( 6500 Euro win)

    I have provided so much documents every time they keep asking for new documents. I recommend that everyone be careful when using this Casino, as they will make you jump through issues many times to get the money out.

    Good luck to all.


  • Hello jankovska1,

    Could you please provide us with your casino username via PM.

    We will then contact casino rep to provide clarification on this matter. 

  • Hello jankovska1,

    We are still waiting for your credentials. Please send us  via PM  to be able to help you.

    Thank you.

  • Hello jankovska1,

    We will close this complaint due to the inactivity of the submitter.

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