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  • 1. When playing slots you:

    A. Stay with only one or two machines/games you really like smiley

    B. Like to sample a wide variety of games, especially if they look fun. grin

    C. Play until you make a small profit and then quit. wink

    D. Always hunt for the best paying machines, regardless of the game cheesy

                Which one are you, and why?

  • I generally like to stick with the same machine until I at least come close to getting even with it or ahead.  I have my favs that I usually play.

    The other night I went to the casino just before midnight.  Won't go into why I went that late.  Started on my favorite, 3 handed video poker.  Most times I go home in a hurry because it is 3.75 a spin and if no winners, I am out of money fast.  This time I came ahead a few hundred so cashed out and went to the 2 cent 50 lions machine.  Sticking to my theory of playing it until I hit something, I had over $200 in it.  (I know it was a 2-cent machine!)  Needless to say I was not too happy.  I hit the free spins twice with nothing much.  So decided to go for it.  Win or lose I was sticking with that machine.  Played a little longer and hit the spins again.  This time for $2160.00!

    After that I played machine after machine and ended up coming home with a little over $4000.  Have not done that in a loooong time.  Got home at 8:00 a.m.  lol

    Bottom line is sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.  I truly believe if it's your lucky day you will win and if not, you won't.


  • Hmmmm,

    Then B.

    Then D.

    Then A.

    Of course always nice when the first machine is all of the above.

  • I have my  favorite games I usually play and I stay until I am even or a little ahead and then I will move to a different game.

  • Hey Pam,

    I usually stick with one machine first, try to make a couple-$4000., or lose it all... one or the other...then if I was lucky and WIN,..I go CRAZY  cheesy cheesy cheesy with happiness, and play all my favorite machines that I haven't played for a long time, then I say..hey, where the hell did all my money go???   ;D grin grin...then I say, oh well, it was fun while it lasted cheesy  I really am trying to get out of this rut, and in the beginning I tell myself I am going to be different today, but I never listen to myself. 

  • B*D*A*C is because I never wanna quit and the others are just because I guess!

  • 1. When playing slots you:[/quote]

    A. Stay with only one or two machines/games you really like smiley [/quote]

    Well, when I went to Spirit Mountain (Indian Casino) I LOVED the Trick or Treat machine. Man I'd (Usually) have that this barking and woofing for an investment of $50 I'd maybe nail it for $300-$500 and that was only once a month going there..I was too stupid to get a players card though..Problem is, they took them away!! Replaced them with others..Sniff..sniff

    B. Like to sample a wide variety of games, especially if they look fun. grin 

    I'll usually try several, if I like the looks and bonus rounds are fun and interactive. But nothing has come close to my TorT

    [quote author=PMM2008 link=topic=5154.msg29120#msg29120 date=1248250179]
    C. Play until you make a small profit and then quit. wink 

    Large ones are better smiley

    [quote author=PMM2008 link=topic=5154.msg29120#msg29120 date=1248250179]
    D. Always hunt for the best paying machines, regardless of the game cheesy

    Nope, best paying is usually the $1-$25 games (Per casino deduction on odds) so it's usually 5-25 cents, unless I hit it big, then it's off to the Video Poker Progressive.
  • how do you do it pmm?? wink

  • Ummm
      I would have to say
    then c
    then D
    then B......

              (A)  I have my favorites right now that seem to be paying good, so I stick pretty close to them. (C) Yet, profit is what I am after, so I do quit if I can get one. 
        (D) Always looking for the best paying machines, and (B) Always interested in trying a new game if it comes out.
          But as Jim said, it is nice if the first machine is all the above.  grin

  • Ya..actually I have been watching you.  You seem to have a lot of control.  I am trying to teach myself to have more self control.  It's like 90% of my life is in control, and I just have to stray somewhere.  grin

  • B. is first for me, then A.

    then C. and D. would be last.. i don't ever quit!!

    I actually don't care if i win or lose, i just like having a great time
    whatever pops up.. im happy with grin

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