A free tank of gas, thanks to the land casino.

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  • Hi Gang:
      I head off to the land casino with my friend yesterday with our free $20 bucks a piece. We are flat broke, and that free money is literally all we have to play on. 

    "We better win" I say as I look at my gas gauge and realize I need some money to put in the gas tank. 

    We are half way there and my friend who is driving realizes she left her drivers license, and players card back in her own car.  So much for her playing anything. You cant even get a replacment players card unless you have your drivers license.
    Using her free $20 will have to wait for another time.

    We are almost there so I say we might as well at least give my free $20 a try.

    We enter and I go to the machines up front.  No sense in dragging yourself clear to the back if your only going ot be able to play for five minutes. laugh_out_loud

    I sit down, and download my $20 into the machine. I bet .90 per spin on a 20 line machine. 

    I was down to 12 bucks and I got a bonus. Netted me $66 bucks, and I was outta that game.

    I put $20 bucks for gas away and we played another $20 a piece on a game called Hot Penny.

    We both got bonus rounds, and we were up about 15 bucks apiece.    We played some more and ended up both cashing out with around $40 bucks a piece.

    I let her keep her original $20 I gave her, and she handed me the $20 she had won. , and I kept mine for gas money.

    We were outta there, and on the way home I filled my tank and it didnt cost me a dime of my own money.
    Even had some money left over.

    Some wins are not huge, but they are wins none the less, and I am happy for them.  smiley smiley smiley

    Anytime you can fill your car for free is a great day in my opinion.


  • Absolutely Pam.  It's great when you win enough to pay for something that you would normally have to pay for, but it doesn't cost you a dime.

    Nice story and well done -  a free night out and a tank of gas is good in anyones books.


  • Seriously...Pam I love every stories you write!!!
    Reading this one put a big smile on my face. Now...that's what I call a lucky night!!!
    What a night out and you both, especially your friend who forgot her money... wink were very lucky indeed.
    The place I moved into has no single land based casino what so ever...so boring but then again...there is Vegas in three hours of driving. cheesy
    I am glad to know you made home safely with full of gas. tongue

  • Thats a good way to look at PMM! Free gas....oh yeah!! Great story as always!

  • Sometimes I wish the land casinos were a bit closer...Then some days I am VERY glad they are so far away!!

    Great story Pam, love it grin

  • Nice story Pam, loved it..you are such a sweet person and whats so good is you both had a good time on free money!!!!!

    it reminds me of my "do or do something" story

    Before i moved to Vegas i was living in Ontario Ca. Going through alot, though i was working, just problems left and right kept coming up costing me money, towards rent due, i was living on paycheck to paychek. Well.. i couldn't pay my rent, my bills anything. I was working as a waitress just got off work sitting down counting my tips, somewhere around 100.00, thought to myself what am i gonna do, looked at the money and said.. "I'm going to Vegas, screw it"

    Got in my car with my uniform still on and hit that road. Got to the border, a few miles up there was a casino called Nevada Landing (not there any longer). Stopped there, played games here and there, money getting low now, im getting worried, still had to save some for gas. Sat down at a poker machine down to my last 20.00, stuck it in, my very first hand i hit a Royal for 1000.00. I almost cried, couldn't beleive it. The machine pays 100.00 and the floor person pays the rest. Played a few more hands and cashed out.

    Making it short, went to go grab a bite to eat and got to talking with the night shift manager. I'll be darn if i didn't get a new job too lol...He had me coming in that Monday and be ready to start work. Drove home with a 1000 bucks and a new job. What was really cool was i was comp'd a room for a week til i got a new apartment in Vegas.

    Strange thing about this whole thing was that the whole time on my drive i never thought i was doing the wrong thing, i didn't have any doubt.. like i was being lead, i wasn't worried.. BUT if it didn't happen boy would i have been in a world of eeewwww 

  • Great story Imagin! I think there is really something to be said about "not thinking about it" and just doing it. Call it intuition, call it fate.......but sometimes in the recesses of our mind we just know it is the right thing to do!

  • Terrific story Imagin.

    Sometimes we just know, and I too believe we are being led by a higher power.  smiley

    I have many experiences that are similar to your story.

    It is when we don't trust that voice that we get oursleves into trouble.


  • Grest story Imagin.

    So glad it all worked out for you - what a huge turnaround from what essentially was a "whim".


  • I always believe that everything happens for reason...and I also believe that fate has sense of humor...
    Whatever happened to you back there then, I believe that was the part of your fate at some point.
    I am really glad that you shared the story with us and thank God, you made through one of the toughest times...but then again , those times make you become much stronger person...and I know, you are one of the toughest woman!!! wink

  • Great story folks. Online casino whoring I'm working to master, however land casino whoring I'm at the top of the game in the whoring stable. Here's a tip, if you have frequent the casino and played with your card (at least enough to have some type of record) screwed up and didn't fill up before you got there and/or gambled your gas money away, go to the customer service desk, give your sob story and get some gas for free. Yes, free gas. Some casinos treat it as a comp, the bigger ones don't get too petty. If you're lucky you could get close to three gallons. You just have to have license and registration. That's for their records. Free gas isn't advertised nor is it offered, but hey its there for the taking, but don't assume it'll be a sure thing, blow your last and comeback cursing me out. -peace

  • Thanks for that info poppy.  smiley On the free gas from Casinos.

    From now on, I am gonna fill my tank BEFORE I get there. (If I can lol) 

    I cant tell you the times I have gotten to  the casino on fumes, and won enough to fill my tank. This was just one of those times.  wink

    I bet if I tried to get free gas they would laugh at me.  >:(


  • Thanks for that info poppy.  smiley On the free gas from Casinos.

    From now on, I am gonna fill my tank BEFORE I get there. (If I can lol) 

    I cant tell you the times I have gotten to  the casino on fumes, and won enough to fill my tank. This was just one of those times.  wink

    I bet if I tried to get free gas they would laugh at me.  >:(


    LOL...ahh yes been there done that and back again for more helpings. You know we're all a crazy bunch. Stepping out on faith when  we know better sometimes. Rolling the dice, with  fingers, toes and eyes crossed praying and hoping for the best. Let's face it, when its "good" its good, but when its "bad" its baaaad. In my mother's day they called it "chance" (even lottery tickets) and that's what we do, take a chance. Because either way it goes it'll  end up "I'm glad I followed my mind. Something told me to go there!" or "What the hell was I thinking? " On fumes with a siphon in the trunk and a game plan you promise yourself to stick to, you can't enjoy the fruits if you don't partake.
  • Hi PMM2008-
    I know that some land casinos give free gas cards in their kiosks. Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut has a built in gas station next door! The nearest casino to me is in Tampa which is a long drive-Thank goodness! I enjoyed reading your story as well. I love good endings!!

  • Many MANY times when i did that drive from Vegas to back home (i was going three times a week) i ran on fumes, spending my gas money, driving home broke. My car actually made it 1 full tank, to and from vegas, i'd top it off filling it to the very rim before i would leave home, usually i'd make it, maybe about 2 times i'd run out about 10 miles from home.. but oh yes i took those risks.. I only knew of one casino PrimaDonna at the border that did the gas thing, they had a gas station right on their property, never used it though. But those times i ran out right before reaching home sure could of used that extra couple gallons lol

    I've done so many crazy things here in Vegas, i need to write a book

    Vivi's Vegas Adventures- lol

  • There is just something about living on the edge. haha

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