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  • I would like to inform you of my documents and I would like to be able to contribute to continue playing here... be willing to send my documents and send my documents as photos to the, to prove that my documents are legitimate. I just can't send the passport because I don't have it, but I will be able to send photos of my ID card in high resolution and my driver's license


  • Hello mizakivvv,

    We'll contact the casino representative and inquire about your account verification status. Please keep an eye on this thread for any updates. 

  • Hello mizakivvv,

    Please be informed that there were alternative documents requested upon completing KYC confirmation of your account. Since you expressed the desire not to continue the process and asked for the refund of your deposit instead, your request was satisfied. However, the alternative documents have been received now and the matter is being investigated again, with KYC being accepted on your account. Please be informed that the refunded amount will be deducted from your winnings. Also, the bonus terms of the coupon 40LCBCHIP (the one you played with) were sent to you over the email.

    Should you have any questions we'd be happy to assist.

  • well, I made the deposit, played and made a withdrawal, I am, from now on, understanding


  • Loved this casino and it was my go to casino. I don't like the min deposit amounts but they have quite a few deposit bonuses that can make up for that. But recently in the past 2 weeks, I have tried cashing out twice now, both times I keep getting denied. Live support tells me they see that my withdrawal was accepted and is going through but then within 24hrs I receive an email saying my withdrawal is denied because I played a certain bonus or I used a $20 chip from the missions store. Both the amounts I tried to withdrawal were from deposits I made and they were both after I completed the wagering requirements. The first one while I was waiting forever for my validation junk, I would just play lightly each day just to have something to play. I didn't wanna make a new deposit or a large deposit until I received my $2000.00 to see if there was any issues with it. Finally received validation approval and immediately entered my withdrawal request for $2000.00 via debit card. But I had deposited via bitcoin so after 4 days of my withdrawal being listed as "Requested" I decided to change it to bitcoin to get it faster. Again it remained listed as "requested" for 3-4 days, during that 3-4 day stretch I used my mission points to purchase a couple of $20 chips in mission store and played those out until no funds were remaining. Eventually while still waiting for my withdrawal, I even made a small deposit of $30 using a bonus deposit with it. Shortly after that deposit, actually within the hour, while playing the money I had just deposited, i received an email saying that my withdrawal was denied because it stated that they noticed that I had been playing with $20 chips from my mission points. and the Max withdrawal on those chips is $150.00. So they took $1900.00 of my winnings from my deposit AFTER i met wagering requirements and tossed it out and gave me $100.00 into my account and said if I deposited another $50.00 then I would qualify for the min withdrawal amount of $150 and they would approve my withdrawal. It being my first time and because the statement that shows up on my account in the casino MY Account section was a little confusing, I contacted live support. He then told me over and over and over (rudely) that the email I received must've came from somewhere else because he is showing my withdrawal as approved. I told him where email came from and he still repeated my withdrawal is approved. As if I was stupid for asking any questions about the denied email. So i then called because I didn't want to keep playing or depositing on this site if it was a rip off. The lady on phone told me same thing as my email, it was denied because of $20 free chip. So I accepted it and went on, figured my mistake and from now on I will read carefully any and all terms and conditions for each bonus. I also asked her if there was any requirements other than the standard wagering requirements for the bonus I was concurrently playing on and she said no, as long as I met wagering requirements, there was no max withdrawal or anything.  So I accepted that and continued playing. Eventually played until funds were out and again used mission points to purchase 2 more $20 chips, played those as well until funds were played out. Next day made another deposit using same bonus as my last deposit, met the extremely ridiculous wagering requirements and put in for another withdrawal of $550.00 via bitcoin. Leaving about $60+ to play with while waiting. Since I read everything closely I shouldn't have any problems. Once i requested the withdrawal they immediately subtracted the bonus funds I was given even though I met wagering play through which only left me about $4 to play with because they subtracted $58.50 from my account upon requesting that withdrawal, played it until no more funds available. I figured well they just want their money back and it was only $58.50 I'd rather have something than nothing at all so I let it go. Next day I read the payout terms and it said the payout requested can be changed at any time as long as it's still in the "Requested" state. So in order to have something to play with since they yanked the $58.50 from my account and I only had $63 or $64 left to play with before that, so I spent the few dollars until no more funds in account, I changed my withdrawal from $550.00 to $500.00 and figured I'd play with the $50 and try to make it stretch. It didn't played it until out of funds. So I made another small deposit and used a deposit bonus again (same one actually) while I wait for this withdrawal to go through.  Played until funds were out and decided to just wait for my withdrawal. checked it periodically daily for it to show "Approved" next to my withdrawal. Yesterday morning (12/07)checked my account page on Red Dog site and boom noticed that I had $100.00 in my account and my withdrawal for that $500.00 was denied. Looked in my emails and seen they emailed me the same exact , probably a copy and paste statement, from billing dept. It was even from the same exact person. Keep in mind, it seems like the withdrawal request just kind of linger there wanting people to maybe cancel it so they can play on the site or to keep lowering the withdraw amount because each time my withdrawal sits there for 3-4 days (their site says using bitcoin it will take up to 3days, I don't know why because of the elaborate and extensive validation process each person has to go through so why hold people's money for so long) as soon as I make a deposit on the site, is when I FINALLY hear back from billing that each request is always denied and any money I had won is just tossed out the window just like before and they give me $100 in my account. Remember the min to withdrawal is $150.00 and so the email again says if i make a deposit of $50.00 I can withdrawal $150.00 from my account. They again stated that because i played using the $20.00 chips from mission points I couldn't have my withdrawal. The thing is I played those chips and lost those funds and made 2 deposits to play on all the while waiting for my withdrawal to go through. The winnings I had were not from those chips at all, with couple of days going by in between the request and using a $20 chip. So I looked on my statement on their site that says you can only go back 31 days. But it will only show my account history from current to November 22nd which is when I initially requested my first withdrawal of $2000.00. it wont show anything before that and I have played on this site constantly. So now it hits me, they don't want me to see the proof that my first withdrawal request of $2000.00 (oh and when I requested it for 2000.00 I had left $460 in my account to play on) was all from my winnings after meeting wagering requirements and were from my actual deposits using bitcoin. But I got that proof from Bitcoin and my coin base account yesterday. So actually they made me feel so stupid for questioning the first denial I was willing to let it go and shoot for this 2nd withdraw request, but now that it all is a loop of the same story and same long waiting periods for these withdrawals to go through, I have discovered that not only was my first request won from my own deposit but I have all my proof that my 2nd request was also from my own deposit and that this is just some tactic they use to talk their way out of paying anyone. I immediately yesterday replied back to billing dept. over that 2nd withdrawal and will be emailing them again regarding my first withdrawal request as well. So at this point they owe me a total of $2500.00 and all of that was from honest and long playing winnings making sure I met my wagering bonus requirements and that I had nothing tied to any of these withdrawals for them to deny me either of them. Phone support told me that he couldn't give me any answers because it was all so confusing and that billing had received my reply email back yesterday already, so as of 12/07 about 8 or 9 AM I do know for a fact that billing received my response to this 2nd denial and so now I guess ill see how long it takes to come up with some sort of new line of bull to not allow me my withdrawal. This was my favorite site, I liked the games, played several times each week since signing on and have even recommended them to friends, but that will all change if I dint get my money, both of my withdrawals!!! Beware, whatever you win, if you do, don't play anything, don't make any deposits, trade in any comp points or use your points to purchase any free $20 or more chips while waiting on a withdrawal. Just play somewhere else I guess and don't give them and more money until you get your money you requested first. So much for being a loyal fan of this casino, after this happening twice just since Nov 22nd, It shows me that this is too much of a standard act they do to people that keep coming back to them and giving them their own money. That $100.00 is still sitting in my account balance on their site because until i get my money, I'm not touching anything!!!!! I saved all my documents from both these transactions as well as the chat conversation online I had with rude guy that says that I need to just shut up and just wait for my withdrawals to go through and the emails from their "Billing Department" !!!! 

