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  • Hi All,

    Slots Jungle Review
    Casino Titan Review
    Win Palace Review
    GoldenCherry Review
    Begado Review
    Jackpot Grand Casino
    Slots of Fortune

    My name is Daniel, and I'll be your contact for these 5 casinos.
    Feel free to contact if you have any queries.

  • welcome danielq you will love everyone on this site are you offering any special offers for us

  • Hi
    I'm sure i will. smiley
    In Mayflowercasino we are offering LCB players an exclusive $10 Free Bonus. You are more then welcome to use it, just make sure you use the link from LCB and the bonus code: MF3035.

    In Winpalace, we are offering 200% deposit bonus up to $500, on your first 2 deposits, and also a Special Slots bonus of 300% up to $3000.

    Hope to see you there!


  • I tried to deposit with winpalace many times using credit card and netspend card, but deposits did not go thru as the processor said it takes only non-US residents.  Wondering if you can fix this problem.  My username is taaadaaahhh


    I've past your query. Winpalace support will contact you today to solve it out.
    Hope you will enjoy the casino,

  • Hello

    Do you give birthday no deposit bonuses...I have deposited in past.  I tried live chat but no response after half an hour sad

  • there is a special in the forun today so i used the linl and downloaded winpalace. tried the exclusive coupon and they said i used the wrong link signed up as DELIQ31

  • Hi Susie.
    I'll check it out for you with casino support.
    Kind regards,

  • iam still waiting for answer

  • susie h , Im sure Daniel will get back to you as soon as possible, so your patience is appreciated.

  • sorry

  • Hi Daniel, I registered through the link to Mayflower but have not received the NDB because I cant ever get anyone to respond on livechat, ever! Can you posssibly help with this? My username:biglean. Thanks

  • Hi SlotJunkie,
    I'll check it out for you.
    Susie, thank you for your pateince. Get back to you in few hours.
    Kind regards,

  • i think i have been patient its been a few hours as stated. just want an answer since i downloaded from this link and they say i did not deliq31

  • Hi Susie,
    I was told that your account has been credited few hours ago.
    Sorry you needed to wait.
    Have fun!
    Kind regards,

  • Hi SlotJunkie,
    I'll check it out for you.
    Susie, thank you for your pateince. Get back to you in few hours.
    Kind regards,
    Hi Daniel, thanks for checking into it for me...I got the $10 and had fun for a couple of minutes. Thanks again!
  • hi daniel, i followed the link on the exclusive bonus page here and downloaded the win palace software and put in the code LCBFREE and it said cannot be redeemed at this time. i have never had an acccount at win palace before so i know i'm eligible i was hoping you could help. thank you so much my user name is blndsuga.

  • Hi 13oclock,
    I'm sorry for the treat you got. I still passed this issue to Maylfowercasino's support.
    Kind regards,

  • thanks daniel got it!

  • I just want to say I really like Winpalace casino, made a couple deposits, and have been able to play for hours and hours, definitly got my moneys worth of entertainment.  I also like the fact that the bonuses are usually 200% and up, and can be claimed multiple times. 

  • I recommend not to play at winpalace I deposited 25 got it up to 800 went to cash-out sent in the fax form then in a week was told i cant cash out and that they would send me an e-mail telling me why which i never got!!!!

  • danielq its been awhile since i downloaded the casino I have tried to claim the bonus LCBFREE for along time each time they tell me i did not go through the right affiliat i am sure i did it through so do you think you could help me (please) username cametoplay

  • Hi Beans725,
    Sorry it took me long to reply, needed to get all the details from Winpalace finance.
    As it is stated, this bonus is restricted to slot games only. By gaining all your winnings on restricted games, such as Blackjack, you broke the terms of the bonus.
    I apologize that you haven't received an immediate email, it was sent to you the same day, but only today Adriana noticed that it bounced back and resent it to you.
    Needless to say that your deposit was immediately sent back.
    Hope I helped to clarify this issue.
    Kind regards,
    P.S: Hi Ziggrott, i'll take care of it and get back to you.

  • Hi Ziggrott,
    The bonus is in your account.
    Have Fun!

