Universal Slots, Will's Casino, Ovitoons Casino, Gudar Casino, Gioo Casino Support and Complaints Thread

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  • I'm having a hard time getting in touch with someone from slots garden concerning my withdrawal I have sent numerous emails and have not gotten a response back from anyone and the live chat is a joke...


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  • Universal Slots is a different, unique and surprising site that is perfectly organized to create a perfect gaming experience.

    We are committed to offer you the best quality of service, responsibility and transparency.

    All our ships travel at the speed of light, and our processes, you will count with fast payments and account verification without long delays.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me here.


    Updated 12th May 2020 - Wills Casino added to LCB lists

    Updated 27th January 2021 - Ovitoons Casino added to LCB lists

    Updated 20th April 2021 - Gudar Casino added to LCB lists

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  • Welcome to LCB forum Universal Slots! Thank you for being available to assist our members! heart


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  • Welcome on board. We're happy to have you here with us. 

  • Welcome to the forum! Thanks for being here to assist our members.

  • i played here often with nice cashouts they have nice bonusses , but recent tey restricted the netherlands sadsoi cant play here annymore its to bad.

  • Hi.

    Try ND bonus code: SUGARPOP

    When acc. bal = 0

    Also try ND bonus codes:

    LONDONFREE и UNIVERSALFREE - 20 + 30 FS slot London Hunter.

    Bonuses are not available to players registering accounts from the following countries: Bulgaria, Greece, Mauritius, Poland, Romania, Russia, The Netherlands, Ukraine.

    P.S. Question? Does the casino have the right to confiscate the deposit and not return it to the user?

  • Hi Dombat, the direct support section is not the right place to post bonus codes, do you have a particular query or complaint you need to resolve?

  • Sorry. My mistake

  • Hey!

    Need your assistance again. I have a problem with the Universal Slots casino. I am playing at the casino since summer. I won here for the second time but this time did not get the chance to get my money because in the end of April the casino closed my account claiming that I used duplicate accounts. Like what??? Please help me to get my win, it is just an excuse not to pay me….

    All the best,


  • Hello Poirot,

    Please send me your casino username in PM inbox and we'll contact the Casino Representative.

  • Hello Poirot,

    Thanks for sending me over your casino username. We've sent an email to the Casino Representative regarding your complaint. Keep you posted.

  • Universalslots wrote:

    Universal Slots is a different, unique and surprising site that is perfectly organized to create a perfect gaming experience.

    We are committed to offer you the best quality of service, responsibility and transparency.

    All our ships travel at the speed of light, and our processes, you will count with fast payments and account verification without long delays.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me here.

    HI I requested a withdrawal roughly 48hrs ago to my Ether wallet, my account is fully verified but my withdrawal is still in progress?  I deposited Ether because your time frames for crypto deposits and withdrawals are suppose to be within 0 to 24hrs can you please just check it out please

    Username is lambino for the casino



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  • Hello Gambinobit,

    We've sent an email to the Casino Representative. However, since most of the Casino Representatives don't work on weekends, we probably won't get a reply before Monday. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Keep you posted.

  • Universal slots issues 

    Hello Plz will will someone help me , I played and successfully wagered a no deposit bonus at Universal slots on Thursday I requested a payout of 100 euro , I did a deposit and requested it , they then subtracted 50 euro as the max payout for no deposit bonuses is 50 euro which I am fine with but it took them nearly two days just to do that , so i requested again and the the whole process started from beginning again and I even had to send kyc docs again and again and again four times in total after being told a day before I am fully verified , yesterday I got frustrated and reversed my withdrawal and took my balance up to 300 and now I want my winnings but nothing is happen , The Rep for LCB support was last active on this site in November last year and the support on live chat are very helpful and friendly but I sat with Barbara on Saturday for over an hour just staring at my screen to be told they will email me with an update which has not happened 

    can someone please suggest anything on what else I can or should d


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  • Hello Gambinobit,

    We've already sent them an email regarding your issue on Saturday. We still haven't received a reply from the Casino Representative. We'll send them another reminder email. 

    Keep you posted.

  • Sorry for the double post it was not intentional I clicked post and when my browser refreshed I saw it posted it twice apologies 

  • Hello Gambinobit,

    That's ok. Thanks for understanding and cooperation. As soon as we receive a reply from the Casino Representative, we'll let you know.

  • Sydney wrote:

    Hello Gambinobit,

    We've already sent them an email regarding your issue on Saturday. We still haven't received a reply from the Casino Representative. We'll send them another reminder email. 

