17 year old heart patient

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  • hello again i know i introduced myself earlier today like i said new family lol.  My 17 yr old son  Dylan,.  was rushed to the e r  5 days ago with chestpain. We went to his physician the next day we are awaiting our heart specialist app, in meantime he has  heart monitor to wear around no biggie. We were back in the e. r. lat last nite until today.We have another app. first thing in morning. I left employment 2mos. ago to take care of terminally ill bff. Jo. Really expected to pick back up after my bff didnt need me any more I didnt expect 17 yr old son to develope heart disease. So please could yall keep dylan in your prayers please thank you all for this forum to post things anything it helps so much. Thank you for your prayers and support                                                                                            motomama933

  • Keep the faith.

    The hardest thing is to see your child ill or fighting something you're not quite sure of.

    I will hold Dylan (and you) up in prayer. 

    Please keep us posted.


  • Sorry you are having to go through this.  I have had the heart monitor twice.  Have all kinds of PVC, PAC, irregular erratic heart rhythms.  I now have a pacemaker since my heart stopped 4 seconds during my knee replacement surgery.  The cardiologists have soooo many resources now and soooo many options for treatment.  It's not like 30 years ago. 
    So, I hope for the best for your son, and trust that he is in good hands.  My grandson is also named Dylan.  I'll be keeping you all in my prayers and hope to hear soon that all is well with Dylan or that he is doing much better and on the treatment he needs for a long healthy life.

  • Sorry to hear such sad news.  I wish Dylan a speedy recovery so you can stop worrying.  My thoughts are with you.


  • Motomama, I am praying for Dylan and sending all the positive energy I can muster his way and yours. Please keep us posted on his progress and the results of these new appts.

  • Thank you all for your kind words thoughts and prayers feeling somewhat better reading the trials some of you are going through as well. Thank you

  • My thoughts are with you, stay strong and optimistic. I wish Dylan a speedy recovery and a wonderful life.

  • It's heavy enough to lose someone who you love dearly but having another loved one going through difficult time in his life is just so unbeatable...
    Times like this, it seems that there are so little words to send out encouragements and comforts that you need...
    But please know that you are not alone.
    My hearts go out to you,motomama and Dylan who is still such a young age but has to fight this type of battle...seems so unfair.
    Hang in there...
    My prayers go out to his speedy recovery.

  • Awwww so so sorry hun. Your heart is burdened with the weight of the world on your shoulders i am sure. Remember we are all here to lessen that load just by seeing you through it all and having all of us to talk to.

  • prayers for you and yours

  • ello everyone thank you for reminding me about our angels. My how we can overlook those things when we are distracted.  the positive and kind words are giving me the strength and energy to keep me moving forward and focus on the positive things that are in front of me and not the negative so much. Our physician check went better than i  expected so much so i want to over analize the positive. I will refer back tol these kind posts daily if not hourly to remember the positives, lol. We are wearing a heart monitor EXITED to tell yall nothing out of he ordinary to report at all!    we are also pursuing treating anxiety.  MYy son also has alopecia he developed long about age 4 or 5.  So i am currently seeking out counseling for him as well  it  appears that he is having panic or anxiety attacks thus far.We are still monitoring his heart, but  it is looking a little mor positive. Thank you all again. I am welcoming anyadvise or thoughts on what yall might do. Thank you                                                            motomama933

  • Hi motomama,  There is a website specifically dealing with help, tips, self help and advice purely for panic attacks.  You can view the website here http://panicattackstreatment.org/.  I don't know how useful this is but it might be worth a look. 

    I'm glad things are better than you expected.  I'm sure you are relieved to a certain degree.

    Keep your chin up.


  • Panic attacks feel very similar to heart arhythmia.  A little fluttering in the chest.  Skipped or prolonged beats.  It makes you feel anxious wondering what is going on, and you may panic as well.  That's why the two are often related when making a diagnosis.  I don't know much about the treatment for panic attacks other than what I learned from watching The Sopranos.  Most likely an anti-anxiety medication would be expected to help with solving the problem, as well as counseling.  Sounds like you are already pursuing the right options.  Keep an open mind and know that neither of these are really bad things to have, though they do remind you to cherish your health and your loved ones.  Just keep up the positive mental attitude and remember that nobody is at fault in causing any of this, but that everyone can be a positive force in recovering.

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