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  • Hello to everyone on the forum,

    I'm the casino rep for Staybet casino and sportsbook. 

    We are happy to be a part of the LCB forum community and will be present to provide responses to players' questions or with any assistance you may need.

    Feedback and opinions are welcome as always.

    We look forward to providing you with a first class gaming experience, with a wide variety of the best games and slots, fast transactions and helpful customer support. We have very regular promotions and freespin offers for all customers.

    Come and check out Staybet and let us know what you think.

    Updated 3th March 2017: Slotsmoon Casino added to LCB lists

  • welcome to LCB! 

  • Welcome Staybet.

    We are happy to have you here on our forum. smiley thumbs_up

  • Welcome to the best forum! Thanks for being here to assist our wonderful members.

  • Hello. can you help with my withdrawal maybe. 3 days ago requested it with skrill and uploaded documents. Only today got email about verification. uploadef photos of my documents. Maybe can you speed up verification process because its too long. and im aware I can lost my winnings if I waiting so long for withdrawal.

  • Hey Olegs, 

    Thanks again, we guess you're the same guy on AskGamblers - we're looking into it now, and once documents verified the withdrawal is being processed. Don't worry. You can always write directly to or use the live chat function to speak directly with support who are working round the clock for you.

    Thanks for the photo verifications, I think that before they were scanned, which we don't accept for KYC in order to prevent fraud and protect our customers - they have to be photos of the documents, which I can confirm we have received.

    Please speak directly with support and they will get your withdrawal processed.


    Staybet Team

  • Support told me everytime to wait for email with verification confirmation. And I cant request withdrawal before verification is complete. Payment team is working on weekends? Or only business days?

  • Hello again, my documents still not verifed. Almost week Im trying to make withdrawal. Maybe can you speed up this process?

  • hello, my documents I have uploaded on friday, but for verification only send yestarday night

    why you so slowing verification process?

    todays chat session:



    You're chatting with
    Bengt Söderlund
    Send me a transcript
    End chat
    hello, 2 business days are over since I have send my documents, but still no email about verification
    Hello, what is your username?
    Your last documents were sent yesterday night so there has actually not been one business day yet since these were uploaded. However we will process them as soon as we possibly can and get back to you when it is done.
    I have uploaded my documents on friday
    you uploaded passport and bill yesterday
    some of you documents were indeed sent friday but not all
    why you dont send all my documents on friday?
    I uploaded only on friday
    not yestarday
    it was uploaded by you from your account yesterday at 18:42
    what exactly was uploaded yestarday?
    If you did not upload these then does someone else have access to your account?
    your passport and a bill
    If someone else has access to your account you must immidiately change passowrd
    would you like me to send a change passowrd email to you?
    my passport and bill I have persona;lly uploaded on friday and you representative on gambling forum have confirmed reciving photos of my documents on friday
    where are my friday documents?
    have you received a response on a forum regarding your documents? do you have a link for this please?
    You have sent documents on friday too
    they are there aswell
    id, skrill and scanned bill
    october 28
    Your documents will be checked as soon as possible, and as the representative on the forum told you, you should always come to the chat and/or send an email to if you need to know status of your documents. There is currently a high workload and the documents are being approved as soon as we can. I have again mentioned to our payments department that you have asked about your verification.
    have anyone uploaded documents from my account yestarday or not?
    You uploaded on the 28th, but during weekends there is no verification process since the payments department do not work weekends, banks and similar needed instances are closed on weekends. Thats why it appeared that your document was sent yesterday, but you are correct they arrived on the 28th.
    its ok, so my account is safe
    Yes absolutely
    I apologies for the misunderstanding

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  • Hi olegs,

    There was a bank holiday, indeed, and it can be the reason it went slower than usual, as support advised you as well. Please let us know when they contact you regarding your documents. 

  • After posting here recive reply. They whant selfi with my passport and another document for proof of adress. so send documents 3rd time.  one quastion, why not request from me selfi with passport last time?

  • I see your point. I've also contacted the casino rep to answer here, he promised he would do that. 