    Keep you posted.

    HI Sydney early last night I spoke to Barbara and she assured me that my withdrawal will be paid out during the course of the evening, this morning I logged in to check and it's still in processing I am even able to reverse it, this is bordering on the ridiculous now I have been trying to get my winnings out since Thursday last week, granted I did reverse it once after they deducted 50 euro off my balance as per the no deposit terms but since that I have made a deposit with Ether and requested a withdrawal to my Ether wallet which should be instant as crypto deposits and withdrawals are advertised on thier site as being processed and paid out within 0 to 24hrs, please can we put a bit of pressure on them today to payout what is rightfully owed to me

  • Proof of 1st deduction


  • Hello Gambinobit,

    They still haven't replied to us regarding your withdrawal issue. I've sent them another reminder email.

  • Have cancelled my withdraw again and subtacted my 240 euro winnings , they cant do that as they had already done that on saturfday when I tried to withdraw 100 euro they cancelled it and returned my deposit and the 50 euro that i won from the bonus now they done that gain to my sunday withdraw but the difference here is that there was no bonus attached to money so they cant deduct my winnings again as it was already donne that money was recently denied was won with my real money 

  • Hello Gambinobit,

    We're still waiting for the reply from the Casino Representative.

  • Sydney wrote:

    Hello Gambinobit,

    We're still waiting for the reply from the Casino Representative.

    Dont bother Sydney I am on live chat with support yet again and have requested a withdrawal of 60 euro as they have stolen my 240 euro unfairly , I will be making a official complaint with the appropriate channels and will never ever play at this casino ever again as its the worst one I have ever experienced to date 

    If they can just stop delaying this and pay me today since I have been trying to get my payout since thursday last week to an ether wallet which thier websites states they payout to in 0 to 24 hours 

  • Universalslots wrote:

    Universal Slots is a different, unique and surprising site that is perfectly organized to create a perfect gaming experience.

    We are committed to offer you the best quality of service, res/ ponsibility and transparency.

    All our ships travel at the speed of light, and our processes, you will count with fast payments and account verification without long delays.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me here.

    your casino does not travel at the speed of light rather it travels at the speed of the snail , its not a perfect gaming experience but rather a headache served with frustration and irritation , service? what service ? fast payments that is most certainly a false and exagerated statemnt rather you offer delayed and slow payments or no payment , verification is quick but expect to be asked to frequenly re upload documents even though you have been verified already its just the casinos special way of delaying your withdrawal just that little bit longer ,

    what the rep has stated here is the exact opposite take my word for it as I speak from experience,

    still waitng for my payment to my ether wallet , six days now nearly on a week fast payments I really do not agree with that statement angry


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  • Hi Sydney sorry for the late reply my electricity was down yesterday and most of today but thank God its back , I got my withdrawal at long last from the shady buggers yesterday of 60 euro and accepted that the 240 they deducted from my account is not worth fighting for because they not worth my energy or my time and I will never ever play at their  dodgey casino ever again , thanks for your help I appreciate all your effort that you put in , you can close this this and consider it resolved 

  • universal slots cashback promotion is a scam.

    from 12-13 june  i wagered $7383.55 cash

    casino star points program:

    Stars Points
    REWARDS PROGRAMIn Universal Slots we have the best reward plan, for each bet you make for whatever amount, you are accumulating Stars Points that you can change for REAL money to continue your wonderful trips to all our planets

    How do they accumulate?

    For every $ 10 in bets you generate 1 Star point
    Then you can change 20 stars for 1 $
    How are they changed?

    Go to the deposit section
    Then in cash back
    Finally you give to claim

    i worked it out to be:

    7383.55 divide by 10 = 738.355 star points

    738.355 divide by 20 = 36.91775 cashback

    i should of been able to claim $36 in cashback but so far i have only been able to claim 5c in TOTAL in cashback

    the cashback page doesnt show any wagering for those days even though my game history clearly shows how much i wagered.

    they still refuse to pay me the cashback


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  • Hello Tweeksta,

    Please send me your casino username in PM inbox and we'll contact the Casino Representative regarding the issue you're having at Universal Slots.


    2.8/ 5

  • Tyvm sydney

  • Hello Tweeksta,

    We've sent an email to the Casino Representative regarding your cashback complaint. Please keep an eye on this thread for the update.

