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  • TuskCasino Support and Complaints

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  • I'm having an issue with Tusk Casino hoping this will get them to respond.  I enjoyed playing at this casino but found the withdrawal limits for new players too low for my liking so asked them to please close my account, but first asked when the balance in my account ($5400cad) would be refunded.  They sent me $1000, then closed my account as per my request, but did not acknowledge or answer my question about the remaining funds.  I am no longer able to contact online chat now that my account is closed, but have sent several emails, all of which have been ignored.  I will continue to send emails, and will now start writing online reviews, in hopes this will be resolved in a timely manner. 

  • I was a member of Tusk Casino - made a few deposits but found the withdrawal limits quite low and asked customer service to please close my account and refund the balance.  Customer service was very attentive and quick to respond up until this point.  They did close my account as per my request, but have yet to refund my balance and have ignored several emails I have sent asking for an update.  They have all of my requested documentation (as I did receive 1 withdrawal from them) but there is still $4,400cad in my account. This is quite frustrating - I have no idea if they are trying to keep my money or not - I wouldn't know as they will not respond.  Anything you can do to assist would be much appreciated.

  • Hello emstoch,

    Could you please send me your casino username to PM inbox and we'll send an email to the Casino Representative.

  • Hello emstoch,

    Thank you for providing us with your casino username. We've sent an email to the Casino Representative and asked him to check what's going on with your balance which still hasn't been refunded.

  • Hello emstoch,

    The Casino Representative advised us that they've sent you an email regarding this issue. Could you please check your email inbox. 

  • Hi Sydney; I did receive an email back and am shocked!  They say they did a security check and claim my account is linked to multiple accounts and IPs, which is absolutely not true.  And they did a second check that showed even more linked accounts. I always read the terms and conditions of any site, and i have not violated any of Tusks T&Cs.  What can i do to fight this?  My goodness, they have a copy of my government ID, they already sent me one withdrawal and not claim their additional security check found all theee duplicate accounts? I have never experienced anything like this before and can't believe the lengths they are going to not pay out $4,400cad.  Wow 

  • One more note, the email i received from Tusk suggested they found multiple accounts that I used to get free bonuses, and the funny thing is: I opted out receiving any bonuses. Their allegations are not only unfounded, but don't even make sense.  They can't get away with these shenanigans, can they?

  • Thanks for letting us know, emstoch. 

    We'll ask the casino to show us the evidence of multiple accounts. That's the only way we see who's right. 

  • Thanks Melissa.  I have sent Tusk a couple of emails this week asking for both proof of multiple accounts and our live chat transcripts but they have ignored me. The chat transcripts clearly show that I asked them to please close my account, not that i was suspended as they allege. Why on earth would they have sent me $1000 when they suggest I had multiple accounts? I can tell you with 100% certainty that they have no evidence of multiple accounts, because I only opened one. I believe they will continue to ignore, as any evidence they could provide would have to be doctored, which seems far fetched even for Tusk. This is a simple case of them making up false accusations to get out of refunding my balance. I sure hope they don’t get away with it. Thx again. 

  • Hi emstoch,

    We still haven't heard from them. Did they pay out your winnings? 

  • No, they haven't paid me my winnings yet.  They had previously sent me one withdrawal of $1000 but still owe me $4,400.  Doesn't make sense they they sent me $1000 when they claim i had multiple accounts.  Thanks again. 

  • I see. Okay. Let's wait for the casino rep's reply. 

  • Hi emstoch,

    The casino rep has just informed us that they can't share any evidence of the multiple accounts with us due to privacy policy. Unfortunately, there is nothing further we can do for you in this case. If you are not satisfied with the outcome of this complaint and you don't have multiple accounts at this casino, you can file a complaint to their licensor and see if they can assist you. 

  • Thank you.  I have sent a complaint to their Licensor.  Obviously I'm not satisfied, they have made false allegations and cannot provide any evidence, as there is none.  This is a case of Tusk Casino violating their Terms and Conditons as they simply do not want to pay me my funds owed.  

  • Hi emstoch,

    Please note that they couldn't provide evidence due to privacy policy. Some brands can't share internal info and personal data with 3rd party. They have the right to do so. 

    Please keep us posted once you get a reply from their licensor. 

  • Thanks Melissa. I will keep you posted.  They may not have to release the information to a 3rd party,  but they won't release it to me either, they simply won't respond to me. Thx again 

  • I know. There are cases where casinos do not inform their players about the terms they broke. 

  • I'm sure that happens, but in this case I didn't violate any terms.  I find it unbelievable that a casino can make allegations without providing any basis or evidence whatsoever, so they can justify keeping the balance in someone's account.  I am truly hoping justice prevails and their Licensor holds them accountable.  Thx again for trying to assist. 

  • No problem at all, emstoch. Wish you luck. Please keep us posted. 

