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  • Hi LCB'ers. Does anyone know which casinos use the Slingo provider?



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  • Any update from Tropica regarding the winnings they confiscated ?

  • No update yet. I'll send them a follow up after the weekend.


  • Hi Chantal,

    As per our mail, we have explained our position. We are quite happy to send evidence to the moderators here to prove our case.

    You have posted this story at multiple sites in an effort to blackmail us even though you did not sign up from any of the sites.

    You have been refunded and blacklisted and our decision stands.

    Thank you

  • I accept  this website as a moderator can you please show your evidence.

    I never blackmailed your casino. Do you know what blackmailing mean, where exactly did I blackmail your casino. I will never blackmail your casino but I will run after you until you pay.

    Regarding the evidence you claim you have , you already sent me your evidence and I responded one by one

    Again an accusation and aggressiveness from your side against who, against a player who came and trusted your casino played with his own money 400 EUR and won 3800 EUR in your Roulette, how is it Blackmailing, unless I don't understand the word Blackmailing. Why are you doing that is beyond me.
    You want to show your proof please do. Actually you already sent me an email with your proof and it was published.
    Your proof says , . Suspicious behaviour and gameplay. is your software games Suspicious, I played your games.
    Suspicious documentation - Call the notary lawyer and verify the documents, why to blame and say suspicious. maybe your firm is Suspicious

  • I forgot just to say. Once you want to show your evidence to a moderator you should also accept the moderator word on it. Would you accept a moderator in case somebody in this site agree or again these are just words and words with no connection to reality

  • Chan111 - you have been posting this across all forums in an effort to blackmail the casino. You have filed a PAB at Casinomeister as well and we will resolve the matter there.

  • Hi Chantal,

    As per our mail, we have explained our position. We are quite happy to send evidence to the moderators here to prove our case.

    You have posted this story at multiple sites in an effort to blackmail us even though you did not sign up from any of the sites.

    You have been refunded and blacklisted and our decision stands.

    Thank you

    Hi Duwayne I appreciate your assistance with this matter. Please do email me the evidence.

  • why tropica casino support is lying ? i have 30 usd in account from bonus and i wager it. but they locked my account reason redistrict country. i checkhed and turkey is not redistrict. look this screens :

    and finally answer about my account

    note: i did not try any withdraw option.just they locked smiley

  •       Though my problem is not as bad as some of these others, it is huge for me. I was so thrilled Tropica open to US again. I have deposited many times there, and have received many of generous free chips. After checking out sister site Cash O Lot when I tried login in back there my account was locked. Security sent me the reason that I was a high risk?  I asked at Tropica if there was going to be any problem with their casino and was told everything was fine. and that Cash O Lot was a separate deal. Just now I tried login in to Tropica and told account was blocked. Went to live chat (was all faded and hard to read) but looked like my account is or was under review and I will be notified. I don't understand what the problem is with these Rival casinos. I couldn't even deposit there with my visa debit card the other day. I love Rival casinos and really missed my favorite places, now I am devastated and so depressed. helwin    helena ragsdale 

  • Thank you so much duwayne  since i got to play in a rival casino and the games have gotten better!

  •   Think I'm just talking to myself here, but here goes Went to live chat to find out whats up and they said management still reviewing my account. Still no word. It's bad enough to lose casino, but to not get an exact reason is too much.

  • Hi Helwin,

    I have sent you a private message.

    Kind regards,

  •   Thank you for getting back to me in your pm. That.s what  I wanted to know. I know my bad but not being accepted at casino because of living US didn't help. I will try and resolve now when I can.

  • Mary DeRiso 

    3:03 AM (1 hour ago)

    Hi all , this is Eddie Wilkinson = Sloppyslot here we have a problem with some Idiot's at Cash O Lot ! Mary Deriso account has been Locked for some reason and the not so nice support at Live Chat said she could not play at any Rival Casino anymore ! Well she would like to know why and for what reason ? She asked and he would not say at live Chat or in the email he sent . What a group of real nice people here at Cash O Lot ?? could someone check into this and contact me or her Please ! Thank You Eddie Wilkinson .

    --- On Sun, 10/12/14, Cash o' Lot Casino <> wrote:

    > From: Cash o' Lot Casino <>
    > Subject: Re: regarding  lockout at (Support #24349306)
    > To:
    > Date: Sunday, October 12, 2014, 11:09 AM
    > You are banned at all Rival casinos. We do not want to offer
    > you our
    > services

    Mary DeRiso 

    3:02 AM (1 hour ago)

    --- On Sun, 10/12/14, Mary DeRiso <> wrote:

    > From: Mary DeRiso <>
    > Subject: regarding  lockout at
    > To:
    > Date: Sunday, October 12, 2014, 11:06 AM
    > please can u help me fix whatever
    > problem there is regarding  so I can play at your
    > casinos you are my favor casinos and I hope we can resolve
    > this please. I have a laptop and I travel to friends at
    > different address and  plays my casino games and also
    > at my sons house and daughters house. thought that might be
    > the problem. so please help me fix this and I will be a
    > depositing player! ty

  • I've moved your post to the correct thread and deleted all the large blank spaces in your post.


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