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  • Warning this is going to be a large post but received an email today from True Fortune support letting me know they are basically stealing $7000 in winnings from me as well as a portion of my deposit off of a bonus I fully followed their terms and playthrough requirements on.  I have sent 4 emails to them saying why this is unfair and after I realized more of what happened so I provided them additional information on each email why it was unjust.  Basically the targeted me by email along with their sister sister sites (Tradition Casino, and 21 Grand Casino) to offer me a 555% no wager requirement bonus a few weeks ago.  I'm assuming they targeted me because I had created an account with each casino recently but had not made deposits as I just wanted to check out what bonuses they were currently offering.  As well as the fact I had deposited at their other sister site AvanteGarde Casino in the past.  I have been using online casinos on and off the past 20 years or so and not to brag but I guess some people would consider me a high roller or Vip. I took advantage of the promotion on all 3 sites fully expecting to gamble for a little while just to test out the site, games, and withdrawal process on each to possibly add one or more of these casinos to the rotation of casinos I like to play at each month.  I usually make many deposits per month on various casinos.  I deposited $1500 on True Fortune and received $8325 in bonus money.  I ended up mostly losing on True Fortune and after a while noticed that it did let me withdraw the $1500 I had deposited so I figured since it did allow for a withdrawal then perhaps the bonus wasn't "sticky" and I could withdrawal.  To be honest if they had denied the withdrawal and said that my withdrawal was insufficient after bonus money was removed I wouldn't have been surprised and would have been ok with losing the money as I didn't win and that's ok.  To be clear when this withdrawal was made the promotion disappeared from my promotions page and that should be the end of it as it then let me claim other promotions if I wanted to and they were emailing me other promotions.  If I get paid the $1500 so be it, if I'm not eligible because they withdraw bonus money then so be that to.  Now my balance was $0 excluding the pending withdrawals.  This past weekend they sent me an offer to get Cashback for every $1000 wagered I would receive $10 Cashback and this was on top of all other promotions.  The Cashback was for all wagers made March 25th - 27th.  Since I thought this was a good promo I claimed a DIFFERENT 555% bonus that was offered on my account and had a playthrough of 35x the deposit and bonus.  I deoosited $500 using this bonus and began playing.  Again my account was $0 before this deposit and promotion as my other withdrawal was pending the entire time and I only wagered with the $3275 from this promotion ($500 deposit + $2775 bonus money).  Over the next few days I got lucky and managed to win around $7000.  I met the playthrough requirements of 35x and my promotion page said I was now eligible to cash out (it didn't say eligible to cash out before I hit the 35x).  My account was at $9977 and I stopped playing and I attempted to withdrawal $1000 as this was the max that can currently be withdrawn on my account per week.  This morning which is 2 days after I met all the playthrough requirements and made the withdrawal on my account with this promotion I received an email from VIP support stating congrats on my withdrawal (ironic) and that since I had bonuses of $8325 and $2775 that all of my withdrawals have been canceled and the amount that's left over of $386 is mine to keep but everything else has been removed.  So basically what happened is because I won $7000 off the second deposit they then tried cancelling the first withdrawal from the first promotion and instead of saying no there's nothing left here for you to withdrawal as you tried to withdrawal $1500 but after bonus money is removed you would have nothing here so that $1500 is gone but for your other promotion you won meeting every requirement so we are going to remove the $2775 bonus from this promotion that you are not eligible to withdraw as bonus money can't be withdrawn and you are eligible to withdraw $7200 which is what it would be after the bonus was removed.  Instead they combined both withdrawals and said that I had $11487 in withdrawals and $11101 in bonus money so I get $386 and that's it.  How in the world is that fair.  That's exactly like saying ok you have us $1500 and lost that $1500 now you have a balance of $0 and the next time you deposit and if you win a large enough amount we are going to take $8325 off of it because we once gave you that bonus money to play with and now we are removing it from a different promotion you won on.  Completely unfair.  Not to mention the fact that I went into my promotions history on my account and they completely deleted the history of the first 555% no wager bonus which on 3/16 and are only showing the other 555% (35x playthrough bonus) as being activated on 3/16 and completed on 3/27 which is completely false, it was activated on 3/25 and completed on 3/27.  So basically they combined the bonuses together after I won to make it look like it was one bonus when it never was.  Again my question is, if I deposit, lose , then deposit again with another promotion, and win , how is it right to deduct bonus money from a previous promotion.  That makes no sense.  I can provide any proof that is needed.  I'd like a fair resolution to this which is that they removed the $1500 from the first promotion I wasn't apparently eligible to withdraw (even though they let me) remove the $2775 of bonus money from the second promotion and honor the $7200 I should be eligible to withdraw from meeting all requirements of the second promotion and removing the funds of the first promotion which had no rules other than apparently bonus money can't be withdrawn.  So again I lost on the first promotion, take my $1500, but don't remove that bonus money from the winnings of my second promotion.  That makes no sense.  

