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  • What are you thankful for this year?

    Tell us all about it in the comments below and we'll make sure the most genuine and heartwarming responses get a tasty Thanksgiving treat out of LCB's $500 basket of goodies. 


    1st - $100

    2nd - $75

    3rd - $60

    4th - $50

    5th - $45

    6th - $40

    7th – $30

    8th – 10th FREE Video Poker Apps



    Must be 21 years or older to qualify.
    Must be a member no later than October 11, 2020.
    One post only per day.
    One prize only per member. Once you win, you can no longer take part in the contest and post answers.
    Prize money is in LCB chips and can only be used to purchase merchandise in our store.
    LCB reserves the right to void the contest at any time.
    Contest ends November 30, 2020.

    Good luck!

  • this year was really a tough year around the world we have all learned how vulnerable we can be but also remember that health comes first without it, we can not do anything. I also appreciate that all the members of the forum are doing well with their families and loved ones, I thank God for allowing me to write these lines and with my heart and strength I wish all the members of the forum and the lcb team that we continue to take care of each other to continue thanking for all personally I thank you for everything and thank God with good health and at home reading lcb forum happy thanksgiving wishes your friend Antonio from Mexico !! Hugs !!

  •         This has been a year to remember. It's been hard and trying on most of the world. From lockdowns to lay offs. It seems being thankful might be difficult for some. 

          I myself was thankful for the lockdowns. How? Why? Good questions. Easier answer. Time with my son. My son is 8 and deals with autism everyday. He's smart, polite but has a stubborn streak like no one you've ever seen! This year I got to spend almost everyday laughing smiling and enjoying just being a dad. Yes I was stressed because of bills. Yes being laid off due to covid was making things hard. But it didn't matter. My son and I are closer then ever. The time spent together allowed us to address and work through alot of issues he currently struggles with due to autism. Now that he's back to school I am eternally grateful for that. We've noticed a changed in him and so have his teachers. He smiles more is far more social and school work has even improved. I couldn't think of anything that makes me more PROUD of my son or more THANKFUL for having him in my life.


  • I am thankful For joining LCB because they keep giving me all these free slot games to play 

  • I'm deeply thankful for many things during this year!

    It's hard to imagine that one virus can simply alter the fate of humanity but with it came unwavering prudence, change and our in-depth understanding to keep moving forward!

    Our determination and will has kept us standing with our families, our loved ones and our relatives since this pandemic started. I'm forever greatful that we're able to spend time with each other even if it's from a distance or call away! Thank you Zoom for making that possible!

    It's been over 8 months that we've survived this pandemic! I'm greatful that we have front-liners keeping us well to battle this deadly virus, soldiers who've stood their ground to help us keep it safe and scientists who have spent countless hours on researching for the world's long awaited vaccine! 

    Months are still ahead of us before this cure can be fully utilized and for us to make it this far to survive without it is one achievement we can call our own.

    Let's not forget the people who've passed away from this pandemic, let us remember their sacrifices and what they've done for us!

    During this pandemic, we were always focused on work and never had the chance to apprehend things that required our attention. What we were blinded the most is our ways for material acquisition, our greed, our own selves! I'm thankful that this pandemic gave us the purpose to slow down from our busy lives to spend more time with our families/loved ones and to be able to look beneath our inner selves! Self-reflection!

    To the casinos and websites online, I'm happy that you exist to help us cope with this outbreak, without the means for entertainment how can we get by? 

    There is one website that we all should be thankful for! This recognition goes to our beloved LCB!

    You've been here from the very beginning, way before the pandemic to support us! Your doors were never closed, they were wide open to all of us, always reaching out whenever we had a problem, always offering something refreshing which we could not find or never had anywhere else and always gave us educative information from your videos!

    I'm greatful that all of us can still enjoy another flip of a river, a pull of a slot, an unexpected blackjack and a mega win that'll echo throughout our lives!

    To conclude, I'm very greatful for all the many good changes that happened in 2020!

    As I'm canadian and not american, in a political example I'm still greatful for Trump stepping down so that Biden can step in to fix everything! If Trump is still in power, American will be at his mercy! His downplay on the virus cost many lives!

