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  • Hi, Daniel...I recently contacted WinPalace because I was going to make a deposit, with Usemywallet.  I felt as though I MAY have had an unused account, so I contacted support PRIOR to making a deposit.

    I talked to support, and they mentioned that there was my wife registered.  I had support check my name, date of birth, address and all other information because I didn't want problems, your casino offers no max-cashout on coupons.  She closed all of the other accounts, and told me to login as vtownman.  I thanked her and was ready to make my deposit.  When my account opened, I saw that there was a bonus on the account, I believe it to be from this website.  Since I was contacting support to fund my bank and there were funds already on it, it seemed senseless to remove the funds and make a deposit.  After all, the reason I called was to fund my account. 

    I was having problems accessing my gmail and sending attachments, so I wanted to change the email address registered.  When I requested to use a different email, it was said that I had another account, called freddyvtown. 

    The issue, Daniel, is that the reason I called was to ensure I had correct details.  I wanted to comply with rules, and therefore, I called to make clear that I wanted to make a deposit and comply with the casino rules regarding household accounts. 

    I can appreciate the need for promotional chip rules.  Let's face it, without restrictions on promotional chips, there would be no promotions for the player.  My frustration lies with support, in that I was given the incorrect information, and I played the bonus and won around $925, with some playthrough left to go it, and then it was taken away. 

    Had I received the correct information in the first place, I would have simply made a deposit, and claimed a bonus.  Instead, I was surprised to see my account had bankroll, and was having a good time, only to have it taken away.  I would have rather just made the deposit, instead of having the fun taken away. 

    I also sent in my faxback documents a couple days prior to my deposit inquiry, since I wanted to have everything in order.  The documents have not been reviewed, since, I haven't made my initial deposit.

    I am sure that nothing can be done, after all, the rules are rules.  I feel like we both "lost" since I didn't get my winnings, and the casino didn't get the deposit I was trying to initiate.  Perhaps my account can be reviewed, in this situation, I was only doing what I was told.  I was supposed to log into the correct account and play using the account as directed by casino staff.  I don't feel like the casino intentionally witheld the correct details and gave me the incorrect details.  That is why I feel like the casino is responsible for this error.

    Thank your for your interest.  Have a good rest of the day.

  • Hi
    dixiesace: The Finance Dept only needed to contact you to let you know that your faxback has been aproved, which i think they did few days ago. Now they will just send you your winnings. The Easter holidays delayed things a bit, but I'm sure you'll get it soon. I hope you'll find even a better job soon and will be able to just have fun with your winnings.

    chillymellow: Glad to hear that. Thank you for letting me know.

  • Hi freddyvtown,
    I'll need few days to check with the CS manager regarding this issue. I'll contact you the moment I'll know the details. I hope we will be able to solve it soon.
    Kind regards,

  • Hello All (& Daniel =)  I just wanted to update to let everyone know who may question depositing?withdraweling from Win Palace....Don't!!  At least for me I have found my "home" casino and still in shock to see $3000 winnings in eWallet Account!  Win Palace THANK YOU for being an honest fair casino, the winnings could not of come at a better time!!  I WILL DEFINATELY BE BACK =)

  • Hi Freddyvtown,
    From what i understood the issue with your account has been solved?

    Dixiesace: Thank you!


  • Hey man  cool.  Thanks for your direct casino support, I have had my issue resolved.  I really don't think I would've gotten my issue resolved had it not been for your support, and this forum. 

    I, by misfortune, have required direct casino support from a couple different casinos.  This forum has eased the burden of handling support issues, not only in a timely manner, the correct resolution has been provided.  Thank you Danielq and this Forum.

  • Hey Man  8).

    Hi, Daniel.  Could you look into this, customer support seems to think that I may not be able to withdraw the winnings after I made a deposit.

    I was checking on the status of my withdrawal, at first I was told by support that I didn't have to make a deposit (the guy who told me isn't working there anymore).  Next, I made a deposit, and claimed a bonus, in order to withdraw my winnings.

    I only played $21 + $42 matched = $61 but left the bonus money in there.  I just want to make sure that I was going to get my bonus amount from the free chip, and not be under restriction with the "playthrough", since customer support told me that I messed things up by making a deposit.

    I have never been told by a casino that I "made a mess" when I made a purchase.
    I just want to make sure that I receive the bonus I am entitled to, I will not "make a mess" and not make another deposit, until it has cleared.


    Please wait for a site operator to respond.

    You are now chatting with 'Casino Support'

    Casino Support: Welcome to Win Palace, how may I assist you?

    vtownman: Hi.

    Casino Support: Hello there

    vtownman: i cashed out a few days ago.

    vtownman: adrianne has already approved my faxback, but my withdrawl is still pending

    Casino Support: Hello Alfredo

    vtownman: can you forward this to accounting? i do not want to reverse this amount. The most I can win off of this chip is 150

    Casino Support: the withdrawal process takes up to 10 business days

    vtownman: so Idon't want to reverse it, since I already am going to max cashout on it

    Casino Support: that is why you did not get your funds yet

    vtownman: so its going to be reversible for how many more days?

    vtownman: I realize it takes some time to process. I didn't expect the money right away, but I do expect to see that the funds get removed from my account, please.

