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  • Hello Juggaloroscoe,

    Please note that Royal Ace and sister casinos are known for extremely slow payments and poor customer support. They tend to pay the players, however payments are usually issued after a month+ , which is unacceptable business practice. That's why they've been placed on our Warning list. 

    However, please send me your casino username in PM inbox and we'll contact them regarding your withdrawal issue.

  • I made a bitcoin deposit and played at this casino for a while. I requested my withdrawal over 10 days ago for $800, I met all the requirements to withdraw and also was completely verified and sent in ALL documents. I tried to contact royal ace through chat support and also the support email, persistently to get a update, every day asking for a update still will not provide when I will get my money. They keep avoiding my withdrawal requests and it was by bitcoin wallet so it should be already done past 10 days. They are scammers and I will not deposit if I don't get my funds. Please help me. My username is Kaitlinp96. I have attached all my verification approvals for royal ace, along with transcripts of no answers. 

  • Hi KAITLINP96,

    This casino is on our warning list due to extremely slow payments and poor customer support.

    The casino rep will be notified so let's see if they get back to us. 

  • Hey KAITLINP96 and MelissaN,

    I reviewed the situation and it's only related to documentation, the automated verification system verified your ID but after processing it rejected the utility bill you submitted. Additional documentation verifying your credit cards was requested on August 3rd with no reply. All of this needs to be complete and in place before the withdrawal can be reviewed and approved.

    Never fear, one of my team has just reached out to you via email. Her name is Anabelle, she is amazing and will hold your hand till we've got this sorted out.

    Just look for Anabelle's email, follow her instructions closely, and I'm certain we'll have things taken care of for you very soon.

    Congrats on the win, let's get that cash in your pocket!


    Nick and Royal Ace

  • Thank you Nick, i received the email from her and responded with documentation. I only deposited with bitcoin so there is so need for any card verification. None were used on my account  i would like to know the deposit date I'll get my funds  it has been over a week since i did request them. Thanks 

  • Hey KAITLINP96,

    Anabelle is aces at this, just get her the stuff she asks for and there's little question you'll be sorted quite quickly (especially with Bitcoin as your withdrawal method, love it!).

    Best and keep us posted,

    Nick and Royal Ace

  • Greetings Melissa and Kaitlin,

    I reviewed the case today to make sure it was moving forward and was extremely disappointed to find that once we had validated the account for withdrawal and pushed the withdrawal request for review and approval it was denied.

    The initial win was on a free chip then a cash deposit was put on top of it, this is referred to as "mixing funds."  

    Free chips are just that and come with a specific set of rules. These rules hold out until any winnings are requested then approved for withdrawal.

    Depositing cash on top of a free chip and it's winnings unfortunately doesn't change it into cash, it actually mixes the funds and creates an unfortunate situation in the place of a win.
    It is always 100% of the time important to play down any form of playable funds in your account as close to $0 as possible before depositing anything else into the account.

    Due to the "mixing funds" situation the withdrawal request was denied and the cash deposit amount removed. I can see that you discussed the situation with our service department and requested the funds from the deposit be re-deposited into your account as cash giving you the opportunity to win by playing it as cash with no rules.

    I really wish you had won on it so we could pick this up and get you a payout but I see the balance has now been played to $0.

    I'm really sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings here, I like nothing more than to put a smile on people's faces but in this situation there isn't a lot I can do.

    Best wishes,

    Nick and Royal Ace

  • Planet 7 has flat-out denied my bitcoin withdrawal for $500 and have given no reason as to why. I even gave banking information and they still won't accept that. Why hasn't my withdrawal request been sent?? Everything has been approved for months. 

  • sowdal wrote:

    Planet 7 has flat-out denied my bitcoin withdrawal for $500 and have given no reason as to why. I even gave banking information and they still won't accept that. Why hasn't my withdrawal request been sent?? Everything has been approved for months.

    Hello sowdal,

    Could you please send me your casino username to PM inbox and we'll get in touch with the Casino Representative.

  • Hey all,

    The withdrawal request hasn't been denied sowdal, I can see it waiting for review in your account right now pending an update of your payout details. One of my team will be reaching out to you momentarily via email to get the necessary details, just communicate and cooperate with Alex and we should be able to get the ball rolling for you.

