Up to $75 cashback with Drake Casino, Gossip Slots and VipSlots Casino

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  • Requested your cashback - result should be received within 48 hours.

  • Hi  Linper

    The result is in as follows

    "Player has been credited"

  • Thanks gossip was really quick about the deposit and thank you once again for your quick input I really appreciated this money money linper thumbs_up

  • Thank you blueday you rock with your quick response I was credit super fast in my account I thought it would be at least a couple of days until I got word but no next day I have money thumbs_up money wink

  • Hello Blueday,

    Thank you for another excellent LCB promo you guys have worked out for us at a US Facing casino.

    I have accounts at both:  Drake:  pmutts  Gossip:  pknotts

    I am uncertain how much I have deposited in either since opening or how far back they will look but I thought I should post now to avoid something like the CW 30 day thing that I still don't quite understand.  It is so hard to catch a win anywhere---every cash back bonus helps.

    As always, thanks for your help!

  • Drake

    Username drake1337

    smiley wink cheesy shocked sick :'X idea party be_sickamp; angel

  • All requests sent and results within 48 hours.

  • Here are the results:

    Pmutts does not qualify
    Pknotts does not qualify
    drake1337 does not qualify

  • Drake casino deposit
    User name linper


    5/ 5

  • I've requested your cashback Linper - results hopefully today.

  • Have you heard anything linper

  • No I've not heard a thing -  I'll chase them up.

  • Deposits for gossip slots casino
    User name linper
    Thank you these are for gossip


    5/ 5

  • Requested your cashback linper.  So sorry for the delay. Hopefully, we will get the results today (but I'm not holding my breath).

  • For which one drake or gossip

  • For which one drake or gossip

    Your latest request for Gossip.  As you know I'd already requested the Drake cashback and we haven't had a reply on that yet.
  • OK thank you I don't no why it's taking drake such a long time to respond usually they are very quick

  • Hi linper,

    I've received a reply as follows:

    This player was credited and I was sure  had sent you an email

    (I hadn't received anything until now).

    Can you confrm that both have been granted?

  • You are talking about drake since I just asked for gossip. So as of drake , first I don't no what I'm to be credit. Second I've looked in my history and don't see anything that shows credit. It would have something that shows exclusive LCB Bonus and the amount. Third I would remember if I accepted the bonus and I would not be asking about it thank you linper

  • i queried it with the rep and this is the reply.

    The player was awarded $50 in cashback on July 1st but did not qualify for Gossip because they had one already ($50) on June 18th.

    I have queried the rules.

  • I never received it from drakes and as of gossip I didn't use the week of June 18, I just request the bonus so I think they are confused with my dates

  • I've passed your message on.  Hopeful of a reply today.

  • Hi linper,

    Here is the reply to your previous post:

    Apologies, for some reason our CS team was under the incorrect impression that customers only qualified for cash back bonuses once every 30 days.

    We’ve since reviewed the customer’s details and qualifications and she will get $60 as cash back to her Gossip account.

    However, the customer is not correct that she did not get an LCB Cash back bonus of $50 on June 18th. I see that bonus clearly in her account, so I hope this doesn’t further complicate things.

    I did go back to them and said that I thought you were referring ot the $50 on 1st July.

    I'm now waiting to hear back about this.


  • For drakes right I think they r the ones that are confused but I thank them any ways.

  • Did they say when I was to be credit in my account for gossip slots thank you


    5/ 5

  • Did they say when I was to be credit in my account for gossip slots thank you

    I've sent another message querying this.

    5/ 5

  • Apologies received from the rep.  Your account has been credited with the $60 this morning.

    They are also working to improve this "service".

  • How about drake casino, I never received the 50 though they say I was credit. thanks so much for your help


    5/ 5

  • Queried that with them.  Hopefully, I'll hear before the day is out.

  • This is the response:

    We paid this – I have seen it in her account and I believe she just used it up very quickly. if she navigates to ‘My Account’ and runs the report for Monday, June 29, 2015 To Sunday, July 05, 2015 she will see the bonus was credited as a ‘Free play’.

    They also sent me a pic and it all looks ok to me.

  • Deposit  Drake Casino
    user name MATEOJUAN
    6-24-2015      $31
    6-26-2015      $32
    6-27-2015      $29
    6-30-2015      $39
    7-2-2015        $34
    7-4-2015        $42
    7-5-2015      $43
    7-5-2015      $36
    Total            $286

    Thank you


    I've requested your cashback which will likely be attended to tomorrow.

  • Thank you I see I've been credit by both I have again more deposit for gossip slots
    Thank you it does say a max of 10x right which means 10 I can request for this bonus right.
    Thanks once again user name linper

  • Requested and result to follow.

  • Have you heard anything

  • Hey Blue can i add a deposit i made today to my Drake total? I haven't received my cash back and my gambling itch took total control of me. lol So i made a deposit of $34 today.
    So if i can add that to my total it would make it $320,so that i may get the full $75 back. If the Drake cashier History could show more than a month of deposit history i know i have made more than $500 in deposits since my last cash back.  So if you can add this thank you very much, if not i understand .

    Thanks again Blue for all of your hard work for us
    Semper Fi 
    Matthew Juan

  • Hi "cashbackers"

    I sent your two requests and received one reply as follows:

    "This customer does not qualify as they have not deposited and lost the necessary amount yet."

    I responded immediately asking "which player does this refer to" and I've not heard anything since.

    I'll certainly chase them again and my apologies to you both for this unnecessary delay. 

    @MATEOJUAN - I'll ask them to "re-visit" yours because of your extra deposit.

  • Thank you Blue! You are the Best, have a good day and God Bless!
    Matthew Juan

  • Thanks MATEOJUAN.

    So I have 1 result:

    The answer was on linper
    This customer does not qualify as they have not deposited and lost the necessary amount yet.

    Im just double checking now on the other player…

    Will send the result for MATEOJUAN shortly!

  • OK so when the weekend is over I should have made more deposit.  I can use these plus the ones I' v  posted for 7/6 to 7/11

  • OK so when the weekend is over I should have made more deposit.  I can use these plus the ones I' v  posted for 7/6 to 7/11

    For sure.  Just post the casino that you're claiming cashback at.  No need for the deposit amounts as I don't list these when requesting your cashback.
  • Not sure if there was a mix up but I received a bonus of 50.00 from gossip today it said lcb bonus

  • Not sure if there was a mix up but I received a bonus of 50.00 from gossip today it said lcb bonus

    Ah - I've not heard anything.  Perhaps they have reviewed their decision.

    Enjoy and good luck.
  • I have a result for MATEOJUAN:

    Credited with $75 and is in their account

  • Hi exclamation! Great sound after viewing this post .
    Can u check my ID is quality for it .
    Drake and gossip ID : itz1508
    im appreciated it exclamation!

  • Requested your cashback and hopefully results today although please allow up to 48 hours.

  • Here are the results

    He has not deposited enough in Drake to qualify.
    Qualified for the $60 bonus in Gossip.

  • Deposits for gossip slots user name linper
    7-6 25.00.    7-7 25.00
    7-8 25.00.    7-9.25.00
    7-10 25.00.  7-11 50.00
    7-13 25.00.  7-16 25.00
    7-16 50.00    7-20 25.00
    7-20 25.00.  7-21 25.00

    This are my deposits thank you gossip money


    5/ 5

  • Requested and result soon.

  • I have a result!

    Linper does not qualify for this promotion. She does not have enough losses.

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