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  • Hi do you know when extreme, brango process their monthly cash back?

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  • I made acount at Ricardos and after i play a lot and almost finist my wagering request they close my acount and fi  i want to ask they close my chat and dont answer ver cleary just tell me "we dont want you at our casino" Jonnhy from live support was verry rude. I want to know close my acount. pls let me know. username chirighe

  • Hi Chirighe,

    Your account has been closed as per your request. We'll look into the customer support response and deal with it internally.

    Thank you,

  • ok now made 3 deposits found out there was more accounts would not refund my money all back to back deposits ..i am a fare man and all other accounts that was made was not by me. i started playing  casinos after friends was and signing me up to i have done chatted with a lot of casinos these past weeks and found out a lot more info ..your casino is not the only one i have more than 1 account at... and the others i have made deposits here and there ...and one made a deposit two days before i chatted and learned my account was no good here is the good part that i hate ..cause i can not have an account  with ...after i spent the money and got a bonus . ask if i can have my last deposit refund sence  my account was no good and was closed ...thinking here we go agian. waited 2 days for security to email back ... really just was even going to worry about it ...thought not a chance all this brand casinos is the same ..and look in my email few days latter and a letter saying this[[ Dear Jamie,

    We would like to inform you that after reviewing your account and based upon findings along with the violation of our house rules, we had no choice but to disable your profile and refund your initial purchase.

    Bear in mind that it may take up to 12 business days for the funds to be returned to your bank account due to the financial institutions involved in the process.

    Furthermore, we would like to point out due to the conflict between your account and our house-rules.

    We hope you will come to understand our decision in this matter and we wish you best of luck in your future endeavors.] i was blown away ..and mad not at them .at the reason i could not play there ... same exact reason and circumstances as Gibson casino and they did not have really  bad attitudes like Gibson reps i talked to ... and my money is in my account i have the emails chats and bank docs to prove it .. now i am only trying to get what i think i deserve ...people here are saying you not like that your good .. so this is my last try to get my refund ..sorry if there is any thing in this letter that defends you ..not my attentions ...thanks for your time user name jamiedaryl


    Customer Care : no money for you
    Customer Care : sorry
    Customer Care : good bye
    Me : you give me my money
    Me : you give me my money now
    Customer Care : no
    Me : you pay me my money
    Me : 25€
    Me: you cannot take my deposit too ok?
    Customer Care: no money for you


  • Hi Camelax,

    I see you have not posted the full chat. Do you mind if we do?

    Kind regards,

  • If i have wrong to do more account in all casino of yoour group and this is no correct ok...i accept but i don't accept that you take my deposit. I want all just. You no pay me my win? Ok good. You cannot take my money because it's mine and not your. it's all.

  • I wait your answer and news and i wait my deposit of 25€ with neller that you have abused to take because it's my money and not that your casino. I want my 25€ and all are happy!!! I don't want play in your casino and you don't want me in your casino....give me 25€ and peace for all if your casino is serious and no take money wrongly!!!

  • is this a usa casino thanksrferrry5

  • on AUG 22, 2015 I made 2 deposits @ Ricardo's total $280 then you close my account because I had a chargeback. Why would you take my deposits if you knew I had a chargeback? You refuse to refund the deposits now I have to do 2 more chargebacks. So please don't complain about chargebacks when you do something like this. No there is no so called "blacklist" because I play on many sites, but unfortunately I have to make chargebacks for reasons like this.

  • All casinos part of this group have been BLACKLISTED. There is no casino rep available here on our forum for any of these casinos.

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