    Casino Support: you can decide to cancel the withdrawal request if you want to play with that money

    vtownman: no

    vtownman: the max cashout on the chip is 150

    vtownman: that is why i cashed out 150

    vtownman: I cannot win any more, right?

    vtownman: since it was 150 free, i can only cashout 150, not more than that.

    Casino Support: you used the PALACEWELCOME bonus , right ?

    vtownman: i don't know i have to check again.

    Casino Support: One moment please.

    vtownman: i think it was ***150

    vtownman: i used ***150

    Casino Support: no, you used PALACEWELCOME

    Casino Support: yes but you made that deposit when you still had money for ***150

    Casino Support: that means you can only withdraw $150

    Casino Support: it will still take up to 10 business days

    Casino Support: any withdrawal takes that long, so unfortunately you will have to be patient

    Casino Support: the funds are removed from your account

    Casino Support: you have a balance of $0.00

    Casino Support: is there anything else i can help you with?

    vtownman: ok, you removed my account, but I still am going to receive a payout for 150, correct?

    vtownman: yes

    Casino Support: yes Sir, that is the amount that is pending

    vtownman: ok

    Casino Support: once it is approved, you will be able to get that amount

    vtownman: ok thanks that works for me.

    Casino Support: sure, my pleasure

    vtownman: i just didnt want to run into problems with the bonus money

    Casino Support: what problems?

    vtownman: now, i can just deposit and cashout freely without the bonus money being a factor.

    vtownman: thanks

    Casino Support: you cant make a deposit now

    Casino Support: until the withdrawal will be approved

    vtownman: i went to the cashier, and the money was not there.

    vtownman: its not pending

    Casino Support: can you please hold on for a moment? i need to check something

    vtownman: ok

    vtownman: my faxback is already approved, I was told by adrianne

    Casino Support: yes that is correct

    Casino Support: but you managed to make a mess with all of the deposits and bonuses you took

    vtownman: lol

    Casino Support: thats what im trying to figure out since usually if a person makes a deposit and takes a bonus he cannot take out the bonus amount

    vtownman: i deposited on a 150 no deposit bonus, (coupon)

    vtownman: then i made a purchase for 21 on palace welcome

    vtownman: so there were (2) transactions, one free chip

    vtownman: and one deposit, with a bonus.

    vtownman: i played the deposit and bonus and lost, now I am just going to

    vtownman: cashout the free chip

    vtownman: perhaps I should just make a phone call, to sort this out, would you prefer we talk in person?

    Casino Support: sure

    vtownman: ok

    Casino Support: 18888359940

    Chat session has been terminated by the site operator.

  • I have never been told by a casino that I "made a mess" when I made a purchase.

    Hi Freddyvtown,
    Ye, it's funny way of speaking. cheesy
    Anyway, I've checked and your withdrawal is approved and will be sent during the next few days.

    During that time, you can play only on funds you have in your account, but you cannot make a deposit while having a pending withdrawal. I assume that's what the CS meant.

    Congratulations on your winnings.
  • well my username is rockinrobin i recently deposited over 300 dollars at winpalace even though i have deposited since i downloaded the casino no rtg even acknowledged my birthday april 3rd 2010 a lot of rivals sent me either well wishes or free chips and some even both.i was dissapointed to say the least but i continue to be a loyal customer what gives ? i noticed a lot of players got birthday freebies why not me? did you all forget? :'(

  • Hi Rena,
    Happy Birthday. :-)
    I'll check what I can do.

  • thanks alot for looking into this and responding so quickly

  • danial i wrote you a personal message after my birthday  and never recieved a reply i tried to get a hold of mayflower to see about a birthday bonus was on on hold forever and i have also tried to deposit many times and was on hold for 30 minutes i like some of your support  people and others are just flat rude.  i have taken your casino off of my computer and would like my account closed at mayflower my name is angela dilley thank you

  • Hi Daniel...question on my withdrawal.  I just withdrew two separate withdrawals of $3,000 each (love the slots!).  Will I receive $3000 in ten days and then wait another 10 days for the next?  Thanks!

    Also...just wanted to let everyone know what a fabulous casino you have....a couple weeks ago I actually received a gift basket (fruit and chocolates tongue) from you!


  • Hi Bonbon,
    First of all congratulations on your wining and thank you for the complements.
    Since i work in the marketing program and not directly in Winpalace, i think if you contact Winpalace finance, within few min you'll get more precise info.
    In any case, I already requested them to look in to it.

    I do know that after the withdawal sent, the exceeding amount goes back to your balance and you need to make a following request.
    Kind regards and again, congratulation.

  • Thanks do I contact the finance department?  I played some more and hit another random for almost $6K!  I have almost $11K and I am wondering how it will be paid out.  I went on live chat, but she said she is not finance.  She said I will get "up to" $3,000 each ten business days depending on player class, and she doesn't know that information.  I'm just wondering what exactly I will get and when excited!!

    Thanks again!

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