  • Sydney wrote:

    Hello Tweeksta,

    We've sent an email to the Casino Representative regarding your cashback complaint. Please keep an eye on this thread for the update.

    tyvm sydney

    hopefully they will finally do the right thing and credit me my cashback.

  • still no reply from them yet? ****SHOCK!!!..... NOT!!!*****

    why does this casino bother having a casino rep for their site when they dont even bother to help and answer players queries here.


  • Hello Tweeksta,

    No, we still haven't received a reply from the casino. We've sent them another reminder email. Keep you posted.

  • Universal Slots casino is the worst experience I've ever had with talking to a support member her name is Sarah very rude after I registered in the menu it said I had 20 free spins before doing anything it was atomically there so why not go ahead and check it out went to talk to someone in support and she shut it down right there and now that's a old promotion it's no longer available to you your options are to make a deposit!! This is a short version of the conversation 

  • Hi i been playing mirage group casinos for years and never had issues. The terms were always the same, not always what i'd like but they were  at least clear. What i did today i did on other casinos, i did on 4kingslots i did exactly the same as always for years. After winning 1250$ from 51+51$ 1-2 days ago on wager. I hit 1000$ on 2$ bet then since wager there is 40x d+b i raised  to max bet 4$ to spin it out. Then today i went back and played raw and shoved all on roulette to end up with 5-6k usd balance. T

    Then while playing my balance was removed!! They said .. that now max bet 4$ BUT 30 cents per line!??! so any slots 10 lines like book of dead.. max bet is 3$ not 4$ .. i never saw such term in my entire life! And i played them for years so its brand new scrap. It's literally predatory terms as they set their bonuses to have max 30x cash out.. but 40x d+b wager so huge wager and already had low max bet. So if we hit big on the max cash out or more with trillions in wager.. we max bet.. its made on purpose so that we now break terms .. its unbelievable.. and on top.. they said nothing before i hit and triple up my balance today on roulette.

    This is something that need to be adressed asap. These terms, sudden changes.. with things that are literally set for people to fuck up.. i never seen that far. Of course the normal max bet per line to prevent 1 liners.. but never under the 10 lines games like book of dead.. can't have a max bet per line that is lower than max bet per spin on a 10 line game.. its the norm in industry since forever. And since i had done that exact same thing on 4kingslots 2months ish ago.. and played the group for years.. i just reviewed fast the slots and such in terms.. never would i have expected or looked for such.. fraudulent scheme.

    My account name is fredos386 and when they stole me, i had 5500$ in cashouts and a balance of a 100-200$ ... I have been stolen and cheated mroe than i can imagine. In past 2-3 months every single 2k+ cashout the casinos stole or tried to not pay EVERY SINGLE ONE. So if you guys can't make them pay me i'll sue... I have enough, i have a long list of things to clear with casinos.. the others paid so i had to let go.. but here a new chance heh. Player's need to be protected from such criminal activities... if no one else does.. i'll move forward and do what need be done.

    After years of playing the group, same terms, everything.. including doing the exact same thing 2 months ago on their sister casino with who they share the same bonus terms.. i was clearly not doing anything on purpose.. they shouldve warned me.. say hey you did "x" but be careful next time. In this situation i know how i can sue them and make sure they understand.. but  something has to be done asap in the meantime.. player's must be warned, i definitly must not be alone right now in that spot. Ty

  • Hello fredos386,

    Is this complaint about Universal Slots Casino? We can't find Universal Casino anywhere


    2.8/ 5

  • universalslots

  • fredos386 wrote:


    Thanks for the clarification fredos386. Universal Slots is listed on LCB and has a direct support thread, so I moved your complaint to this section of the forum.

    The Casino Representative has been notified. Please keep an eye on this thread for updates.


    2.8/ 5

  • I reviewed the terms.. and it says that they can void winnings because they consider what i did a bonus abuse/cheat. Let me tell you what i did... i started on book of dead 2$ bet..  i had 4000$ wager ahead so i wanted to try a few spins see if it kicks then lower to 1$. I hit right off 1000$ line hit.. and then get to around 1200$. Maximum cashout is 1500$.. 4000$ left to wager.. I raise to maximum bet of 4$ to try and speed up the wager since there is no more reason to play as i already pretty much capped it. I stayed.. on that slot.. THE ENTIRE WAGER. I played one slot. i didnt move to wager on lower volatility or anything i just played ONE SLOT.