    P.S. I'd like to know why my account history now only goes back to when I made my first withdrawal request when the history page says it will show up to 31 days history. but mine will only go back to 11/22/2022 it went back farther, before my first denial so why not now. It's ok though because i have the proof I need from my Coinbase account showing the deposit to show my winnings were from an actual card/bitcoin deposit and a deposit bonus with no max limit on withdrawals as long as the 35X requirements were met, (which it was well beyond the requirements the first request because I continued playing on the site through the thanksgiving holiday), both times??

    ( All the links has been removed due to privacy reasons and personal details by moderator Berks)

  • Hello karg74,

    Players can expect slow payments, low cashout limits and slow response from customer support. LCB tested their withdrawal process and faced many issues, full story HERE.

    Thanks for such a detailed explanation. Could you please send us your Casino Username via private message and we will get in touch with Casino Representative about this case in order to help you?

  • Hello karg74,

    Thanks for sharing your credentials. We have sent and forwarded all the information that we got from your to Casino Rep in order to help you. Once we get an update we will get back to you immediately. Please keep an eye on this thread.

  • I have in fact received my 2nd payout request of $500.00 ($498.00) transferred to my Bitcoin account this morning. 

    I am however stil emailing with Jenny in Billing dept over my first withdrawal that was denied and have emailed her the the proof that I had made a deposit via credit card and Bitcoin that I received those winnings from, 2 days before I ever used any kind of free $20.00 chip. I will keep you informed if anything changes. 