  • daniel i joined mayflower when you first opened up thru another site before i knew of this site but when i have tried to deposit i have recieved no response or ask questions from your live support i like your casino and would llove a free chp to try again

  • I signed up last night and never got a free sign up chip so i'm not going to dep till i do. If i can't try before i buy then i'm not interasted.

    Cobra562 is login

  • I deposited to WINPALACE several times taking the bonus.  I didnt win, but I need to have an answer for my question before I deposit with WINPALACE again.  I'm bonus ineligible at MAYFLOWER topgame casino, wondering if its ok for me to take bonus at Winpalace RTG.


    username is taaadaaahhh

  • Is no deposit code MF3035 is good?

  • Yes it is.
    I got your other message as well and will check for you.
    Thank you,

  • I made a deposit via my card with mayflower
    casino my balance reached $1300 I decided to make a withdrawal request
    at$1100 the system would not let me after trying a few things out it
    let me withdraw $1080 I made a withdrawal request of $1080 via
    neteller their finance department sent me a e-mail telling me that
    because I made the deposit via my card that I had to withdraw only via
    wire transfer I then asked them what if I make a deposit via money
    bookers can I withdraw via money bookers their finance department said
    no I have been chasing that withdrawal for 1 month every week they
    tell me that I will receive it by the end of the week today I got a
    e-mail from them saying that they can not send it by wire and that I
    had to withdraw it by ewallet I have sent them my netller account
    number but today when i tried logging in to speak to their live
    support about it my account was locked.

  • Hi,
    Basicly, you can see the terms of Mayflowercasino bonus, and it's clearly stated: "Members can withdraw up to 5x times the free bonus given." (this is the most common term for free chips in all casinos, not only TopGame's).

    In any case, please send me your username, so i could check this issue with Maylfower finance.
    Kind regards,

  • Hi FromRussiaWithLove,
    I'm sorry to hear about that and i'll contact the casino in order to clarify this issue.
    I do want to point that in T&C of this promotion ( stated that the max winnings for this promo is *5 the free bonus ammount.
    I'll contact Maylfowercasino asap and get back to you.
    Kind regards,

  • Hi, and thank you for the compliment :-)
    I'm suer we will solve this in a good way.

  • [/quote >


    The only thing that will keep me playing at mayflower is you!

    Thank you!
  • I have now made 10 deposits and havent got any bonus rounds like other rtg casinos and my percentage is 30%, My percentage should be at least in the 90s.Ive been playing rtg software for over 10 yrs and never experienced this kind of play.Yes they gave me bonuses and free chips but still notta. 100.00 playing only dollar bets not 1 winner. :'(

  • I have posted about win palace i just keep looking at the comments to see if maybe i was wrong. I wasn't .  Casino Titan and Freespin should send winpalace a thank you..............thats where i spend my money at. win palace, better known as NOWINPALACE

  • Danielq, maybe you can help.  I sent in my faxback docs a week or two ago- I do not have a payment pending- and it was returned saying I needed to fill out more information than the card I used to deposit with.  So I refilled it out, resent last week and haven't heard anything.  I sent an email asking if my docs are approved on Monday, still heard nothing.  I won't deposit there again if my docs aren't approved yet so I'm just trying to verify.  Thanks!  user id kirbysfun (or kirbyfun can't remember)

  • Hi Toodleedoo,
    I apologize for the long time. I'll check it and get back to you.

  • Thanks, got an email from Adrianna this morning saying all approved.  I went ahead and deposited again last night, but still no luck.  Maybe next time.

  • Great.
    Good luck next time and i again sorry for the waiting time.

  • Hi Daniel - I see you are a Rep for Win Palace, I played & won on Sunday, Mar 28. I scanned/emailed required information. But, I have not got any confirmation it was received, etc.  When I go to check my balance, tried to make a withdrawel it says before I can do this I have to send in the faxback form (which I did).  I have emailed WinPalace to make sure was received and havent received an email back.