    What we have here is not a case of player abuse, but the complete opposite. This run is the most legit one can see under these terms. What does the casino expect from a player that hit max cashout at the very beginning while they set it to have 40x wager of deposit+bonus? Then have max bet at 4 not 5$ like most, and the only place in the world i saw that.. line bet lower than the 10 lines standard of the industry for max bet. This is predatory terms made to trap players like me in this kind of situation. The fact i had done it all already on their sister site and was allowed to is one thing.. but then the fact i didnt even move to a lower volatility slot but just pushed on book of dead, considered the worst idea in teh world when wagering.. shows that i had absolutely no abusive intentions whatsoever. I just hit and tried speed up the wager. This entire case here is beyond a simple misunderstanding or bad behavior. It's a criminal offense, a fraudulent system built to fraud players.

    So not being paid, under these circumstances i can officially complaint at the canadian cyber-crime agency and launch procedures againt the casino and the group. My run, my play, my behavior on this deposit was flawless they should've tought about it a little before doing that. With my history, years of play and everything... What were they thinking? They stand no chance whatsoever, its in fact giving clear indications of international fraud scheme that become a criminal complaint and not a simple deal with a license or what not. Credit card companies have to be informed of the usee made by this casino of their payment system. The removal of all credit cards use through the group along with multiple more consequences will follow. Add to that the fact its the 5th+ in a row.. cashout.. that size.. that is denied payment... On a downsing of 75k in 2 months... Showing not only have i paid but i am being cheated all across be everyone. It's gonna be fun.. i have all the time in the world.

    p.s.: It's not even about the money, cash outs i use them to redeposit and play on and on, so if they had paid i wouldve spent it.. again like everytime.. my astonishing bank/wallet statemetns shows. But not everyone is in my situation or use funds they can afford to lose. They take deposits.. for months .. years.. and when you finally get what you paid for all that time.. they fraud it. And here the reasons involed are that it's abuse.. So if playing one slot.. hit right off.. and instead of movign to wager elsewhere.. the player stay on one of the most volatile slot on the market.. Well my entire play history shwos that if that is abuse then to them everything is.. and therefor their terms are predatory and criminal. If in the past i was still trying.. now i have stopped streaming.. i have stopped playing at most places.. or enjoying.. i just got cheated all across the board. So i am not complaining acting up to look whatever, i am done.. I knew from the start the day i launch accusations i could not play again, but i already can't play anyway.. I am only allowed to deposit and lose..  ALL big cashouts have been denied under a downswing the price of a jaguar or lexus. If losing so much non stop under these circumstances... is worth being stolen all funds.. It proves they are criminals with crystal clear intentions. I don't need to argue more.. their high management know exactly what im talking about. I'm retired on gov disability pension at 37 yo, i have no family no nothing.. i couldn,t careless of treats and if i cant play anymore i will have a god dam lots of free time in the coming years... that kind of challenge will definitly keep me busy.  No way back for me

  • Hello fredos386,

    We've sent an email to the Casino Representative last night. We haven't received a reply from him yet. As soon as we receive a reply from the casino, we'll let you know. 

  • Hello fredos386,.

    We've received a reply from the Casino Representative. Here's what he says:

    "We did reset the bonus, because our terms and conditions say: Max bet 4€ or 0.30€ per line, and he placed bet for 0.40€ in Book of Dead, with the active bonus."

    Since the casino Bonus Terms and Conditions state that the maximum allowed bet while playing with a bonus is 0.30€ per line and you played 0.40€ per line, there's nothing more we can do about this. You broke one of the terms from the Bonus Terms and Conditions. 

    The screenshot of the Bonus Terms and Conditions attached below.

  • I know YOU can't do nothing more and it's fine.. i just needed to give them a chance. Now that they are officially exposed and they stand their ground then i can go and solve the thing myself. There was 2 options, the easy way out, get paid and continue which happened to me so far and it always only lead to being cheated even more so this time i know what to do and i know i gave the industry all the chances in the world. So that's it for me here.. if eventually you hear about Canada's market closing like usa did ... you'll have a clue i guess lol. All i know is that my gov and provinces have their own online casinos that struggle.. my story.. everything.. prove the dangers of letting canadians play. It gone beyond belief really..  i would be surprised if they didn't like the chances to get back the control of the market. For what i care now, the industry proved me they are exactly what people fear they could be... And the fact i pushed all the way never giving up give a history that is beyond doubts. Of course online here and everywher it's all financed by casinos, never expected to be given credit whatsoever... I dont think my gov is any better morally.. but thats exactly the point. I can prove and give them a real reason to reconsider the whole thing. When i told the casinos.. "i hope it was worth a few K's" i think that it's a serious crazy gamble they are taking.. risking to lose an entire market for a few thousands that i wwas allwaays losing back anyway. Well future will tell.. All i know is if i was on the other side.. i would never have taken that bet lol.. not after doing all they did.. But heh that's another story. I had a reason to shut up.. do nothing.. their greed and hate made them cheat me out of the only reason i had to not do anything.

