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  • Why shouldn't I can login to my account without using VPN. I tried several times to login but pages is not loading. Then when I use VPN it's loading.


    Unable to login

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    1 year ago
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  • Do you enjoy a nice soundtrack to your spin experienceas I do? If so what type do you tend to listen to while playing. Personally even though I am a blues jam band and bluegrass fiend as far as live...


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  • Hi! I'm Hilary Stovall, one of the new Marketing Managers for Win A Day Casino, Slotland.

    Please, if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, let me know here so we can discuss!

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    Update: 1st March 2019 -  As Hilary is no longer around, it would be me, Jack Jelinek, being the official casino rep for all brands under the umbrella of Slotland Entertainment: Slotland, Winaday Casino and CryptoSlots.

    Updated 12th June 2018: CryptoSlots Casino added to the LCB lists. 

  • Welcome! Good to see you here wink

  • Welcome Hilary to LCB.

    Glad you signed up.


  • Welcome to the family Hilary.

    So glad you are here for our members.


  • Thank you for the kind weclome! smiley Look forward to getting to know more of you smiley

  • I can't find the tournament page to enter into the current tournament

  • I found it and entered. Wish me luck!

  • Welcome Hilary, it is always nice to have casino reps here. cheesy

  • Hi Deb, thanks, I'm very glad to be here smiley

    For others who may have problems finding the tournament, here it is! Win A Day Exclusive LCB Tournament

  • hello hillary,i still have a lot of respect for you and your casino,i tried to play as much as i could there the first couple of months,but to be fair and honest the bonuses are small and rare,like 10% here and there and 16% once a month not to mention  like other casinos i belong to little gifts never showed up,EVER,like $5 once every couple of months and plus for these small bonuses the play throughs went from 10x to 20x,i would love to continue playing but i am just to poor and need to stretch my gaming budget,its probably np for the people who have good jobs and big bucks to spend,but unfortunatly the only way im gonna make it with my little $25-$50 deposits here and there im going to have to stick with the 500% bonuses and 50x playthroughs,i have very fond memorys of playing there and i have wrote a couple of letters that they wrote back and told me they would foward them to the accounting department and that i would probablys be suprised soon,but nothing came of that.there is no question to reputation to your casino though,you are A number one to those of us who can afford it. thank you for your time-account at both= yobaboy    smiley    G.H.

  • Hi yobaboy,

    Hilary is no longer working for them, but you can PM the new Rep here :


    4.5/ 5

  • winaday account- yobaboy just a thank you note since i deposited 3 days ago and promptly lost my $25-(no biggie since ive cashed out several times) but  i figureded that was that goodbye $25(no flying bird smileys lol) i woke up today with a message from winaday that my name was randomly pulled from the depositors draw-your name i believe gets into the draw system  for a week after deposit after draw and they randomly pull a winner a day,thought i had zero chance and i dont believe much in raffles or lotterys until this morning! thank you again im off to enjoy myself.a good time to! it is storming in upstate ny all day today and im fricken broke  laugh_out_loud maybe not anymore-yobaboy

  • oops forgot to say its $100 smackers

  • Congrats Yobaboy and thank you for sharing.


  • your welcome blue,and eventualy i got to cashout $40-greedy me could have cashed out more but you guys know the impulse-lol cheesy

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