Red Star Casino Support and Complaints Thread

Last post made 11 months ago by Berks
Red Star Casino

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  • ok many thanks

  • Hello!

    The player's account was closed with a zero balance.

    We can't return the deposit if player spent it. 


  • why did you close the account for no reason.I just want the account open.

  • typical redstart just cut you off and ignore you

  • So is this case now s cold case or just discarded?

  • Hi ghostpop,

    You got the information from the casino rep that you spent your deposit and they replied to all your questions. 

  • sorry mh account MARCYMARC.aas  closed wiyhout reason.i did not break any rules nor abuse the casino in Anyway. they dint get to tskeo thousands from me in deposits over months and years and deny bonuses earned and then close my account without reason explanation or notice just cos yhey feel like.tjis is unacceptable.unnecesary, immoral,unprofessional and downright rude snd insulting....not to mention bloody offensive.this kind of operation needs to be stopped from such actions without cause and  a precedent set so that it becomes know as shady snd dodgy and as a outraged i want something done about thid..... this is unwarranted.

  • Look im not sn unruly player.I abide by rules  and t&cs I follow too.Im aware of that little clause that says the casino can close sny account anytime without reason or notice .But that id nonsense if s casino wants to take money from a player and accepts thier account sign up...provided no rules are broken yhey should not be allowed yo just close your account sfter taking countless deposit s.

  • i mean this completely unfair...common sense will tell you they take your money and close you down whenever therefore getting rid of any possibility that they may have a withdrawal one day when you might  win no chance to get any losses back.thats not fair especially for players on a long losing streak..No its practices like this that deter some people... .ppl who could bring more cash to the casinos.redstar do this for nothing  even for tiny irrelevant things i know 5 others who've had the same experience.its deplorable behavior.i5 must be stopped.whay options are there besides getting on s planrcand going there yourself.

  • Hi ghostpop,

    We'll try once again to get an explanation from the casino rep. We already asked them but got no reply. 

    Keep you posted. 

  • The user has created a multiple accounts on different family members. We do have reasons to believe that this a case of multiaccounting and we don't offer service to this player(s) anymore. No funds has been taken from the account. Account has been closed with 0 balance. This is a final reply on this case. Account will remain locked by administration decision.


  • Hello dear forum casino Red Star doesn't give me money ,they don't know what and how ,I found out from them three times whether I won back the bonus or not what kind of casino is this where you need to find out about it from the operator ,the rules say that the withdrawal of money to bitcoin occurs without making a deposit ,and what do you think dear forum? after I wrote it to them they removed that rule ,they cheated me for 170 euros ,please invite the so-called representative to the forum  to resolve the issue 

  • Hi naslik88,

    Please provide me with your casino username. We're going to notify the casino rep. 

  • user name serpan33


  • Good luck...this casino has done this to me and some family members and friends on 4 different occasions.....also changing terms etc after the fact. My losses  are over 1500 euros.No one would arbitrate and most of the time they Redstar don't respond at all.This is one of the top three worst casinos.The chat agents and staff are extremely rude and ignorant.If you shop around  and read alot you'll  probably also come to the conclusion that this common is practice for them.100% scam.You won't see a cent but learn from this...not everyone has honest intentions.Sorry to hear it's happened  to someone else again.

    PS: this is of course all just my opinion , but it's based on factual events.

  • naslik88 wrote:

    user name serpan33


    The casino rep has been notified. 

  • Why don't they answer? money still hasn't been withdrawn, still in processing

  • naslik88 wrote:

    Why don't they answer? money still hasn't been withdrawn, still in processing

    We still haven't heard from the rep. We sent a reminder. 

  • it really breaks my heart to see another player scoffed by this blatent rip off casino.Its casinos like redstar that erode the already limited  trustworthiness in this industry .giving good operators a bad reputation.Good luck mate I really hope you get sorted.Futile but I'll root for you.

  • Hi naslik88, 

    We received the info from the casino rep:

    The player has received 10 eur no deposit bonus.
    In order to cashout these funds he was supposed to wager 500 eur in casino and make a deposit.
    These conditions have been met and his cashout to btc will be processed as soon as he completes KYC process.

