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  • The slots comment forum moderator Markotik has constantly attacked me through personal messages and accusing me of many things I do on the forum such as saying that I only make comments in bulk to get to $ 25 which is false
    1.- I have been in this forum for many years publishing thousands of comments and participating, I have earned credits many times, not only for posting comments in the slots, but also participating in the contests of this forum and others
    2.- I consider that lcb is going through a difficult time and that moderators like this racist person who because we don't speak English as a mother tongue only make people on the forum move away and leave
    3.- My suggestion is that the owner or owners of this forum review the moderators because they are not governed by codes of ethics but by their internal opinions.
    4.- I hope my voice is heard and not turned off since I always follow the rules of the forum I have always deposited and bought chips from the lcb shop alternately and I have never broken the rules of the forum.

  • I sent you another PM.. 

    You do not follow the posting rules, it's simple as that. That is why you started with the accusations that I am a racist right off the bat. 

    I've been monitoring members' activity for a very, VERY long time now, and I've been called names many times before.(according to some members, I hate Russians, Germans, Americans, etc. and now you say I'm a racist.). 

    The rules are the same for everyone, Our Shop Terms and Conditions have to be followed. But, you wanted to air your dirty laundry in public, so here's a sample:


    Talking about your bulk posting,  sometimes only a couple of mintues inbetween comments:

    December 26/27 - 46 comments,

    November 5, - 24 comments

    October 21/22 - 68 comments

    And there are more examples like that, after which you went and claimed cash from the shop.. 


    This alone would not be such a big problem, but the quality of your comments varies a lot. For example, here, you're not even trying to write in English:

    "monster mayem is a very good game, much too much in the gusta o ven ven complicated to get free spins when 2 monsters appear in the reels 1 and 5 and grant a certain number of free spins a few days on the interplay with a minimum of 0.50 cents and obtaining greetings x 100 ya which the game is for 50 lines I recommend but with a balance up to $ 50 your currency that you use."

    On top of that, it would also appear that someone else is writing comments under your account as well:

    "I tried this game first in tournaments, with decent results so I liked to try it with real money and the result was very bad and very different and so it has been in several casinos that I tested this game, you can hardly get good profits because this game is too volatile I don't like it and I don't recommend it."

    Two extremely different levels of English language. These are just two examples, there are more comments like these ones. 


    I am actually going very easy on you because you are our long-standing member, and you are active on the forum. And just to be clear, I sent warnings regarding your activity in the comment section. This is not about your forum activity. So, I'm not "constantly attacking" you. 

    I AM sorry, but I have to warn you when something is not right.You are neither the first one, nor the last who's been warned not to use online translation services. That's rule 9:

    "9. Comments made under any type of reviews and news on our website with use of Google translate will not count toward earning chips. This is in direct co-relation to the rule 2. in regard to our quality guidelines."

    So, I don't understand the problem here. 


    English is not my native language either, and I also make mistakes. I don't judge you for that. We all use English the best way we can. But when you earn chips and claim cash from the Shop, you do need to carefully follow the rules. 

    I actually love Spanish, and I speak the language, but this is the English speaking forum. 




  • Should set a threshold for number of posts made over a certain amount of time that will "flag" the account and any further crediting to the account would have to be done manually.  If the users submissions are lacking quality that is deemed to be insufficient then their account is placed on "probation" and credited on a weekly basis or something like that, to deter bulk posting but still allowing them to make helpful contribuions to the community if they chose to.

  • mapluche wrote:

    2.- I consider that lcb is going through a difficult time and that moderators like this racist person who because we don't speak English as a mother tongue only make people on the forum move away and leave
    3.- My suggestion is that the owner or owners of this forum review the moderators because they are not governed by codes of ethics but by their internal opinions.

    So when the mod sent you a message, did he address you with a racial slur or say Mexicans aren't allowed to post anymore? If so, you should post the proof because that is racism and not tolerated. Im willing to bet that is not what actually happened here. My guess is he called you out for breaking the rules and you had no play other than pulling the race card. What you did is slander and you probably should start by apologizing to the mod.

  • Frankly I don't understand the whole points system. This is the type of thing that I don't like to see, nor do most people - Fighting amongst ourselves. I agree with the comment above. Limit monthly posts with respect to how many "credits" a member can earn. That's another thing people are getting wary of is a person shoving "the terms and conditions clearly state..." into anothers' face. Forums like this serve a purpose. Each of us can abandon ship and easily start another, but that would be foolish to reinvent the wheel a few thousand times, eh? It should be that simple... limit the amount of these chips or credits per month, similar to what the Arkansas State Lottery does for losing instant lottery tickets for prizes. You can scan a maximum of 5,000 points per month, that's it. No fuss, no arguing, that's as far as it should go. I've seen this on almost every casino forum, Casinomeister, all of them. There should be a semblence of having fun, alerting each other of the sites that are good, bad, paying out, not paying out... some personal and professional experiences... it shouldn't be that hard.

  • Hi waynemasters,

    Thanks for sharing your opinion man, your presence is appreciated.

    Can you point out for me, are your referring to the points system on our website? If so, I can elaborate and give you a rundown..

  • Hi Nemo,

    Just saw your post now, apologies for the delay. I understand the points system, I just think it should have a monthly maximum, that way situations like this are avoided. I just posted in the general area, and I'm fed up with offshore gaming. Especially playing from the States. All of these idiotic "NDB" floating around are cheating depositing players like myself. I've spent hundreds of thousands over the years, and I think I've been lucky if I've cashed out with $20k. I'm tired of playing against people wagering pennies for free, while the money I deposit goes like a flash of lightning just to pay off the grumblings. As you know, I work for one of the largest casino groups in North America. Offshore gaming has bilked American players for far too long. All the good platforms have left, and now with legalised gaming online in many states, it's putting pressure on the folks offshore. I am very much opposed to non-depositors. If you want to play free, log into a sites "practice" section. If you want to win, do what I do... lay your money down and deposit. Side tracked on the topic, but I'm so angry about this, I just give up. Shout out to the offshore reps, I know thousands of players across the US and Canada... I've been in this business 20+ years. When I make a recommendation, my players deposit. No more recommendations from me for any offshore sites. I'm going to promote our own industry in North America going forward. Enough is enough. I'll note that all of the "top casinos" on this site have been among the worst experiences for me. The mediocre scoring have usually been the best, and they pay out. As for the points system, the forum... it's not my site, so I have no real skin in the game. If it was my site, I would limit the points accumulation to a monthly maximum. Wishing you well.


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