    Even if 2020 wasn't great for all of us there will always be another year to look forward to! Let's all be greatful that 2021 will soon be upon us to welcome better things to come!

  • For myself and my loved one's, I am deeply grateful. With all that's been happening around the world concerning all things related to the virus pandemic. 

    My girlfriend who just got released from a care unit after contracting the virus, is back in my arms. Fortunatley for all of us who know and love her very much, she had only minor symptoms and there was no real suffering of any kind.

    I worried every single day. Would it get worse or gradually get better. Eventually it got better over a period of 1 1/2 months. I spoke with her on the phone for hours every single day. She needed to get tested multiple times in order to get realeased to come back home.

    All of my family is in good health, both of my parents are alive and in good health as they are in thier elderly years. My siblings are also alive and well.

    My extended family are all doing okay as well.

    Basically, for me, it's all about the one's you care the most about.

    I am looking forward to a whole new year coming up, not too long from now.

    I hope all of you have many things to be thankful for this time of the year, I certainly do.

    LCB has been a pleasant distraction for myself, away from my usual mind, being in much of a worried state over the recent past.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and to all the people around the world.

  • This Thanksgiving I find myself reflecting upon those Thanksgivings past.  I remember the ones , I had spent sitting at the kids table.  Across from my cousins.  Next to my brother.  Then, the dearest Thanksgivings , I've spent cooking my own Thanksgiving feasts.  And, how precious they  are. Special in their own way.  I am thankful for the memories of those Holidays spent with my sweet family. And, closest friends.  I am looking forward to a Thanksgiving where I will be visiting my children and they will be preparing they're own turkey dinner. After all the cooking is done and the food served.  What I am most thankful for are the priceless memories.   And the hope that brings me for years to come.

  • I cured cronic bad athlete's foot disease, thankfully thumbs_up

    Oh, I don't even remember when it started firstly, probably, 9~10 years ago, then, it got worse over time.

    When the symtom got bad, I put some ointment at home, then, it gets put down. But, a few days later it just came up again. From 5~6 years ago, the skin condition was bad and hurt often.


    Despite of being not so serious disease, chronic occurrence give hard feeling like frustration...exclamationstrugglelips_sealed


    So, I searched hard how to self-cure athlete foot in the internet.

    The recommended solutions were summarized to use Canesten ointment for 2~3 months thoroughly.

    If it doesn't work, you should go to doctor, no other way.


    I bought one Canesten $10, then, applied it to my both feet once in the morning around 3~4 weeks.

    I could feel that the symtom was apparently improved. So, I began to use it two times a day and night.


    About 5~6 weeks, later, I stopped Canesten, and was sure that my athlete's food was gone, finished!!!


    I was really really happy and felt like got unburdened from something stressful.


    I am very thankful for Canesten :)




  • There are many things I'm thankful for but the most important to me is the health and wellness of my friends and family. 

    We've had some health scares in my family in the last few years and luckily everyone is alright now and doing well. Things have been good for awhile now and hopefully it will stay that way for a long time! Nothing is more important then your loved ones being healthy and happy, everything after that is a bonus.

    You can't trade good health for anything, and you really come to appreciate the simple things in life when your loved ones health is deteriorating. Take care of your loved ones and enjoy every moment you have with them.

    Thanks for hosting another contest LCB and Happy Thanksgiving to our American friends.

  • Quickwitted wrote:

    As I'm canadian and not american, in a political example I'm still greatful for Trump stepping down so that Biden can step in to fix everything! If Trump is still in power, American will be at his mercy! His downplay on the virus cost many lives!

    Im amazed people outside of the USA were affected by the disease as well. No im not talking about Covid-19, im talking about TDS (trump derangement syndrome). If you want to PM me so we can have a little conversation about how Joe will fix this country im all for it. But you wont cause you know your sources which are CNN and the LA times are both bias and unreliable. Let me help you reword the last part of your post.

    Im thankful Trump stepped down so we can return to normal under Biden. During the Obama\Biden era we went from 2 wars to 7, we evicted over 5 million familys from their homes, we created a power vacuum in Iraq which made ISIS the most ruthless terroist group ever, we armed modderate rebels to fuel a civil war in Syria which has killed almost 1 million people, assisted Saudi Arabia with their genocide in Yemen, handed billions of dollars to the Ayatollahs in Iran so they can fund their Proxy wars and then murdered Ghaddaffi which lead to the failed state of Lybia where they have open slave markets and no working government. 