  • Hi Dixiesace,
    Yes, your faxback needs to be approved before you request a withdrawal. I assume that winpalace finance will contact you today or tomorrow and of course I'll make sure that this happens.
    Congratulations on your winnings,

  • Daniel thank you for your quick reply and I will keep the board updated. Appreciate it and website for ALL the helpful and very useful information you provide to us out here =)  Its truly appreciated!

  • Hi Daniel wink - I wanted to give you an update that I did make a withdrawel request on 4/1 but as of this morning I have not heard anything received an confirmation emails, etc from Winpalace.  I do see on the site that it can take up to 10 days to process a withdrawel request. But I did want to let you know as you stated in previous post that the Finance Dept should be contacting me. Just getting a lil anxious I guess, as this money (hopefully) could not of come at a better time after losing a job I've been at for 14 yrs embarrassed      Again, thanks for your help & look forward to hearing from you and Winpalace!

  • Daniel, got Mayflower to resolve it's issues with my screen resolution and also got my bonus. Thank you!

  • Hi, Daniel...I recently contacted WinPalace because I was going to make a deposit, with Usemywallet.  I felt as though I MAY have had an unused account, so I contacted support PRIOR to making a deposit.

    I talked to support, and they mentioned that there was my wife registered.  I had support check my name, date of birth, address and all other information because I didn't want problems, your casino offers no max-cashout on coupons.  She closed all of the other accounts, and told me to login as vtownman.  I thanked her and was ready to make my deposit.  When my account opened, I saw that there was a bonus on the account, I believe it to be from this website.  Since I was contacting support to fund my bank and there were funds already on it, it seemed senseless to remove the funds and make a deposit.  After all, the reason I called was to fund my account. 

    I was having problems accessing my gmail and sending attachments, so I wanted to change the email address registered.  When I requested to use a different email, it was said that I had another account, called freddyvtown. 

    The issue, Daniel, is that the reason I called was to ensure I had correct details.  I wanted to comply with rules, and therefore, I called to make clear that I wanted to make a deposit and comply with the casino rules regarding household accounts. 

    I can appreciate the need for promotional chip rules.  Let's face it, without restrictions on promotional chips, there would be no promotions for the player.  My frustration lies with support, in that I was given the incorrect information, and I played the bonus and won around $925, with some playthrough left to go it, and then it was taken away. 

    Had I received the correct information in the first place, I would have simply made a deposit, and claimed a bonus.  Instead, I was surprised to see my account had bankroll, and was having a good time, only to have it taken away.  I would have rather just made the deposit, instead of having the fun taken away. 

    I also sent in my faxback documents a couple days prior to my deposit inquiry, since I wanted to have everything in order.  The documents have not been reviewed, since, I haven't made my initial deposit.

    I am sure that nothing can be done, after all, the rules are rules.  I feel like we both "lost" since I didn't get my winnings, and the casino didn't get the deposit I was trying to initiate.  Perhaps my account can be reviewed, in this situation, I was only doing what I was told.  I was supposed to log into the correct account and play using the account as directed by casino staff.  I don't feel like the casino intentionally witheld the correct details and gave me the incorrect details.  That is why I feel like the casino is responsible for this error.

    Thank your for your interest.  Have a good rest of the day.

  • Hi
    dixiesace: The Finance Dept only needed to contact you to let you know that your faxback has been aproved, which i think they did few days ago. Now they will just send you your winnings. The Easter holidays delayed things a bit, but I'm sure you'll get it soon. I hope you'll find even a better job soon and will be able to just have fun with your winnings.

    chillymellow: Glad to hear that. Thank you for letting me know.

  • Hi freddyvtown,
    I'll need few days to check with the CS manager regarding this issue. I'll contact you the moment I'll know the details. I hope we will be able to solve it soon.
    Kind regards,

  • Hello All (& Daniel =)  I just wanted to update to let everyone know who may question depositing?withdraweling from Win Palace....Don't!!  At least for me I have found my "home" casino and still in shock to see $3000 winnings in eWallet Account!  Win Palace THANK YOU for being an honest fair casino, the winnings could not of come at a better time!!  I WILL DEFINATELY BE BACK =)

  • Hi Freddyvtown,
    From what i understood the issue with your account has been solved?

    Dixiesace: Thank you!


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