  • so no answer here, support told me: 

    You sent these just yesterday so we have not yet verified these. we have a higher than normal work load right now and we are working hard on getting the documents verified. You should have a response this week however.


    Im starting verification one week ago. Second week is started....

  • Today my documents was aprooved. Too long process. Requested withdrawal. support told me will be processed on monday. Direct support here on forum not working. Staybet not posting anymore any reply here.

  • Hi olegs,

    We've notified him and waiting for his reply. He'll be notified again. 

  • Recive my withdrawal to skrill in 2 hours after verification.

  • That's good news. The casino rep has just confirmed that. Thank you for letting us know. 

  • Thanks Olegs, 

    Apologies for the slightly longer than normal process but our fraud department had to be satisfied that the documents were indeed correct for your own player protection and our KYC process. 

    As you saw, as soon as the photographic verification was approved your payment was made.

    Please, understand that we do not use LCB for direct customer support but we are happy to address general player's questions here, however always contact our in house support team directly via live chat or

    Now that your account has been verified your withdrawals will always be processed very quickly. 

    We always prefer that players are able to verify their accounts early on, and even before making their first withdrawal, once that's done payments are always issued swiftly.

    Kind Regards,

    Staybet Team

  • Hey guys,

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  • Hello. So i have a big problem with Staybet. Some months ago i have made a 20eur deposit here with 200% welcome casino bonus. As always i have read terms and conditions so i am 100% clear that i am right. Also i am already expierenced player. So i was playing with my bonus on slots with small bets as always (from 20 to 30 euro cents). When i finished to wager a bonus i had 100 eur and was trying to withdraw but system didnt let because my documents attached on the website wasnt approved. I wrote them and some days ago they approved them but also asked to send utility bill in paper format (screenshot of paper document). They said that electronic document is not ok. I didnt have paper utility bill so i asked from my mobile provider to send it. Few weeks ago i got it, made screenshot and send them. It was approved after delay of course. But delaying was continue. They asked to send a photo of my face and with id card in hands. Ok, i did it. And they send me a letter today that finally my verification is over. But they send and another email, that all my winnings are confiscated and only deposit was bringed back. While i was waiting for documents approving i made couple of huge bets on sportsbook and my final balance was 875eur. So they wrote which rule i abused: " You must also wager the bonus in the product you claimed the bonus for, therefore you are not allowed to play for example casino with the sport bonus or sport with casino bonus. These rules also apply to campaigns that by mistake were promoted without a valid wagering requirement."

    Everything would be ok, i would agree but i am not stupid and i never would play with casino bonus on sportsbook. My bonus was fully wagered and all funds were as real cash and i started to bet with real cash! So LCB, please help me because i dont want to lose my fair won money to lose.

  • Oh sorry to hear that, Vanilipas. 

    We're going to contact the rep to answer here. Could you please send me your casino username? 

  • Thank you, Melissa. My username at casino is Vanilipas

  • Vanilipas wrote:

    Thank you, Melissa. My username at casino is Vanilipas

    Just a quick update. Your username has been sent to the casino. They are looking into it and they'll post an answer here. 

  • Thank you, Melissa. I am talking with them via email all the day and everytime they say the same, that i broke the rules. They say that i wasnt able to bet on sports even my casino bonus was wagered and my balance was real cash. But how it can be true? Why i must at first withdraw these 100 eur and make another deposit if i wanna to bet? There is logics? OFcourse i understand there is logics-they didnt want to pay these 100 made from casino bonus and was delaying documents verification and i cant be wonder that they dont want to pay 875:) Maybe i will not get back them but LCB community friends must know that it's not worth to play at Staybet.

  • Hi Vanilipas,

    Thank you for sharing it with us. We're going to get the casino rep to reply here and explain the rules.

  • I am wondering ... where is the answer from staybet??? ... Has been almost 3 weeks passed ... ?!