    So i will buy some stocks in Raytheon, Boeing and Northrop Grumman which will soar once we get back to normal under Biden. The millitary industrial complex will be able to resume all the foreign wars under Biden all while the people of Flint Michigan are still being poisoned by lead and cannot drink the water from their faucet.  

  • Blimey, it's hard to know where to start!

    August 2019 my beautiful granddaughter was born despite daughters troublesome pregnancy so I am endlessly grateful to have them both safe and healthy.

    After then it all went a bit peàr shaped on a personal note for me.

    October 2019 I went to the A&E dept suffering for 5 weeks with intense and unrelenting Migraine and after a CT scan it was discovered I had swelling of the brain.

    I suffer with MS so the swelling caused me to lose physical control of my body down the right side of my body, leaving me reliant on a wheelchair. 

    At the same time I was & am experiencing agonising pelvic pain for 3 months when no amount of medication relieved the pain. This again took me to revisit A&E. During scans of my pelvic area it was discovered I had a twisted ovary & surgery for a hysterectomy was carried out.

    I still haven't got the use of the right side of my body but I am still a very lucky person who has a beautiful daughter & granddaughter to keep me smiling.

  • I am thankful for good mental health. Over the years I have seen so many of my close friends, family members and associates struggle with different mental problems, that I take a moment each day to thank God for my sanity and a positive outlook on life. One can be in perfect physical condition and shape, but without the will to live and learn and enjoy life, nothing matters. 

    Two years ago, just before Christmas, a relative of mine, committed suicide after struggling with a possibly life-threatening physical disease. I am still not fully aware what the physical diagnosis for him indicated, but at best, the disease would have left permanent damage to his eyesight, and apparently he could not handle the situation and took his own life. What made it worse is how no-one from his closest family saw it coming and it was a total shock to everyone. He had lost his will to live.

    I myself was not that much affected by this, but after seeing what pain it caused my father, I really felt like we need to come together as a family and discuss everything openly and take time to heal. Each Christmas since, we reminisce on the good this person brought into our lives and the memory of him lives on. I just still wish he could have had the strenght and mental stability to fight on and survive. But he was depressed. 

    I have started to donate for a local fund that provides help for the youth struggling with anxiety and mental problems and also has hopes of starting a phone hotline to help prevent suicide. I feel this is a growing concern in our society and still very taboo as a subject. I am thankful for each moment I get to live and breathe as a sane-minded, optimistic person that enjoys life. Thank you. 


  • I am sure that there will be many things we all are extremely grateful for this year where uncertanity has become a part of every single day of everybodies lives.  The best answer I can offer with genuine sincerety in my heart is the gift of life itself for all the human race, nature, and creatures who have survived through natural disasters and this self inflicted pandemic, Good luck to all who enter the contest here and stay safe out there.

  • I am very thankful with all the extra time with my kiddos thid year. Doing remote learning with them and starting school myself, it had been a tough year trying to balance all that and work. It has been well worth the effort though and I have enjoyed the time bonding with the kids so very much!


    thank you life 

    thank you nature 

    thank you evolution 

    thank you my body

    thank you my brain 

    thank you money 

    thank you medecine 


    thank you technologie 

    thank you internet 

    thank you bitcoin 

    thanks to all  lcb team and members     kiss

    thank you abuz for being abuzlaugh_out_loud

    thank you dunja for allowing me to dream about you . ...kissed

  • For the last countless amount of years that have gone by, i havnt been very thankful for much because the wishes far out weighed the thankfulnesses...

    i wished my father was looking after himself and his health more

    i wished my mum would stop nagging at my dad so much about everything and anything

    i wished i had a better job with better pay and work environment 

    i wished i weighed 15kg less than i do right now

    i wished i didnt gamble and lose so much

    i wish ... i wish ... i wish.... never-ending wishing

    THIS YEAR has been a different year.. the COVID-19 pandemic has broken my cycle of forever wishing. The one positive thing to come out of this pandemic for me is that ive started to really appreciate life again.