  • Hi Frogurt9120,

    Please private message me your casino username and we'll forward your complaint to the casino and ask for more info of what happened with the mix of bonuses and your winnings. 

  • Private message sent.  Thanks

  • Frogurt9120 wrote

    Private message sent.  Thanks

    We received it and notified the rep. Keep you posted. 

  • Hello All,

    We usually do not write long posts here, but since this is an attempt to do a massive shaming from the customer side, we will share our side of the story.
    We are very sorry to see that customers are running to forums, instead of messaging the VIP dept. and asking any possible questions they have. Surprisingly, there are some respected establishments that will reply.
    Ruining a reputation of a place that works to its best to reach the highest standards, even if sometimes there are mistakes (we are all humans at the end of the day) is simply not fair in our book.

    And now to the issue itself -

    1. Session 1 - The customer cashed out 1K from a 1500 deposit with an 8325 bonus on top. This means that as of this moment, he is not eligible for a cash out due to the bonus he took, which is higher than his cash out.

    2. Session 2 - The customer cashed out another 500 from free spins. According to the T&Cs, he will get 100 of it.

    3. Session 3 - The customer cashed out 500 from a 500 deposit and has another 9447 in his balance from it. He is eligible for  6672 (after a bonus deduction)

    Each and every cash out will be paid and honored according to the T&Cs, as agreed by the customer, once he created his account.

    We apologize for the inconvenience that occurred and again, issues like these could be easily clarified between the customer and the VIP dept. without running to any forums and harming a place's reputation. we would easily solve it.

    Thank you very much and hope we all are clear now. 


    VIP dept.

    True Fortune

  • To the moderators can you please remove my post that says additional information that is under a different account that has my name.  When I signed up last night I connected my account and instead of registering an email and user name and didn't want to broadcast my name that is why i signed up again and had a user name as I couldn't figure out how to remove my name.  I didn't realize I was logged into that account when I made that post and would prefer if that post was deleted.  

    To True Fortune apologies if you took my dire posts as shaming and while I understand everyone makes mistakes I was not trying to shame you and your email to me letting me know what I would receive and that the bonus amounts of the first promotion would be removed from my total balance indeed felt like stealing to me.  Apologies for jumping to conclusions.  I did email VIP support 4 times after I was discovering more information about what looked like had happened on my account and while of course I didn't wait an extremely long time I did wait about 12 hours before coming to the forum and see if I can get some help by getting a resolution from a respected site that helps people get resolutions.  This is a forum for direct casino support and if you do provide a resolution to a customer that has a problem that shows more than me making a complaint and being very frustrated.  Everything you wrote about the sessions is basically true although technically I didn't make a cashout off of the free spins as the $1500 was already in my account when claiming the 200 free spins and I won nothing off of that.  In fact you can keep that $100 it's not mine, it can from the first promotion and I'm not eligible for it.  I didn't win on the free spins.  All I'm looking for is the $9947-$2775 = $7172 which you said you will honor and to me that is fantastic and shows that you actually are a very reputable casino if you do actually do that.  As of right now my balance still shows $347 but I will be patient and wait for your resolution of adding the funds that I am eligible for and give you a chance to do so.I will report back when it is resolved so that the members know you made it right.  Again apologies for seeming like I was shaming but to have that amount disappear and receive an email from support saying all I get is $347 (or $300 something) was very frustresring, shocking, and in my mind unjust.  As I'm sure you know there can be some very bad actors in online casinos and I felt like this was the case instead of a simple human mistake and I'm sorry if I jumped to conclusions. 

  • Hey Ryan, 


    Thank you for your reply. 

    We get what you say and as promised, our T&C is not for beauty but for being honored. 

    You'll get paid till the last cent, by the T&C and whatever is yours, will remain yours.

    You are more than welcome to be in touch with the VIP dept. directly from now on.


    For the rest of the guests, members, and management here, who had the chance to read these reviews, please understand that people are working very hard to avoid these issues.