    Thanks again for all your help. thumbs_up

  • Hey karg74,

    We are so happy to hear that the case is coming to an end,a and that you received your funds. Please let us know when the whole process is done. thumbs_up

    Thank you.

  • Thank You.


    I will be sure to let you know as soon as my issue with my first withdrawal request is(or isn't) resolved .

    Haven't heard any reply back yet, but yesterday morning I emailed Jenny in Billing dept my proof of my deposit and the date and time and all the other mess that goes along with it, I figured with it being a weekend now, I'll probably hear something Monday hopefully. But that was the last time any correspondence happened was yesterday morning.

    I'll let ya know soon as I hear anything, 



  • Hey karg74,

    We are waiting for your payout confirmation. Hope that will be as soon as possible. thumbs_up

  • Hello @karg74,

    Thank you for your feedback. I've been in touch with a Billing representative to get more details regarding the matter. Let’s take a look at 2 Payouts in question. I'll provide you with all details in chronological order to make everything clear.

    The winnings for the 1st Payout (the canceled one) come from a $20 free chip redeemed on 11/6/2022 9:35:10 AM. The playthrough of that bonus was completed on 11/7/2022 3:59:15 AM and your playable balance was automatically converted into the max cash out amount which is $100. Since technically the minimum Payout request amount is $150, there was a need to deposit $50 and request $150 as a Payout, in order to receive your winnings from that free chip. However, there was no deposit placed at that time and you kept playing with a balance (which went up again) until 11/25/2022 7:48:26 PM, when the very first Payout in the amount of $2000 was requested to the credit card. Please keep in mind that there was no deposit placed and your playable balance still had a maximum cash out of $100 attached. After that the Payout was re-requested to be sent to BTC in the same amount. Still, there was no deposit placed at that time and there was a maximum cash out of $100.

    So here you have a $2000 Payout requested to be paid with BTC in pending status. Then you redeemed additional $20 free chips which were played until your balance went below $1, that’s when the bonus conditions get nullified. On 12/2/2022 8:13:29 AM there was a deposit placed in the amount of $39 and there was a match bonus DOGGYCOINS redeemed on top of that, that’s where new bonus conditions were applied. Meanwhile, you still have a pending $2000 Payout which has a max cash out of $100 attached.

    Here we come to the point where the winnings from your first Payout request got mixed with the second one. So, on 12/2/2022 9:28:36 AM your $2000 pending Payout (which in fact has a max cash out of $100 attached) was denied and $1900 was deducted from the balance as non-cashable amount. You've been emailed with the details accordingly. Afterwards, while playing with your deposit with a match bonus DOGGYCOINS redeemed on top, the wagering was completed on 12/2/2022 2:53:04 PM and a $550 Payout through BTC was requested on 12/2/2022 6:58:18 PM. Then, on 12/3/2022 6:55:38 AM it was denied from your side and $500 was requested less than 1 minute later. After that this Payout request was canceled by Billing agent on 12/7/2022 7:07:37 AM due to the fact that the winnings from a deposit with a match bonus and a free chip got mixed up. Though we reviewed the matter once again and your $500 Payout was approved and paid with BTC the next day on 12/8/2022 7:03:11 AM (the receipt time may differ due to processing).

    So, what we have now is the 2nd Payout in the amount of $500, that comes from a $39 deposit + DOGGYCOINS match bonus from 12/2/2022 8:13:29 AM, has been already paid to the BTC as requested.

    Another $100 won from a $20 free chip since 11/6/2022 9:35:10 AM (actual amount available for Payout from the very first $2000 Payout request) has been credited to your playable balance now. In order to request a Payout of this amount please make a deposit with a minimum amount of $50 on top of that and then submit a request for a $150 Payout. We'll make sure to review it as soon as possible.

    Hope everything is clear about your Payouts history now and I'm here at your assistance if any questions arise.

  • So there is currently $100.00 in my account. Basically I need to deposit $50 in order to request a withdrawal because the min amount to withdrawal is $150.00 OR IF i should play it on through, then I need to play until balance is under $1 to make the $20 chip null before making a deposit using another deposit bonus? 

    I believe I understand it now however if my account history went back to the 31 days as it states on the account history page I would have been able to figure this out myself without all the hassle.


    Thank you so much for getting back to me and explaining step by step what all occurred because on my account history everything before my request for $2000.00 was for some reason erased and all I was showing on my end was the deposits I made etc. 

    Thank You I will update my review of this site because it was one of my favorite sites but up until the denied request I felt something was up and wasn't getting any answers until now. 


    Thank you for clearing up this matter and I will consider it closed. 

    I apprecieate you looking into it.

  • Hi Berks,


    This issue is now closed as the casino rep has cleared it all up for me.


    Thanks again for all you all do to help.!!

  • Hello karg74,

    Glad it has been sorted. thumbs_up

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