    Please keep us posted

  • Red star poker Username:Aliraza6700

    Hello kindly checked my Red star poker account i have won 75 euro from 10 free spins then i wager 10x to get into cash after that i wager 750 my ending balance was 155 euro i made withdrawal around 153 euro but they closed my account i need my funds

  • Hello Aliraza6700

    Casino Rep has been notified. Keep posted on this forum thread for a response. 

  • unfortunately this will continue and you won't get an answer unless they change thier t & cs to suit their  reply.redastar is a con casino a scam and find any excuse not to payout.multiaccounts uis their excuse often but ask them for proof and you never hear from them again cos they have no you just let It go and accept the loss but spread the word about these con artist pigs 

  • Hello!

    This user has created multiple accounts and abused free bonus promo.

    Therefore, his account was locked and all remaining balance was confiscated.


  • terrible casino...greedy crafty people running it with pure intent to take sll they can without paying out legitimate winnings. deplorable and disgusting policies and even worse practices or malpracticed I should say.Sorry you suffered at thier deceitful hands let it go and pray others will learn from this.


  • Hello,

    I created an account in Redstar at 11/11. I have played a lot of bets since then, sometimes won and sometimes lost. My account was verified via ID and proof of address on 29/11. Today, I won a lot of bets on the 2 world cup matches and my account was suspended from betting with no further explanation. I cannot contact support department because it is closed until 08:00 EET. I am unable to access my account without any reason. I have almost 2400€ in my account plus a 1000€ withdrawal request. I am really afraid and worried. I am unable to sleep and in an extremely worrying health condition due to that. I really want to know extra info about my money, it is crucial.

    Please, give me a reply. I am not feeling well, seriously..Please, do not restrict an account with no further explanation in times when your support department is closed!

    I am at your disposal for any further information needed. 

  • Hello Thrassos Gavath,

    Can you please send us your Casino Username via private message and we will get in touch with Casino Representative in order to help you with this matter.

  • Good morning,

    I have sent my username via private message

    Today, i received this response from the support department

    "Dear Customer,

    Your account has been blocked by our colleagues from the security department, all questions regarding reasons or any other details please send in a message to our security department

    In case of any additional questions, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you!"

    I have already contacted security since yesterday night and no response yet. I am extremely afraid for my money.

  • Hello Thrassos Gavath,

    Thanks for sharing your credentials. We will notify Casino Representative also about your issue and hope that we will get a response as soon as possible. Please keep us informed if you get any updates.

  • I just received this response by the security department:

    12:02 (10 minutes ago)
    to me

    Dear Member,

    Your account has been locked.
    According to "Terms and Conditions of Use":

    14. Forfeiture, Account Closure and Confiscation.
    Company reserves the right, in its unfettered discretion, to void any winnings and confiscate any balance in your Red Star Account (and any ESP Account or Company related Account including other websites and casinos owned or operated by Company) in any of the following circumstances:
    If you are found cheating or attempting to cheat, or if it is determined by Company that you have employed or made use of a system (including machines, computers, software or other automated systems) designed specifically to defeat the system or you are found to have colluded or attempted to collude with other players of Red Star in order to defraud the Company;
    If Company should become aware that you have played at any other online gaming site under any of the circumstances set out above.

    19. Disclosure of Fraudulent Activities.
    If, in Company’s sole determination, you are found to have cheated or attempted to defraud the Games, RedStar or Company in any way including but not limited to game manipulation or payment fraud, or if you make untrue and/or malicious comments with regard to Company’s operation in any media or forum, Company reserves the right to publicize your actions together with your identity and e-mail address, as well as to circulate this information to other online gaming sites, banks, credit card companies, and appropriate agencies. Further, Company may close any Accounts, and forfeit Account balances, that you have at RedStar or at any other Company website, casino and/or business.

    Red Star Security Team


    I never attempted to cheat the company, i don't know how to do so to be honest. They are not answering but they are just copying their terms and conditions with no further proof or/and explanation.

    I immediately responded asking for my 1000€ on pending withdrawals and my ~2400 in me remaining balance.

  • Hey Thrassos Gavath,

    We have sent them an email regarding your issue, and will see what we will get as an answer. Keep us informed.

