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  • PM'ed

  • it is the stall , stall, stall, stall tactic......then eventually another miracle!!!  good job!!!!!!!!

  • yea well the money is STILL not in my bank AND i received a tracking number and fedex says it didnt go out until yesterday so it appears they are liars

  • Hi Colywog,

    The money goes out from us on a certain date, then goes out as a check from the check company- which is supposed to take place within 48 hours- which was not the case with few April bunches.

    Best regards,

  • k daniel. so where is my bank wire?

  • Hi LCB'ers,

    I just wanted to inform you all that LCB is not standing still and doing nothing about this. Ever since these payment issues started and especially in the last two weeks we have been in a constant touch with Daniel.

    Our stand is that these delays are not acceptable and that too much contradictory information was given.

    We have also been discussing the other pressing matter concerning low cash out limits and rather vaguely written terms and conditions, which has resulted in them being interpreted in rather provisionary way.

    We have notified Daniel about our stand and we will accordingly conduct certain measures by end of this week, depending on the success of resolvement of all these issues.

    thank you all

  • Thanks Zuga and LCB for helping in these situations. 

    I hate to say it, but this group has faced similar type of scrutiny in the past and it seems that their business practice does not include making things good for the player.  Their pocketbook is the # 1 priority, and all of their practices are intended to make more money for themselves.  For example, their beyond ridiculous payment amounts is intended to be put in place so that the player has the opportunity to blow the remainder of their balance back, just like the lengthy payouts.  They had their opportunity years ago to probably be the top traffic RTG out their and earn their money in a ethical and fair manner, but instead they constantly choose to do it the crooked way. If they decide to change things it will be lip service or temporarily.

    Now please don't allow my negative approach to the situation steer you from attempting to help.  (Actually its not really a negative approach, it is just the FACTS.)

    I wish you luck in trying to mediate the situation, and I think most of us realize this is no easy task, especially with these people. So with that being said its great to see you attempt to fight a battle even with the odds being stacked against you. 

  • yea well....still no bank wire...surprise surprise

  • here's the latest....i just received an email saying the wire is delayed!!!!
    they gave me no more information.....delayed till when? now they won't respond, of course....this is totally unacceptable!
    like i said, they're quick to take my money
    why did you say i would have the money in my bank monday or tuesday, daniel????? it is now WEDNESDAY...i'm pissed

  • checking

  • LOL  this is tooooooo freaking funny

  • therefore, since winpalace and sj are the same....although they claim not to be, I am done depositing at either

    I know hindsight is 20/20, but it seems your own advice may have been best. 

    It seems that all the loyal players always have some issue once a month, like being bonus banned, Daniel not getting back to them on a timely manner, or  a run around with cashing out.....  What makes these players continue to deposit money after they slap you in the face?  I cant wrap my mind around how someone enjoys the torture this group gives.  Its like mind control, the group abuses their players, but someone still gets them to continue depositing. The only reasonable explanation is addiction.

    @Coly -- hope u get your money soon, but looking at the other people having  problems it seems you may still need to endure another week or so of their confusion.  But it does look like sooner or later, probably later, you will end up getting your money.
  • yea well i havent deposited at winpalace or slots jungle and by the looks of it, you can add begado to that list also.....and where's daniel?

  • Hi Colywog,

    I am here, but I am not online all the time. You received the check tracking and i checked and it should hit tomorrow and you will also received the wire.

    Best regards,

  • when will i receive the wire???

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