"It's Good Luck"

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  • My car was in the shop, my job is maybe 10 miles from my home
    so as an adventure, i said.. i'll just take the bus (about 5 years since i rode the bus)

    Well standing on the bus-stop waiting, along comes a bird.. he does his duty on me
    and out of all the maybe 20 people standing there, it hits ME.. in my uniform
    i run into the convience store right by the stop, im crying my eyes out, mad as heck
    begging the clerk to please help me get this "duty" of me, guys i was really, really upset..
    Suddenly the guy says.. "okay calm down, stop panicking.."
    Hands me a bunch of wet paper towels, and also helps me to clean it off
    As he was cleaning it he says.. "you know something.. it's good luck"

    I dried up my tears, and kinda looked at him and said.."really :'( "
    he says yes..beleive me.. so i calmed down, got myself together, went back out to
    the bus-stop..few minutes later the bus came.

    That evening after work, stopped by a favorite machine of mine to play
    and HIT, being a few months not anything.. paid me 450.00
    I thought about that bird doing his duty.. and said to myself..he was right
    it is good luck  grin

    So maybe if we all go outside and wait for a bird to do his duty on us
    we ALL will have good luck too!
    But then i got this image.. Guy standing next to you, both look at each other
    then the question.. "Any Duty yet?" Nope no duty on me..  cheesy

  • Gee Imagin.ation...I had never heard that before...A bird duty on you is somehow good luck. laugh_out_loud
          Hey..if there is any truth to it at all, count me in. I'll be spending alot more time outisde from now on.  cheesy

            Cute Post!!!

  • congtats Imagin.ation. I have never heard that either. I aways have a fear that will happen to me.  cheesy

  • Well i talk to my birdies....the bring me luck when i bet the horses!!!


  • LMAO!!!!!  cheesy

    Girl I have NEVER heard that!!!!  I am going to have to share that one with my 11 yr old.  His first week of kindergarten he got the "DUTY"  I am going to tell him that good luck is the reason he has had such great teachers!! hehe

  • Hmmmm,

    Now I have images of placing a large fan under the chicken coop...

    I wonder if it is even luckier when it hits the fan.

  • LMAO.. omg Jimb.. HAHAHAHA

    I was just taking a sip of my coffee when i read that
    Spit it everywhere, and almost choked, made me laugh so hard
    tears all in my eyes..AAAAHHHH

    What an response,thought and image you have bestowed.. LOOOOL
  • Today.. i got dutied on.. sad ran in the house to clean it..in a hurried walk, hit my baby toe on the end of the couch foot, think i broke my toe sad..

    But now i don't know whether to go to the casino.. or to the hospital..

  • What?? You mean they don't have slot machines in there yet?? smiley

  • LOL.. i can just see it now.. "i want to pay my bill with my comp points"....

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