    this year ive got so many things and reasons to be thankful for that i havnt had time to think of what i wish for

    im thankful that my family and close ones are all healthy and covid free

    im thankful that my parents are getting along alot better now because they are more focused on COVID-19 and being up to date with the lastest news about it

    im thankful that i live in a country that has managed to control the covid outbreak and even more thankful that im living in the best state in the country where we are covid free because our premier has our best interest at heart

    im thankful that i havnt lost my job due to COVID-19 and that im still getting as much hours as i did before the outbreak

    im thankful that i can still afford to live comfortably and buy all the junkfood and occasional takeout that i enjoy so much

    im thankful that i can still afford to relax and enjoy some time out playing my favourite slots online i

    Inhave so many more countless things i am thankful for this year but THE MOST THANKS I HAVE TO GIVE is  the thanks to all the doctors, nurses, scientists and people involved in fighting this virus and saving so many lives.... THANK YOU



  • I am thankful for my children who have kept me strong and going this year, It has been a hectic roller coaster after losing our house and my sister passing I was diagnosed with an illness which has made me quite sick, my kids have been amazing lifting my spirits and helping me see tgat everyday is truly a blessing. I am so p to call (all 6 of them ) my children


  • I am grateful for being able just to spend more time with my daughter and two granddaughters. I died two years ago and was in a coma for two weeks. I had a NDE and met my MOM who was so mad she told me I had to go back but I wanted so to stay with her. I have missed her so much!! She gave me that I am your Mom look and made me go back. One month later my daughter found out she was pregnant and had her second baby girl. This child is a beautiful soul who is going to change. the world. Her smile can change sadness in to pure joy to anyone she meets. I am so gratetful to have died and felt that indescribable love, but I am also grateful to be here with my beautiful children. I wish everyone, every soul could know how precious they are!

    Happy Holidays!!

  • This year is one hell of a special and remarkable one for me. Rise and Fall, Up and down.... Balance perhaps. The Covid 19 somehow scratched off people I know everyday Mask, unveiling their true forms.the most thankful thing I have this year is My Fiancee. Im from Cali, shes from Texas. We met each other in Utah. Then, it took me 1,023 Miles Road Trip back and forth 8 times, 5 tires, my personal wallet ( got car break-in at the very first night), 3 days in Jail ( got fucked up with budget rent a car company, they called in when I returned the car 3 days late), my job to win her heart, and bring her back to where she belongs, my arm, now we both learning from each other, to know better, share the same goal, dream the same dream. But the most important thing is, our simply happiness

    Thank you, baby for showing up in my life. After all these years, all went down relationships. I finally has something to love, someone to Live for, somebody to think about everyday.

  • I am thankful this year is almost over. It's been a rough year for just about everyone and hoping it gets better. I am also thankful for friends and family. I lost job because of Covid and without them I don't know where I would be.  

  • The year 2020 is coming to an end and knowing how to be grateful for the little things in life makes us happy, it can change our life and even turn what is negative into something positive.
    For a long time I had the desire to change my behavior. To replace my bad habits with good ones and sometimes often at the beginning of the year.
    My gratitude is immense, I have learned to live with serenity, confidence and courtesy for people, to live in joy and hope. I became less nervous and more optimistic. I learned to mind my own business, to detach myself with love, to trust myself and to find hope in my life. I have learned to overcome my fears.

    I am grateful to feel loved, appreciated. to receive human warmth from my family and friends.

  • Of course I forget to put in WHY I came back. When my daughter had her first baby there was a resident and a doctor in the room. After Laila was born the resident seemed to be having a hard time with the placenta. She was pulling and pulling and my daughter was screaming from the pain. It seems the placenta was attached to the uterus. My daughter was in a bad situation. I will leave out the real gorry details but the room looked like a scene from the worst horror movie. She lost 3/4 of the blood in her body. They were screaming for blood but there was a shortage.  Anyway when she got pregnant for the second time I was horrified. Not just becasue the doctor actually fixxed her uterus but that she could die with this baby. So anyways it all turned out perfectly. 

    Look at these smiles!!  Be still my heart !!!!

  • The contest is finished.

    The winners will be announced shortly. 

  • Fewer and fewer users of our site participate in the monthly contests.

    This is the first time the contest has taken up just two pages and less than ten users.

