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  • Will be able to answer on sunday

  • well it's sunday....any word daniel?

  • Got the details. The wire went out on Thursday, so should hit your account tomorrow or tuesday the latest.

    Best regards,

  • ok thanks we'll see

  • i googled  for  payment complaints on this group/.........Daniel.....has anyone been getting paid within the timeframes established by your TERMS or are there just alot of liars our there????

  • Dabidog, you won't convince me and I won't convince you- so I don't see the point.

    Usually things do go as planned and payments go on time,  but it happens that something get's stuck - like the checks of the end of march and it happened once before in 2012- we do work with few check companies to prevent this from happening....


  • so how does that effect payments via ACH wires??

  • ok this is nuts....i just received an email saying that my payment went out by check on 4/18??? and they dont have a tracking number YET??? which is it daniel? bank transfer or check? and where the heck is my money?

  • Seems that the issue might just be getting worse with these guys .... I did get my check but now am concerned that it will not clear because of what 2 places told me when they looked at the check. Only time will tell if it is indeed a good check or not.  As I said earlier, SJ is no longer in my computer or my list of casinos that I will ever play again. I will not subject myself to what I have gone through in the past with them.  Seems maybe a boycott is in order for these guys until they change their ways.  Their CS says they dont have access to financial information regarding payouts and that the finance department are the only ones that can solve the issue of checks getting lost, payouts not getting processed etc.  I think that is pure bullshit ... they have to be in the same building right?  And why no phone # for contact?  This is what is wrong .... you have to rely on someone else to solve the issue and then they take days and days to even get back to you.  That is no way to run a business .... AND even when they finally do get back to you they never answer the questions that you ask ... it is always a "generic" type answer, like "I dont have the tracking # but will email it to you when I have it" ... well shouldnt you get a tracking # as soon as that check is sent out?  What good is a finance department if they arent even the ones who directly issue the checks?  There are too many hands in the fire and that is what the real problem is ... They really need to find a better way to organize themselves.  As of now, they are the worst at it.

  • i wonder if this group is even close to being considered rogue.....what do they do different then the listed rogues....same excuses and problems?????

  • DANIEL.....what the heck is going on? support isnt gonna give me an answer....i am so fed could i not have received the check if it was 11 days ago??? and where is the tracking number?? please help

    Please wait for a site operator to respond.

    You are now chatting with 'Marvyn'

    Marvyn: Welcome to Begado, this is Marvyn. Can you provide me with your User Name and how may I assist you?

    colywog: hi username colywog....what the heck is going on with my withdrawal?? its been way too long....i received an email over the weekend from support saying a check went out on 4/18!! and my forum rep told me a bank transfer went on 4/25....where is my money?

    Marvyn: Yes, two withdraws were approved- A check at the 18th and a wire transfer at the 25th. Both will take around 10 business days from the moment they were sent until they arrive at your account

    Marvyn: So the $500 check should arrive any day now, and the $500 wire transfer should arrive within the next two weeks

    colywog: so what is the tracking number??? if it was a check i should have received it by now

    colywog: that was 11 days ago the mail NEVER takes that long

    Marvyn: It' 10 business days, bare it mind that we need to clear the withdraw before we send it, make sure everything is alright

    colywog: no you gotta check that because the $500 wasnt approved until 4/25

    colywog: so the check for $500 couldnt have gone out on 4/18

    colywog: wtf

    colywog: whats the tracking number?

    Marvyn: A $500 check was approved on the 18th, and a $500 wire transfer was approved on the 25th

    Marvyn: Regarding the tracking number, I will email the appropriate department regarding it and will have it for you as soon as possible

    colywog: it says i was approved for $1,000 on 4/18 and $500 on 4/25....

    Marvyn: Oh, I'm sorry, you're correct, $1000 on the 18th

    colywog: so why is it saying wire transfer approved on cashier....not check

    Marvyn: Regardless, I'll forward a request for a tracking number right away, but I think the check will arrive sooner than the tracking number smiley

    Marvyn: Because on the 25th, a wire transfer was approved, not a check

    colywog: it says wire transfer for $1000 as well

    Marvyn: $1000 were sent by check, that I can see

  • Hi Colywog,

    both are correct:

    You had check on 18th and wire on 25th. The 25th wire should hit today or tomorrow the latest. Check- will get the tracking number.


  • Since CS are the only ones who can be contacted directly, they should all be privy to anything regarding when a withdrawal is sent or a wire AND the notes on the account should also list the tracking number so that when you ask for it they can give it to you.  Having to rely on reply from a department that you cannot even contact directly is ludicrous!  Someone needs to do a serious overhaul of these places. Oh and for future referece ... no fed ex check takes 10 days ... 2-3 days at the most from pick up to delivery.  Also a wire sure doesnt take 10 days either... maybe 3 days at the most and most of the time 2 days or less depending on where it is coming from.. 10 days is a pure lie!

  • Well?

  • Did you get a tracking # Daniel?

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