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  • Hello Christ344y,

    Thank you for providing us with your casino username. We've sent an email to the Casino Representative and asked them to look into this. Keep you updated.

  • Hello, I am a newbie on here! I am hoping you can help me get in contacting the casino. I made a withdrawal from, and it is still showing in 'pending' status. I opted for 24-72 Bitcoin withdrawal as its supposed to be the fastest but we are already approaching day 5 - and its still 'pending'. My ID documents were verified by casino controller right away on the first day I made the withdrawal, so there shouldn't be any hold ups with the withdrawal timing at least based on the information I followed on their website. I sent a detailed email to casino support politely asking for an update, and have not heard anything back its been over 12 hours. Tried the use "live chat" on 2 browsers and smart phone and its not working. I just have no way of knowing if it was even received/or looked at by them yet because I didn't a withdrawal confirmation or reply from support. I am beginning to get a concerned, and don't feel comfortable making any more deposits to this site at all until I receive this withdrawal successfully. Thank you for your hopeful assistance!

  • Hello jem0521,

    Could you please send me your casino username to private message inbox and we'll ask the Casino Representative to check what's going on with your withdrawal.

  • Hello jem0521,

    Thank you for providing us with your casino username. The Casino Representative has been notified. As soon as we receive a reply, we'll let you know.

  • Thank you Sydney, I really appreciate this 

  • jem0521 wrote

    Thank you Sydney, I really appreciate this 

    You're very welcome jem0521.

  • Hi, suspended my accounts along with my account at and im sure any other sister sites that they have and this happened when I was in the middle of a game this afternoon completely logged me out when I won on a wager, so I tried logging back in, I got a message saying my account was locked and to contact support.

    Furthermore, I am a VIP/ HIGH ROLLER account and I spoke to their live support they claimed that I filed two charge backs. I never filed any chargeback or disputes with any deposit. I asked for some evidence and they just stated that "what the information have in front of me". I even called my bank they confirmed and told me there are no disputes open and no disputes open from the merchant on any of my accounts. I cannot get in contact with my VIP host. I cannot call their number as its busy/disconnected/wrong number. They said some will contact me and will give no further explanation or timeframe when this false claim will be resolved and my account to be fixed. 

    Time is money and it is now being lost because of this. Unacceptable 

  • Hello undergroundeal,

    Thank you for providing us with your casino username. We've sent an email to the Casino Representative and asked them to look into this. Keep you posted.

  • Hello Christ344y,

    We've received a reply from the Casino Representative. Here's what she says:

    "This client's winnings were removed from the account due to violation of our terms.

     The player has claimed multiple free spin bonuses without making a deposit in between. Their last deposit was 12-16-2021.

    All free chips, free spins or free bonuses must be followed with a deposit
    before another no deposit bonus can be claimed. Claiming consecutive no
    deposit bonuses is not allowed and can result in removal of any resulting
    winnings. Welcome Package Free Spins are excluded from this term and can be
    redeemed each consecutive day without a deposit between them."


  • Hi Sydney, just wanted to confirm that I just received my withdrawal! So very appreciate for you reaching joy to them. Thank you again so much for everything you guys do!!!!!

  • jem0521 wrote

    Hi Sydney, just wanted to confirm that I just received my withdrawal! So very appreciate for you reaching joy to them. Thank you again so much for everything you guys do!!!!!

    We're glad to hear that jem0521. Thanks for letting us know!

  • any update regarding this yet?

  • Hello undergroundeal,

    The Casino Representative says that you requested two chargebacks, one for $200 and one for $125. She says they are refunding all your deposits and that your account will not be reopened.

  • The multiple free spin offers and bonuses I redeemed were all sent from YOUR CASINO sportsandcasino.  That's why I take issue with it.  If I had been redeeming on my own without being prompted by you  then I could certainly see the problem but when a casino sends like weekly free spins over and over to you then you assume it's not just play money and that you can actually redeem it.  At any rate, beating a dead horse.  I just Toni it was shady.  Water under the bridge.

  • Hi

    I made two deposits almost two weeks ago via BCH to the website and wallet address they generated. Both deposits were 25CAD in BCH. When the first arrived it did not get deposited so I sent customer service a link to the Blockchain and the hash, etc. They deposited the amount of dollars in USD but converted it CAD so instead of getting I got They first said they didn't know how to fix the problem and then told me I was a liar and it was correct. Stupidly, I deposited again hours later after waiting hours in frustration and they did the exact same thing. So basically I dad roughly 25 percent of my funds taken, hours wasted and unnecessary anger. The amount between the two was roughly $10CAD I wasn't privy to. They tried to do this again a few days ago, with the same issue, as their site generates you different addresses and they try to put the onus on you for not completing the transfer properly. I work as a computer programmer and I also work closely with cryptocurrencies, I mine, etc. I also have been an avid gambler for over 10 years. The first time I complained they started to mess with my account, being petty with something as simple as cashback, elite  membership, rude and neglected customer support, as I likely was flagged, and also not receiving any comp points since. I am pretty done with their site as it has only been troublesome. I gamble with one reason in mind, that is getting what I deserve without having to spend hours talking to support over how the blockchain supposedly makes up numbers and other childish maneuvers. That is all, I hope this is resolved, not really about the money, but I hate seeing and being a part of situations with people and environments that are full of unmoral and unreasonable characteristics that the world has far too much of. Sad world. Lastly the blockchain doesn't lie...

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