  • Somewhat good news, Tusk Casino's Licensor is now involved and has told them they must send evidence of multiple accounts in my name, which Tusk has yet to do.  We shall see what happens...  

  • That's great news, emstoch, Hope you'll have them. Please keep us posted. 

  • Great casino so far, no issues and very generous bonuses that I experienced.

    Keep up the good work!cards

  • Great news.  I've heard back from Tusk Casino and they have apologized for this situation and acknowledged that I do not have multiple accounts.  It was an IP related glitch that somehow shared the same IP.  RESOLVED!

  • emstoch wrote:

    Great news. I've heard back from Tusk Casino and they have apologized for this situation and acknowledged that I do not have multiple accounts. It was an IP related glitch that somehow shared the same IP. RESOLVED!

    That's great. Thanks a lot for letting us know. heart


    3.7/ 5

  • And so. I was afraid that I contacted this casino! A week ago I made a deposit with a visa card, it turned out to win a little, I wanted to order a payment and it turned out that there were no methods of withdrawing payments to the card

  • Of the available methods, only the international bank and scrill.plus to everything is not available the withdrawal button until the verification has passed. The vote here begins an interesting one, sent them documents several times, but in response received only standard system answers to mail. The audit has been going on for the second week, appealed in support but to no avail, all they can do is transfer my problem to the appropriate department.

  • deposits accept but payments are delayed. Problem casino, support does not solve anything, in case of difficulties.
    Everything is very long and slow. Be attentive and think well before playing in this casino.

  • I don't even know whether or not to get from them my winnings .summa not big only 150 euro. I didn't take bonuses and played at my own expense.andy from the support said he passed on my request

  • Hi kirill,

    Please private message me your casino username and we'll check with the casino what's going on. 

  • Hi kirill,

    The casino rep is looking into your case. Keep you posted. 

  • Hi kirill,

    We got the update from the casino rep. 

    As per their words, your Bank Statement shows the address from 2015 which is only missing doc as no proof of address is in your docs. Your documents should be clearly visible. As soon as you send the correct and valid documents your account will be verified. 


  • Today I again turned to the chat and wrote to them in the mail for help. I sent several statements and other documents confirming my address and identity but the verification service constantly did not like something. I asked in the chat to go to my meeting and offer me an alternative way. And again the support replied that it would pass to the verification department.not a fraudster and played on a deposit,I honestly played and won.

  • There were no such problems with any casino,if problems arose, everything was solved through live chat

  • My personal opinion is simply delayed and does not want to solve this issue

  • Everything is fine. The representative of the casino called and discussed the situation. As a result, the issue of identification was successfully resolved.

  • kirill wrote:

    Everything is fine. The representative of the casino called and discussed the situation. As a result, the issue of identification was successfully resolved.

    Great. Thanks for letting us know. Glad it has been sorted out. 

  • the concept of confidentiality and transfer of data to third parties primarily refers to the person whose data is transferred, and if the player consents to the transfer of data, the casino has no right to hide them. And according to the casino, all accounts belonged to one player. In my opinion, it is quite obvious that they wanted to steal money, which was proved by the licensee's response and the subsequent apologies from the casino with fictitious "IP errors"

  • Hello mak777

    Thanks for sharing your input on this matter. Have you experienced any issues with Tusk Casino? If you'd like us to escalate a certain issue please let us know and we will reach out to Casino Representative. 

  • 50 Freespins for Tuskcasino missing. Re: Ticket #126068


    I have an issue with my last purchase 12days ago about 50 freespins for tuskcasino.com (Username: schoffiberlin)

    The Freespins are missing,  i checked the Slotgame Golden Castle , Book of Tuskcasino and I was asking the Support from Tuskcasino , as well as your Support Team from lcb.org via email  , two or 3 times ( your support said via email: my last purchase is in processing and "Please allow additional time for your purchase to get processed." )


    After my purchase of the 50FS for tuskcasino,  i waited 48hours and then i was looking in the slotgame for the freespins, as well i was waiting for any email from you, that the purchase is processed.

    I checked the slot a lot of time, and i was asking the Support from the casino on 3rd March for my 50 spins..

    I was asking LiveSupport from tuskcasino for the spins from the lcb shop, too.

    The answer was: 

    "Victor: We haven't received any order"

    I wasn't playing  the freespins and I wasn't  receiving them in the slot game / on my Account. :(

    Can you please re add / re credit the 50 spins for tuskcasino??

    I don't know what was going wrong  with the purchase and with them. 

    But it would be fair if you could give me the shop item which I was buying on your site. :(


    You can contact the casino and I can show you my game history. and of course you can ask tuskcasino if  I ever played the specific slot: Golden Castle  before, as well as if i played 50 freespins ever before.


    Greetings, Marcel

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