    Sometimes, there is confusion and things can be dealt with in-house, without running to post these posts, which might cause damage without the need.

    I hope that each member here saw how fast we replied and the fact that we gave our word that all will be honored by the T&C. 

    Other than that, good luck to all of you, and Happy upcoming Easter! 

    VIP Team

  • I again want to apologize to True Fortune VIP support for feeling that i was slandering them.  Without a doubt that wasn't my intent and I even said so in my followup post.  The frustration was because i felt helpless and didn't account for the that it was possibly a human mistake as most casinos don't manually go in and remove bonus money but that's on me not them.  I didn't factor in that they could have possibly made a mistake by grouping the 2 bonuses together and rather wrongly assumed it was done intentionally but we have already gone through this before just wanted to apologize again for jumping the gun.  I did reach out to them first and sent 4 replies that day asking how it was right and why they did it as I couldn't understand.  The original email that was sent to me was a customized personal message and I figured responding would be the quickest way to get a resolution however again I didn't factor in that it would have to be filtered through support again and I might not get a response within 24 hours.  Which is why I went to the forum the next day to see if anyone could help.

    Now for an update.  I did exchange messages with support after our interactions here via email.  A few days later they put the funds back in my account and sent an email with the breakdown of the funds put back in etc.  They reassured me that the $7172 was available to be withdrawn when it was placed back in.  I thanked them and I am thanking them here again as well.  I had already received emails from them stating I was verified previous to this incident so no issues there either.  In the breakdown of the funds they had put the extra $1000 back in from the original bonus and stated that if I cashed out over $7172 then the original  $8325 bonus money is subject to be removed.  Completely agree with that and that's definitely fair.  I told them for sake of avoiding anymore confusion that they could simply remove the excess funds and just leave me with the $7172 so that I could begin withdrawing.  I didn't receive a response from them for 5 days about this and they hadn't removed the excess and since I wanted to start making withdrawals I told them to disregard my previous message and I would simply play down the balance to $7172 so that I could start making withdrawals.  This is exactly what I did the next day and my balance was at $7167.  I placed a $1000 withdrawal on April 6th (the maximum allowed for my account per week).  Then on the 13th I went back and tried to withdraw another $1000 but this time my max was lowered to $500.  I placed the $500 (max allowed for the week) and again another $500 on April 20th.  To date none of my withdrawals have been paid however I know that they are all within the up to 18 business days max that they state to users.  So that is not a complaint just an update as I stated I would update the situation and make sure to let all users know if and when they made good on the withdrawals stated I am eligible for.  I will continue to do so.

    The TLDR:  True Fortune added the money to my account they said they would, I am awaiting receiving my first withdrawal to be processed and have 2 smaller withdrawals that were made the 2 weeks after as I could no longer withdrawal $1000.  I will continue making withdrawals until I can receive the full amount and will report back when they are paid.

  • Hello Frogurt9120, 

    Thanks for being transparent with us. Keep us updated with this whole situation and if in-fact you end up getting paid out. 

  • hello , i read the posts above and it's great that the casino rep is reading this thread, I have pending withdrawals at the TrueFortune casino (about 24 days or so), it would be great if casinorep replied when the withdrawals will be processed , Thank you

  • Hello RubyRobertson

    Sorry to hear about your pending withdrawal issues. Could you please private message me your True Fortune Casino username so that we can escalate your complaint. Thanks. 


  • KingNemo wrote

    Hello RubyRobertson, 

    Sorry to hear about your pending withdrawal issues. Could you please private message me your True Fortune Casino username so that we can escalate your complaint. Thanks. 


    done, sent my details in private messages, thanks KingNemo

  • Hi RubyRobertson

    We received your details via private message and Casino Rep has been contacted. We are waiting for a response. Keep you posted on any details on this forum thread. 

  • Hello,


    We hope this finds you well.


    We have only been contacted by the customer 2 days ago, and immediately responded. 

    The withdrawal will be sent within a couple of days, after the account has been approved.

    We highly suggest keeping to communicate directly with the account manager before posting any emergency posts.


    Best Regards,


    True Fortune

  • VipSupport wrote



    We hope this finds you well.


    We have only been contacted by the customer 2 days ago, and immediately responded. 

    The withdrawal will be sent within a couple of days, after the account has been approved.

    We highly suggest keeping to communicate directly with the account manager before posting any emergency posts.


    Best Regards,


    True Fortune

    I got a email yesterday saying that the documents have been approved, thanks for the reply, it looks like the withdrawal will be processed soon

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