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  • Great!! Well done!
    I'll PM you the direct email in few minutes.

  • Hi Daniel (or someone from LCB) I get so tired of downloading a casino from LCB going to claim an offer that  CLEARLY shows the offer on LCB's list of All Casino's to have Rep (I know its hard for them to prob keep up and know all the different offers out there)  you are chatting tell you there is no such offer, don't know what I am talking about, yadada....I am wanting to deposit 1st time with MAYFLOWER, the rep I talked to said there was no 450% exclusive only 400%...I see on the all casino list there IS an exclusive to LCB'ers for 450%???  Can someone check on this for me?  thanks =)

  • Dixiesace,
    I think you're right: It's 400% bonus and not 450%.
    I'll recheck.
    Kind regards,

  • 450% is/was an exclusive sign up bonus. CODE : 450slots .It was arranged back in November 09. We were never notifed this bonus is not valid anymore.

    400% sign up bonus is their "regular" bonus.

    If Daniel can confirm its no longer valid, we will update our review accordingly.


  • Hi,
    It will take me a day to check this out.
    Apologize for the inconvenience.

  • Hi
    I apologize, I wasn't clear in the email Zuga mentions and created a misunderstanding.

    The 450% bonus was arranged only for Winpalace, and not for Mayflowercasino.
    Sorry for that, I'll check what i can do.
    Kind regards,

  • Wow--congrats!  What do you typically bet?  Did you win on a .01/line or did you wager .05/line or more?  Thanks, and again, congrats!

    Thanks do I contact the finance department?  I played some more and hit another random for almost $6K!  I have almost $11K and I am wondering how it will be paid out.  I went on live chat, but she said she is not finance.  She said I will get "up to" $3,000 each ten business days depending on player class, and she doesn't know that information.  I'm just wondering what exactly I will get and when excited!!

    Thanks again!
  • Hello Daniel? smiley  You have helped me a few times in the past w/WinPalace Questions & hoping you can help me again. I just had a question, that I have now asked 2 days to three (i guess different customer support reps) MY QUESTION:  Can a customer who has a pending withdrawel from WinPalace play JUST the Freeroll Slots Tournaments?  I see so many different casino rules/do's/dont's, I just want to be on the safe side to not "void" my winnings because of doing something not allowed. After asking this question once again this morning and having bit of wait, decided to just come here:

    Please wait for a site operator to respond.

    You are now chatting with 'Casino Support'

    Casino Support: Welcome to Win Palace, how may I assist you?

    you: Hello - I have a pending withdrawel from winpalace, am I allowed to play the freeroll slots tourneys while its pending or not? Just wantin to make sure if allowed.

    Casino Support: May I have your username?

    you: lillysmimi

    Casino Support: Your withdrawal is already in process, so you can play on the $50 left in your account
    (just a note here - I was never even asking about that??)
    you: I thought it said the $50 would be removed from my account once withdrawel is in process stage?

    you: that was my bonus when I deposited? I thought that is removed from my account ?

    Casino Support: what was your request to withdraw?  I can't see it here, was it $1,500 or 1550?

    you: It was 1500

    Casino Support: I'm not sure why it would be removed, I don't see why it would

    you: because that was my bonus from the 200% coupon code I used maybe? and I have a red question mark on my BONUS section where the $50 us showing now on my account and when I click on it, it says once withdrawel is approved all bonus money will be removed from account, SO, Im thinking I should not touch that =) But, my question actually was: while I have a pending withdrawel with WinPalance are customers allowed to play the: FREEROLL SLOTS TOURNAMENTS OR NOT? I just want to make sure

    Casino Support: give me a minute I will check to make sure

    you: yes please do, i appreciate that =)

    Jordan: just a second, my manager is on the phone

    you: ok that is fine, thank you =)

    Jordan: sorry for the delay, I should be getting a response soon

    you: that is ok =)

    you: I would rather have the wait than to not abide by rules, so I need to know this information =)

    Jordan: It is always nice to hear something like that from a player.

    Jordan: ok, thank you for waiting, you're good to go, the $50 is playable, and right now if you go over $100, you'll be able to withdraw again

    you: and I am really asking this I allowed to play the freeroll slots tournaments while I have a pending withdrawel?

    you: just the FREEROLL tourneys?

  • Hi Dixiesace,

    Hope you're doing well.

    2 things: First, the bonus coupon amount is deducted automatically from your withdrawal. For example you received $100 bonus, won and now you request cash out for $1500, the $100 coupon will be deducted from the cash out amount.

    Regarding your question about the free rolls- I think you can, but let me verify that.

    Kind regards,

  • Hello Daniel wink thank you very much for your prompt responses and I feel like a real "dummy" about the bonus. I guess I still don't have enough experience under my belt to completely understand how the bonuses, playthru requirements, etc all work yet.  But still confused, as you say my bonus was $100,  but I used the reelin200 (200%) deposit & only deposited $25 so my bonus was only $50?  Right?    So will playing that $50 currently showing in my bonus section hold-up my current pending withdrawel or not? 

  • Hi

    Yes, I used $100 just as an example for how coupon works. In your case it's the $50 you mentioned.
    Kind regards,

  • Hi Dixiesaece,

    I've checked and there are no restrictions for free tournaments with a pending withdrawal.

    Have fun!

  • Daniel, Sorry to bother you with this question.  I made a withdrawal of 1000 on August 26th.  My documents were approved.  On September 1st I had 500 sitting in my quicktender account and 500 was back in my casino account.  I contacted support and they said they can split it up depending on a player's class.  I know I have made 5 or 6 deposits.  My other 500 withdrawal is still pending since September 1st.  I know it says it can take up to 10 days but I assumed since when you guys split up my first withdrawal and it took 5 days I assumed this would take about the same time.  I emailed finance early yesterday and have heard nothing.  I am keep checking my quicktender account every hour to see if the money is there.  I want to deposit again but can't until I get my withdrawal.  I guess I am just asking how much longer do you think it will be?  Username cnolley.  Thanks and sorry for the LONG message. smiley

  • Hi bonusroundplease,

    Contacted them today and was told that you were already paid. I don't know what method you use, but besides wiretransfer that might take a bit, the rest should've already reached your account.

    Enjoy your winnings!


  • OMG!!!  Thank you Danielq!  I checked this morning and it was not there yet!  I just checked again after I got your reply and BOOM....I'm in the MONEY!!!!   tongue tongue tongue  Thank you so so so so much!!!!!  You are so appreciated!!!   kiss kiss kiss

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