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  • WildPharao is an international online casino founded in 2021 and features a library of 4500 different slots and 500+ live games today. Therefore, we can promise to bring players great entertainment moments, even the most demanding ones. In addition, we do support players with more than 30 global and country-specific payment methods.

    If you would have any questions do not hesitate to ask here.

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    Happy to have you here to assist our members for and potential questions or complaints regarding your casino. 

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  • Hello, 2022-03-15 22:34:30 I made a request to withdraw funds 500 eur to BTC.
    The rules say that the withdrawal of funds up to 5 business days. (but there may be delays)

    The first withdrawals were within 5 working days, but now there are occasional delays.
    That time has already passed.
    The account has been verified, deposits and withdrawals have already been made before.

  • Hello pozndarya, 

    Sorry to hear about the delays. Could you please send me your casino username to my private message inbox and we'll get in touch with the Casino Rep. 

  • Hello pozndarya,

    Thank you for providing us your casino username. We will notify Casino Representative. Keep an eye on this forum thread for updates.

  • Dear pozndarya

    Thank you for letting us know about your problem. I have escalated your payment issue and this will be processed in the next 3-5 working days to your Bank account.

    We are very sorry for the delay in this cashout. We have been busy working to make our Cashout system better.

    We hope you continue enjoying playing with WildPharao.

    Best regards,
    WildPharao Support Team

  • To a bank account?
    I made a request to withdraw funds to a bitcoin wallet.
    But if true for the next 3-5 days, then it doesn’t matter, you can also to a bank account (I already had withdrawals to a bank account in your casino)

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WildPharao is an international online casino founded in 2021 and features a library of 4500 different slots and 500+ live games today. Therefore, we can promise to bring players great entertainment...
WILDPHARAO Support and Complaints Thread

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