  • Just a tiny update. The remaining balance is AT LEAST 2400€ (probably it is more than 3000€). There were some bets waiting to be settled but as i have no access to my account (ILLEGALLY) i cannot be sure about the exact number. Also, I've sent them an urgent email requesting full access to my account (bets and deposits/withdrawals history) as I am ready to sue them on the courts of Cyprus (a law firm has been contacted) and I have the right of access in my personal information

  • Good morning,

    Unfortunately I have not received a response from the security department. But, I have contacted several related agencies about my problem in order to apply pressure.

    Now, I am about to contact the Cypriot authorities to inform them about the committed crimes. Did you get an update?

  • Hello  Thrassos Gavath,

    Casino Rep got back to us and told that your account will be blocked because of betting arbitrage. They said that you broke the rules and copy/paste the letter from security department.

    This is the only clarification that we got unfortunately.worried

  • Thanks for your update,

    I wasn't betting arbitrage. This is just their opinion, can't be proven. Also, in the ToCs of the company nothing about arbitrage is mentioned. But, i don't care as i was value betting.

    Do they know that confiscating my money (deposits+winnings) is a felony?

    I have already contacted the Cypriot authorities and they will be in trouble. Could you please inform them about the crimes they are committing?

  • They can block my account, I don't care at all but they are obliged to pay me, and then they can do whatever they want with the account.

    Do they really think that their abusive Terms are more powerful to the Cypriot and European Law?

  • Hello  Thrassos Gavath,

    We will reach out to Rep again to check what is happening with your money. Please keep an eye on this thread.

  • Good morning,

    Did you get a response about my money?

  • Hello  Thrassos Gavath,

    Casino Rep got back to us and told that your case will be taken care by Curacao gaming authority. With that being said, our hands are tied.

    Unfortunately, they don't want to deeply clarify this issue or to provide us with more detailed information regarding this matter. Please keep us informed about further investigation. Hope you will resolve it as soon as possible.

  • Thanks for the update,

    By your experience, is Curacao gaming responsive to complaints?

    Also, can you provide me with an email to submit my complaint to the regulator?

    I 've only found

    Moreover, the above statement by redstar is a lie. They could have solved the issue before complaints were submitted. But, what am i supposed to do if they do not answer to my emails for 3 consecutive days?

    Unfortunately for both of us (me and redstar) I am obliged to contact the Cypriot authorities too

  • This company is hilarious! Unprofessional at least!

    Although they are licensed via CG they state to their site that the suitable regulator for a complaint to be filled is CEG.

    See for your selves!


  • I have the same problem. Thrassos Gavath, please tell us what steps you have already taken? where did you file your complaint?

  • Hwgjjhhheyyw

  • Hello Thrassos Gavath,

    We hope that this complaint via Curacao Gaming  will make an impact on your case and help you to get your money back. Please keep us informed regarding this matter.

  • Hello unexpectedluck,

    You can make your complaint HERE. If you need any more information about this process please let us know.

  • I've tried to contact the company for a few times. They didn't respond but my account has been blocked with my balance confiscated by them. At the same time, i contacted forums, affiliates and Skrill. After 4 days of receiving no response by the company, I contacted CEG (the link Berks sent). But, although in Redstar's website it's stated that you should file a complaint to CEG, CG is the regulator of the company. CEG responded that there is a case and forwarded the case to CG. I am trying to find who is the responsible regulator (see screenshots on my previous post)

    Moreover, I have contacted the Cypriot authorities to file a complaint against RSP Entertainement and Vereker Limited


    I will not stop until the case is solved. Redstar is committing crimes against me.

    PLease, feel free to contact me for any additional information needed

  • Hello Thrassos Gavath,

    Hope that your complaint will be successful. Please let us know if there is a progress.

  • Hello,


    I have submitted a complaint against Redstar to CEG and it was forwarded to CG. I am still waiting for an outcome. I am a bit anxious though, cause nobody has contacted me

  • Hello Thrassos Gavath,

    Do you have any updates, how is the case progressing?

  • I made a deposit of $1000 to, played a little bit and won almost $400. Then they refused to make a withdrawal and are willing to confiscate ALL my money for unexisting reasons. Now they have $1400 of which $1000 is my initial deposit.

    Curasao Gaming have not replied to my inquiry yet, so I just wonder if RedStar have the license at all.

    RedStarCasino have for some reason your seal of approval on their website. Are you kidding me? I hope you can change that status. 

    I would appreciate any help in getting my money back.

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