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Red Star Casino

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  • I just happened to come across your page that shows the amounts you get for daily check ins, comments, etc. and saw it say you receive $3 for your birthday every year. I just had a birthday in March...


    $3 for birthday from LCB

    10 732
    2 months ago

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  • thank you for the heads up. good luck 

  • Hello SvirepiyAndr,

    Could you please send us your Casino Username via private message so we can get in touch with Casino Representative about your concerns?

  • Berks wrote

    Hello SvirepiyAndr,

    Could you please send us your Casino Username via private message so we can get in touch with Casino Representative about your concerns?

    Sent it to you via private message.

  • Hello SvirepiyAndr,

    Thanks for your credentials. We will ping Casino Representatives about your concern in order to help you. Please keep you posted.

  • Hello SvirepiyAndr,

    Casino Rep got back to us and told that you are blocked due to multi accounting and arbitrage betting. Such activity is prohibited by terms & conditions of their website.

    Unfortunately this decision is final, so we will mark this case as Resolved.

    Hope you will get a response from the Curacao Gaming as soon as possible.

  • Dear Berks,

    Please reopen the case. Multiaccounting and arbitrage? This is total bosh! I never did anything of that! Once again $1400 confiscated of which $1000 is my deposit! How do I file a claim against them?

  • Hope you will get a response from the Curacao Gaming as soon as possible.

    Hehe, that comment is sorely missing a winking smiley, as I am sure Berks knows: Don't hold your breath waiting for a response. Curacao license is pretty worthless, the gambling commissions generally don't care about the players, so the casino can basically do what they want. If LCB or similar sites can't help you, your money is lost.

  • Hello SvirepiyAndr,

    We will try to reach out to them again and ask for a deeper clarification regarding this matter, but we can not be sure if this will be helpful. We will give our best to find out. 

  • Hello slipstvang,

    It's not what it seems, we really want to help all of you, but can not be sure if Curacao Gaming are up to date, and we are referring all the members to try to complain to them if Casino is unresponsive or have some unfair policy. With that being said, we can not make an impact on Curacao Gaming to speed up or even to resolve any of those cases because we are getting in touch only with Casinos directly regarding the complaints. 

  • Hello SvirepiyAndr,

    We are still waiting for a response from Casino Rep regarding this matter, so we will send them a reminder email. Please keep you posted.

  • No updates at all. The company refuse to prove its claims. I am still waiting for a response from Gaming Curacao, since 12/12

    I am cooperating with the Cypriot authorities which try to solve the issue. Also, the police was informed, as confiscating my money is a felony

    Did you, by any chance, have any updates?

    If not, can you please remind casino's representative about my issue?

    In Redstar's website LCB, The Pogg and two master licence providers are mentioned as the ones needed to contact for help. I have contacted everyone of them and still nothing good happened, yet.


    Happy holidays everyone

  • Hello Thrassos Gavath,

    Unfortunately they don't want to take any measures regarding your case since you made the appeal  to Curacao Gaming license. Please let us know if there is any progress.

    Happy Holidays! 

  • By your experience, how much time is needed for the regulator to respond to my complaint?

  • Hello Thrassos Gavath,

    We need to inform you that we don't get that kind of updates. when you make a complaint it's all up to them, so we really can not know how long it could be. worried

  • Tbh, they didn't intent to cooperate even before I chose to submit complaint to Curacao Gaming. you are aware of that. The regulator sent an email asking for extra attachments. I will keep you posted


    Happy new year

  • Hello Thrassos Gavath,

    Thanks for letting us know. Hope that New Year will bring you a lot of good and pleasant things including resolution of this case. Best of luck Thrassos.

  • My complaint to Curasao was transferred to other guys -, who has kept silent ever since. I can provide my Skrill history,which will prove that I didn't use other gambling websites, thus proving that there was no arbitrary betting. I can also provide all documents and IPs proving that I am the only owner of my account and have only one account. But there isn't even a body regulating RedStar activity to make a complaint that will work. The fact that they have LCB's Seal of Approval is ridiculous. 

  • Hello SvirepiyAndr

    We received a clear clarification from the Casino that they do not want to give us any information about your case because you have already filed an appeal for the Curacao license. Unfortunately, we cannot influence the official appeals for the Curacao license, and we do not know what their process is for responses.

  • Hello again,

    Just an update for the members following this thread. I still have not received any response from CG, except the one on 29/12 asking for additional info which were immediately provided.

    The company refuses to respond to my several emails asking for a solution or an update. Also, an ADR service did not manage to find a solution cause Redtsar refused to respond. The company clearly attempts to steal my money. 

    I will do everything possible to not let them. My last step, if the regulator does not respond (one month has already passed) is to sue them in the courts of Cyprus.

    I would really appreciate if you try to contact them once more. I am desperate and i demand my rights!


    Thanks for all your help so far,


  • Hello Thrassos Gavath,

    Really sorry to hear this negative experience with this kind of issue. Sure, we will try to reach out to them again to inquire about this matter, and we hope that we will get some different answer than the last time. We will keep you informed.

  • Hello Berks,


    Any news about the case please?


    I tried to communicate with Redstar's security dept more than 5 times for the past 3 weeks and received no answer.

    The same applies to the Curacao regulator


    I would really appreciate your help

  • Hello Thrassos Gavath

    Unfortunately we still haven't received a response on our latest question about this case. We will send them a reminder email in hopes that we can get any update on this matter. Hope dies last, but It looks like that they don't want to take this case since you opened a complaint with Curacao regulator. Let's see if they are going to answer on our latest reminder. Keep an eye on this thread.

  • Hello Thrassos Gavath

    Casino Rep got back to us and said that this case has already taken by Curacao regulator so they don't want to help at all unfortunately.

    Knowing that we are forced to close this complaint due to Casino unwillingness to help.

  • Quick Update guys! Got my money, kiss my a** RedStar <3

  • Hello Thrassos Gavath

    We are so glad to hear that you got your money! thumbs_up

    Enjoy your winnings!

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