    I remember the contests organized by Lipstick: more than 10 pages, more than 30-40 users participated.
    Why is that?
    It was interesting and objective, but now it is uninteresting and formal.
    Nothing personal, just a shame for the site.

  • In my opinion, if people do not participate, it is already the decision of each person, very generously, the boys of lcb give away money every month and that is the important thing, each member of the forum decides to participate or not and obviously those who decide to participate have the right to participate for those prizes . It is a matter of each member

  • shame ??? wow are you serious ??? 

  • abuzmaster wrote:

    shame ??? wow are you serious ??? 

    I am sorry for the bad translation..

    Must be:

    Nothing personal, I just feel sorry for the site

  • aelen wrote:

    Fewer and fewer users of our site participate in the monthly contests.

    This is the first time the contest has taken up just two pages and less than ten users.

    I remember the contests organized by Lipstick: more than 10 pages, more than 30-40 users participated.
    Why is that?
    It was interesting and objective, but now it is uninteresting and formal.
    Nothing personal, just a shame for the site.

    Back in the days, when the community was smaller, the active core group included the majority of members, making the interactions more close and personal (interesting and objective with a higher level of mutual engagement).

    When a community becomes very large, with various subgroups having different interests and levels of participation, the above interactions become more difficult. 

    What I observed is that many older, veteran members from years back are no longer very active and that leisure is slowly transforming into consumption, so much so that fun AND profit is not exactly how people roll these days. 

    I will say that a dynamic forum community requires effort on both sides, members and moderators. Thank you for your observations, they are food for thought and certainly, there is always room for improvement, something we will definitely do. 

  • Your so right with your thinking. As an older womanm, I would like to ad that some of us have become riddled with diseases and it takes all our strength and energy to get through basic daily things. Then there are those that become so depressed they give up, or they are gave up on by their families and medical staff.  I was having a horrid pain deep inside my ;lung and went to the ER. They put me in a room did the normal stuff and back to the room I waited. After hours of waiting and numerous calls,  that were completely ignored I pulled off my heart monitor started on the IV and said would anyone be free to help me here(the nurses station was right accross from my room)? That said the nursing manager was in my room within 5 minutes and I told her it was her fault for letting the bad mapples g e away with it. They immediately took me to a private room, where I had a wonderful nurse and tech As I sat there all night not being able to sleep I noticed a lot of business in the hall. Lots  of medical people in and out of the room kitty corner from me. When the tech came into check on me it was around 5 am. I asked him if anyone on this fllor had covid. He looked at me shocked and said didnt anyone tell you? I was THE ONLY PAITENT THAT DID NOT HAVE COVID. They thru me right in to a fire and I was pissed so I walked  out. I could be dead next week because covid would kill me.  

    I didnt mean go on and on but I wanted you to know that while you have the members who come for treats there are also those who have other circumstances. Maybe you guys should look for ways to do funny things, or things to make people laugh and also think about the times we are in. This has been a really hard year, I couldnt imagine losing multiple family members so quick as some. I have lost 4 family members and my dog in less that two years and that in itself was just horrible. So maybe some more engaging and easily interactive tasks for us...much eaisier exspecailly for us oldies...  ;)   We have to grow as humans and LCB you have a great audience. I know you kids are VERY intelligent. Get that whip out and whip us in to shape!!

  • The winners are:

    1st - $100 jillalien

    2nd - $75 Tweeksta

    3rd - $60 laura8393

    4th - $50 maiwen63

    5th - $45 Zktown220

    6th - $40 Josh Neumayer

    7th – $30 blacky777

    8th – Video Poker App Melissa Santos

    9th – Video Poker App Juggaloroscoe

    10th – Video Poker App Anthony Blazek

  • Congratulations to the lucky winners i_love_lcb

  • Thanks for participating dear members and congratulations to the winners! 

  • Thank you Sylvanas for this contest, congratulations to the winners.

  • Thank you for the contest and all the shared stories.

    Congrats to all the winners!

  • Ty for another great competition lcb

    congrats to all the winners

    i truly enjoyed reading everyones answer

  • Congrats winners. Thanks for sharing heart

  • Thanks so muc h LCB!!!!


  • Omgosh just check this topic. First time ever I won something in contest. 






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