    I got cheated by everyone to the very last group.. So well.. i got it now.. cant play safe unless i run sites on 84% RTP  so yeah.. guess its time to finish this story and move on. No matter if i succeed or not.. do it or not.. the consequences.. is huge. So i really wouldnt have taken that gamble haha. if you saw how today and yesterday all sites nuke me all bets.. cheating me again.. compensated system lol... for a big win.. that i got cheated out of.. there is so many piles of cheats on top of each other.. it gets just quite funny as my personal life and situation place me in a sport where having money.. doesnt mean nothing.. All i need is a bed a couch and a laptop.. life is good.. i bought nothing all that time i was up.. why .. dont need..

    They just can't believe i really am serious.. they cant believe such people exist.. but yeah.. Money is worthless now.. printed left and right.. and all products are made to break and need replacement non-stop and are financed by companies that put so much interest.. in the end.. all i need is the basic to be happy. .the rest is not worth the effort. But justice.. thats is worth my life. Cya

  • Now that all is over.. i completed my journey. I can tell you... that weeks + ago when i was up 100k ... i knew after the industry acted on me locking accounts and investigating.. that they were going to make me lose.. on purpose. I had to keep chasing.. lose my mind.. to look like im the usual greedy guy trying to recover his wins.. But there are witnesses that followed me all that time online.. They can confirm.. i knew then it was over. And i decided to use the money to do something no one else in his right mind would... my question was "Can the industry cheat players for absurd amounts on purpose". Randomly it shouldnt matter.. what the player do or how up or not he is. So after testing everything else.. i decided to give them back their blood money.. using it to legit try to win or push again.. See .. will i run normal? Can the industry cheat players on purpose.. all together? The answer... they took 50k of 100k with results that are beyond imagination. 0'ed all across.. then i started getting some wins.. that ALL casinos refused to pay. Others were locking accounts.. removing offers... of course there might be some casinos and group that just didn't want to be part of the thing.. didnt want to participate in something that could lead to extreme consequnces if caught. Or simply.. didnt want to cheat? Who knows... but all i  can say.. is that my results.. everything is a proof. A complete.. flawless proof. My contribution in this world before i go. I was able to do things others are unable too.. or cant because of responsibilites. I did.. for years.. slowly.. lead to this.

    From the start i was just a degen gambler.. never had intentions to do anything wrong just continue losing forever all i got. But they did it.. cheated me.. made me get things.. suffer.. pain.. that made me.. realize.. slowly.. rememeber certain things.. Progressively.. to now. The casinos.. they did it all to themselves.. from the start... they did everything they could to push me to this path where i discovered all. An example of a complete fuck up... casinos only had to tweak my accounts like they did.. and pay the few wins i had. I wouldve continued to swing down a few very short.. weeks or months.. and then i wouldve gone into depression.. feeling guilty and dumb for having put back all while i knew something was going on. Nope.. instead they all flawlessly cheated me and /or refused to pay ALL cashouts of a certain size. Instead of making me go depressed.. it just.. confirmed everything. I didn't lose back for nothing.. it was worth.. may lives.. many many lives.. Even if i just end up helping gambling therapy centers... What i said to them from the start was that their actions would always cost them more than the money they stole me.. it always did.. it always will.. and even if i disappear now.. i was on twitch.. not streaming in public.. privately.. showing my story.. There are people that know everything.. That's when it becomes a really interesting story :P . They know.. all i say is real... and not another ramble of degen frustrated. They saw me distribute the money.. they saw me do and call everything. show them how compensated.. manipulated.. cheated games  are.. You know.. the way it really works.. not paying such a cash out.. is way more than what it looks like.. But that's another story. My part is done.. finally ..funny on 29th december.. for the new year.. i'll just rest and .. try to rest.. the train is on the move.. i did everything i had to...  gg guys... remember.. you did it all to yourself... all the way.. i gave you 100 chances to correct your ways.. so much it became clearly crazy even with 100k to rip for the final showdown lol.. but gg guys ..