    Best wishes,

    Nick and Planet 7

  • Hey everybody my name is Joe username mavrick69 at Planet 7 Casino. I want to start off by saying but I got a very short response from playing at 7 the other day as to why they have decided to not pay me and refused any kind of dialogue between the casino and I. So I want to say when I was younger about 7 years ago I would play a different casinos and use different accounts for the no deposit bonuses. I didn't have money at the time or a debit card to ever be able to deposit money so I would play with the free chips just for fun I never won a single time on them it was purely for amusement so it's not like I took any money from these casinos and let alone I never played at Planet 7 Casino until recently nor did I ever know that I had been banned because I wasn't banned. That being said let me tell you what happened and you be the judge as to whether or not you think this is fair I got my government stimulus check on 17th of March I decided I wanted to play an RTG casino because I've always loved them and being an adult now was ready to make a real deposit now I have also have made smaller deposits in the past with Planet 7 now I know how much of a stickler they are when it comes to getting your withdrawal so I wanted to make sure all my information was up-to-date and everything was perfect on my account that way I wouldn't have any hassle when I wanted to make a withdrawal therefore I made a new account using updated information because I had recently moved from a different address and I knew that my old address would match up with my current utility bill and as far as I know there is no way to change your address. However, before making the deposit I went straight THU customer support and I asked them to look at my account and I told him that I may have multiple accounts and I wanted the support staff to make sure he went through and check everything out on me so that I would not have any hassle when I wanted to withdraw if I made the deposit I was told by the support person that everything looked good and not to worry so I thought I was good to go. And I have this all in the transcripts that I had emailed to me not only that I took video evidence of every single thing I did online in case something like this happened because I know how strict these casinos are. I then went to make my deposit I tried to deposit using a Visa card and it took me to a Bitcoin page because they're Visa card things currently down or something like that so I ended up making a quick bit account and paying in Bitcoin that's this process it had me go through when I tried to make a deposit with Visa who ever heard of such a thing. Almost sounds like the perfect way to get away with something person buys Bitcoin from Quick bit and then sends quick Bitcoins to the casino so they get a middleman in between them. And you think that since I paid in Bitcoin I would have got a faster withdrawal. I played the icy winds machine and I quickly find my way up to $200 and then I decided to do $25 bets on the machine I hit a bonus round 4/8 free spins at $25 with up to a nine times multiplier halfway through my bonus I was up to $800 and probably would have gone a lot more had the machine not kick me off the server halfway through bonus it made my stomach hurt. I thought I was going to lose all my money but I didn't I still had 800 so I wanted to cash out immediately I was already scared after being kicked off the server that maybe this is a scam. I then went ask for cash out and they gave me all the things I needed to do. I did every single thing that they asked me to do if you think just faxing in your ID and your utility bill and you're credit card is all that they require that's not true you also have to get verified through a whole different website and do the whole process all over again then after that you have to go fill out all your bank information and I mean it's a lot it took me almost two and a half hours just to get everything done. Feeling satisfied I went to bed woke up the next morning and decided I wanted to play some more so I got my card out and I was ready to make another deposit while I waited for my cash out. I tried to hit the deposit button and it wouldn't let me even put any card information in at all and it did that with all the buttons and it sent me to the cashier the cashier then took my username and said unfortunately your Casino privileges have been revoked and she immediately booted me off their server now is that a little strange? Why would you just boot somebody off and not give them an explanation as to why I tried to go to support I tried to explain my situation but they kept giving me generic answers like they were robots or something they kept asking about deposits do I want to deposit they would not listen to me they did not treat me like a human being I wanted to know why I was revoked from the casino they wouldn't answer me this got me very nervous if they were going to take my money and take my withdrawal amount. They kept sending me to the cashier and it would ask for my username and information I had to type my question before I even type my username because they kept immediately booting me off without giving me any kind of help at all I couldn't believe they are doing this to me. So then I tried sending emails to the cash out team and emails to the parent company and emails to about everybody even the wizard of odds. The next day I tried to go talk to support again they had blocked me from even attempting to talk to support I couldn't even get in touch with a live person anymore. The following day I tried to go to support again I was able to get in touch with a person who actually showed a little bit of sympathy unfortunately she got booted off the system because of connection issues and then I was talking to somebody else who just wasn't as nice let's just say they told me that I was banned from the casino because over the years I have made multiple accounts with many of their sister companies and haven't deposited enough he said. Why wouldn't you guys tell me that during the sign up process I asked you guys if my account was good to go and if there was anything wrong with it and then I had multiple accounts I admitted it to you guys I told you guys the truth and you said I was okay and not to worry that's what you guys told me you lied to me I understand I wasn't good business for you in the past but you didn't lose any money because of me in fact it made me want to play your casinos now that I'm older and I was making deposits and I probably would have made a whole lot more if you wouldn't have done this. The unfortunate thing is it's almost the end of the month and now I don't have my rent money because I use the money I did have toward other purchases and I was expecting my $800 check now I'm in limbo I don't know what I'm going to do. Sorry about what I did in the past people change you know sorry if I wanted to have a little fun I knew I would never win your crazy bonus chip money anyway I didn't even have cards back then or a bank account to put money in you guys would have denied me as soon as I want anyway I just did it because I wanted to have fun okay thanks. That's why as I've grown older I tried to do the right thing make an account with all verified information make it legitimate deposit so I can have a legitimate cash out and I went and took steps to protect myself by going and asking your support team if my account was good to go and again they said yes do not worry. That to me sounds like you guys lied or deceived the customer hoping he would lose his money and not have to deal with him. You guys should ban people and let them know their band before they deposit and win money. But you won't will you because as long as people deposit and lose you don't care if their band or they're going to be paying when they do win is that how it works. The thing is with your Casino sir or whoever you are I tried to be a legitimate customer with you guys that's why I picked planet7 I don't recall using you guys back in the past I was trying to turn over a new Leaf and start off fresh sure I may have two accounts with Planet 7 but the only reason I made a new one was to update my information which I cannot do on your website sometimes people forget their passwords and stuff do you ever take that into consideration. I hope you guys can make this right because right now excuse my French I'm f***** there's only a few days until the end of the month and I got no money. On a side note I use other gambling companies who take cash app and I send my money to them and there's no way to ever know who they are and they could always rip me off and take my money I have to have trust in them that they will not do that and so I thought using as legitimate Casino I would be more safe but that's not the case at all your casino is like the establishment it's the big dogs and it's always the big dogs that take advantage of the little guys and maybe it's the little guys that we don't need to be afraid of I hope you guys can make this right. If you need any transcripts let me know if you need any video evidence of anything let me know I have everything you guys need. Have a good day mic drop.