  • Hi allstarmikey, please let us know what we can do to help - are you looking for a response specifically for the post by Vanilipas? If so, I'll look into it, but it would need to be requested from that player himself if he's OK to discuss it in public. Or are you looking for something about another topic? Thanks

  • I was wondering about the Vanilipas matter 

    Sorry was just out of curiousity ... not to talk bad about staybet casino or something :)


    2.5/ 5

  • hey, no worries, i'd just feel a bit more comfortable to discuss it if he is asking about it, just for confidentiality etc, but we'll definitely reply if it's needed, let me know and we can look into the case and respond. Thanks, Daniel, Staybet

  • I agree that he should ask for information himself before you give out information! 

    Nice to see how you respect the privacy of your users :) !

  • we're trying to do our best! If I didn't repect it we'd be breaking our own Ts&Cs which wouldn't be too cool. For sure we'll always do our best to try to give honest answers on the forums when they're requested.

  • Nothing has changed, i lost my patience to fight with them. Support always was writing the same, that i broke their rules. After i wagered my casino bonus i wasnt able to make bets on sports with that money just to withdraw. But as you know, i was asking for withdrawal after casino bonus wagering but they started to delay my documents verification. So thats why i started to bet (actually goal was to lose and to have a peace). But i won and of course i was so naive expecting that they will pay 870 eur if didnt pay 100 :) So they confiscated and winning from casino bonus no matter that i wagered it following all the rules 100%. So i made a bet with my deposited money and thanks God i lost them. I will never play here again. 

  • But if you win 800+ euro's ... You will do anything in your power to try to get those winnings in my opinion right?!

    Now you just blew your money cause something in the communication with the casino wasnt going to well??

    I would have chosen different to be honest ... But ok ... in the end I probably dont know all the ins and outs anyways

  • They gave me a link to their terms and conditions and it says that i wasnt able to bet on sports even my casino bonus was wagered and funds were as real cash. If it so, so what can i do? However these are new enough terms, date of issue 14.12.2016 and i used my bonus before that date. So it would interesting to take a view to the oldest terms, but let it be so:)

  • Hello Vanipilas, the latest update of the terms was made on the 14th of December 2016, however this update had nothing to do with the bonus terms. It was mainly to improve formatting and readability of the terms for our customers. You are able to check how the terms were before that date if you check out or a similar caching service. It is true that in our terms, if the casino bonus wagering is complete you cannot place bets on sportsbook with winnings from a casino bonus or vice versa. We are sorry that it's frustrating for you but unfortunately this is how the terms of the bonus wagering are set up with us, as it is with many other casinos. WInnings gained from wagering on one the casino product in this case are not transferable to the sports product. When a player chooses a bonus either on casino or sports, the player needs to play the bonus and the winngs from that bonus on the product where he took the bonus, these are the terms that are laid out. Bets on other products violates those terms. In this case if the wishes to play on different products it's better that he doesn't use a bonus.

    We are very sorry for your frustration in this case and would really prefer that you'd had a better experience, but unfortunately those are the rules that are laid out. We wish we could automate these systems better for players and are tryign to put those measures in place but unfortunately the way that the games are provided from various third parties just makes it impossible at the moment, we are always looking for and working on measures that makes it possible so that we can protect our players from exactly these potential incidents. We don't want it any more than you do.

  • Hello, 

    I am gladd I found this forum I have a HUGE issue with staybet I have been a customer for almost a year. I withdrew my first winnings and they paid me in quickly after some next deposit I got some cash outs then the verification procedure started. After long time sending in documents and 2-3 bills and better pictures my account was verified,in full, I got some payments. Now after a year I got a new email

    " I have just reviewed your documentation on Staybet again, seems we need to complementary the once you have:

    1. The utility bills provided is not showing your first name ( Important the utility bill always shows the full first name )

    2. The Neteller statement showing one deposit to Staybet does not show your neteller email and ID in the top right corner ( Please take a new print screen showing the deposit and neteller email + URL in same picture "

    I was verified for over 10 months ago fully and after I got another win they give me a message like this. How can they do this after my account was fully veriified (ID card, Hold in hand ID card, 3 utility bills, 1 neteller screenshot.) It sounds like a delay tactic for me the withholding my money now for months. I don't receive any documents with my firstname ever. So it's impossible to verify. Neteller screenshot I sent no responds. 