    A huge victory was one this year.. for the players and the families. Oh we didnt win the war.. but sometimes all it needs .. is one person.. a spark... that light up the whole thing. Happy new year players that read.. the struggle is real.. casinos ripped everyone like never before.. but know that there is hope.. a light.. in the darkness.. just appeared. Don't chase losses. dont try to win profits.. its not random..  just.. for your own sake.. trust in me.

  • So just to double check. Bonus terms are applied to prevent bonus abuse by the players and wins they shouldn't have had etc. So if we review, i did 2$ bet.. which is legit, i won the max cash out. Then i raised to wager faster, i had already the maximum and i stayed on book of dead one of the craziest slots to wager then entire thing while i was risking to lose everything without any potential gain as i was already capped. So i won the maximum legitimately and then the term i broke was to go faster but while risking everything by not moving to a smoother slot. So i took a huge risk for no reward simply to go faster. If the terms are used to prevent abuse, tell me how what i did was an abuse that was dangerous for the casino? Not to mention i had already done it and had green light of their sister casino 4kingslots. So it was not with bad intentions. Then they let my cashout pending for 2 days before i go play and when they saw me hitting they canceled the whole thing.

    So to sum it up, there was no abuse and i had already won and only took excessive risks with no potential gain to wager faster. Then the term there to prevent abuse was used to steal everything. What that means is that terms are not only to prevent bonus abuse but to steal players that win legitimately. As the balance won was won at 2$ bet... the funds were legitimate and not from malfunction or abuse. And when i played after it was same. So everything was won fairly but the casino decided to use a term meant to protect themselves from abuse to steal my balance. In theory they had the right since it's in the terms, but what that means is that the casino openly admit to not give a dam about their players and will void and steal any funds possible from any players long term regulars or not. That means that any player everytime they play there have to understand that the casino will use any possible way to not honor their responsibilities. A casino that has no honor and openly steal legitimate funds using a loop they put in the terms to that purpose.

    So then they represent also the group and therefor this shows without doubts possible that the casino has to be tagged as dangerous and to be played with care as they will dishonor any cashout if they can. Because that's exactly what it is. A term there to be used against abuse.. was used against a legitimate regular player that took personal risks (even though allowed previously by other casino of the group) simply to speed up the wager. So a player win legit.. take risks to lose money for absolutely no gain possible as the max cashout was reached.. is considered as a cheater and robbed blind of all? Are you aware of the meaning of this and the consequences? I guess it's time to report it as i know lots of people. Having that kind of tag on the back for a few thousands is really ridiculous. An entire group flagged as dishonest and dangerous.. because they had a backdoor to steal a legitimate player. For sure  that will cost them a lot more than a few thousands. GG

  • Or, what is your ratio of unpaid players? Is it possible that you do that.. a bit too much and suddenly players like me hit more and more on you? So you decide to not pay me? Is it possible that.. the more you void winnings.. the more people hit and you get overwhelmed? I can go in details if you want..

  • Hello fredos386,

    The Bonus Terms and Conditions state: Max bet 4€ or 0.30€ per line. The Casino Representative says that you placed a bet for 0.40€ in Book of Dead while playing with the bonus which is over the max bet allowed.

    We've asked the Casino Representative to double-check this, but in this case, everything is clear. They can void the winnings according to their Terms and Conditions if the player makes a bet over the max allowed.

  • Hello fredos386,

    The Casino Representative has just advised us that their decision is final. You placed over the maximum bet and that's why your winnings were void.

    Since you breached the Bonus Terms and Conditions there is nothing we can do to assist you further. If you don't agree with this decision, you can file a complaint with their licensor. 

  • Hello, is Mirage Corporation NV your owner?

    I registered at premio365 two days ago,  deposited and played bonus-free

    I provided my docs and requested a withdrawal wich was paid

    I deposited again and played

    The operator aid I played fraudulent bets ,my account is blocked,my latest balance 1100 was taken

    I played live dealer games from evolution gaming sofware

    Any helpis welcome, my username is the as here at the forum


  • Hello toby365,

    We're going to check this with the Casino Representative. Keep you posted.

  • Hello toby365,

    The Casino Representative says that Premio365 does not belong to this group of casinos. It's not one of their brands.

  • Will's Casino

    I made deposits using litecoins. I uploaded the documents for verification on Thursday evening, but they still do not approve of them. My nickname is kadrus2002

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