  • Hello Joseph Caruso,

    The Casino Representative has been notified. Please keep an eye on this thread for updates.

  • Hey Joseph,

    Unfortunately our customer service department isn't trained to spot the sorts of things you were asking of them, a transcript of them telling you your account looks fine is proof of little other than you knew something was up and wanted verification you might just get away with it.

    I'm sorry if that sounds a bit harsh but looking through your case I can see you're not new to this, you have maaaaaaany accounts in our system in multiple casino brands which are already banned, generally for having matching account details with other dubious and banned players, free chip abuse, and an inability to collect on a deposit you've made in any casino account, ever.

    Using different player details to circumvent our automatic systems only gets you so far I'm afraid, the moral of the story is just don't do that. It's a manual process we perform on every withdrawal request and it's quite thorough, if there's been any funny business in any of our or our partner brands or even anywhere in a broader sense, we will find it and you'll get bounced so it really doesn't pay to do so.

    This really is friendly advice, and there is a bit of a light at the end of the tunnel. Your $100 deposit has been refunded, it can take a bit of time to get back to you but it has been released on our end so you are out nothing in this case.

    I will tell you though categorically what you wanted to know, you are indeed a banned player and ineligible to play in any of our related brands.

    Best wishes,

    Nick and Planet 7

  • Ok Nick Thanks for your opinion. The moral of the story is people change Nick. Maybe you guys need a better way of verifying information.Sure I knew I did that in the past, Thats why I asked you support team brother. Now If I knew I was banned I wouldnt have asked support. I'm sure happy that you never made a mistake in your 20's. Must be great to be so perfect. Get better support system that way folks who are in my position can know they are Banned before yoiu steal there money. This is great because now ill go through my records andfind all the casinos I paid at recently and get my money back because you had no intentyion of paying me my winnings in the first place thats theft by deception Nick. 

  • Hello my name is jay king and username at silver oak casino is chevymann and i have been trying to get my withdrawl from them since Feburary this year all my documents are in order and they have been givingme the runaround for a while nowsoplease help!!!

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