    I hope the rep. can explain why I need to verifiy myself again with documentation that nobody provides.

    The amount is 6500 euro!!! Thanks this community for it's help.

  • HI BigCASH1200,

    The casino rep has been notified. Let's wait for his explanation. In the meantime, please PM me your casino username so they can look into your account. 

    Thank you.

  • MelissaN wrote:

    HI BigCASH1200,

    The casino rep has been notified. Let's wait for his explanation. In the meantime, please PM me your casino username so they can look into your account. 

    Thank you.

    You received it right?

  • Yes I got your username and forwarded it to the casino. They said  they were looking into it. If they don't get back to us till tomorrow we're going to send them another reminder. Have you heard from them? 

  • MelissaN wrote:

    Yes I got your username and forwarded it to the casino. They said  they were looking into it. If they don't get back to us till tomorrow we're going to send them another reminder. Have you heard from them? 

    No I sent 2 mails and they didn't reply on anything.

  • We sent another reminder. Hope they'll get back to us shortly. 

  • MelissaN wrote:

    We sent another reminder. Hope they'll get back to us shortly. 

    YOu heard anything from them?

  • Nothing yet. We've been sending reminders but no reply. One of their managers is on holiday, we've contacted other guys who are replacing him but seems they don't want to answer our emails. We'll keep on trying and keep you posted. 

  • We have informed the player regarding this case per email.

  • The email after 6 months when there is pressure from LCB forum. They send me these terms. That I violated i the terms but the terms in the email doesn't state Thunderstruck is forbidden. They just added this term recently I have screenshot from the terms before I played with this bonus and thunderstruck was allowed.

    So I hope they can tell LCB when they added this rule because it wasn't there when I played.

    I think it's very shady tactics to first try to stall me that I already verified my account and had been paid out on several occasions I sent over 6 documents. Now under pressure they confiscate my money over retrospectively add this these rule..

    This is the email.

    Your account was recently used with an active bonus, or winnings resulting from an active bonus, to play on restricted games when wagering the bonus.

    Our terms and conditions states as follows:

    " x) Staybet reserves the right to terminate winnings if wagering with a bonus is made on games with progressive jackpots, Mega Joker, Jackpot 6000, Video Poker, Champion of the Track, The Wish Master, Devil's Delight, Dead or Alive, Reel Steal, Blood Suckers, Steam Tower, Creatures from the Black Lagoon, 300 shields, Pearls of India, Eye of the kraken, Pimped, Royal Masquerade, Holiday Season, Jack and the Beanstalk and Castle Builder "If you have any questions regarding this, you are welcome to contact us again. "

    Now, after investigating your account it clearly shows that a major amount of bets been made on the game Thunderstruck and also winnings has been received from this. The result of following action is that winnings from the bonus has been deducted from the account and your original deposit has been re-credited into the gaming account again.

  • staybet wrote:

    We have informed the player regarding this case per email.

    PLease reply to this forum.

  • Hi 

    As you know we've been trying to get the evidence regarding your case from the casino, it's very hard to communicate with these guys since they have no interest in resolving this issue and explaining what exact rules you broke. 

    We have tried our best to help you but the casino does not want to co-operate with us and we will be adding them to our warning list.

  • MelissaN wrote:


    As you know we've been trying to get the evidence regarding your case from the casino, it's very hard to communicate with these guys since they have no interest in resolving this issue and explaining what exact rules you broke. 

    We have tried our best to help you but the casino does not want to co-operate with us and we will be adding them to our warning list.

    I can add the screenshot at the terms for what it's worth.

  • Please do add the screenshots. 

    Thank you

  • Sorry for the late reply this is the screenshot before I played.

    It is in the hands of the regulator now. I will post the email transcript after the case is done.

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