Up to $75 cashback with Drake Casino and Gossip Slots

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  • Deposit and lose at least $200 at these 2 awesome USA friendly casinos and get up to $75 cashback!

    - Gossip Slots
    - Drake Casino

    To collect, simply reply to this post and include the following:

    1. Casino you deposited your $200+ losses at:

    2. Your casino username:

    Losses      Cash Back

    $200                        $50

    $250                        $60

    $300+                      $75

    All cash back amounts will be credited as soon as possible.  No need to wait until the end of the month.  Please note:  no cashbacks will be requested at weekends for obvious reasons.  Cashback requests will be sent once per day to the Casino so please allow up to 48 hours to be credited.

    Promotion expires: Until further notice

    Max cashout: 10x max cashout on all cashback bonuses


    1.  Once you have requested a cashback, your loss amount is reset to zero.
    2.  Only cash deposits made during the promotion count towards the cashback reward.
    3.  Only players who post their cashback requests will be considered for this promotion.
    4.  Losses at each casino count separately i.e. you cannot combine losses at one with losses at another casino..
    5.  All losses will be verified by the casino on each request before cashback is awarded.
    6.  Play on progressives does not count towards the cash back calculation for this promotion (You can still play them but it will not count towards your losses).
    7. The maximum cash back for a claim in this promotion is $75. Multiple cash backs will not be applied for larger losses (for example $500 losses will not yield $75 + $50 or 2x $60 but a single $75 cash back).
    8.  When claiming your first cashback in this thread, you may only include deposits made 30 days prior to the date of your first post in this thread
    9. The decision of the casino is final.
    10.  General Terms and Conditions apply to this bonus upon withdrawal.

    It is therefore recommended that you post your losses and wait to be credited up to the max of $75 before depositng again. Any deposits made before your cashback request is deposited into your account will not count towards your next cashback.

    Here is an easy way to check to see whether you are eligible for a cashback or not:

    1.  Look at the last cashback you received
    2.  Add up your deposits from your first deposit after your last cashback
    3.  Take off any bonus money you got with your deposit (Example if you deposit $50 and get $50 bonus giving you $100 to play with, only the $50 counts)
    4.  Take off any spins you had on a progressive slot (these do not count as losses).
    5.  Finally, if you withdrew i.e. you won on a deposit, remove this amount too.
    6.  The net result should be your losses.

    Tip:  The "clock" is re-set from the day you got your last cashback.  No money can be carried forward onto your next cashback request.


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  • drake casino.......deposited on 3/20/15......losses 257.78
                                                      3/23/15.......        184.71

    requesting cashbank

    username 4 drake is .............linsgm

  • gossipslot..........deposit 3/17/15........losses  172.25
                                          4/3/15                          95.65

    requesting cashback

    user name 4 gossip............lstevens

  • Thanks Lin.  I've requested your cashback.  I don't know they if they work weekends, so just in case they don't, please expect results on Monday.

    Thanks for your patience.

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  • I made deposit on 4/04...1,604
      At drake casino 4/14...252.54
    User name linper


    5/ 5

  • I made deposit at gossip slots user name linper

    4/03 .....359.95
    4/11 .....279.
    4/13 .....278.


    5/ 5

  • Hi and welcome to the forum linper.

    I'll be requesting your cashback tomorrow morning.  The reps don't appear to be around at the weekend.

  • March 26 Deposit loses 216.00

    GOssip SLots
    nmeittunen is my username

    thank you!

  • All requests sent and results to follow.

  • Here ar all the results:

    linsgm Drake Casino- Customer did not qualify due to not reaching the $200 deposit minimum
    lstevens Gossip Slots - Customer did not qualify due to not reaching the $200 deposit minimum
    linper Drake Casino – Account has been credited the $75 bonus
    linper Gossip Slots– Account did not qualify due to taking a withdrawal
    nmeittunen Gossip Slots – Customer did not qualify due to not reaching the $200 deposit minimum


    3.7/ 5

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  • I guess i didn't think i had to make 200 worth of deposits ..... maybe its just me but that wasnt very clear.

  • I am going to have to agree with that statement from nicole and heres why!! 

    Deposit and lose at least $200 at these 2 awesome USA friendly casinos and get up to $75 cashback!

    1st. says DEPOSIT...........NOAMOUNT!!
    2nd says LOSE AT LEAST $200

    To collect, simply reply to this post and include the following:

    1. Casino you deposited your $200+ losses at:

    AGAIN........casino you deposited

    YOUR $200 plus losses

    AND.....i have never recieved a CASBACK FROM EITHER

  • You must have lost $200 or more.  So if you make a withdrawal after you lost say $100 and then lose another $100, you have to take the withdrawal off.  Bonuses credited when making your deposit do not count towards the $200 and play on progressives don't count either.

  • How long before I'm credit the 75 from drake casino
    User name linper

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